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    1. So I refuse to be as neglectful as everyone else

    2. She just told me that he was a neglectful horrible man and that we were lucky to escape from him with no contact whatsoever

    3. “Thomas was neglectful and inconsiderate and

    4. I knew I was being neglectful, but it was really not my intention and I wanted to fix it

    5. And now let us try and pour waters upon them; and if any of them live I shall rejoice with them and if they do not I at least will not be found neglectful

    6. “It’s no crime to relieve those frustrations left you by a neglectful husband

    7. Between the job and the extra housework caused by her boarder she might become neglectful, and that would never do

    8. An addicted mother may become extremely neglectful

    9. Besides being subjected to a lifetime with an uncaring, neglectful mother and absent father, she was just molested by the hospital janitor

    10. neglectful of her needs

    11. Nodding to herself, into the silence she said, “You used to be warm and artfully endearing to gain acceptance, sweet when you wanted something, neglectful when you didn’t, and deceitful so that no one could see the fear in you

    12. You need to be patient instead of neglectful, because reacting irresponsibly will leave a trail you will cross again; and you need to be cunning but not deceitful, which means you can help others in ways they can accept, and not schmooze them for your own gain

    13. You need to be patient instead of neglectful, because reacting irresponsibly will leave a trail you will cross again; and you need to be cunning but not deceitful

    14. "This man has been neglectful of his duties—duties that have been placed on his shoulders for the good of the Galaxy

    15. several occasions about his neglectful ways

    16. me what happened to Mama that made her neglectful toward me

    17. He knew that there were still some sentinels who had never been neglectful of foxes

    18. In this way the elder Frau Dremmel, who had her pride to consider as the widow of her neglectful son's traditionally appreciative father, and who would consequently never have taken what she called in her broodings the first step, did, about seven weeks after the marriage, cross the threshold of her daughter-in-law's home

    19. whose repeatedly unheeded aftermaths do not successfully rectify the neglectful inclinations

    20. Craft in us the Spirit of power You promised was ours for the asking when You gave Your words to us, recorded down in the Holy Scrolls, by which You told us that we do not live by bread alone but by every word that has come out of Your mouth! Take far from us the self-imposed ignorance of our generations of neglectful thoughts and open in each of us a will to be in Your will alone and no other

    21. And remember your Lord within yourself, humbly and fearfully, and quietly, in the morning and the evening, and do not be of the neglectful

    22. I placed my hand on a familiar spine of green cloth with the gilt title The Little Lame Prince, a favorite of mine as a child—Miss Mulock’s tale of a beautiful young prince whose legs were paralyzed as an infant from a neglectful accident

    23. A jibe meant to drive home the fact that I was a neglectful husband and father

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    delinquent derelict neglectful remiss inattentive heedless oblivious negligent