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    1. He kept the appointments, he did most of the legwork, everything but negotiate the financial terms of the deal

    2. I resolved to make demands, and set about identifying those things for which I could negotiate

    3. ESC … what does that mean? It’s going to take you years to negotiate this minefield, Kara, you idiot! She hadn’t felt as helpless as this for some considerable time …

    4. negotiate with his opponents

    5. Still, he tried to negotiate with his foes

    6. soldiers would not listen to him when he tried to negotiate

    7. He stopped trying to negotiate with

    8. It is now a training ground for agents going across, giving them somewhere to stay while they experience migraine effects and also allowing them to negotiate their way across country by train and bus

    9. To be safe all they needed to do was negotiate the

    10. 'We can try to negotiate with them,' I said

    11. Those that negotiate and bargain are usually in a position where they

    12. At one point Jean had to negotiate his way

    13. trying to communicate and negotiate in a foreign

    14. He would have slumped onto that but knew he should stay calm and try to negotiate a deal

    15. "Now that we know where there capital is, we know where to send a team to negotiate for his release

    16. The followers of the Earth God knew well enough that the ern did not negotiate peace

    17. Washington on his excursions against the French and was with him when he attempted to negotiate the withdrawal of the French garrison in the name of King

    18. Across the world, Golden Arrows were retreating to Temples as Cupid tried to negotiate peace with the remaining Lead Arrows in Rome

    19. negotiate, this one from Islington Green on to

    20. were not paid wages, but you had to negotiate for a share, or

    21. He has spent considerable energy in trying to negotiate with his father to get his (Johnny's) needs met

    22. It means Israel, the only state in the region that meets the president"s criteria for „self-determination," – an honest judiciary; an independent media; credible political parties; free and fair elections – must now negotiate its fate with those who want none of the above things

    23. Also there were no professional bargainers hired to negotiate a price for the real buyer

    24. He had had many visitors wanting to look at the exquisite handwritten parchment scrolls, central to any synagogue, mostly out of curiosity and he had always managed to negotiate a polite ‘No’, but he was a spiritual man and he believed in his own convictions of being all inclusive

    25. Yes, she decided, it might just worry both parties enough to negotiate with her

    26. We pray Your Most Gracious Majesty to know that we have appointed our trusty and well beloved, grandson, Prince John Ossoo Ansah, son of the late Prince Ansah, of Ashanti, on our behalf to lay before your Majesty divers matters affecting the good estate of our kingdom and the well-being of our subjects, with full power for the said Prince Ansah as our ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to negotiate and conclude all such treaties relating to the furtherance of trade and all matters therewith connected as your Majesty shall be pleased to entertain

    27. “I believe Hollowcrest was ready to negotiate,” Books said

    28. He is waiting to negotiate with Arbitan in the Upstairs Parlor

    29. It matters little to me if yours is the hand to slay him, but perhaps we can negotiate an alternative method

    30. If you think the person is giving good reasons, then you should negotiate a good compromise solution

    31. Never negotiate with a person who offers only excuses

    32. Perhaps her father’s comfort was part of it – Lord Weston might be more willing to negotiate at length, and meet concessions, if he felt secure

    33. One which might be much more challenging to negotiate

    34. He saw no sense in trying to negotiate with the likes of Cherva, that badger would only respect a show of strength

    35. When he had suggested his plan to the Elders, they were less than enthusiastic, preferring instead to wait for the Preceptor to attack them and hope that they could negotiate with him

    36. Even so, the Elders had only given him permission to negotiate with the Preceptor, not attack the sett

    37. ) Fillmore sent three commissioners to negotiate treaties with Native tribes

    38. But then, gunboat diplomacy is something of the past and probably they think they can negotiate being reasonable men

    39. Government will almost always negotiate and cut you out of the process

    40. You are not a Government but a Corporate so you are allowed to negotiate

    41. We do not recommend to my hostage to try and negotiate his own release but if you think you will succeed then do so

    42. Remember you are a Corporate, not a Government, and as such are fully entitled to negotiate the release of your employee

    43. Governments have very strong feelings not to negotiate but they all do

    44. Today‘s youth have been subsequently commissioned with the unenviable task of having to navigate through troubled waters on a rudderless boat without a compass only to criticize them for faulty seamanship for having failed to negotiate the prescribed course

    45. Franklin Roosevelt's Good Neighbor Policy declared an end to wars against nations in America's “backyard” and he vowed to always negotiate, avoiding being pushed into war with Mexico

    46. Even Sylvia didn’t believe him, and she was his mother! She had to get out of the country in a hurry and didn’t have time to look around so, despite the fact that she couldn’t negotiate a fair price, she bought the place

    47. GW Bush and his administration did not understand that, and so issued its own angry let's-get-tough statements, then were naively surprised when their attempts to negotiate failed

    48. He urged Georgia to negotiate again

    49. While Marguerite tried to negotiate in English our possible admission to the museum, I remained silent so as to avoid creating doubts in the fact that we really came from California

    50. What won them praise is their doing exactly what moderates or liberals would have done, negotiate for peace and arms control

    1. negotiated the log jam of the entrance, and having pushed her way into the aisle with

    2. they negotiated and gained allies

    3. By the time she was walking up the cobbled slope, having negotiated successfully the vagaries of the Bristol bus service, she was feeling quite pleased with herself

    4. South Africa has currently negotiated with Kenya, Algeria, and Nigeria to pool imagery and other data from all their microstats

    5. negotiated with the landlady and paid for their accommodation and

    6. Otto negotiated with his bagel as to whether the salmon or the onion should surrender first

    7. It’s only when you’ve negotiated their

    8. We negotiated the

    9. My attitude had changed, but as we negotiated the

    10. As we negotiated the

    11. They negotiated their way through the

    12. He successfully negotiated the edge during a brief lull in the storm, fell into a peat bog, cut the rope quickly to release the rocks, he clambered back to the bank

    13. negotiated the slippery slope of the riverbank down to the

    14. If you’ve negotiated a deal

    15. It was at the same time enacted, that all bills drawn upon or negotiated at Amsterdam, of the value of 600 guilders and upwards, should be paid in bank money, which at once took away all uncertainty in the value of those bills


    17. negotiated at 1/50 of the profit

    18. negotiated for 1/12 of the profits of the voyage

    19. We negotiated, reached an

    20. I left a message and somehow negotiated the stairs up again

    21. A fraise of barbed wire was negotiated with loss, and as the cavalry joined hands with the infantry right, it was an individual race from the extended lines to the top of the hill

    22. They negotiated the details, and the three of them walked away without anyone else pointing weapons at them

    23. The earthworks laid out around the main entrance formed a complicated maze of corridors that had to be negotiated before gaining admittance to the large semi-circular clearing in front of the sett itself

    24. Fillmore's commissioners negotiated eighteen hopelessly failed treaties

    25. So Polk negotiated with the British, breaking his campaign promise of 54-40 and accepting the 49th parallel, the same boundary other US presidents had proposed

    26. Having said that, there is a legal duty on the victims’ Government to protect its citizens which is why the Embassy must be involved! It is complicated International Law which must be negotiated if no treaty is in place

    27. FARC is in decline today, in part because President Alvaro Uribe launched a brutal military campaign and in part because Castro of Cuba and Chavez of Venezuela negotiated for FARC to end their uprising and become a political party, as they were before the Colombian government attacked them in the 1960s

    28. Roosevelt negotiated to build and then rent the canal, signing the Hays-Herran Treaty

    29. Colombia’s Congress refused the treaty, since Herran had negotiated without consulting them and the treaty price was very low

    30. 7 percent of the increase relates to salary increases contained in negotiated contracts

    31. Acting as his agent to buy the building he had lived in since before her birth, she negotiated toe-to-toe with the owner’s lawyer

    32. Easing the pain by cradling his elbow, he negotiated what was left of the gate and staggered out on to the road, momentarily closing his eyes to the horror he saw

    33. The end of treaties, replaced with federal agreements negotiated by officers, also stayed

    34. In addition, French petroleum company Total Fina Elf has negotiated the development and exploration of the Iraqi petroleum fields Majnoon and Nahr Umar which represent 25% of all the oil reserves in Iraq

    35. Both nations had agreements negotiated under GW Bush, designed by his administration to give the appearance of independence

    36. In spite of decades of neo conservative calls for war with Iran going all the way back to the 1990s, Obama not only refused to go to war, he negotiated a treaty to stop Iran from developing an atomic bomb

    37. Nixon, of course, established relations with China and negotiated arms control with the Soviet Union

    38. Mike and Caroline relaxed on the deck of a small hotel while, in the kitchen, Richard and Pepé negotiated the sale of their lobster

    39. Taking their time, Troy and Lee, negotiated the steep steps down to the beach with their heavy load, finally placing Fin on the sand at the base of the cliffs

    40. George confirmed the rumors, but he said that, in just the nick of time to save himself from ruin, he had negotiated the sale of certain patent rights he held

    41. In 1994 he negotiated an agreement in Haiti that led to the dictatorship stepping down, avoiding a US invasion under Clinton

    42. In short order, an agreement was negotiated and (as he insisted) signed by a judge that guaranteed an airtight seal on her identity until one week before trial

    43. Gareth had negotiated his way around several tricky propositions, where a lesser man would have been drawn into a war

    44. Her delight came from the third recorded phone call, in which, she claimed, Mike negotiated to purchase broken-down horses for more than double their value

    45. The pair of Red Army enlisted men somehow managed to remain in their seats in the rear without being thrown out as the officer negotiated corners on what Colling would have sworn were two wheels

    46. My attention went to his hands as he negotiated a bend

    47. Bank3Sector of Japan credits in Virtual Coins the negotiated value in the Current Account “Personal” of the financial institution that is creditor of the foreign debt security in Japan, such as: Central Bank, private Bank, investment Fund or world financial organism

    48. Soon after, Bank3Sector of Japan sends this security in the donation way to Bank3Sector that is at the issuing country of the coin in which the security was negotiated

    49. Steeling ourselves against the encroaching horror, we negotiated with the authorities about the price to be paid for delivering up our paradise for destruction

    50. Trapped in the city square, Ampudia was forced to surrender and Taylor negotiated a two-month armistice that infuriated President Polk when he heard about it

    1. ’ I said, standing at the foot of the stairs, watching as he negotiates the staircase

    2. several months, and then he was promoted to closer, the man who negotiates the deal

    3. how the tool enters and exits the workpiece and how it negotiates its way

    4. You follow Vic as he negotiates the tight curve

    5. The presentation layer negotiates the use of a transfer syntax that is supported by both of the connected devices so the end systems of different types can communicate

    6. Anglo–Irish Treaty, 1921–2: Collins negotiates a deal with the British which sets up an Irish Free State within the British empire but without the Protestant counties of Ulster, which remain part of the UK

    7. Penney thinks long term about its vendors and negotiates contract terms that are favorable to both itself and its suppliers

    8. If you do not have enough income to cover more than your minimum payments, you have to clear that hurdle by earning more money, negotiating with your credit card issuers to lower your minimum payments, or working with a legitimate, nonprofit debt consolidation organization that negotiates with creditors on your behalf, not one that provides you with a loan

    1. nearly dropped his perfect girl while negotiating kerbs, and he cursed the fates that

    2. Livingson, I am most interested in negotiating for the purchase of this rod,” the Sportsman began

    3. The back of her legs had made contact with the bed as her horrified eyes had watched Ozzie negotiating the remains of his friend through the doorway

    4. knows that Guichard was negotiating with at least one of

    5. negotiating the purchase of one of his more remote

    6. was evidence to suggest that he was negotiating some sort

    7. She found negotiating a contract with them, nearly as difficult as with teamsters

    8. negotiating the transaction without having to resort to

    9. negotiating the torturous, winding road down the cliffs to

    10. pleading and negotiating) I got her to goose-step over to

    11. "Does that mean you're negotiating for Klarrain?"

    12. Luray didn't seem to have any problems negotiating the abandoned area

    13. negotiating the muddy streets

    14. She asked him to explain the details of negotiating contracts

    15. 5 - Negotiating the Technological Entrance

    16. The background computers were negotiating

    17. On the contrary, the whole expense of this borrowing, of employing agents to look out for people who had money to lend, of negotiating with those people, and of drawing the proper bond or assignment, must have fallen upon them, and have been so much clear loss upon the balance of their accounts

    18. Fane and Sunyula tried negotiating, but the bitch wouldn’t compromise or back down on anything, and soon enough it escalated

    19. Dad is negotiating with the guy who is having the yard sale

    20. “A civilian? I guess it makes sense to appoint a negotiator to talk to us, but I’m not in the mood for negotiating

    21. to a receptive population there and was secretly negotiating with the Mexican governments of Sonora and Chihuahua to secure

    22. I thought it would be nice to tool around in that car so we began negotiating the price

    23. for your negotiating skills with the scientists

    24. It took forty-five minutes, and some negotiating with the clerk to stay past closing, but she came out with a list of businesses

    25. As he drove, Alex thought about the new contract that he was in the middle of negotiating with Bell’s Marine Research

    26. We Africans are respectful people and negotiating lobola is a serious matter

    27. Some historians point to his negotiating treaties, but again this was from his desire to flex the new US imperial muscle, not nobility

    28. What about wars overseas? Adams was one of the most skilled secretaries of State the US ever had, negotiating many treaties and formulating the Monroe Doctrine

    29. In one of the more surreal episodes in US history, Truman and MacArthur's staffs then began negotiating a meeting place

    30. Negotiating when angry

    31. A middle-aged woman pushing a small cart paused for a moment while negotiating the curb, and Elizabeth stopped her and asked if she knew where the bicycle shop of Mishkie Oblieska might be located

    32. Negotiating the truck over open country, I needed to maneuver the vehicle out of dry sand traps

    33. You have to down-select and three is the magic number for negotiating

    34. playing hardball at the negotiating table can run the process off the rails

    35. In the negotiating phase it’s important to remember that a win-win is the best outcome

    36. negotiating table, and appeared stressed and tired

    37. That evening her husband shared some negotiating techniques that he felt might be

    38. Negotiating a win-win contract is always better than a win-lose because you

    39. Once you have gone through the process of finding, selecting, negotiating, designing,

    40. They sent out a negotiating team to buy time while they scrambled to put together a defense of the city

    41. Negotiating their way through the empty

    42. “Now that I hear what kind of monsters he was negotiating with, I understand why he wasn’t acting like himself

    43. I accept that Americans try to get as much as possible when negotiating agreements

    44. “He explained that he was in the process of negotiating a new contract with Terry and he wanted to get my input

    45. Maybe it was part of Terry’s negotiating strategy

    46. But it was just a negotiating thing

    47. “I am continuing to negotiate with the band and don’t think it would be appropriate to discuss negotiating strategy in the middle of the process,” Chofsky replied

    48. But he did offer to avail himself to the negotiating process if I reached an impasse with Mr

    49. leading the company’s negotiating team

    50. through the process of negotiating the curbs, which she had to maneuver over with her wheelchair

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