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    1. “Glenda, you’d stand out in a crowd at a beauty pageant

    2. ” I resigned to putting it on, and as I did so, I remembered a lesson from my pageant training:

    3. “That guy is gorgeous!” She hugged me, like I had actually won the pageant this time

    4. Going into debt was out of the question, and the Galactic Princess Pageant was my only chance according to my mom, so I tried

    5. The night of the pageant, I gave it all I had,

    6. pageant it was total pandemonium

    7. World OLM Beauty Pageant in Texas later that

    8. It centred on a beauty pageant the winner of whom was crowned and given the title ‘The Rose of Tralee’

    9. 1 That which Peter, James, and John witnessed on the mount of transfiguration was a fleeting glimpse of a celestial pageant which transpired that eventful day on Mount Hermon

    10. As John turned this Scripture over in his mind, he began to comprehend the symbolic significance of this Sunday-afternoon pageant

    11. 8 Matthew was at first nonplused by this pageant performance

    12. It was the most befitting entry of the king the twins could conceive; they enjoyed every moment of the whole pageant

    13. In swift-moving scenes the pageant of his life passed fleetingly before his mental eye—a panorama wherein moved shadowy figures which were himself, in many guises and conditions—a skin-clad barbarian; a mercenary swordsman in horned helmet and scale-mail corselet; a corsair in a dragon-prowed galley that trailed a crimson wake of blood and pillage along southern coasts; a captain of hosts in burnished steel, on a rearing black charger; a king on a golden throne with the lion banner flowing above, and throngs of gay-hued courtiers and ladies on their knees

    14. Beauty Pageant were here for a time in its place

    15. And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,

    16. It took a huge effort for me to tear my eyes away from the pageant before me, but I finally managed to get a look the other way to see what lay closer to the middle of the dome

    17. He and his brother were two of the international judges on the Miss South East Asia Beauty Pageant and had been strongly influential in her success

    18. Scall waved to the crowd like a beauty pageant winner

    19. “Didn’t you hear the announcement during lunch? The school’s having a special Christmas pageant this afternoon

    20. But if we don’t hurry, we are going to miss the beginning of the pageant

    21. “I think I would rather miss a pageant than risk having to serve another week in detention

    22. Earlier that evening, there had been a drag pageant

    23. spec: spectacle; the opening procession of a circus; a colorful pageant within the tent of all performers and animals

    24. "I still have never figured out how you know about the pageant

    25. When the guests from the islands advance, when the pageant moves

    26. For I too raising my voice join the ranks of this pageant,

    27. Forty years as a pageant, till unawares the lady of this teeming and turbulent city,

    28. Assembly put on a Christmas pageant starring the younger children

    29. "'A Christmas Pageant for Americans

    30. We’re sort of like that with our children, bringing them private lessons and participation medals and beauty pageant tiaras as if we suspect they don’t have the ability to succeed at stuff without our forcing them into repetitive drills and buying expensive costumes and spending long weekends at competitions and pageants

    31. ' I led him again to the window and the incomparable pageant below and about us

    32. living or dead, with whom he associated slightly absurd; it was Mr Samgrass who was real, the rest were an insubstantial pageant

    33. There were painted model figures of every participant in the pageant

    34. Another of me waving and smiling like a pageant queen as I got out of my car (I was waving back to Marybeth; I was smiling because I smile when I wave)

    35. In the Great Pageant of our Lives, from Time to Time, we chance to meet certain Persons who seem closer to us than our own Kin, and who promise to lead our Souls where they must go

    36. I’m twenty years older than he, and even back then, no beauty pageant contestant

    37. But it was just a pageant outside his window, nothing more

    38. If you wanted to decorate a laboratory in a general way, not being specific about the season but giving the impression of a cross between Saturnalia and a pageant of the Flags of all Nations, Lee Chong’s was the place to go for your stuff

    39. Miss Graves, who sings the lead in the butterfly pageant in Pacific Grove, saw her first leprechaun up in back of the reservoir—but you can’t tell everything that happened every place on that Sweet Thursday

    40. It is only natural that the Great Butterfly Festival evolved, and where there is a festival there is bound to be a pageant

    41. The Butterfly Pageant explains the whole thing: There was once a butterfly princess (sung by Miss Graves), and she wandered away and was lost

    42. The pageant is in the ballpark and tourists can buy butterflies made out of every conceivable material from pine cones to platinum

    43. The pageant has been practicing for months, the Indians are trained, the prince has his tights out of mothballs, and the princess flowers toward coloratura luxury

    44. And when these things unite in a man of greatly superior natural force, with a globular brain and a ponderous heart; who has also by the stillness and seclusion of many long night-watches in the remotest waters, and beneath constellations never seen here at the north, been led to think untraditionally and independently; receiving all nature's sweet or savage impressions fresh from her own virgin voluntary and confiding breast, and thereby chiefly, but with some help from accidental advantages, to learn a bold and nervous lofty language—that man makes one in a whole nation's census—a mighty pageant creature, formed for noble tragedies

    45. What was this universe? What was this grand, eternal pageant to which he had yearned from his childhood up, and in which he could never take part? Every morning the same magnificent sun; every morning the same rainbow in the waterfall; every evening the same glow on the snow-mountains

    46. The motive of this prolonged strife—so attractive to Shakespeare—had much the same dignity which distinguishes the family intrigues of the Sublime Porte, and Shakespeare presents the history of his country as a mere pageant of warring royalties and their trains

    47. Now, as she stood gazing, some one came along the road that skirted the orchard, and, catching sight of her, halted and became lost in contemplation of her, even as she of the sunrise pageant

    48. It was, indeed, facetiously urged in the select committee, as a reason why these men should be retained, that they came to this House regularly on Sundays to serve the Lord—to assist at the weekly pageant here performed

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