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    1. White Feathers noticed but said nothing, whatever kept them from worrying in the face of the peril facing them was alright with him

    2. was that his wife was upset and in peril, and that Grossin

    3. merchant was in grave peril

    4. In truth, she had more experience of war and peril than even the most adventurous of men could expect to gather in a lifetime

    5. Father said they were the rising souls of drowned sailors, eager to help their brethren in a time of peril

    6. ‘If what I told you sounded perfectly plausible then my job would be in peril

    7. and thank God for allowing me to make it through that peril

    8. When every element was in place to contribute to a complete reality how could he put aside it's effects and be sure he was not truly in peril?

    9. “I am the one who left Kay in peril, who nearly saw her raped by Uther, who watched as she was callously abused by Jack, all because I would not speak out about the growing feelings in my heart

    10. To get in their way was fraught with peril

    11. They asked if he would be interested in joining a secret project that, by working to defeat the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, could be considered a patriotic service to his country in her time of peril

    12. � She stated that as if Steve's silence would save the nation in a time of peril

    13. He was worthy of the travel, and the peril

    14. He looked at his calm, serene face as he turned to face the sky and praise his God solemnly, and knew that he had a solution, he had an answer to their peril

    15. ” Then adding what he must have thought Colling would perceive as the ultimate peril, “There are reactionary forces hereabouts

    16. After my return flight to Windhoek, my friend who knew about journeys enquired, “And the scorpions?” No, I hadn't known about scorpions in the sand, a greater peril to me and my child than investigating lions

    17. To ignore it, we do so at our own peril

    18. We knew that they had an escape route off the planet, so we knew we had to destroy that before they realized the peril they were in

    19. The rulers only defy such laws at their peril

    20. 20 So I considered the world, and, see, there was peril because of the devices that were come into it

    21. great strivings, and it shall stand in peril of failing, nevertheless it shall not then fall, but shall be restored again to his beginning

    22. endure the peril in that time has kept himself: those who be fallen into danger are such as have works, and faith toward the Almighty

    23. Mikael was right to assume that the monsters were weak and that they shall feel when they were in danger and come to the rescue of those in peril

    24. She has been roaming around the lands on Earth for over fifty years and she was notified by the peril living right in our Realms

    25. Where various symptoms cluster along the scale signals the health or peril of the body politic

    26. It is a full admission of these truths which impresses upon me the extreme peril of humanity at present … Let us not be deceived by phrases about "Man taking charge of his own destiny"

    27. If you ever do, it will be at your own peril

    28. Although these mailings failed to save them, they demonstrate that those in greatest political peril often use the frank the most

    29. 20 So I considered the world and see there was peril because of the devices that were come into it

    30. 17 As for the voice which you heard speak and that you saw not to go out from the heads but from the midst of the body of it this is the interpretation: 18 That after the time of that kingdom there shall arise great strivings and it shall stand in peril of failing nevertheless it shall not then fall but shall be restored again to his beginning

    31. 22 Whereas you have spoken of them that are left behind this is the interpretation: 23 he who shall endure the peril in that time has kept himself: those who be fallen into danger are such as have works and faith toward the Almighty

    32. 23 Nevertheless Jonathan when he heard this commanded to besiege it still and he chose certain of the elders of Israel and the priests and put himself in peril; 24 And took silver and gold and raiment and divers presents besides and went to Ptolemais to the king where he found favour in his sight

    33. than he should have, forgetting the peril of their situation

    34. The drovers that were left, perceiving their sudden peril, quickly stampeded the animals after the fleeing throng

    35. Like gnashing teeth it signaled the peril of everything in its path

    36. those who have gone before me for the wisdom that I must have in this time of great peril to

    37. peril, while struggling to bring their own lances into attack position as they turned

    38. The drovers that were left, perceiving their sudden peril, quickly stampeded the

    39. the peril that lurked in quiet conversations, that place where

    40. “That’s a power stone! Touch it at your peril,” Nem said quickly

    41. Their journey is not without peril, but they must go to the island where I gathered seagrasses

    42. nothing when his daughter's future was at peril

    43. Bart was in peril of bursting into tears

    44. If you are coercing your partner into doing stuff that she doesn’t want to do (and that’s both in and out of the bedroom by the way) then stop it! Force the issue at your peril! Instead; try discussing what you’d like to try outside of the bedroom first, and do try and ensure that you explain to her why it is that you are keen to try what it is that you’ve said that you want to try

    45. She knew he suspected peril

    46. She saw nothing, but she sensed an unseen peril, more grisly than she could understand

    47. The peril of the past was that man became slaves

    48. The peril of the present is that they become robots

    49. But Conan, in his renewed admiration, did not forget that peril lurked all about them

    50. Peril crouched in every corner, leered invisibly from every hanging

    1. She didn't come back into flesh to volunteer to have that flesh subjected to all kinds of needless perils

    2. Both villages share a life not without its perils and not without its sweetness but there the similarity ends

    3. to the horrors and perils of the War, as well as the cold and boredom

    4. It is one of the great perils of the modern age you know

    5. On the dark sea what perils should ensue

    6. Her song is a ballad about true love and the perils one faces while searching for it

    7. I’ll never understand how Ozzie sensed that he had to protect Nathaniel from those living room perils on that awful day

    8. Infront of him, the opening was cold and loud with noises and uncertain perils

    9. This rather dim view of convention is never mindful of the perils of excessive tolerance that must inevitably find expression in an environment where unlimited freedom will eventually be unable to sustain itself

    10. and by faith, by which you have believed, 8 shall be preserved from the said perils, and shall see my salvation in my land, and within

    11. Promise me you shall find happiness even if the road of a king is tough and filled with perils

    12. There was no logical reason for me to feel that way, but I could feel the bond over our perils growing stronger without me being able to fight against it

    13. 12 Then were the entrances of this world made narrow full of sorrow and travail: they are but few and evil full of perils and very painful

    14. 7 And everyone who shall be saved and shall be able to escape by his works and by faith by which you have believed 8 shall be preserved from the said perils and shall see my salvation in my land and within my borders for I have sanctified them for me from the beginning

    15. 19 Therefore are they come into great perils and many necessities like as these dreams declare

    16. 10 In the hundred fourscore and eighth year the people that were at Jerusalem and in Judea and the council and Judas sent greeting and health to Aristobulus king Ptolemeus' master who was of the stock of the anointed priests and to the Jews that were in Egypt: 11 Insomuch as God has delivered us from great perils we thank him highly as having been in battle against a king

    17. They would need the quicker way, though the depths of the trees, and the perils which lay there would have to be faced and overcome, by the gods and stars above

    18. Because of man’s inextinguishable yearning for change, liberalism (correctly used) sets itself to make a peace that is a proof against the above-reviewed, threatening perils of Socialism

    19. Should he dare to propose to her as a way out, would she hesitate to repudiate, never mind her gratitude for his father? But, that way, wouldn’t his fear of rejection stop him in his tracks forever? After all, why should any girl like her ever consent to become his wife? Why, she would surely be averse to the idea itself! Looks like she was enamored of him, but was that enough to induce her to wed him? Couldn’t she picture the perils as his wife? Why not, given her high IQ? So it seemed to him that the choice for him boiled down to the rock and the hard surface

    20. What perils yet confronted them she could not know, but her heart sang with joy because they were out of that ghostly, unreal city

    21. 10 And for a long time there will live on earth those timid, fearful, and hesitant individuals who will prefer thus to secure their religious consolations, even though, in so casting their lot with the religions of authority, they compromise the sovereignty of personality, debase the dignity of self-respect, and utterly surrender the right to participate in that most thrilling and inspiring of all possible human experiences: the personal quest for truth, the exhilaration of facing the perils of intellectual discovery, the determination to explore the realities of personal religious experience, the supreme satisfaction of experiencing the personal triumph of the actual realization of the victory of spiritual faith over intellectual doubt as it is honestly won in the supreme adventure of all human existence -- man seeking God, for himself and as himself, and finding him

    22. Hers is the heroism of the ordinary, not of battle or epic danger but of the small perils of daily life

    23. The perils of being a testosterone charged, pimple faced teen on a mission

    24. I guess these are the perils when trusting a kings cross hooker…Ha ha

    25. Joey went silent, thinking about the perils he will have to face

    26. demand for companies that could offer protection from the threats and perils of a host of real and

    27. He had always wanted to dive at night, but the secret fear of the dark depths and hidden perils had prevented him, until then

    28. Myths of encyclopedic complexity evolved to describe the perils of reaching the last land; gaining the ferryman’s assistance, negotiating wilderness, getting beyond hostile animals and unlocking secret passages

    29. There was a collective growl of anger led by the older trolls, wise to the perils of leaders who had too much power

    30. Rod shook his head in disbelief at the thought of all the perils he had blundered his way past on

    31. You know little of the perils around you, and so you are heedless how you walk

    32. That idea brought its own perils, though

    33. Why not make the courses for the horses instead of flogging the lagging but to no avail; it’s only in the sports that the differing capabilities are appreciated to devise ways and means for all to have their place under the sun; won’t the bantam and heavy weight classification in boxing, wrestling and weightlifting suggest that; the perils of pitting a lightweight champion even against a heavyweight trainee are not beyond anybody’s imagination

    34. Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within

    35. But, would the Hindu majority, recovering from the humiliation of a thousand years of alien rule, suffer a foreigner taking the capital seat of Hindustan? The Congressmen, and more so women, though seem not to mind, unmindful of the perils of having a person of foreign origin as the country’s Prime Minister! Wouldn’t every nation be a hostage of its own history that lends itself to color its people’s thinking towards the other countries and their peoples? Could an Israelite origin Prime Minister be objective in India’s ties with the Palestine? What about India’s relations with the Western world under the premiership of some naturalized Iranian or an Iraqi? Wouldn’t an Indian political head of Bangladeshi origin, nursing a grouse of his sister’s molestation by some Punjabi fauzis during the crisis in his parent country be tempted to settle scores with Pakistan with India’s military might? Why, could any such one be what he or she should be as India’s Prime Minister; without a native Indian at the helm of affairs, won’t India’s detractors exploit the handicaps of a foreign origin numero uno to jeopardize the Indian national interests?

    36. While that should have woken them up to the perils posed by the double-edged sword of Islamic separateness, going by the talk on the street and the rhetoric in the maidaan, it didn’t seem to be the case

    37. Better, the umma instead of pushing the fidayeen filth under the Islamic carpet should sit up and think as to how to insulate their wards from the perils of the paranoia of Muslim identity, the forerunner to the Islamic intolerance and all that follow

    38. say ”jumbo” but have been warned about the perils of a

    39. Circe is the first to speak of the fig tree when she instructs Ulysses on how to face the perils that still await him

    40. 'You have lectured me incessantly on the perils of strong action and every time you have been proved wrong

    41. This will be a long night for the crew as they search the shallower sea for the dark perils just beneath the waves

    42. But many of them, for some reason too cryptic to fathom, prefer to lock them up in their room, exposed to all the perils that surround an inquiring child just able to walk, and last winter one little creature was burnt to death, sacrificed to her mother's stupidity

    43. We have every grade of greatness here, from that innocent being the ensign, a creature of apparent modesty and blushes, who is obliged to stand up and drain his glass each time a superior chooses to drink to him, and who sits on the hardest chairs and looks for the balls while we play tennis, to the general, invariably delightful, whose brains have carried him triumphantly through the annual perils of weeding out, who is as distinguished in looks and manners as he is in abilities, and has the crowning merit of being manifestly happy in the society of women

    44. “You build your ships and your aeroplanes and navigate them through incredible perils to land a great distance away

    45. Many escaped the perils of slavery by throwing themselves overboard to watery graves, their pained souls sinking to the bottom

    46. O preserve them through the paths of the seas, and in perils by waters, and perils by robbers

    47. It is the less sensitively aware animal who succumbs to the perils and dangers of its environment

    48. perils this turn of the day would bring

    49. ‘Long, long way it is, with many perils on the

    50. Myrkvid and we have perils enough without risking the horrors

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