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    1. I thought I would have little difficulty pitching

    2. Just pretend that you are pitching batting practice

    3. He sat at our table, uninvited, respecting no one, pitching his opinions and drinking his beer

    4. district level,' I could not help pitching our other service

    5. back and pushed hard, pitching the young druid

    6. Those assholes out there pitching two ends of a double-header in some cases

    7. anytime there was live pitching, Sam could not make contact

    8. expect—throwing BP at On Deck was a little different than pitching to a catcher in

    9. sports reporters to find that Roman was on pace to break just about every pitching

    10. Pat O'Brien is pitching for Arizona

    11. Normally when John would pitch, would just be pitching at the most maybe two or three innings, but not tonight

    12. And guess what? Curt Gentry pitched the entire game for Arizona State, all 15 innings, again that's one of the greatest pitching performances I have seen in my life and Curt was pitching just as good in the 15th inning as he was in the first inning

    13. He wound up pitching a one hitter at Phoenix Giants Stadium in front of 10,000 screaming Arizona State fans and a few Arizona fans

    14. She tripped away, and presently returned with a fresh trayful; and Toad, pitching into the toast with delight, his spirits quite restored to their usual level, told her about the boathouse, and the fish-pond, and the old walled kitchen-garden; and about the pig-pens, and the stables, and the pigeon-house, and the hen- house; and about the dairy, and the wash-house, and the china- cupboards, and the linen-presses (she liked that bit especially); and about the banqueting-hall, and the fun they had there when the other animals were gathered round the table and Toad was at his best, singing songs, telling stories, carrying on generally

    15. They reached an incredibly high bridge between clumps of towers and subconsciously had the sense to stop and collapse onto one of the benches on the tiny plaza beside it before they went pitching over the edge

    16. A chain of blue energy blasted the demon in front of her, pitching the black clad knight into the garden

    17. Meanwhile, pitching through the air, the man's head landed on the ground

    18. When pitching the media, be brief & to the point

    19. When pitching the media, make sure you have more than one story 491 angle

    20. When pitching a blogger, research

    21. It’s a good softball game, with pitching that is

    22. The pitching wedge and the sand wedge can be used in the place of a chipping wedge, yet another in the family of wedges

    23. What she needed was a little of that stuff she had been pitching at Josh

    24. Amaranthe hooked her arm over the top, and she in turn grabbed him to keep him from pitching backward

    25. Pitching his wits against the enemy

    26. “As you wish,” agreed Kay, pitching her voice to be as meek as she could manage

    27. Now the carnie was pitching another person

    28. A sharp crack followed my landing as the roof collapsed, pitching me down into the interior of the shed

    29. Plastic had been put over the poles, then more poles, then the boughs laid on to hold it down, and possibly obscure it from view? All of this was way more work than pitching a simple tent, waterproof and bug-free

    30. fore-and-aft pitching as we came around and headed into the

    31. I think that Professor Baxter was trying to teach us something in King Lear when he made an off-hand reference to the image of starting a large boulder pitching down a steep hill

    32. The disconnected pitching of the two boats was making it hard for the gunner

    33. On all fours, fighting to keep some sort of traction on the pitching deck, Colling crept to the locker holding Boroszki’s gun and the grenades

    34. Meredith did no combing down or pitching into

    35. On the way home, Sierra told Manda that for a while now she had been pitching an idea for her own show to Curt

    36. And then the shop jolted, pitching the freezer forward

    37. After a span of time had passed where Yuella had said all she could think to say; Elizabeth steered the conversation to pitching her into their house

    38. I was up most of last night after I came across an ad in a European music industry publication, pitching the newest Doberman’s Stub CD, Bite Me, Big Dog (working title)

    39. For example, if you are an SEO professional and have lots of people interested in SEO and internet marketing following you, aim to educate your audience rather than pitching for work

    40. In fact, pitching wearables has become so absurd (contacts that measure your glucose levels! Sports bras that track your heart rate!) one guy built a Random

    41. “No,” he said, swinging round and pitching his response to all the books around him

    42. pitching itself over the rail in a fit of desperation

    43. back flip, pitching both of us into the ocean

    44. A young man stood on the pitching deck

    45. men had him go up in the barn and work at pitching hay

    46. The British took full advantage of these divisions, emphasized the differences, supported minorities to turn against Hindu majority and implemented their well known policy of ‘divide and rule’, pitching one group against another

    47. Over the years, I've found that whether I'm pitching (selling) nonfiction or

    48. • The reader learns about pitching, and how presentations can build her

    49. You'd think Paris would have taught me a lesson! A sleepless night followed by a day tramping the hot and humid streets of Barcelona, followed by another sleepless night on the deck of a pitching ferry, left us both exhausted and ill tempered, but it was worth it

    50. My clever publisher [Nic Cheetham at Corvus] came up with the brainwave of pitching '12 days at Christmas' to Amazon

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