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    1. "There have been years it would be possible to stay here for Dusksleep up until Garibivlast," he said

    2. things are possible with Him, and He is the Lord God

    3. So put it into action, believe it's possible, and be consistent

    4. you’re busy, but isn’t it possible to read ten pages when you wake up in the morning, you jump into your book to wake up your mind

    5. It is possible to face any adverse situation by conditioning oneself with a positive attitude

    6. everyone in the world did that? It’s possible

    7. But it is only possible if they know what you now understand

    8. She is the richest person either one of us has ever laid eyes on, with the possible exception of the guy she was with

    9. Mindless of his feet in the snow, he was drawn down the path to the edge of the bluff, drawn to where he could get the best possible view of the end of the world

    10. “I don’t think it’s possible,” he mutters to himself

    11. It’s the only possible way for hope to exist

    12. Having an open mind about what is possible in your life is incredibly

    13. That is why it was possible

    14. Remember, I said in the beginning that if you just read this book, you will gain knowledge, but if you do the work, you can transform your life! This book is designed to help you in the most efficient way possible

    15. Show yourself that achieving your goals is possible

    16. To keep the house as safe as possible, eliminate clutter and loose electrical wires that may cause a fall

    17. · Use natural lighting where possible, and position light sources in ways that don't produce shadows

    18. There are still less than a thousand with genes from Earth when you include all their possible descendants

    19. He kept his eyes down and tried to move as slowly as possible so as not to attract any attention

    20. Henry had interrupted whatever presentation he was giving by trying to enter as quietly as possible

    21. To have healthy soil you must have a diversity of bacteria and minerals, which is not possible when using chemicals

    22. · Be prepared for the unexpected to the extent possible

    23. Always use filtered water if possible

    24. If you find something that works better than anything mentioned here, please send it to me for possible inclusion in the next revision

    25. At the same time, it is quite possible that we work with the new elements in such situations and strike new relationships, find new vocations and even change our existing view of life and its purpose

    26. The three possible sources of the problem are: (a) the active ingredient in the weed killer, 2,4-D; (b) the “inert” ingredients which are not necessarily “harmless”, or (c) the dioxins that contaminate the active ingredients during manufacture

    27. "Pppp," Herndon said, "Oh that's possible, but I don't think he had the chance

    28. If she was busy, it’s entirely possible she didn’t see the person who shot her … she was shot from behind, you understand

    29. ‘Of course … though it’s entirely possible that my fingerprints might be on it … I used it in the play

    30. Ava didn't know if that was possible, but Herndon was already gathering his things

    31. I go back as rarely as possible

    32. “Get down!” Red yelled as she threw the grenades as far away from her as possible

    33. In the second stage one carries out an assessment of the problem and the possible solutions

    34. It was possible that one of those loose ends might be brought on by her home star

    35. We should see that equitable distribution takes place between our children, as far as possible well before we leave this world

    36. It's four years till the first possible impact

    37. She was wearing another one of her loud polka dot dresses and Johnny couldn’t understand how someone could wear such ugly clothes that made them stand out to such a high degree; it was almost as if the dots and varied colors were specifically made to clash as much as possible

    38. Perhaps Ackers had slipped up on security somewhere? Was that even possible?

    39. It is possible to plan an optimum diversification thus reducing the risk

    40. Don’t worry, the situation will resolve itself in a moment,” Ackers said, thinking quickly that he now had to appear as normal as possible so as not to arouse too much suspicion and have the paper boy call in any authorities

    41. Dogs peeing on the lawn: Hose with water as soon as possible

    42. Even then wherever possible it is desirable to have a joint family, at least in terms of grand parents

    43. " She knew her sister was deeply involved with the Heavenly Mother, she wondered if it was politically possible to have a conversation with her about any hostile intentions on their part

    44. She never got to ask her sister about her feel for any possible hostile intentions by the Heavenly Mother

    45. For best results take 1 cup dried tobacco (use only organically grown tobacco if possible), ••• cup garlic powder and mix into this 1 cup compost

    46. 2: Visit when possible

    47. In urban areas this is not easy, as people are not exposed to the community living as is possible in villages

    48. Feed yearly if possible

    49. ‘It’s possible … things are moving in the Sadler case

    50. Use a drip system whenever possible

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    possible potential fortuitous adventitious indeterminate feasible likely imaginable workable thinkable desirable welcome acceptable