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    1. Though the principle of expense, therefore, prevails in almost all men upon some occasions, and in some men upon almost all occasions ; yet in the greater part of men, taking the whole course of their life at an average, the principle of frugality seems not only to predominate, but to predominate very greatly

    2. The civil came to predominate over the military character ; and the standing armies of Rome gradually degenerated into a corrupt, neglected

    3. The interest of those servants and dependants might so far predominate in the court of proprietors, as sometimes to dispose it to support the authors of depredations which had been committed in direct violation of its own authority

    4. For twenty-one years you have been a great joy to us…with just enough disappointment and sadness at times to make us fully appreciate your good points which predominate

    5. It is the state and only the state that should decide national policy; the state, as De Tocqueville admitted, must predominate over all other opinions

    6. While Phillip was in the middle of answering, predominate question marks unexpectedly appeared in both of Mr

    7. Sadly enough, regardless of all of the positive things about this flight, there was a prevalent troubling issue and it was placing a predominate shadow over what possibly could have been a utopian ambiance

    8. A few moments later when he decided to take a closer look at their room, he couldn’t help but focus on its predominate Mexican décor – dark green, low cut carpeting and tan colored walls with various styles of strange swirls on them

    9. Ellen displayed a predominate frown, and pointed him back to his chair

    10. Erotic wishes predominate which tend to absorb the ambition or leave at 50 : 50 level

    11. If tamas is active, sloth and carelessness predominate

    12. The question, then, is what is the threshold of love for love to functionally predominate the social will; what are the social systems, cultures, and institutions necessary to enact a social love that is greater than any individual within it? If love is the attractor, how are we a social will to it?

    13. Sure, toy cars and planes might still be allowed, but if Ted Haggard hadn’t gotten caught letting another man shift his gears, one wonders how long it would have been until these had been banned as well since, according to the limpwristed pansies coming to predominate the ranks of Evangelical leadership, these modes of transportation are coming to be seen as just as evil as the implements of war (unless of course you happen to be one of those bigshot leaders who will still be permitted to jet around the world telling the rest of us just how evil we are for manifesting the disease of individualism as embodied by driving our own automobiles to work and refusing to carpool)

    14. But whether you’re inclined to have a holly jolly Christmas or not, you have got to realize that “the holiday season” isn’t going anywhere; the issue rather becomes whose ideas are going to predominate the day in the minds of men

    15. I swear that I wasn’t anyhow biased when I made up “the Classification” and, therefore, I simply couldn’t offend any “astral” Formo-Creators (even if I wanted to)!!! You know quite well that in the inertial sequence of any synthetic processes, there can never be quite stable balanced states: always the activity of Aspects of some Qualities will predominate over the dynamics of Aspects of some other Qualities

    16. The Chohans of the sixth initiation have the guidance of those units of consciousness in whom their particular ray vibration and color predominate

    17. As a part of the upper three Plans they predominate

    18. Ever busily winding the golden thread that bound them all together, weaving the service of her happy influence through the tissue of all their lives, and making it predominate nowhere, Lucie heard in the echoes of years none but friendly and soothing sounds

    19. It occurred both to Julia and myself simultaneously that we were allowing curiosity and surprise to predominate; now we congratulated him in gentler tones from which mockery was almost excluded

    20. And the deeper he went in domesticity the more did the sense of acquitting himself and acting with propriety predominate over any other satisfaction

    21. He was an amateur of superior phrases, and never used poor language without immediately correcting himself—which was fortunate, as he was rather loud, and given to predominate, standing or walking about frequently, pulling down his waistcoat with the air of a man who is very much of his own opinion, trimming himself rapidly with his fore-finger, and marking each new series in these movements by a busy play with his large seals

    22. These philosophies tell us that one force can never fully overcome the other, and, when one seems to predominate, it contains within itself the seed of the other

    23. When the 13-day Force declines below its zero line and stays there, it shows that bears predominate

    24. The vehemence of emotion, stirred by grief and love within me, was claiming mastery, and struggling for full sway, and asserting a right to predominate, to overcome, to live, rise, and reign at last: yes,—and to speak

    25. The foreman insisted that she was guilty of both the poisoning and robbery; the merchant, colonel, clerk and laborer opposed this view, while the others hesitated, but the opinion of the foreman began to predominate, principally because the jury were tired out, and they willingly joined the side which promised to prevail the sooner, and consequently release them quicker

    26. In a population thus composed, it would be highly ridiculous to expect that love of order and obedience to law would always predominate

    27. According to the bearings and variations of those lights, should the statesmen of such a country adjust their policy—always bearing in mind two assurances, as fundamental principles of action, which the nature of things teaches, that, although temporary circumstances—party spirit, local rivalries, personal jealousies, suggestions of subordinate interests—may weaken, or even destroy, for a time, the influence of the leading and permanent interests of any great section of the country, yet those interests must ultimately and necessarily predominate, and swallow up all these local, and temporary, and personal, and subordinate considerations; in other words, the minor interests will soon begin to realize the essential connection which exists between their prosperity and the prosperity of those great interests which, in such sections of the country, nature has made predominant; and that no political connection among free States can be lasting, or ought to be, which systematically oppresses, or systematically refuses to protect, the vital interests of any of the sovereignties which compose it

    28. I know not whether the feelings of shame or indignation predominate in my breast, when I see gentlemen constantly laboring to place their own Government in the wrong; and, in contradiction to the official records of this House, insist that we are contending for the employment of foreigners

    1. One moment the frog’s face, and then the lion cub's predominated

    2. Returning to less sinister subjects, it was a little difficult to figure out the Inka imperial organization, but it seemed that we had entered their northern province called Huanuco, after a tribe of roughly that name that predominated in the province

    3. At first, it was intermittent; then the grassland predominated except along the rivers

    4. On the east side, woods predominated, so the trees were a factor

    5. Where one party rule predominated or where one party forever held the majority, there was little room for the smaller party

    6. Expanses of grey slate roof predominated in other directions, but the escapade

    7. predominated, followed by Germans and a smattering of Russians and other Europeans

    8. A nightmare of terror and injustice had predominated over the natives of al-Sham state for a period of time, where sadness overwhelmed their families, and the ghost of death hovered above their homes, and was ever present in their sight and within their hearing until our officer performed his magnificent deed and rushed to aid those who had no- one to defend or help them

    9. There were about twenty persons in our group and the males predominated, boisterous

    10. If are predominated absorbing particles, Yin - it does not add holiness

    11. Light and youthful colours predominated in Pyotr Petrovitch's attire

    12. After the works of art, natural rarities predominated

    13. His eye, which was contracted with inward anguish, gleamed on the persons of those whose breath was his fame; and the latter emotion for an instant predominated

    14. Settling down into an arm-chair, he brewed himself a glass of grog, in which I could not help noticing that the whisky considerably predominated over the water

    15. Religion predominated in-the house; not only in its practices - the daily mass and Rosary, morning and evening in the chapel - but in all its intercourse

    16. There was the newly elected mayor of Middlemarch, who happened to be a manufacturer; the philanthropic banker his brother-in-law, who predominated so much in the town that some called him a Methodist, others a hypocrite, according to the resources of their vocabulary; and there were various professional men

    17. Casaubon—this woman who predominated in all things concerning her—must have come now with the sense of having the advantage, and with animosity prompting her to use it

    18. The second innovation was the concept of the high-capitalization, perpetual growth stock, neatly encapsulated in the Nifty Fifty growth stocks, which predominated institutional portfolios in the early 1970s

    19. It is no common enemy that we deal with Alas! Alas! That dear Madam Mina should suffer!" He stopped, his voice was breaking, and I do not know if rage or terror predominated in my own heart

    20. Father Gillenormand was thinking of Marius lovingly and bitterly; and, as usual, bitterness predominated

    21. That which predominated on the uncovered brows of the majority of those present was enthusiasm mingled with dejection

    22. In his singular character the dual nature alternately asserted itself, and his extreme exactness and astuteness represented, as I have often thought, the reaction against the poetic and contemplative mood which occasionally predominated in him

    23. He had not in one swift transition become a polished gentleman from a savage ape-man, but at last the instincts of the former predominated, and over all was the desire to please the woman he loved, and to appear well in her eyes

    24. Light and youthful colours predominated in Pyotr Petrovitch’s attire

    25. "In the coloring, bright blue and bright green predominated

    26. said, was a good thing in time of peace; but if this contracted spirit of economy predominated in our war councils, if we were forced into a war, so help him God, he would rather at once tamely submit our honor and independence than maintain them in this economical way

    27. Those interested in commerce would care little what local influences predominated, or how the ball of power vibrated among our factions, provided an efficient protection of their essential interests, upon systematic principles, was not only secured by the letter of the constitution, but assured by a spirit pervading every description of their rulers

    28. Speaker, by this very statement of opinion, that I am not one of that class of politicians which has for so many years predominated in the world, on both sides of the Atlantic

    1. Gottesworship predominates in northern Europe

    2. In a militia, the character of the labourer, artificer, or tradesman, predominates over that of the soldier; in a standing army, that of the soldier predominates over every other character ; and in this distinction seems to consist the essential difference between those two different species of military force

    3. We live in a culture where intellect predominates and where in our

    4. everywhere in all male and female bodies The white drop predominates

    5. which the use of the will predominates

    6. one, but of all, though always one predominates

    7. “If you are a bad, negative fellow, if a material nature predominates in you, if you try to obtain material goods for yourself at the expense of oppressing others, that is, by harming them, and at the same time you don’t try to change yourself, then you will be in trouble there

    8. A material essence predominates in him

    9. In his mind, the animal nature predominates over the soul

    10. While if more of the beast, in other words, the material nature, predominates in it, then the same story of global cataclysms that affected previous civilizations is repeated

    11. and darkness (tamas) predominates and there is only as insignificant

    12. of how the spirit of dharm gets ignored and the letter predominates, giv-

    13. verse we mean only a form of verse inwhich the twofold measure predominates, and by ternary

    14. onein which the threefold measure predominates

    15. The Englishlanguage predominates on all

    16. Beliefs in which illimitable terror predominates have the advantage of confirming their own sway when once established, by the doom, which they hold out even of hostile thought

    17. Physical terror predominates in ordinary minds, and you see the result of it in those older 'revivals,’ the chief influence was terrific

    18. "Dive Spirit into Matter" – that is, adherence to the human body the bodies consisting of particles of highest Plans (in which composition Yang predominates) – leads to the "Ascension the Matter to Heaven"

    19. I hovered in that painful state that predominates during the period of anticipation before some frightful explosion

    20. As you are aware, E is the most common letter in the English alphabet, and it predominates to so marked an extent that even in a short sentence one would expect to find it most often

    21. If the water predominates, death is prompt, the man is swallowed up; if earth predominates, death is slow

    22. Valuation predominates in our models, but we do believe value managers underweight positive [share price] momentum in their portfolios

    23. Just so, with either method, the mechanical side of instruction predominates over the mental

    24. It is a love in which the material predominates

    25. Both sides of this hill are sandstone and puddingstone, frequently alternating: though these are most extensive on the west side, and as we rise the puddingstone predominates

    1. Predominating thoughts and mental states begin to show

    2. No man can decide now to which of these motives such extraordinary scenes were referable; it is probable, to a blending of all the three, with the second predominating

    3. In all well-organized brains, the predominating idea—and there always is one—is sure to be the last thought before sleeping, and the first upon waking in the morning

    4. Andrea had scarcely opened his eyes when his predominating idea presented itself, and whispered in his ear that he had slept too long

    5. 'I thought you were dying,' I said, conscious then, as I had been ever since I arrived, of the predominating emotion of vexation, rather than of relief, that I had been bilked of my expectations of a grand tragedy

    6. To all the facts which he knew, he added imaginary facts both present and future which became more real to him than those because they called up a stronger dislike, a more predominating bitterness

    7. There was hardly ever so much unanimity among them as in the opinion that Lydgate was an arrogant young fellow, and yet ready for the sake of ultimately predominating to show a crawling subservience to Bulstrode

    8. immense need of being something important and predominating

    9. Lydgate had so many times boasted both to himself and others that he was totally independent of Bulstrode, to whose plans he had lent himself solely because they enabled him to carry out his own ideas of professional work and public benefit—he had so constantly in their personal intercourse had his pride sustained by the sense that he was making a good social use of this predominating banker, whose opinions he thought contemptible and whose motives often seemed to him an absurd mixture of contradictory impressions—that he had been creating for himself strong ideal obstacles to the proffering of any considerable request to him on his own account

    10. Usually the predominating purpose of such an arrangement is to enable the organizers to control a large business with the investment of little or no capital and also to secure to themselves the major part of its surplus profits and increased going-concern value

    11. That protection could only consist in his own predominating brain and heart and hand, backed by a heedful, closely calculating attention to every minute atmospheric influence which it was possible for his crew to be subjected to

    12. But how can patriotism be a virtue in our time, when it demands of men what is directly opposed to what forms the ideal of our religion and morality,—not the recognition of the equality and brotherhood of all men, but the recognition of one state and nationality as predominating over all the others

    13. These three characters are the predominating ones in the book, and they are drawn with a good deal of skill; those who assume the minor rôles are used with good effect to carry on the action and develop the story naturally and logically

    14. The States north of the Hudson contain nearly two and a half millions of souls; and surely there is as little need of proof to show that the proportion the commercial interest bears to the other interests of that Northern section of the Union, is such as entitles it there to the denomination of predominating interest

    15. My opinion results from the application of the well-known principle of judging concerning men's purposes and motives: to consider rather what men do, than what they say; and to examine their deeds in connection with predominating passions and interests; and on this basis decide

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