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    1. It worried me that perhaps he was getting above himself, and I thought the house rather pretentious at first

    2. ‘Sorry, that sounds pretentious

    3. Ava had always had the prettiest home, though hardly as pretentious as those of Delos Alverez or Haymon Kruger

    4. He needed to be reminded of his place; but you are correct, the pretentious little Ousa is becoming a problem

    5. Matai found Lord Boras to be a pretentious, arrogant ass who thought himself above anyone else on the planet

    6. We tend to nurture pretension and there is little more pretentious than sprouting the bard

    7. interest to build high and/or pretentious buildings on

    8. It avoids convenient or simple solutions to complex questions or easy expressions for hard-nosed assumptions that require testing, at every level; prepared to accept in whatever manner, the pretentious challenges of misleading or presumptive propositions whose attainment is (sufficient) reward in itself

    9. Arrogance, the off-spring of Low Esteem, is (fortunately) balanced, however, by the professional demeanor of other (exceptional) athletes with little or nothing to prove, whose quiet tenor, and business like attitude, free of pretentious designs and excessive self-regard; that is to say, individuals who are comfortable with themselves and in themselves, who feel that they have nothing to prove and are (generally) less likely to be influenced by money and glamour; speaks volumes about the fundamental character of an emotional secure individual

    10. City Planning, for example, was neither pretentious nor overpowering in its designs but simplistically proportionate in a stately manner

    11. The Motion Picture industry has enjoyed a long running fetish with strong, physically intimidating women routinely beating up on or otherwise skillfully out-maneuvering the obnoxious designs of pretentious, self-centered males filled with a heightened sense of their (own) self-importance; convenient foils portrayed as anachronistic, insensitive, chauvinistic types deserving an occasional thrashing every so often from women scorned or in response to inopportune or unsolicited (sexual) banterings or harmless wisecracks intended to make a definitive statement about strong women coming of age

    12. Those few left their coin on the table and got up to leave in a boisterous but rather pretentious manner

    13. But it felt pretentious and lacking

    14. “This pretentious piece of meat believes he’s entitled to every woman in the world!”

    15. I hate sounding this pretentious, but I’m

    16. I don’t have to be pretentious with her

    17. Afraid that fans might label them pretentious, they try to

    18. You may try all you want to be nice and not pretentious at all, but haters wil come

    19. This is the time to worry about not being pretentious

    20. spreading the word and getting away with it without coming across as pretentious or

    21. without seeming pretentious” and be required to actual y try and pull that off once in a while

    22. With the teeth as a tool I made another attempt, but what I did was hurt me and the pretentious jewel did not move an inch, seemed to be part of my own skin, as the dermis and the epidermis

    23. Their expression was indefinable; therefore I could not tell if they were friendly or pretentious

    24. It was a purposeless and pretentious way of life for a

    25. She selected, from her wide repertoire, the words that more mortification throw on the inflated self-esteem of the pretentious Beatrice and declared without mufflers:

    26. ” As an excuse it was no excuse, but I let him show me several pretentious silver cups and feigned interest while he stroked my neck

    27. -Look! That is the pretentious girl walking over there!!

    28. Curiosity made me turn my head and realized that the pretentious girl that was walking over there was me, to my surprise

    29. Ancient Thebes was too grandiose, too wasteful, too ridiculously pretentious after the serene simplicity of Kanu’s village

    30. In a bedroom of a somewhat pretentious Mediterranean style villa on a plot of land far too small to display it’s doubtful charms, a slim young man gazed at his reflection in the mirror

    31. He didn't really care about Lily, but insisted meeting her after our meeting today? He was such a hypocrite, and a pretentious asshole to boot

    32. He was such a controlling, demanding, pretentious, pampas asshole! I had to put up with him all these years because he was Nathan's father, and did deserve to see him

    33. Such pretentious bastards they were!

    34. They now saw the wisdom of the Master's plan of sending them out to labor in a quiet and personal manner before the launching of their more pretentious public efforts

    35. " They were all greatly cheered by these words; this was their first clearcut and positive intimation that Jesus designed later on to enter upon more aggressive and pretentious public efforts

    36. Could it be the unstated policy of the Delhi operatives as well, he suspected, but, couched by the pretentious unsuitability labels!

    37. Lack of this authority in pretentious public teaching was looked upon as indicating either ignorant presumption or open rebellion

    38. guy for a meeting and he sat acting all pretentious and

    39. moderate, a little pretentious, but clean looking

    40. buttons to press while muttering to himself about the damn pretentious machine

    41. Some men express themselves through art, others pluck the harp strings and play the lute, others write pretentious poetry or pointless novels that nobody really wants to read

    42. Don't be all formal and pretentious and trying to impress

    43. It was close to six o’clock and Mr Crow suggested they go to a pub for a meal, to Murray’s surprise Mr Hawk agreed, Murray refused saying that he was going to watch a bit of telly and have an early night, when they left he phoned Shirl and brought her up to speed, then he turned the telly on, next he went through the rubbish bin looking for the coke bottle Mr Crow had taken from his car before he sank it, there were two nice clear prints on the bottle so he wrapped it and put it with his other insurance, identities and money and stuffed the lot inside the drivers door of the truck, he still didn’t know who Mr Crow was but he was sure with all the resources the casino had at their disposal they would soon trace a fingerprint, one way or another Mr Crows career was about to go pear shaped along with a certain Melbourne ex-bookie, he got a beer from the fridge and began to watch a quiz show on the telly, a young quiz host, who was completely up himself, was being very condescending in his humiliation of an elderly couple who’s greed for the over-priced second rate prizes had stripped them of their pride, feeling upset for them he turned the telly off, he then had a whimsical thought that went like this, to get top ratings all that had to be done was for the TV company to set up one of the aged contestant to punch that pretentious little pricks lights out in front of a national audience, he reckoned the ratings would go through the roof, and with any luck it might also start a trend, he knew it was far-fetched but he was quite happy with his whimsical thought, maybe one day you never know

    44. Pretentious, I know

    45. The words were just short of pretentious, yet her description was

    46. While it may seem pretentious to attribute the return on a stock to wholly known

    47. “scientifically-attuned intellect,” which meant nothing to the rest of the trolls except that Brumvack was a pretentious idiot

    48. He however spoke up in a firm tone, looking the pretentious court noble in the eyes

    49. to do than make meaningless chitchat at a pretentious eatery at that time of night

    50. There was nothing pretentious, just excellent art of all kinds and with an obvious focus on Latin American artists

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    ostentatious pretentious inflated arrogant big boastful self-important conceited haughty