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    1. Which leads to the proposition that television may actually have a limited role in heart health "if you watch the right shows and spend your time watching comedies rather than stress-provokers," Miller cautioned

    2. Talos jumped up, 'All I said was that the organisation has made a concrete proposition that will save the village, but for it to work we will have to make compromises

    3. and Omi would listen to my proposition as well

    4. This is quite a different proposition

    5. “Now, about the proposition you said you wished to discuss?”

    6. Even, so, the proposition that some private portal was available to

    7. Allcock was silent in deliberation of the proposition

    8. ’ Henri considered the proposition carefully, before

    9. His English was very good and I told him I'd be happy to have him come out and see if he would like living in my house and see if I would like him living in my house because it has to be a 50-50 proposition

    10. He thus expected her to answer his proposition with contempt

    11. “I’m going to ignore that! Now, the second part of Darwin’s proposition has to do with common ancestry

    12. The proposition is so very manifest, that it seems ridiculous to take any pains to prove it ; nor could it ever have been called in question, had not the interested sophistry of merchants and manufacturers confounded the common sense of mankind

    13. Certainly I’m not going to be marginalized with luxury?” She well knew what the answer to this proposition would be and certainly understood why it would be so

    14.  You have a unique selling proposition (a unique or better product or service, or one that is offered in a unique or different way)

    15. Intelligent design best explains the proposition of specific aspects of the Universe and of living things

    16. It was a rather difficult proposition for a young mother to undertake, with two young children, but

    17. Hence, the proposition is convertible into this: a government ought to mold children into good citizens, using its own discretion in settling what a good citizen is and how the child 64

    18. Will man ever be able to truly understand exactly what happens where in the brain while thoughts are occurring? And what about the distinction between thinking about a new subject as opposed to remembering an old one? Some perhaps promising speculation has recently centered on the neurons of the pre-frontal cortex (the cerebrum), with the corollary proposition that the greater number of axonic-dendritic connections between the neurons, the greater the potential intelligence

    19. Truth be told, it"s the most reactionary proposition imaginable (And again, „A proposition so preposterous that only an intellectual could accept it

    20. The girls muttered their agreement, their body language showing clear support in Esther’s proposition and Sheuli’s request

    21. “I do have a proposition for you though, and as you are already on the job, so to speak, it should only come as a small inconvenience to you

    22. She had to lay out her proposition quickly, before one of the guards decided to fire a musket ball into her chest

    23. It (MR) advances the proposition that no single value (or moral) is exceptional in itself; that is to say, (conventional) moral or ethical assumptions do not properly reflect objective or universal truths, and concludes with (N) rejecting moral authority altogether

    24. When a society begins to lose its moral compass or becomes less critical of questionable points of views or unseemly behavior that diminishes an individual‘s intellectual and moral character, however, and when principled and far-sighted judgments(s) become increasingly muddled and uncertain and when that society fails to exercise reasonable discretion by indiscriminately embracing every hare-brained idea for tolerance sake or taking every (novel) proposition at its face value without giving serious thought to the matter and when an individual, lest he or she be perceived as close-minded or confrontational, remains on the sidelines as a casual observer rather than an active participant, such actions or inactions, whatever the case may be, must inevitably usher the moral and intellectual decline of that society

    25. Justice, I believe, is an uncertain proposition

    26. I am merely pointing out that it‘s a safer proposition for those eager to avoid uncertain positions

    27. An even stickier proposition may surface whenever conflicts arise between the peculiar aspects of Justice and private designs or what is properly referred to by many as Conscience, that oftentimes bows to its ―own‖ Truth

    28. More so, Nothingness cannot create itself; that is to say, Nothingness cannot create Something and therefore, ―Some Thing‖ must have necessarily existed however improbable such a proposition might appear

    29. What‘s next on the agenda, proposed Statehood for The District of Columbia that will further increase the number of Democratic seats in both houses of Congress on the chance of attracting potential African American voters? This bill is without question a lose/lose proposition for the Republican Party which would better serve its (own) political interests and the interests of the nation by attracting party support on the quality of its (own) party principles rather than its transparent pandering for problematical votes

    30. Every footfall was a risky proposition

    31. only certainty is that the integral components of society, its institutions and its people, oftentimes remain an uncertain proposition and change, an uncertain process

    32. I understand that this is a difficult proposition from an American perspective indifferent, perhaps, to the hundreds of millions of people existing on this planet who either live or have lived in virtual bondage

    33. ―Objective‖ pursuits such as ascertaining the validity of a mathematical or legal postulate or some other undemonstrated proposition, for example, are conditioned rather than perfected by scholastic examination

    34. Moral Relativism lacks a supporting structure; that is to say, lacks a universal standard by which to (correctly) assess the proposed merits of some moral or ethical proposition whereas Moral Absolutism, drawn to its own (unconditional) point(s) of reference or final conclusions, oftentimes assumes too heavy a burden that must otherwise be lessened by degrees or fall under its own weight

    35. When the truth behind some proposition cannot be properly ascertained or supported by fact, opinion must serve as the final arbiter, provided it meets the (litmus) requirements of feasible plausibility

    36. That would be a frightening proposition! By ―somebody‖, I mean the tendency many of us have of attaching far greater importance to ourselves than many of us justly merit, inclined as we oftentimes are of internalizing our self-importance

    37. Feigned indignation and fabricated reprisals designed to redress historical grievances in matters of gender, race and ethnicity should be a troubling proposition for any society whose lack of (dialectic) proportion makes it increasingly difficult to correctly assess the (determined) aspects or (appropriate) limits of free speech

    38. proposition irrespective of our ―worthy‖ actions or ―proven goodness‖

    39. Determinism is a philosophical proposition that basically affirms that every human motive or design or action, for that matter, is ―the inevitable consequence of antecedents that are independent of human will

    40. Addendum to the above: This proposition does not hold, however, for someone we understand to be (objectively) immoral and whose

    41. The greater irony was/is the failure of otherwise clear-thinking individuals to recognize that such spending, on a number of levels, was/is oftentimes a break-even proposition with no clear-cut winners however a high number of discernable losers

    42. ” He suggested that perhaps it would be prudent to rest a while over an espresso and pastry in the coffee shop, a delightful proposition considering her hunger after consuming only half of her dinner

    43. She’d be walking on eggs trying to make the proposition come off to Caroline as a favor to a friend and neighbor

    44. The scientist who had dreamed up the whole proposition in the first place

    45. proposition — we have not improved appreciably upon

    46. ” Each friend offered points of view toward the proposition that his opinion was the superior way to order one’s life, against a background of a view of values that they professed to have in common

    47. Would he be able to stand firm beyond any understanding of why it might be required of him? Could he give up the son that he had thought impossible, and the promise of his seed turning into a nation, even into a vast numberless throng of people, in essence give up the “whole world” rather than God’s favor? Could he do this even beyond any attempt to understand why, as Job had finally had to admit was his problem? Only when Abraham seemed ready to irrevocably commit to this proposition, was he told that it would not be necessary, that it would not even be desirable

    48. It was clearly a hopeless proposition

    49. Or was the Trinity a proposition that had not yet been understood well enough to be entertained at that time?

    50. (Logic and math) a proposition which is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it

    1. “I feel like I’m being propositioned here

    2. Upon seeing my uniform, they immediately propositioned me

    3. ’While I’m at it, and as we seem to be speaking plainly, I’ll just say that when I was propositioned last night, I was horrified, but then I hadn’t been out all night before, with every prospect of being out all night again, for the rest of the foreseeable future

    4. They’d been discussing the previous night’s episode of Home and Away in which a woman being propositioned by a deranged surfer, told him he was ugly and she was going to call the cops

    5. Some judges think it a reasonable defence if a murderer claims he was upset at being propositioned by another man - even when the killer had a history of gay bashing and he’d told friends he was going to go and kill a faggot

    6. Court of Canada that she’d been grabbed and propositioned, and

    7. propositioned women and was argumentative towards the

    8. He knew it and she knew it and he had shown surprise when she had propositioned him on the plane in Wolf’s absence

    9. able and there's a fare chance you will be propositioned:

    10. the bar and were propositioned by a man with photo-

    11. I’m propositioned almost every day

    12. “I’ve been groped, propositioned, and whistled at more times than I can count in just the last block

    13. At intervals the solider who had propositioned them with the prospect of escape had disappeared for minutes on end only to return more agitated each time

    14. propositioned her in the most brazen way imaginable?

    15. ’ Did this mean he propositioned al staff

    16. So he had sidled up to two others and directly propositioned them

    17. I obviously still have stuff on my mind, considering what all John has propositioned, but I haven’t really thought about it concretely

    1. He was propositioning her - again

    2. Young women should not go around propositioning strangers

    3. When Spain’s head of state, Pietro Montoya, dissented, a feature news story on one of Thompson’s programs showed video clips of Montoya propositioning young children for sex

    1. We existed in a world of words and imagined intellectual propositions, spending hours talking through the possibilities for the citizens of this benighted planet

    2. Allcock's business propositions

    3. No doubt there were some truly incorrect approaches which would yield no worthwhile results, but those which resolved the basic dilemmas of the propositions would probably be acceptable

    4. no stranger to such propositions, certainly, and had

    5. propositions to a man

    6. And yet, he did not have any propositions of his own as to who did

    7. A progressive (also read: liberal) stance maintains most if not all of the following propositions, and will in most cases brook no opposition to them

    8. It avoids convenient or simple solutions to complex questions or easy expressions for hard-nosed assumptions that require testing, at every level; prepared to accept in whatever manner, the pretentious challenges of misleading or presumptive propositions whose attainment is (sufficient) reward in itself

    9. Assumptions by modern revisionists seeking to belie historical traditions, avidly supported by special interests with political axes to grind, however discredited such assumptions oftentimes are, may further promote muddled-headed thinking by ultimately winning the battle of ideas, however questionable their premises, by perpetuating falsehoods that, on the surface, oftentimes appear plausible to variable, ―discerning‖ young minds armed with partial knowledge, but sufficient enough to receive distorted impressions at their face value, rendering many vulnerable to questionable or unlikely propositions that bear little or no resemblance to the truth; advanced by (political and social) deconstructionists alienated from their (hated) customs, offering in exchange, contemporary standards predicated on historical fallacies, deception, inflicted reasoning and ignominious viewpoints

    10. There appears to be among Men of Science a Will towards God but nothing approximating the traditional Godlike Qualities that typify the faith of true believers but rather the assumption of godlike features originating from Reason‘s assault on Faith, that, having shaken its resistance, seeks to discredit the conventional propositions of Eternal Wisdom

    11. have made that society what it is and… what it hopes to become… that its historical conventions… receive a cordial reception… however considered… irrelevant… by present standards… (whose)… propositions

    12. I would like to express a few thoughts about Equality and Freedom: Equality implies an objective standard or rule of measurement; for example, two individuals equal in height or weight or of ―comparable‖ intelligence or athletic ability (however imprecise) or other material objects or propositions subject to precise measurement like spatial dimension, volume or geometric quantities

    13. I have encountered a number of practicing Christians over the years who are (seemingly) unable to resolve religious ―questions‖ such as the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption or Transubstantiation, for example; considering such (doctrinal) propositions set forth by the church as operating outside the prescribing (rational) limits otherwise informed by Reason, who are unwilling to contest, however, the Incarnation, Resurrection and the Holy Trinity as matters of Faith

    14. Such propositions are (oftentimes) based on class antagonisms reinforced by common sentiments

    15. A ―probable‖ law is probable inasmuch as it remains subject to ―proof;‖ that is to say, until it is validated by common practices and/or legal interpretations by legal authorities consisting of nonelected men and women appointed to our nation‘s highest courts who remain unaccountable to the American People; subject to contingent legalities that directly affect them and whose ―definitive‖ arguments are (oftentimes) subject to change as the ideological alignment of the courts may vary thereby overriding legislative authority vested by the people to sanction laws by rendering elastic, interpretations of (uncertain) legal propositions and subsequent laws of the land, thereby setting themselves up in a uncertain manner as supreme arbiters of the law

    16. A creditable opinion is conditioned by an underlying awareness of the (essential) properties inherent in its (tested) propositions

    17. A formidable opinion must be willing to confront the testimony of other opinions that might otherwise seek to either refute or discredit its (tested) propositions

    18. Reason is subject to a variety of propositions, uncertain assumptions and questionable councils that oftentimes limit its ability to estimate things correctly or by passions likely to promote a corrupting influence on its ability to make rational decisions

    19. ‖ Instead, Evil has acquired a subjective meaning; that is to say, lacking certitude or prone to conventional (or essential) assumptions whose questionable propositions render formal interpretations problematical, if not (morally or ethically) judgmental because of their underlying ―uncertainty,‖ thereby raising the question: what constitutes Good, for that matter? Plato argued that ―which we call evil is merely ignorance and that good is that which everyone desires‖

    20. There is an underlying tendency, however, among certain individuals to render complex what are otherwise rather simple propositions

    21. Gareth had negotiated his way around several tricky propositions, where a lesser man would have been drawn into a war

    22. Such as, that the earth represents objective reality as science seems to insist, or that God exists, as theology proclaims, among other useful propositions that might be propounded that seem today to be beyond objective proof

    23. Its propositions are frameworks that are meant to be filled out with new discoveries

    24. It seeks to adjust to new information and therefore its propositions are changeable, but as indicated in a following set of paragraphs: “Still, because of the uncertainty within these testings, it [science] offers no firm ground to build a system of belief upon, to explain those verities that seem not to have changed over the ages, as well as the questions that still have no apparent answers

    25. I learnt that for myself when I found that the logic that goes with the propositions and arguments of Philosophy is the same that is behind a script in web programming in PHP

    26. I am not denying all empirical propositions, yet I deny that the ‘the room is white’ has an

    27. exist? How can propositions apply to infinitesimal slices of time, or do propositions apply

    28. have changed between the utterance of two empirical propositions that become united in one

    29. propositions: I understand what you are saying and I observe what you have said, but at no point

    30. Let me put it this way—to me, all of your propositions are theories or can be used as such

    31. may be better to say that all propositions are hypotheses

    32. or identity between propositions and scientific hypotheses; I wish to point out that they can be

    33. internal consistency, logic, and coherence to other propositions alone

    34. theoretical, and you need not believe or disbelieve any of these propositions in the moment

    35. propositions without question and begin using them in the moment

    36. My treatment of theories, of propositions, is not uniform

    37. The propositions that we argue against—they live and breed within us

    38. You will counter and say, in some fashion, that we protect certain propositions

    39. While any proposition may be labeled false at whim, many propositions are, within an

    40. basis through conflict with protected propositions

    41. Protected propositions may be mathematical axioms,

    42. all of them may potentially contradict other propositions and each may ground a moment of

    43. Since the meanings of truth and reality are grounded in absence, propositions

    44. itself—the mechanisms or bodies that speak propositions add little to their mystery

    45. I allow propositions to interact with sensual experiences,

    46. propositions I believe because they tautologically follow from my other beliefs, or at least do not

    47. Coherent groups of propositions are well-known to be cheap: with a bit of

    48. We can accept propositions, theories, and hypotheses as true or false; people for what they are; gifts as possession; and God into our lives

    49. asked if every proposition is information, they will say no and point out that only those propositions newly considered are truly information

    50. While philosophers will argue about problems of truth (like here), and if only true propositions potentially qualify as information, an everyday conception of information is not closely tethered to

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