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    1. His tabby tigress twitched her nose and almost seemed to prowl around her

    2. It was understood that cherubs would prowl this space, one didn't have to call them up

    3. out on the prowl” said Jack

    4. prowl" and surprisingly how right he is this

    5. of naughty little boys on the prowl

    6. Recognising the rumblings of hunger on the prowl, she offered me one of the little parcels and nodded

    7. She runs a personification even hotter than that when she’s on the prowl, and doesn’t mind backing guys against the wall with it

    8. Every table is taken, the place being full of loud teenager girls and the emerging surliness of young men in their late teens and early twenties out on the prowl

    9. Girls on the prowl

    10. More so of him than of any alleged nefarious interlopers that may or may not be on the prowl

    11. purse thus concealing it from the eyes of eager thieves that prowl

    12. Pushing through the forest there were few animals to be seen; occasionally a rustling among the bushes announced some lordly snake on the prowl, or a chatter and cracking overhead denoted that a solemn palaver of monkeys had been disturbed

    13. He went inside, and reappeared moments later, and began to prowl around the

    14. Why would we believe the long haired animal lovers? So whose cheetah was on the prowl because by now the reports were coming in fast about the whereabouts of the escaping cheetah

    15. Thus they are on the prowl as my old Sergeant; bless his soul, always said to us before giving us permission to leave the Police College where we did our basic training

    16. He was out for the evening, although I didn’t prowl through the building to confirm it

    17. On the prowl, looking to kick ass

    18. “Are you on the prowl again?”

    19. Such a man as this had no need to prowl abroad

    20. Each was on the prowl for mates

    21. “There are sure to be more Denizens of Chaos on the prowl

    22. We discussed the word prowl and she agreed it was probably

    23. keeping you awake with my need to prowl

    24. Pushing their way to the bar they attracted their share of gropes and strokes - the kiss of life if you’re single and on the prowl, a joke if you’re with your lover

    25. With those odds, Australia proved to be the perfect vacation spot for two red-blooded Americans on the prowl

    26. Sheila and company had appeared to no longer be on the prowl for blood

    27. Suraj and Rahul were not interested in hunting for women, whereas Musafir was on the prowl

    28. against all burglars on the prowl

    29. are always on the prowl

    30. We decided to prowl the streets of Montreal on a late

    31. and prowl around the den, growling softly

    32. shouted, ‘ Ha!’ It stopped, snarling, and circled around in a low prowl

    33. he would begin his prowl, slipping through shadows from one end of the buildings to

    34. was sliced into shards by the branches, and she watched the prowl of the fly above


    36. Resuming her prowl of the beach, Jillian felt the surge of exasperation Astarte so often evoked

    37. the scorpions will soon be on the prowl

    38. scorpions on the prowl

    39. I know the scorpions will be on the prowl

    40. Like a stray cat on the prowl Vinny slid through the exit

    41. tear in the thigh from the metal money clip I kept in the nearest pocket, which continuously rubbed in the same spot every time I went out on the prowl

    42. It was probably safe calling out, but he held his silence because there were Gorn still on the prowl

    43. Six days a week, he would change himself into a dragon, and prowl around the perimeter of the Castle grounds, repelling marauders, devouring bandits, and giving passing tradesmen a nasty shock

    44. purpose and then went carefully on the prowl

    45. Let the Musalmans be beware, in the running chapter of Islam, it is the winds of Wahabism that are airing the madrasa environment and the Indian Mujahideen is on the prowl, recruiting for its terror outfits

    46. flexed in front of her like cat claws, a lioness on the prowl

    47. ” Kathy responded with dry humor…for just then Conrad bore a marked resemblance to her brother Bruce when he was on the prowl

    48. That could mean only one thing: They were on the prowl for a new meal

    49. She just sat there, sobbing, unsure, experiencing the fear of a dove–should she take wing and risk getting snatched from the sky by the hawk circling overhead, or take her chances with the cat on the prowl below?

    50. “Jake, there are meat-eaters out there, giant cats on the prowl and striped, laughing dogs

    1. What a lifetime it had been, especially the first few local years as they prowled around each other like two wary cats, amusing the local population

    2. revolution, prowled the corridors of La Force Nouveau

    3. with the cuff of his jacket and prowled over to the far wall of the cell where he

    4. Beyond sleep, Danton, grizzly Danton, the bear, the motive power behind the revolution, prowled the corridors of La Force Nouveau

    5. Alan looked up from where he was carving a very sharp point on Luray's theirops spear while she prowled for berries and inglethors

    6. Black bear prowled the area and she was afraid to get too far from her father, but afraid to get too close where he would see her

    7. The talented girls didn’t stay long; the revue was in a prime site and agents prowled around regularly looking for talent they could sell elsewhere in the city

    8. Others, men and women both, prowled the streets, glaring at everyone they saw

    9. Which Nerissa realized meant that he’d prowled outside the shed to listen in

    10. They had prowled around the area of the spring, trampling everything, until the water had been exhausted, and then they had disappeared into the northern reaches

    11. They prowled the line-up

    12. The squad cars prowled

    13. The President growled as he prowled the halls

    14. They prowled among the dark stones in search of any herbivorous prey they could find

    15. Pimps prowled the Petit Socco offering women, girls, men, boys, or whatever took one’s fancy

    16. Some slept while others prowled the brambles in search of prey

    17. Stu’s hairy body and powerful dark brown erection lent him a bestial aura as he prowled, playing with himself

    18. eyes through the flames as they prowled around the edges of the

    19. He had prowled the house in search of relief, crawled in agony to the bathroom, held his head under the cold tap

    20. Roberto prowled into the kitchen, that was the only way to describe how he

    21. But the instincts of the wild were there, that had caused him in his childhood to lie hidden and silent while wild beasts prowled about his covert

    22. Thieves and beggars prowled these alleys all night, and they were not likely to attack him, after one look at his size and harness

    23. Wolves prowled openly along the grass-grown highways, and bands of gaunt, masterless men slunk through the forests

    24. It's the only place left," he said, as he prowled through several small caves and tunnels leading off the main chamber

    25. I prowled through the city and then came across a sign

    26. Corey and I walked up two whole floors and then prowled the

    27. Murderers and assassins prowled in the thin light of stars

    28. Philippe’s men prowled around in the town, on the lookout, in case Max and Carla were hiding there

    29. The beast of nightmare prowled along the clearing’s edge

    30. She remembered – revisiting the old path, to guide the new - as she prowled down

    31. The police van prowled past on the road, idling along in first, sand and stone

    32. stood up and prowled to the fence

    33. prowled hands and knees to the entrance

    34. The gate open, he prowled along the reed-beds, upstream to the higher ground

    35. Wickland placed his hands on his hips as he slowly prowled the sitting room, taking in his surroundings completely

    36. While the ancestors of squids and swordfish prowled the open oceans, man’s ancestors were living on the fringe, exploring the boundary between water and land

    37. numbers on each of the buildings as they prowled up the street

    38. With small steps, he prowled to the nearest wall

    39. sister said the woman prowled around with a sort of bitter air

    40. And, unlike her previous apartment, seemingly not prowled by the darker denizens of the metropolis

    41. Neighbourhood cats prowled though it like it was a savannah, hunting butterflies

    42. A cat prowled past, velvet-footed, silent as the night, a vanishing gray streak, intent and terrible, concentrated wholly on prey

    43. Luke prowled about the high-ceilinged storage room, too afraid to venture past Clint’s office

    44. I listened intently as the roars ended up turning into a series of shorter ones, and for thirty minutes, lions prowled outside our tents

    45. The old man prowled

    46. He didn’t read anything beyond the obvious into the marks, but the experts who prowled the scene four hours later concluded from the depth of the water in them and no doubt other more scientific evidence that they had been there for no more than twelve hours

    47. He prowled the courtyard, skewering loose papers with a deadly trident, occasionally bending to tug an errant weed from a plot or twist off some wizened bloom that had given up the fight for prolonged survival

    48. For half an hour the two detectives prowled the area

    49. e wolf prowled around the old boat shed, searching for signs

    50. several of the creatures prowled the area

    1. There was something feral about Beniamin’s mannerisms, as if he were a rabbit in a deep, dank warren, aware that ferrets were already prowling the tunnels and that there was no chance of escape

    2. that surrounds its prowling,

    3. The hovel was open and a group of small multilegged animals was silently prowling thru it, picking at crumbs

    4. “I’m not that way,” Ava said, pushing her hand away, “and I usually keep it covered in public, especially if there are prowling men around

    5. He had long since ceased to pay anymore heed to the nice man's announcements about this or that 'fine quality' gadget or tool, than he attended the cat's prowling round the end of a shelf

    6. Thankfully, by following the repetitive booms of his father’s hammer, he was easy to find amidst the walkway full of prowling shadows

    7. How could I manage an animal? How would I open the food cans? At a Boston animal shelter, I found myself prowling the stacked cages

    8. If ever there was a time when the idea of prowling Flying Squad cars (ready for emergencies) was proven in practise, it was on that day

    9. If she was caught prowling around later, she could simply say she was looking to find it

    10. It would be two or three good nights of prowling, essentially

    11. That night seemed busier than others, with numerous beasts prowling the forest floor

    12. He went home much disturbed and when the children came from Rainbow Valley that night, at a much later hour than they should have been prowling in it, he called them into his study

    13. He came prowling out after me, grinning, his tail swishing

    14. He got off two blocks from his destination, and noticed several police cars prowling the area

    15. Gashes and strands of fur were left from the prowling of the Lykanthros hordes

    16. Leonardo approached and tried to convince them he had seen a goat prowling the vicinity since last night and that surely it was the cause of the commotion

    17. Prowling the same ecosystem a few brown grasshoppers were also jumping from there to here, as if they were lost, unable to find their way back home, and clutching a tiny little spider entangled in its own web

    18. apartment or prowling the streets or maybe my writing will be cathartic for her

    19. He had a twofold purpose in his apparently aimless prowling: to escape from the building and its mysteries, and to find the Nemedian girl who, he felt, was imprisoned somewhere in this palace, temple, or whatever it was

    20. Khosatral was gone—had either returned to the city or was prowling the forest in search of the man who had escaped him outside the walls

    21. I have swung north to avoid any Kshatriya troops that might be prowling through the hills

    22. Horricks in Ottawa, in fact the entire Cabinet, was suddenly concerned over indications a Soviet submarine was prowling close to Canada's coastline

    23. It was said that he could be seen on some nights prowling through the corridors and looking out from the tower

    24. removal of progeny, and an elimination of ‘ sexual prowling

    25. but don't just its not prowling around the house at night which It could well be

    26. Arnold had in fact to get his driver to politely get rid of a photographer that was a bit too insistent in prowling around the staff car with his camera at the ready and his ears up

    27. In the manner of a security chief in an American movie who said nothing but saw everything through dark glasses; the very model of a brutal officer prowling out of his blood-bespattered interrogation room

    28. There would be animals prowling around looking for their next meal and here he was about to drop in amongst them, freshly wrapped in a cloud of fear pheromones

    29. Memories like nightmares, prowling through crops and farmland and

    30. Not one of the gang, but the young man was prowling the area and looking at passengers

    31. “And here we are, prowling the hallways at one o’clock, with more studying still to go,” Leesa said, sighing

    32. The head wolf scanned the kitchen area, prowling

    33. A cougar was prowling the street

    34. It took him twenty minutes to reach the beach and when he got there it took him an extra ten to find the shack but before he could get closer Jack spotted five men in jumpsuits prowling about the area

    35. Begin prowling the large chain stores, looking for items that are intriguing

    36. Now he was prowling the

    37. Camilla watched as he began a methodical examination of the truck, prowling twice around it before dipping to the ground

    38. “Keeping us safe from all the wild animals out prowling around?”

    39. Likewise, the night of the party, he’d mentioned that there were many dangerous predators prowling around, and the party, he’d mentioned the other guys claiming us

    40. You should have seen how many are prowling the streets outside

    41. this went on for two weeks, sleeping in the daytime and prowling at night, coming home covered in blood

    42. Kahn was the leader among some score of men more or less well dressed, of more or less evil appearance, who are constantly prowling from one end to the other of the broad first floor of the criminal courts building during the hours of the day that justice is being administered there

    43. That night we started prowling over the back fences down the street

    44. Petra sniffed and wondered how charming or witty he would be if he could see them now, prowling around the palace and firing up smoke bombs

    45. But then, I actually found a couple of raccoons prowling around

    46. She circled him, up on the balls of her feet, prowling

    47. There were more of those prowling wolf-dogs sniffing around, and one of them growled at Medraut, and he glared at it and nudged it aside

    48. Not of extremes, not dark and moody but playfully lurking on the merry, prowling on the joyful, permanently anchored on the lively

    49. buyer happens to be prowling your market at the moment

    50. The night staff came on duty several hours earlier and how many other people could have been prowling around the hospital at that time of night? It was possibly a courting couple, but Smythe had mentioned only seeing one person in the car and however blurred his vision, he was unlikely to make a mistake about that

    1. The cat’s mother prowls the house at night

    2. He had noticed this on one of his prowls months before

    3. I hear the scrape of taloned claws on the floor as he prowls into the bookstore, the prehistoric panting around what sounds like a death rattle caught in its chest

    4. Creaking ice, villages burning in forests, nights where it becomes too cold even to snow—that winter presents a strange and haunted season during which Werner prowls the static like he used to prowl the alleys with Jutta, pulling her in the wagon through the colonies of Zollverein

    5. warg howls, there also the orc prowls

    6. “And shift the burdens of your knowledge to some great wandering child, some universal accident that prowls the worlds, homeless for eternity

    7. This ingenuous little soldier, yesterday a peasant of Bauce or Limousin, who prowls with his clasp-knife by his side, around the children's nurses in the Luxembourg garden, this pale young student bent over a piece of anatomy or a book, a blond youth who shaves his beard with scissors,—take both of them, breathe upon them with a breath of duty, place them face to face in the Carrefour Boucherat or in the blind alley Planche-Mibray, and let the one fight for his flag, and the other for his ideal, and let both of them imagine that they are fighting for their country; the struggle will be colossal; and the

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