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    1. Naria then instructed that the young girl be taken to her rooms and readied for the Gathering that night

    2. Allcock, Harry packed his trunk and readied for disembarking onto the soil of a new country

    3. They readied their provisions and set off for the site being readied for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city

    4. back for me one more time,” Roman said as he readied his pencil

    5. While thousands of miles away, Harry was finishing his penultimate term at Malvern, the Village Players readied for their opening night performance

    6. secret place of intimacy with God where the bride is readied

    7. bed, prepared and readied for battle, so will there be valiant

    8. He readied another offense, his previously-tested paralysis spell

    9. It would have all been for naught, though, as the creature readied talons and teeth for the kill

    10. and he readied himself to yell 'stop!' at first sight of it

    11. Earlier, while the Oreto was being readied for launch in Liverpool, Bulloch went to another shipyard across the Mersey

    12. Her reverie was interrupted as the Rabbi laid out the parchment scrolls on the pulpit and readied a little silver pointer to enable him to follow the script

    13. Thesa's steady voice rang out above the triumphant shouts of his enemies as he readied his fighters for the attack that was gathering about them like a thunderstorm

    14. Outlying properties are also being readied for sale by Scow

    15. Behind me, I heard hard, metallic noises as the other men in the car readied their weapons

    16. I wish you could have, though, it was priceless!” He readied to say something

    17. ” With the moon peeking above the horizon there was just sufficient light to see his eyebrows rise at her suggestions, as he readied to speak, but she continued before he was able

    18. climbed out of the pit, and readied Pops for the deep six

    19. Elior had also readied for shooting while his lips still moved in soundless affirmations

    20. prisoners into the capital, where they would be readied for war

    21. two readied to carry her to a cruiser and flee-but not before Ardara furiously

    22. The drone of an airship could be heard as it readied and soared away

    23. accompanied by the click of readied firearms

    24. When I reached my room, I readied myself for bed, then lay down and did some soul-searching

    25. He nearly beamed as he readied to kill her

    26. Suchix moved us back to just in bowshot of the town and we readied our bows and waited

    27. As we readied for the invasion of the Chimu, another tumen arrived from the north

    28. of lower Midgar daunting as he readied himself for the task

    29. minute, the three had climbed aboard the tiny lift, and readied

    30. It had started just like any other BBQ, the girls had chopped and readied the

    31. Lifting my bag from where it hung on the iron rod at the rear of the bed, I readied myself for the door, when Akua grabbed hold of my arm, not painfully, but like he meant business

    32. nervously readied his Frisbee gun and prepared to shoot

    33. tribe was lead back to their horses and readied to head back to their

    34. The central fire pit was readied

    35. Drawing his sword Taher readied himself for the battle that he knew he would soon to fight

    36. Stepping away he readied to go to unbound form again, but Hadarah grabbed him by the arm

    37. the ridge, circled once, twice, and then, on the third time, readied

    38. Trask considered warming the place while they readied themselves for church, but no reason to be a glutton for punishment—a little cold wouldn't kill anyone

    39. As the trumpets readied to sound the arrival of the royal family, though, a remarkable thing happened

    40. I now needed to go see my patient who has already been readied for the surgery and was together with her husband, anxiously awaiting the start of the procedure, and tell her that her case had been cancelled and needed to be rescheduled

    41. Zoe readied her arrows

    42. Once the specimens were readied for transport, the commotion moved outside

    43. She readied her wand and staff

    44. at one of the packages, she unsealed it and readied her pen to sign it

    45. sides of the conflict and readied himself for treachery

    46. In minutes, the boy was x-rayed, hooked up to fluids, on a respirator and readied for surgery

    47. put them in his shepherd’s sack and readied him for his attack

    48. A squad of Klese met me at the door, all men and within the quarter hour, they had four birds saddled and readied to go

    49. grays sheets on readied

    50. Bruno had been cleaned up and readied in time for the group that had arrived that week

    1. Unlatching the door Suzy readies herself to jump out as Sharon pulls to a stop at the entrance to the alley

    2. The doctor blushes a deep red as she returns to the trolley, not trusting herself to speak she readies the trolley and asks Lewis to sit up as much as he can

    3. He puts his gun away, and readies to defend himself hand

    4. Rugged pulls out his machete and readies himself for possible combat

    5. She readies herself for battle but then suddenly collapses

    6. This circumstance readies them for the continuing onslaught of the unseen, which will force them into shattering self-examinations, only after which can they deal with others impeccably

    7. “Two thousand in cash is a lot of readies to carry around in this plastic age,” said Evans as he thumbed through a wad of red notes, “but I’ll allow him that

    8. He lays it out and readies

    9. The crew readies to fire it's missile which is pointed at the

    10. Noah reaches the doors and readies himself

    11. Three times he readies his argument and three times Jutta turns on a heel and strides away

    1. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    2. A lot of the people that you associate with right now might not be ready for change in their lives

    3. God is always ready

    4. The ninja vault the counter and I back into a corner, slicing at them with the force and speed of a man not ready to die

    5. You are ready

    6. She’s always hiding when explosions are ready to go off,” Red answered with a sarcastic look around her

    7. She'd slept a couple hours, a couple more on the cushion in the front room, when she was supposed to be ready to say hello loudly

    8. As he comes of age, when he is able to analyse the inputs, he is ready to receive wisdom from you

    9. Scar advanced on Silence who was watching him in a ready fighting stance

    10. Silence landed on the wall and stuck to it, orientating herself and getting ready to pounce

    11. Indicate what help you can give and let him indicate the type of help he is ready to receive

    12. He saw Johnny with the Chip, and Red ready with one of her grenades, the remaining three nestled tightly in her other arm

    13. Red brought up her grenade, ready to activate it

    14. “Hey! I’m always ready to wail ass on the drums!”

    15. I hold my stomach, ready to repeat my rehearsed lines

    16. "Are you ready to tell me what is going on yet?" she asked

    17. He was ready to face his fate, a true hero to the end

    18. The carriage was around by the time she had everything ready, He had a very pretty keda the color of a chipmunk with five dark manes and spotted stripes down his back

    19. "Us Elves never get ready for the heaviest things

    20. "Ah," he said, ready to cut a lot more slack

    21. The panip slices were reduced to chips by the time the karga was ready

    22. He had been under the mistaken impression Tahlmute had the crate ready to load and go, not back in dead storage under a dozen decades build-up

    23. You about ready to finish that

    24. He made himself ready to leave the estate

    25. "Ready to roll," he said

    26. nificence… He is ready to share His secrets with us!

    27. we remain safe, because God is with us and at any moment He is ready

    28. He took a step forward, his hand outstretched and ready for a hearty welcome

    29. Ready for the tour of the Russ

    30. small dais set with music stands and instruments placed ready for musical hands

    31. Others stand at strategic points with automatic weapons at the ready

    32. Give me a shout when you’re ready and I’ll put some bacon on for you

    33. The Holy Spirit is ready to act today

    34. The plane is ready

    35. He is always ready to pray

    36. Less than twenty four hours in Ireland and he was here, ready to harass the most evil and vile scum on the island

    37. as soon as he’s ready to travel

    38. Travis's hands jerked into a close range jab but Theo was ready

    39. She tried to help Ava with the environment she was getting ready for the Heavenly Mother

    40. Neither was ready to play with a cherub yet, though Ava was talking about it

    41. Glenelle went back to getting ready for Morg

    42. They had pretty much decided that as soon as his place was ready, he would be brought back

    43. He is ready to give you what He has prepared, to give you what you

    44. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    45. Nevertheless, who knows what really awaits us after death, to the Other Side? Imagine some sort of aliens waiting there, ready to be fed with strong souls!” Alexander said at a moment, in a rather equivocal manner

    46. He had more crystal on the way, and was ready for it when it got here

    47. I was ready with the sack this time, having stowed it under the head of the mattress

    48. Modern cults appear to be different in many ways, but actually they are all the same: they all trumpet forth the “breaking of the Ego” with a view to creating obedient, passive citizens who are always ready to carry out any order without thinking or asking questions

    49. "After I release my arms, you’re both going to rotate counter clockwise," the Chief said, "Ready?"

    50. Burn said, "Are you ready to do this?"

    1. She led the Paint to the stables and put him in a stall she had been readying for him

    2. But Mercer had been readying a spell in one hand, while the other held fast to his blade

    3. The Bretons could see a trio of skittish and wiry figures moving in the shadow, could see them readying their bows and arrows for a volley

    4. She had a quick conversation with him that Sebastian couldn’t hear over the sounds of Arrows readying for attack

    5. And with the falling temperature, badgers stirred in their warm chambers, readying themselves for the moon's foraging

    6. Brokin licked his lips nervously, readying himself for his next move

    7. Preparing Christmas Eve Dinner and the Readying of the Presents

    8. Outside Fyaile was readying the carriage, which Elior was to lie in

    9. The next morning, the group was readying themselves for daily training, when

    10. Sachie was readying her father’s bed when she heard the call

    11. The creature had bored of Zacchaeus as a meal option, and was readying for his new one

    12. He was majestic in every way as he galloped towards my comatose body, and as he came closer, I fell back onto the ground, readying myself no doubt, for his battering

    13. peas in a pot with the other, and then get on with readying

    14. gear assigned to them, while readying the areas of the barge for the troops converging onto

    15. suddenly alert, moved quickly out in front readying his weapons to offer a challenge

    16. whispering, readying themselves, the floor creaking with their

    17. accordingly; maybe readying themselves for a battle, which, as

    18. I walked back to where Pascal was busily readying the fishing gear

    19. over their shoulders and bending their knees, readying

    20. But as Summers held him at bay she was readying an attack of her own which, Calvin knew, would not fail

    21. You plow over a man in the street readying a rifle and keep rolling effortlessly, a glimpse of the mangled speed bump

    22. readying its supercomputer Watson for the

    23. just a reshuffle of the old, seemed dedicated to keeping the boss happy rather than readying him

    24. It grew more open and we could see fields below us, crawling with farmers plowing the fields under and readying them for sunflower and wheatberry, oats and wheat, four of the main grains produced in the Caladienne valley

    25. The statue lifts its halberd above its head again, readying to deliver a deathblow to the downed Rugged

    26. I could see the onset of a beautiful rainbow readying to appear on the horizon to my left

    27. The man screamed and hopped to the bed, Jeff springing up, the man readying to kick his leg—and Graisse —into the metal bed frame to shatter the dog’s spine

    28. it would’ve looked like he was readying himself to attack me

    29. Finally deciding to bring them out with her once the job here was finished, she stuffed the ledgers and the notebooks in the sports bag, but took out the UZI and two spare clips, readying the weapon for action

    30. He stopped abruptly just before getting to the upper floor and turned, readying his rifle in order to cover his men while sticking only his head and shoulders above the level of the upper floor

    31. That left Nancy with an open way to the main entrance of the palace 120 meters to her front, where she could see four parliamentary soldiers looking nervously at her while readying their muskets

    32. She began to feel afraid and, as she did so, she saw the creature’s muscles tense up as if they were readying for an assault

    33. rate of knots in their boat, readying to distribute the immensely valuable

    34. He shook himself to reality when he saw members of his new crew readying their bows

    35. The Captain and James both took cotton balls as an extra precaution; for they would be in the gun port, readying the weapons for the women and for themselves, if they had a chance from the small port hole to shoot from

    36. The Captain and James went down to the gun port and began readying the guns with powder for the women, after they put cotton in their ears

    37. Nitish even seemed to be readying to set himself up as a national alternative to Modi, thumbing his nose at a BJP that he felt had betrayed his trust

    38. When I came to know of her, I approached her with great expectations but how disappointed I was is still fresh in my memory; as I knocked at her door that morning, I found her readying her kids to school; fascinated by her beauty, I was all eager to have her but she told me that she had drawn the curtains down as she didn’t want her growing up kids to smell the rat

    39. If not for 02 October being the national holiday, would any notice Gandhi’s birthday coming and going; I bet none remembers in which year he was born, save those readying themselves for the quiz competitions; yet, we come to lay store on our children’s birthdays when they wouldn’t be knowing what was going on around them

    40. John anxiously watched as Rheus used the box device on Sophia, readying himself to catch her, should she faint

    41. Her question was answered by the tensing of the line and the metallic click of several guns readying

    42. Edward lifted his hands from his lap and placed them on the armrests of the chair, readying himself

    43. Readying to admit defeat to the psychosomatic illness, in the midst of repeating that it was nonsense in his mind, he heard his urgent summoning

    44. Instead she busied herself readying the horses, detaching their feed-bags and rolling a large wooden keg to a well that had appeared by the shack in the morning light

    45. Tom’s other hand swiftly came on top of the gun and pushed back the hammer, all in one flow of a motion, readying the gun for the next shot

    46. ” Nicole announced as she tossed her bag on her chair, readying her

    47. She was sure they would all in three days be again crowding the lobby readying for their departure back to Narita carrying bags of purchases

    48. The butterfly spreads its legs, readying itself for what is to come

    49. Whilst Lucy was upstairs readying herself for the shopping trip, Michael was confirming his booking for a personal shopper that he had arranged with the Trust

    50. of villagers that were readying their small cooking fi res

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