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    1. Recapitulate the moment you called the AIDS virus into your body

    2. A great deal has already been said about this, and it will only be necessary to recapitulate here that to variety is due all the expression or the picturesque, of the joyous energy of life, and all that makes the world such a delightful place, but that to unity belongs the relating of this variety to the underlying bed-rock principles that support it in nature and in all good art

    3. ’ Here, then, to make an end of this division of our labor—to recapitulate the stun of the things which have been spoken—and to add credibility to some rejected ideas, let us recall the general coup d’aeil which the Scripture affords on the method of the Divine government of the earth; since here, as everywhere, faith, so difficult under disconnected views, becomes our strength when Christianity is embraced as a supernatural whole

    4. Bulstrode, in a subdued tone, "the merits of the question may be very briefly stated, and if any one present doubts that every gentleman who is about to give his vote has not been fully informed, I can now recapitulate the considerations that should weigh on either side

    5. I will now briefly recapitulate the foregoing cases

    6. And jests doth recapitulate

    7. I briefly recapitulate the leading points of my argument

    8. To recapitulate: I derive the power to create a National Bank, when this constitution came into existence, from the situation of society, and our legal institutions at that time, and the difficulty, as things existed, that the revenue could be collected with advantage in any other way than by the agency of a bank

    1. But what He did appear, that He also was: God recapitulated in Himself in the ancient formation of man, that he might kill sin, deprive death of its power, and vivify man: and therefore His works are true

    2. " He then shortly recapitulated the facts which have already been recorded

    3. As this whole volume is one long argument, it may be convenient to the reader to have the leading facts and inferences briefly recapitulated

    4. Such is the sum of the several chief objections and difficulties which may justly be urged against the theory; and I have now briefly recapitulated the answers and explanations which, as far as I can see, may be given

    5. I have already recapitulated, as fairly as I could, the opposed difficulties and objections: now let us turn to the special facts and arguments in favour of the theory

    6. I have now recapitulated the facts and considerations which have thoroughly convinced me that species have been modified, during a long course of descent

    7. Dryly and briefly he recapitulated all the captain's misdeeds; his drunkenness, his lying, his squandering of the money meant for Marya Timofyevna, his having taken her from the nunnery, his insolent letters threatening to publish the secret, the way he had behaved about Darya Pavlovna, and so on, and so on

    1. The history of computer operating systems recapitulates to a degree, the recent history of computing

    2. The third poem, Understanding, was written while completing On the Meaning of Sin, and recapitulates the matters discussed herein

    3. But the problem with any organization is that it recapitulates the system

    1. One article was briefly recapitulating what was called officially a tragic accident that had claimed five navy lives

    2. She then effectively saw an anchorman recapitulating the main points of an official declaration to foreign medias just made by the Chinese government

    3. You may not feel any immediate difference after recapitulating this memory; however, over the next few days you should feel lighter and more joyous in some indefinable part of your being

    4. At my arrival the lecturer would be recapitulating yesterday’s lecture and dealing with some general confusion expressed by the students before he gets into the day’s lecture

    5. The ancient agrarian practice of offering the gods a sacrificial thanksgiving by the pyreing of their harvested bounty seemed to be recapitulating itself in the techno-ghosts' habit of overspending for transcendence

    6. How has the President performed this constitutional duty? Why, after recapitulating, in a formal Message, our dangers and his trials, he expresses his confidence that we shall, "with an unerring regard to the essential rights and interests of the nation, weigh and compare the painful alternatives out of which a choice is to be made," and that "the alternative chosen will be maintained with fortitude and patriotism

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    recap recapitulate repeat reprise reprize reiterate echo relate reproduce recite