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    1. But for the remainder of the evening Ava took her to a simulation of a native entertainment district

    2. Scanning that neighborhood's watch cameras for the remainder of the night was fruitless

    3. The last data we had from the Brazilian and the remainder of the Christial expedition indicated that they were cooperating with the Kassikan fully

    4. He no longer paid any attention because he could see how little reason entered into the discussions and the council would not even listen to anything the remainder of the crew decided

    5. He wondered if all the Qbytes they copied from a brain didn't really amount to little more than a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some response databases and a few gig of life experiences? He wondered if being in silicon took something from a soul? He bore the remainder of the evening stoically

    6. At some point during the remainder of the night, barely able to move because of the wracking pain, I defecated in my new trousers

    7. He wondered if he would be here for the remainder of eternity

    8. The remainder of the evening consisted of going over to Jaseem's and installing the HouseWife9

    9. "You will be stripped of your technician's powers and all heavenly powers and held in a plain environment for the remainder of the voyage of this Haad

    10. This was, in all likelihood, the remainder of his eternity

    11. The average native family had between one and three acres in this society and planted most of it with most of their diet, most of the remainder of their diet being varmints trapped while trying to eat it

    12. Herndon was confident he could get his own business done in one or two weeks and then wondered what he would do for the remainder

    13. Nlara, then the remainder of the crew, began to shout

    14. I was in a position where I couldn't see the remainder of the ship

    15. Maybe he was trying to understand the remainder of what she was telling him

    16. By now the remainder of the crew had heard it and were scanning the sky

    17. So for the remainder of Morningday he did nothing more than stump around the immediate area

    18. He knew she had the blanket, the remainder of her clothes and the frying pan

    19. with the remainder to know,

    20. Thru the remainder of that Morningday, Noonsleep and the next Afternoonday they tended to the camp

    21. For the remainder of the day Luray was much happier, even laughing and recounting some funny and rather bawdy adventures she had among the Dwarves and Trolls of old Wescarp, all the time reminding him that she couldn't actually remember any of this if she hadn't written it down and repeatedly copied over the notes when the paper got too old

    22. For the remainder of the day Alan thought about Luray

    23. Whoever was up for the remainder of the dark was tending stuff drying by the fire

    24. As best as we can in the limited space available, we eat the remainder of the food in the bag and finish off the ale

    25. maybe we are going to be on short rations for the remainder of the trip

    26. Think about it," she said, "If one guy, Thom, by himself while on expedition, can detect them as a hobbyist, what have the remainder of mankind's universities, governments and corporations discovered in the two hundred years they've been working on it full time with teams and budgets?"

    27. Now that I know that, the remainder of my time is my own

    28. He wished he could do like Alan did in his hack, and get as many clock cycles as the remainder of the crew combined

    29. He left out her actions, her physique, her attire and her accusations regarding Ava, but replayed the remainder as well as his memory allowed

    30. It was the same view on either side of the wall, the view continued on the wall, but his senior officers stepped thru into a section of space toward Sol that was partitioned from the remainder so they could have privacy

    31. As soon as he shut the door he said, "Sorry Colonel Bancour but we don't want the remainder of the crew to hear that

    32. For the remainder of the day he had nothing more to do but worry

    33. The remainder of her figure was pretty good and strong

    34. The remainder of the staff, family and friends took the hint and

    35. She did not render the remainder of her personification’s digestive system however

    36. This complex had two large towers, one on each end, each about forty stories above the remainder of the campus, which averaged fifteen stories

    37. She remained that way for the remainder of eternity, or so it seemed

    38. When I discovered it, I attached myself to it and eventually stopped in America, where I have been for the remainder of the time

    39. The Major then turned over the remainder of the session to Fred,

    40. wrapped the remainder in a handkerchief, and placed it in the pocket of his

    41. ‘I understand that the remainder of the group buried the two corpses at his instigation

    42. The remainder of the apartment was styled in the stark and polished wood and stone of the the western outlanders who grew onions indoors far above air that those from Valindor could breath

    43. She could read some of it in the elevator and the remainder in the hall

    44. had to wear each other’s underwear for the remainder of the game

    45. So he still knew no motive for this summons and had to plug away at any angle it might be for the remainder of the shift

    46. He kept his eyes open the remainder of the walk

    47. They ate the remainder of the food, looking into one another’s eyes the

    48. the steps head first, breaking the remainder of his glasses and bloodying his nose

    49. tearing off the remainder of his clothing

    50. The remainder of the far half of the room was piled with all kinds of dusty old junk

    1. "For it was John Oatis Kendall who, in 1930, traded a few old clothes and some remaindered copies of his books for a gun and came out to this house and this room

    2. He never had a sale, never reduced a price and never remaindered

    1. I chugged the remainders of my coffee

    2. I chugged the remainders of my melted iced coffee

    3. and seems to be made of remainders which either

    4. They gulped down the remainders of their drinks and rushed into the bedroom

    5. Having opened the wounds of sin, both the guilt of it, and the power of it, and its remainders in us, we must next seek unto God for the remedy, for healing and help, for from Him alone it is to be expected, and He will for this be enquired of by us

    6. The spirit of selfglorification and formality, the spirit of a false mystical philosophy, the ambitious and greedy sacerdotal spirit, had already revealed themselves in the churches—and these, coalescing with the remainders of paganism, established the reign of the powers of darkness

    7. I passed along, and the parlor door was open; but I see there warn't nobody in there but the remainders of Peter; so I shoved on by; but the front door was locked, and the key wasn't there

    8. The remainders are tragic figures

    9. The existence of the remainders plagues the angels

    10. , in our days of civilization, progress, questions, regeneration of Russia, and so forth, and so forth; at a time when the victorious Russian army was returning from Sevastopol, surrendered to the enemy; when all of Russia celebrated the annihilation of the Black Sea fleet, and white-stoned Moscow received and congratulated with this happy event the remainders of the crews of that fleet, offering them a good Russian cup of vódka, and bread and salt, according to the good Russian custom, and bowing down to their feet

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    end oddment remainder remnant difference balance residual residue residuum rest remains