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    1. beauty and abundance of nature can have a powerful restorative

    2. He was soon rejuvenated through their company and the restorative succor passively provided by the Sierras, and her crown jewel, the great Tahoe

    3. the privilege of bringing the love and restorative power of Christ

    4. She then shoved a tiny bottle of restorative potion into his quaking hand

    5. they were by restorative potion

    6. When I did finally surrender to loss of consciousness, it was not restorative sleep or restful calm

    7. The concept of a positive endogenous bodily source—that something within the body is generative, beneficial, restorative, persevering— is nearly foreign to medical science, isolated within the decrepit idea of vitamins, which again, derive their positive features only from absence

    8. movements, including backbends, restorative poses and hip

    9. Cook-Bolden recommends a dab of Avène Cicalfate Restorative Cream immediately after hair removal, and for a few days afterwards

    10. He was ready to unbur-den himself with words so that someone could break the knots that bound his chest, but he only managed to let out a fluid, warm, and restorative weeping in Pilar Ternera’s lap

    11. for a restorative nap

    12. One treatment was very restorative and one day I hope to be able to have more treatments performed so that I might reverse my disabilities resulting from the stroke

    13. Only then can restorative healing begin

    14. You also had some sores on your hands from fighting off the wolves and I put some restorative ointment on them

    15. favours restorative rather than retributive justice;

    16. Biomimically restorative processes close the loop of waste by adding functions to create new 513

    17. We do not merely need a day of rest or a retirement due to exhaustion, but a lifestyle that is restorative

    18. restorative power within them

    19. "Why, what is the matter?" asked Kennedy, placing a chair and switching on an electric fan, while he quickly found a bottle of restorative salts which was always handy for emergencies in the laboratory

    20. While Craig was taking such restorative measures as were possible on the spur of the moment, Miss Kendall gently massaged her head and hands

    21. of blood, after observing its restorative power

    22. So I have had to mix a great deal of faith in order to celebrade the restorative process in mu own life

    23. We put on our bathing suits and walked back to the cabin, showered, changed into our clothes, bid good-bye to Ahmad with our thanks and a tip and on to Mex for fish, shrimps and their restorative proteins

    24. Because their dreams become so poisoned by undead evil filth: their body stops its natural restorative healing functions that dreaming while you are asleep is part-of

    25. Doctors generally recommend commercial hair restorative treatments, a hairpiece or hair transplant surgery

    26. re-composed herself, and accepted of a restorative glass of wine from my

    27. In the morning, after a restorative breakfast in bed, he

    28. With steady gaze he awaited confidently the moment for administering the restorative

    29. I’d thought I’d weep tears of cathartic sorrow and restorative joy each day of my journey

    30. D'Avrigny rushed towards the old man and made him inhale a powerful restorative

    31. In the morning, after a restorative breakfast in bed, he got up, and with very tender assurance of a particular regard for me, left me to the composure and refreshment of a sweet slumber; waking out of which, and getting up to dress before Mrs

    32. She was not entirely convinced that the world was not flat, because she’d never been to the edge of it and had an unshakable faith in the restorative power of soaking your feet in scalding-hot water and drinking Tia Maria, which she insisted was not alcoholic because it tasted of coffee

    33. Pulaski hadn’t realized how twenty-five years of work could tax a body, or how restorative it could be to start boxing up an office

    34. “That was very restorative,” I told him, handing the cup back

    35. In the restorative idleness of solitude, on the other hand, the widows discovered that the honorable way to live was at the body’s bidding, eating only when one was hungry, loving without lies, sleeping without having to feign sleep in order to escape the indecency of official love, possessed at last of the right to an entire bed to themselves, where no one fought them for half of the sheet, half of the air they breathed, half of their night, until their bodies were satisfied with dreaming their own dreams, and they woke alone

    36. After so many years of calculated loves, the mild pleasure of innocence had the charm of a restorative perversion

    37. A decoction of roots and leaves is laxative and restorative

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    corrective restorative tonic recuperative renewing revitalising revitalizing reviving curative antidote medication medicine cure physic specific