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    1. "It's been over for all but the rich for two hundred years, a century here

    2. Sixteen aluminums made Ava's soulmate a wealthy man, rich enough to satisfy someone from a planet still in the dregs of an energy age

    3. I’m not saying that you have to move to the rich neighborhood to succeed

    4. After 150 millions years of this, we now have rich deposits of this substance

    5. Lawns love compost; top-dressing lawns once per year with a good rich compost will keep the soil alive and allow for deeper root systems and a pest-free lawn

    6. It comes from an incredibly rich glacial sea sediment

    7. "Yes!" with excitement, "A real one! At least he found a rich friend who took it!" She wasn't a good enough judge of expressions to be sure that her excitement was genuine

    8. And she knew that only rich people had ponies

    9. Good rich compost will provide the zinc

    10. This is done by providing your soil with plenty of good rich compost, by regular mulching and by promoting a biological diversity

    11. To regain balance we must stop relying on chemicals to control our pests but instead rely more on maintaining a balanced ecosystem, diversity rich with bacteria and enzymes

    12. The carpet was rich with red, and there were large, expensive paintings hidden in the darkness of the walls

    13. He made his way across the rich carpet and toward the stairs that would lead to the throne

    14. Let it be made clear that this is a very risky business that can easily convert well placed people into paupers while a very small number becomes rich overnight

    15. Organic Fertilizers should be used in combination with compost in order to develop rich, humusy soil

    16. Local compost rich with trace minerals, composted animal manure and lots of humus are best

    17. Besides taking a vacation the addition of compost rich in trace minerals and bacteria is the best thing you can do to help raise the tree’s energy levels

    18. The ocean is very rich in trace minerals, enzymes, and bacteria as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

    19. Rich in humic acid that helps to break down Organic matter

    20. Most manure or any nitrogen rich material

    21. Boys, girls, old ladies, intellectuals, rich and poor

    22. What I mean to say is who the fuck is it?" His was a thick, rich, cockney accent

    23. She was a rich milk chocolate color with half-loosened curls that fell over her shoulders and were tied back with small pins behind her dainty ears

    24. It wasn't rich but there was plenty of silicon and enough aluminum if they worked at it

    25. The poor always have more children than the rich, and they use them either as young workers, or as “hope for their old age”

    26. The rich seldom have more than two children, because they would rather live their lives than change diapers

    27. Luck helps the rich

    28. You can find the description of it in Luke 16 with the parable of Lazarus and the rich man

    29. She was proud of her rich female aroma and raunchy, active libido

    30. ‘Was he a rich man?’ JJ asked, very subdued

    31. also rich in the mineral magnesium, which is thought to improve recall and delay, age-related memory loss

    32. Finally, Ideal for those with low thyroid function, Brazils are a good they’re rich in omega-3, so they’re a great alternative if you source of the mineral selenium, which we need to produce don’t eat oily fish

    33. We may often find rich sermon illustrations in Israel’s history

    34. on this sea-sky land lying low, rich and pregnant

    35. Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Success doesn’t just happen

    36. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin A is important in maintaining a healthy skin

    37. Therefore, it is important to reproduce vitamin C by eating foods that re rich in vitamin C

    38. Oh what eyes! Deep rich brown suspended in a sea of gold

    39. Results are best in the face, because it is rich in intra-dermal epithelial elements

    40. I could be rich! Attica has the best wine, the reddest soil, the most unspoiled of villages and Mother of Zeus, the women? Ha, they say they come from Hades

    41. Porcelain fruit leaves scattered in the basket with careless abandon served to highlight the rich and vulgar colours

    42. Ten short minutes each day—so very little time to devote to Yoga, but how rich will be the rewards, so rich that I feel convinced that many of you will soon want to get up even earlier to devote yet more time to this healthful study

    43. Sarah heard her dragon call to her first, in a rich voice with a thick Scottish accent

    44. OF all the gems in the rich collection of Yoga asanas there shines forth one which, in sheer beauty, symmetry and grace, outshines all others except, perhaps, the serene Lotus, that impenetrable fortress of repose

    45. The poor little rich girl sank to her knees and begged her father for forgiveness

    46. In spite of being so flat, it was pretty country, lush with the fronds of houses, the ripe smells of rich cropland in the mid summer heat and the sounds of a hundred different kinds of lumins and charrasspas

    47. An obscure but historically rich family of age old standing first came to live in one of London’s green suburban idylls when those self same suburbs were nothing but virgin fields and meadows recently subsumed into William the Conqueror’s new realm

    48. He sent his old army clothes for dry-cleaning and the cleaners simply couldn't believe that someone so rich could dress so scruffily

    49. Overnight he turned into a fine looking gentleman and bought drinks for city whiz kids, rich bankers and portly brokers in the hotel bar

    50. Now, though, he was rich, handsome, had fine clothes and he had a new set of friends, who were all eager to join with him in his good fortune

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    rich rich people ample copious plenteous plentiful deep fat fertile productive full-bodied racy robust abounding abundant bountiful wealthy affluent well-to-do moneyed opulent expensive costly elegant valuable lavish estimable high-priced strong vivid bright gay sonorous full mellow harmonious resonant sweet laughable absurd preposterous ridiculous ludicrous farcical