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    1. “On it, Cap!” Tom and the captain gave a sloppy salute back to one another

    2. They of Italy salute you

    3. As a technician, Bahkmar had suffered thru all that indoctrination, had to salute it, pass tests on it, know his duty, so on and so on

    4. They all deserve a mighty salute, and shall receive one

    5. He seemed to approve, but wasn't impressed enough to salute

    6. But I decided it was time for me to leave and sent a smile around the room to salute a life well lived

    7. Tarak nodded and returned the salute

    8. “We salute you!”

    9. A certain one-finger salute must have very ancient roots, especially when done under the guise of scratching one’s ear

    10. travellers returned his salute, equally politely

    11. when he had joined up: “If it moves, salute it

    12. recruits,” Briz said warmly, lifting his tankard in salute

    13. " he responded with a salute, as he shuffled up the steps

    14. He trotted up to the chief and threw out a perfect Nazi salute

    15. Rather he had offered a brisk salute and solemnly headed back out of the city

    16. Hendersen stands up, gives the girls a little salute, “Have a good night girls

    17. “Then I shall walk as rapidly as possible,” I said, as he mounted, threw me a small salute, then rode away

    18. As we were stood down a Fusilier Captain came across and tapped his swagger stick against his hat in salute to Captain Melstone saying

    19. “Briggs Sir acting Captain D Company Fusiliers”, he dropped his salute as the major said

    20. “Well Billy Boy mate its time for me to be off but I will surely miss you so watch your back and take care of yourself and I will see you at Bert’s wedding in the summer so till then look after yourself cheerio Billy Boy”, we shook hands and then hugged we broke apart and Archie left the ward stopping at the entrance and giving me a last salute

    21. “Don’t worry pal you will only have to salute me five or six times a day I won’t ask for anymore in case you become tired

    22. “You will be lucky George Drew the only thing I would salute you with is the farts from my arse

    23. ” They waved goodbye and formed up with their Company they moved off down the trench and the last I saw of them was Jack’s sad watery eyes looking at us and him raising his hand in a final salute

    24. I could hear shells exploding again as the strafe started up again and then I could see Fred form the crater shooing me on my way so I lifted my hand towards him in salute

    25. Those that did recognise him offered a wave or even the occasional salute with fist to chest

    26. A Guardian entered the tent to stand and salute about a quarter hour after, the lightning had ceased moments before

    27. Gibbons raised his glass in salute, and when I didn’t follow suit, drank from his with a shrug

    28. The troops were paraded, and as His Excellency entered the Square, a 14-gun salute was fired by the Artillery

    29. He lifted his saber in a salute to his opponent and to the judge, then plopped the helmet over his curls

    30. Sicarius did not return the salute

    31. As the battery on shore boomed out a farewell salute, the soldiers swarmed to the deck and rigging, and the air was rent with a shout of triumph from sixteen thousand throats

    32. ” Maldynado sketched a fencer’s salute and dropped into a ready stance

    33. Her lip twitched up and she gave him a soldier’s salute

    34. Each man dropped his paperwork, stood, and thumped a palm to his chest in salute

    35. Hence he shouted and waved both his hands giving the old one finger salute

    36. Sespian’s instinct was to wave the general back into his seat, but he waited for the salute and seated himself first

    37. Capron's battery was booming in salute, every band burst into the “Star-Spangled Banner;” and as the fourth gun reverberated in the hills, voices were regained, and from five miles of throats rose the beautiful refrain:

    38. Then three prolonged cheers of triumph ran down the lines, followed by a crashing rifle salute, mingled with a thunderous shout from the Cubans, “Viva los Americanos!”

    39. When they came rushing out he gave them the old middle finger salute which they ignored as both he and his girl were naked and she was by all accounts not unattractive and deserved a second glance

    40. * The Army should have wondered why my own men did not salute me and started roaring with laughter whenever the Army lads did! Perhaps they expected SAP COIN to be otherwise to begin with

    41. The one thing which would never fail to anger us was the black power salute and we wished we could open fire, and shoot all the fists off

    42. I returned the salute

    43. Helen gave her sister a military salute and marched out of the room with Nicole in tow

    44. I greeted him with a salute and a hearty handshake and asked him to convey my heartfelt thanks to the others and headed towards the railway station

    45. "Told yer it'd be easy, didn't I?" Uncle Hobart commented, raising his can in a salute

    46. “Nice legs,” the man at the bar called with a salute of his half-empty glass

    47. He raised a hand in salute as he stepped backwards, out of the door, and I mirrored him

    48. I swear to God, he clicked his heels at us as we flew by, still giving that crazy, half wave, half salute

    49. hand to my mouth and returned the warm salute

    50. A rather diminutive Asian man in a Guards uniform stood stiffly at his side, preparing to give, or was it receive? A salute

    1. The White contacted their lead dragon, Wolf, after he observed a particularly nasty fight, and saluted them for their valor

    2. Then all at once, Alexis stood up, saluted again and said, 'Please excuse me, sir, now I have to prepare for the funeral services

    3. The strange dragon saluted him

    4. They both saluted her as the others did; Steve stood there holding his little girl lost in her beauty, and crying

    5. Duncan turned, saluted a goodbye to Alexei, and then followed the large man thru the hatch

    6. ” Altera saluted, turned and left the chamber

    7. He saluted and moved the motorcycle through the gate and down the driveway

    8. “You be cuddly,” Desa said, and Alan nodded and saluted

    9. The others saluted furiously

    10. Nathaniel stood up, faced the lady of the house and saluted

    11. Nathaniel saluted him with it and they continued on their way

    12. Cody saluted and headed for the door

    13. Very powerful,’ she saluted the marine with her glass

    14. Nathaniel immediately stood to rigid attention and saluted

    15. Axel saluted back, his movements slow and slightly uncoordinated

    16. ’ He saluted again and followed warrant officer Clarkson out of the room

    17. presently saluted to help others, as long as their heart says, it is

    18. Carius gave a sly grin as the emissary saluted and turned to take his leave

    19. He sighed and saluted the rider as the latter found his horse and remounted, making his way back to the west and north

    20. ” Carius saluted the other officer, who returned the gesture while still looking somewhat unsure

    21. " Yes sir" he saluted and left

    22. saluted with a look of expectancy

    23. “Yes sir” Simon saluted and with that

    24. Rex practically saluted, but thought twice

    25. I will leave you in the capable hands of Captain Melstone and CSM Domby who will call the roll”, he saluted us and went off with what remained of our Officers in tow

    26. ” Pte Jack Martin was sent for he was one of the Companies runners he hot footed it up to the well and saluted saying

    27. ” Steve saluted then turned and ran out of the village back the way we had come heading for the Company

    28. ” The Captain nodded mulling this over as Ted Wallace saluted and then left to organise the defences and lookouts as I watched to my front I heard a shout of

    29. I saluted him and he stared at me with my refusal ringing in his ears and then he shrugged and then took Captain Melstone to one side to discuss something

    30. “Right you are Sir the men are ready”, he saluted and stepped back

    31. A Fusilier Lieutenant came up to Major Danby and saluted

    32. So get yourselves ready we start in ten minutes hit them hard and give no quarter we must take these trenches before they can reinforce them so good luck and good hunting”, he saluted and turned to his Officers and NCOs and then he walked over to the other senior Officers

    33. The Captain saluted Abner

    34. “This is Pte Mack, Grundy and Pte Lamb”, we saluted him and said hello

    35. ” he saluted sharply, standing to attention and snapping his heels together

    36. ” We saluted as the Captain went off with a rather shell shocked Lieutenant in tow as he stumbled in his wake

    37. ” saluted Agent Thomas

    38. “Right then you have been warned don’t fall for the trick and don’t think you will know it’s not one of us because they are very good at this type of thing even going as far as using people who once lived in England to fool us”, we saluted and he went on to the next group to pass the message

    39. “Oh now I see what you mean that’s why the frames are made in the trench then very clever”, and with this he got up we saluted and he walked off down the trench

    40. The Captain saluted and moved off leaving the CSM to give us the times and drop off point however CSM Domby said to us

    41. We were sat in the bottom of the trench on the fire step wondering whether or not to make some more jam tin bombs when Major Danby, Captain Melstone and CSM Domby dropped by they walked straight up to where Johnny Eli and I sat talking so we jumped up stood to attention and saluted

    42. He had now been made up to a Major and he smiled as the others and I saluted him as he said

    43. “I have to go on my inspection rounds at the moment but Sgt Barnes is more than capable of briefing you and I will catch up with you later on”, we saluted and he went off to do his rounds

    44. There was a Captain sitting at the table as I got up to it he looked up as I saluted and seemed non to pleased to see me the first thing he said was

    45. “Attention, listen to what the Captain has to say and keep it quite”, he saluted the Captain and stepped back

    46. Later that morning it was drizzling steadily as we went over towards the farmhouse were the field kitchens had been set up by the wall of another barn now that they had arrived by the Battalion cooks? We walked past Captains’ Melstone and Thornley who had maps and lists in their hands which they were comparing and studying intently we saluted them but they never even noticed so they must have been studying something important

    47. Captain Thornley came over with RSM Greaves and S/Sgt Cocker saluted and made his report saying

    48. “Well done all of you now get yourself off and get some rest”, we saluted and he walked off

    49. ” I saluted her and made my way down to the kitchen there was a plate with eggs and bacon on it some buttered bread and a mug of tea I looked round for Beth but couldn’t find her then I remembered she was taking over from Helen and so I must have missed her

    50. As I arrived and saluted him he returned it and then said

    1. There was all of the fanfare of a traditional military funeral, with stark and shrill horns, somber drumbeats and salutes

    2. Novikov gave the briefest of salutes and then approached the table

    3. We crossed the causeway to Tlacopan getting salutes along the way instead of challenges

    4. ” He salutes and turns to walk out, shutting the door behind him

    5. The soldiers with crisp, unwrinkled uniforms and proper salutes

    6. ” She salutes you and takes her leave up the stairs

    7. Those who served their country knew it was the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin was draped by the flag, that allowed the protester to burn the flag

    8. Reuben, Rashi and Suwanee all popped salutes

    9. From his lonely workshop he could hear the martial music, the artillery salutes, the tolling of the Te Deum, and a few phrases of the speeches delivered in front of the house as they named the street after him

    10. ” Replied Stan, returning the salutes

    11. He didn’t add that she would need it, something that would be frankly in bad taste, then left after an exchange of salutes

    12. He returned their salutes, then pointed at the chairs set in front of his desk

    13. Feeling like a million dollars, Ingrid got up in her cockpit and returned the salutes and wishes of good luck

    14. Turner and McCain returned their salutes but ended starring hard at two of the women, who definitely had Asian traits

    15. They then exchanged salutes as the Avro 504 started rolling again

    16. � While those senior officers returned her salutes, most of the junior officers who should have saluted Nancy either stared blankly at her or ignored her, sneering in disdain at her rank insignias

    17. A French Army three stars general was on hand with a few senior officers at the foot of the staircase and exchanged salutes and handshakes with Smith

    18. Returning the salutes of the MPs, Ingrid entered the headquarters building with Julia, finding it still mostly empty of personnel and equipment

    19. Shutting down her reactors, she slid open her canopy and returned the salutes of the aviatrix while a tractor pushed her plane tail first inside the revetment

    20. the whole group salutes

    21. salutes smartly with a cheery “Good evening, men!” Step six is then carried out, the men shouting

    22. They paid homage to their new leader with grunts and salutes all around

    23. "Yes sir!" she says, and salutes him

    24. Returning the salutes from the guards, Ingrid entered by the double doors and went to a young lieutenant sitting at a small table with a telephone in the lobby

    25. Warren returned the salutes from the officers on the tarmac and went down the ramp to go shake hands with Ingrid and Chesty, with Ingrid greeting him first

    26. Stopping first besides a marine lieutenant who seemed to be in charge of the guard force, Ingrid exchanged salutes with him and then looked at the pile of captured weapons and equipment nearby

    27. He salutes General Corbard and Director Estilon, who return the gesture

    28. One even salutes

    29. If anything, the walk down the long hallway proved to Ingrid that her spacesuit was surprisingly flexible despite its bulk, since she had to return numerous salutes from passing airmen and officers

    30. And yet, the Musalmans are ever averse to having vande mataram as the Indian national anthem for it would require their veneration of her! What rank ingratitude for a land that contributed to Islam its Musalmans in their millions! But in catering to their Islamic whim, Gandhi’s Congress gave India a national anthem that salutes Sind, a province of Pakistan! What should be India’s objection if its neighbor accuses her of hegemonic designs to set up an Akhand Bharat?

    31. He salutes them as he moves away

    32. This sailor comes back to attention, and then slowly salutes Captain Black

    33. who were expecting us - salutes given

    34. Meeting the son of Uthyr seemed to have stunned them; they stood making their salutes in awe, as Arthur asked Medraut where he was now staying

    35. The brothers looked at each other, whispered together, turned and gave Arthur and me officious salutes

    36. They cleared a way up before us as if we were royalty, but more than that they took the time to regard us with waves and salutes to which I responded in kind

    37. is the fourth of Seventh-month, (what salutes of cannon and small arms!) Seasons pursuing each other the plougher ploughs, the mower mows,

    38. Nor the place of ceaseless salutes of new-comers or the

    39. As the glossy horses pranced by Merrion square Master Patrick Aloysius Dignam, waiting, saw salutes being given to the gent with the topper and raised also his new black cap with fingers greased by porksteak paper

    40. On Northumberland and Lansdowne roads His Excellency acknowledged punctually salutes from rare male walkers, the salute of two small schoolboys at the garden gate of the house said to have been admired by the late queen when visiting the Irish capital with her husband, the prince consort, in 1849 and the salute of Almidano Artifoni's sturdy trousers swallowed by a closing door

    41. They exchanged salutes and she said, “Follow me, please, Chief Puller

    42. Half a battery of field guns had been hurried over there from the Sulaco barracks for the purpose of firing the regulation salutes for the President-Dictator and the War Minister

    43. Zia salutes him as he walks away

    44. She salutes the general but doesn’t say anything

    45. “Yes, sir!” She salutes him, of course, and begins the transfer

    46. The little turtle bouncing around in the cab, we drag the wagon around the circular redbrick driveway outside the wrought-iron gates and return the salutes of the world's leaders as they stand and applaud

    47. She slipped out while her husband was lavishing salutes and offering M

    48. In this open-air society, it is the rag-picker who salutes and the portress who patronizes

    49. And executing a prolonged scrape of his foot behind him, which is the most respectful of all possible salutes, he took his departure

    50. At suitable intervals there were regular salutes of laughter, which might have been referred indifferently to the last-uttered or the forth-coming jest

    1. Rising, saluting the stones, slurring,

    2. “Yes ma’am,” he said saluting, “forward HO!”

    3. "Afternoon", said the soldier, saluting, because he had never seen anything like it before

    4. "Afternoon", said the soldier, saluting, because he had never

    5. I just lay there, with my best soldier saluting the ceiling

    6. Then I literally pissed my pants because one minute I was saluting Fred and he was signalling for me to get a move on and the next second Fred, Mickey and Lt Johnny Pearson had disappeared

    7. I watched her strut away, saluting in the dust sprinkled air, while sunrays, like flares, lit the battlefield ablaze with the fall of a noble queen

    8. Boom! went a saluting gun, and away went transport after transport; the bands playing, the troops, relieved from the tedium of the wait, cheering as only such enthusiasts can cheer

    9. It was rather endearing to us to see a general officer saluting that way, but we kept quiet knowing that the RSM may take note of who laughed first

    10. He smiled, saluting me with his tankard

    11. ” He lifted the salmon on toast in one piece, holding it as if he were saluting me

    12. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be saluting out here in the open

    13. He greeted Colling with an outstretched hand after Colling had completed the formality of saluting him and announcing that he was reporting

    14. Its tall, thin windows shone with the brightness of the noon sun when Ethan walked through the front gate saluting the guard on duty only perfunctorily

    15. And saluting with their tongues

    16. folder he carried into the arms of Reeve, and saluting his

    17. “Colonel Black,” replied one of the men, saluting back

    18. The soldiers are standing up straight around the UFO saluting the Major as he walks by

    19. ” she said nodding as we all rose again saluting

    20. And as I prayed the heavens were opened and I see the woman whom I had desired saluting me from the sky and saying "Hail Hermas!" And looking up to her I said "Lady what are you doing here?" And she answered me "I have been taken up here to accuse you of your sins before the Lord

    21. They walked down toward the car, one of the uniformed guards saluting, the King saluting then shaking his hand

    22. A motion from Yasmela checked his exclamation and, saluting, he took his stand again beside the doorway, motionless as a brazen image

    23. Saluting, they spoke: 'My lord, this man came to the outposts and said he desired word with King Valerius

    24. He stepped forward from where he had appeared between Abner and Lazarus, neither of whom had observed him, and saluting the company, said:

    25. Saluting, the Guard said, ‘Yes Madam, thank you,’ and they drove off

    26. He even began saluting others just as Peter had done in their meeting

    27. ’’ Answered politely General David Petraeus, Director of the CIA, while saluting

    28. Major Iani Kossov walked to General Veck’s work desk, stopping two paces in front of it and saluting

    29. Stan smiled as Nancy advanced and stopped in front of him, saluting him

    30. Getting up, Nancy negotiated the stairs two by two and marched in the Prime Minister’s office, stopping at attention and saluting Churchill and General Ismay

    31. Patterson by snapping to attention and saluting with

    32. He quickly walked to his group, prompting them into coming to attention and saluting

    33. Major Kossov and a young female guard, both in the green uniform of the Ministry of Security, entered and came to rigid attention a few paces in front of his desk, saluting him

    34. seats while pulling a medical gurney and presented himself to the King, saluting him

    35. That was the signal for the six guardsmen to free the straps and start slowly lowering the coffin in the sarcophagus while everybody stood at attention, with the military men present saluting

    36. “Yes sir, Mister President!” before saluting and heading toward the doors

    37. a frown and she stood up straight, saluting her hand against the slanting sunlight

    38. ’’ Replied Ingrid, coming to attention and saluting him before turning around and leaving the office

    39. Two Filipino soldiers on guard duty at the main gate of the airfield examined briefly their papers before saluting and letting them pass

    40. A small young man with brown skin greeted them inside, saluting Bandong, who returned the salute before presenting him to Ingrid in Tagalog

    41. ‘’Thank you, General!’’ Said Ingrid, proud as a peacock, before saluting MacArthur and returning besides Dale and Villamor

    42. The aide carrying the box of Purple Hearts stepped forward, letting MacArthur fish out a Purple Heart that he then pinned to Ingrid’s pillow, near her head, before coming to attention and saluting her

    43. The pilot, on seeing Genda, stiffened and saluted crisply, with Genda saluting back and speaking to him in a friendly voice

    44. She was met nearly immediately by a MP sergeant who hesitated before saluting her

    45. Shmelling and Coyle then presented themselves to Ingrid, saluting her

    46. ‘’Yes sir!’’ Replied the captain, saluting again before pivoting on his heels and walking away, leaving Turner, McCain and the lieutenant commander alone with the two women

    47. As she was speaking, a group of young women walked out of the tent complex, stiffening and saluting as they saw the two admirals

    48. Her face impassive, Ingrid came out of the crowd and stopped at attention in front of Nimitz, saluting him

    49. � After saluting, the colonel handed the file to the general and sat down in front of him, letting him read in silence

    50. A somewhat flustered Wilson was then admitted in, carrying two bulging bags, only to stop in his track and stand at rigid attention, putting down the bags before saluting both Churchill and Dowding

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