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    1. attempt to keep up some semblance of dignity in the most trying of

    2. join in, thus returning the dance to a semblance of

    3. An outward semblance of humanity is restored and the old biddy on the till loses interest now that Billy has rejoined the ranks of the normal

    4. After the attack on the American Embassy, their new leader, or the Chief, as he now preferred to be addressed, had finally forced the mob into some semblance of order

    5. Chopping it down only to face it once more, its form restored by the dark power filling the armor with the semblance of life

    6. They found a hollow with a semblance of a branch and fern roof, Sam lowered his old bicycle to the ground and rolled in under the leaning branches

    7. Most often they would then be seen to be falling over themselves or scampering off in a frightened, zigzagging, chaotic getaway, with the shock of a huge and sudden adrenaline release causing them to lose total control of their wits and any semblance of rational behavior

    8. ’ The voice was as metallic as the metal frame, utterly without any semblance of human expression

    9. What she told him of her experiences created in him an anger that at least gave this world a tangible semblance of reality

    10. keep the pieces in some semblance of order, to

    11. Unquestionably, the ecosystem would return to at least a semblance of normality even without further intervention

    12. It lasted for decade, and it will take decades to restore a semblance of confidence…if ever

    13. She tried to pull her clothes into a semblance of order, but her hands wouldn’t stop shaking, and the buttons thwarted her

    14. When the guards had finally returned some semblance of order to the meeting, Grindel pointed to the circle of boars protecting him

    15. Machiavelli correctly argued that internal revolutions that seek to transform a society‘s social and political cultural must (necessarily) retain that society‘s material forms in order to convey a semblance of continuity without seemingly undermining their essential character, notwithstanding its altering of prevailing customs and practices that would otherwise promote resentment among its citizens

    16. Slipping back into bed after the luggage was replaced and the kitchen returned to a semblance of normality, Beth didn’t reemerge until she heard Sylvia’s shrill voice in the hallway

    17. Herminia, returned to a faint semblance of sanity, sniffed and said, pointing with her thumb: “Theese way

    18. A semblance of composure regained, she wiped away her tears, began anew and finally, extracted a wary chuckle soon followed by Mike’s full-blown hilarity

    19. Admittedly, that was his semblance of a plan from the start

    20. The other one just dashed towards a low-walled flower fence and jumped over, creeping away back into a semblance of adequate cover

    21. As Colling watched Janek plug holes and replace parts of the wheelhouse, he was amazed at how much of the shattered structure Janek was able restore to a semblance of its former appearance in such a short time

    22. Grateful for the time to rest in luxurious accommodation they ate heartily, slept often, and watched their misused bodies put on weight and regain a semblance of health

    23. “Welcome!” he mused, holding his arms out in a semblance of warmth

    24. Initially he maintained the semblance of a constitutional

    25. She could see how feeble he’d become, only a semblance of what he’d been

    26. Ganesh did not want to imagine the infections that must be staining those walls, but at least they offered some semblance of aesthetics

    27. a semblance of form that flowed together into a separate

    28. She could at least maintain some semblance of a relationship with her, if the girl never knew that she had learned of her betrayal

    29. Teaching common sense to adults with a semblance of maturity and balance would also have some success

    30. Nor could she see any semblance within herself of Horzo, the

    31. She was too nervous to have any semblance of a rational conversation at that point

    32. All semblance of

    33. He forced himself to speak with a semblance of calm

    34. Those gathered around moved back, to give them a semblance of privacy

    35. have been able to maintain some semblance of sanity is by having

    36. and tried to create some semblance of a real

    37. The drover named Ari was the first to regain some semblance of his wits

    38. At least it had a roof and some semblance of a wall

    39. *As Barry Webb, I certainly see with these two mountains a semblance of the pillars at the Temple of Solomon

    40. The image of the object or any semblance of the image cannot be located on the flat holographic template

    41. finger pressing on the tip of her nose, scanned the room, searching for some semblance of

    42. bles attract and sculpt the various types of matter into a semblance of the

    43. I knew it and loved the final orgasmic crescendo, so, obeying the imperial command stripped behind a delicate Japanese screen, pulled at my fear-shrunken cock to return it to a semblance of normality, called to The Colonel to turn the music up loud, and leaped out; swirling, twisting, crouching, writhing… a relentless flood of movement that would have left Kath enraptured, climaxing with arms and legs outstretched in a rigid X as the last chord disappeared

    44. “Install the new Gong Seal, Smithforge, while we still hold this Plane with a semblance of kharmic solvency

    45. This of course made it difficult to fit in and have any semblance of a

    46. Dana starts, but soon Derek cuts in, until their voices overlap in a confusing jumble of words and sensations that I cannot even begin to force into a semblance of a story

    47. The conversation ended soon after as they both got back to a semblance of work

    48. Connor motioned for Tristan to stay where he was, then moved into the semblance of a clearing

    49. He could only hope that she felt a semblance of what he did

    50. Her greasy hair was pulled back and held in place by blue rubber bands, the only semblance of color anywhere near her face

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    likeness semblance color colour gloss illusion exterior form aspect air bearing mien show resemblance similarity analogy