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    1. Then he made them a gift of a beautifully decorated, modern semi detached house on a quiet new estate in a local seaside town

    2. There was a semi in the parking lot still

    3. Bruce slowed for a semi ahead of them

    4. The engines are larger than I thought and are wider than a normal semi

    5. A giant brain inside a semi translucent fluid; tubes and wires emanating

    6. I clambered up into the cab of Grits’ semi, and sat on the surprisingly nice seat he had

    7. ” Her name seemed to jog back his memory and for that Selena was semi grateful

    8. Taka had been only semi conscious and she’d had to

    9. Who would have expected that in this rather semi desert? I recall the food generally matching the mean existence of the local tribes whenever I passed through here

    10. A few shots were fired from a semi automatic and hit the water

    11. and were placed around the semi circle of wooden tables

    12. Dr Hancox was bundled into the menacing looking outfit with its multitude of straps pulled tight; he dragged the semi conscious man out of the room to find a suitable place he could lock him in

    13. She cuts out in front of a semi, and almost causes it to drive over a cliff

    14. Before returning to the ship, Roger and Lucille went to the “Arctic Brotherhood Hall” where they attended a semi musical, semi comical show, which was rather instructive

    15. Even the wide semi intelligent seats couldn’t keep up with

    16. She spoke to the semi comatose girl hoping the sound of her voice

    17. idea how many miles a big semi truck could run before it needed to

    18. bark, changing the sound into a semi howl, as if it was a requiem for lost souls

    19. One of the occupants looked vaguely familiar, but the figure being in semi silhouette made it difficult to be certain who it might be

    20. David’s voice trailed off and his eyes went semi blank

    21. David’s fingers tingled at the touch of silky smooth lacy fabric, and his whole body went semi rigid with sudden David

    22. semi finals! We play the Avion Raiders in the cup final,” he said

    23. I saw a semi

    24. “There’s a semi coming up pretty fast

    25. I backed out of the barn and headed to the road from which the semi was coming from

    26. The semi flipped on its side! The

    27. It fires semi auto and was first made in 1996

    28. It fires only in semi auto and was first made in 1993

    29. It fires auto, burst, or semi auto

    30. (This one was semi auto only

    31. It fires semi auto, burst, or auto

    32. fires in semi auto, auto, or burst

    33. It fires (obviously) semi auto only

    34. The XD9 is a pistol that fires semi auto only and has a clip of sixteen

    35. It fires semi

    36. It fires semi auto only

    37. The M1 Carbine is a rifle that holds thirty rounds and fires semi auto

    38. I also saw them let a large semi in

    39. from someone in the semi

    40. The semi exploded, and caused a small crater to form where it once was

    41. “Was that your semi?” I asked and pointed at the wreckage

    42. One had a semi ramming it into the diner

    43. I dove back behind the semi I was using for cover

    44. She caught it and changed it to semi auto and started shooting

    45. and started shooting in semi auto

    46. it because a semi had turned over on it and caused a huge collision of about seven or

    47. gate, it let in a semi

    48. I expected them to close it, but another semi came in

    49. She put her arms around Peter and felt he had a semi erection

    50. She could feel his semi erection pressed against her rectum the sexy beast

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    semi semitrailer articulated lorry rig tractor trailer trailer truck trucking rig semifinal