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    1. A smaller piece clipped Onidas's shoulder, shattering the bone

    2. Ackers heard the sound of furniture breaking and glass shattering from downstairs

    3. and crash! The door falls over, shattering glass all over the steps of the building

    4. Light and dark infused each other in a shattering of stars

    5. the shattering of bone

    6. The second chill shattering blow sounded as if the roof was coming down upon them

    7. The Flower stood up and dropped his champagne glass shattering it against

    8. At least it wasn't his machine, that was under the plank-up and would have made a massive shattering sound

    9. The fires thundered to life in the heavens, shaking the earth below with an ear shattering BOOM!

    10. There came a loud noise of shattering glass, then the men appeared carrying a pouch of jingling coins and laughing loudly

    11. He laughed, shattering the stillness of the night

    12. If anything, reliving that shattering battle was more horrific than the first time, because she knew how it would end

    13. where one longed for breath and the shattering of the sickening

    14. When we walked arm in arm, shattering windows,

    15. I could see the connection between us shattering

    16. Blood spilled from my lips, while the sound of my bones shattering, left an ache deep inside

    17. Jayson swings his arm, shattering the lamp

    18. A few shards of ice fell from the large pipes near the ceiling, shattering on the floor

    19. The base was separating from the moon, the shattering moon-rock mostly obscured in a cloud of dust, yet it was clear enough that the warheads had penetrated so deeply that part of the Moon had gone with the base

    20. ” George shushed him and said do you want to hear this shattering news or what?” I was at the end of my tether and so replied

    21. It flew between the bars and struck the glass, shattering it instantly with a loud crash

    22. He experienced a split second of fear before the boot crunched down into his face, shattering his nose

    23. She hit the last clay with no trouble, shattering it into tiny pieces that pit-pattered to the ground

    24. I crumpled his letter and threw it to the floor and held the pillow over my chest smothering my heart that was shattering into a million tiny pieces

    25. My hands were shaking both from the shattering revelation and my wet clothes that stuck to me

    26. I walked up to it and took it off the wall and for a few seconds I stared at it and then I threw it on the floor, shattering the glass into a mass of small pieces, now it felt just as my heart did

    27. As he took time to load his gun, he heard the loud thunder of the rifle explode in the dining room, its bullet shattering the glass of the window in its path

    28. William heard the shot being fired and the simultaneous loud shattering of glass

    29. We all stared at Uncle Hobart, while Dave asked him whether his old dad - God rest his soul - had been drunk or sober when he'd made such a world shattering observation

    30. Muhammad shot him with a single bullet shattering the bone in his knee that brought him crashing down to the ground

    31. Like a bolt from the blue, the little box wailed its frightful pitch, shattering his dreams

    32. He hit the rocky plain with a crushing jolt and drove over rocks, while dodging large boulders in a seemingly endless series of splintering, grinding leaps followed by shattering landings

    33. It somehow felt wrong for an army to be this distant, so indifferent to an enemy that was in fact their own people, though wildly misled and utterly wrong in their decision to upset their way of life with shattering consequences

    34. Colling had held it to a count of two before throwing it, and it went off with a sharp crash, shattering the cutter’s windscreen

    35. Selena began to laugh but was cut short when someone flew in through a large window, shattering it

    36. To my right, the zip line snaps, the wire cord whipping back and shattering the windows below me

    37. I hear shouting up ahead, and glass shattering on the pavement

    38. The last thing he saw before Cinder drove them out a high window, shattering

    39. Screams and shattering glass fill the air, and security guards run past us without noticing that we are running away from the dormitories, running toward a place we should not be

    40. There should’ve been the sound of bullets cutting through air, glass shattering and screams

    41. She knew those eyes, those earth shattering eyes

    42. She was surrendering with every second, unable to stop the world from shattering around her

    43. Instinctively I ducked and there was the sound of glass shattering

    44. window, the black glass shattering as he shot through it, his

    45. She tried helplessly to crawl to the center of the road, away from the shattering tiles

    46. houses from their foundations and sending them careening into the next, shattering them

    47. I came back to Pravik, nearly crippled by the shattering of a dream that had become more to me than I knew

    48. She sent the message to him as well, though it took more strength than she had and left her feeling as though something inside was shattering

    49. …a bullet plows through my shoulder… shattering the bone… and pierces it’s way out the other side…

    50. She pulled herself away to scream at a waiter who had knocked a number of glasses onto the floor in a shattering crescendo

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    shattering smashing bursting breaking snapping severing