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    1. That was a broad-farce comedy skit

    2. I put on a humorous skit at the nightclub with a handsome New Zealand ski instructor, who had led me higher up the mountain than I'd have dared on my own, then let me feel his taut bronzed abs before the precipitous descent

    3. She rehearses the skit in her mind, knowing exactly what she’ll do, while waiting for her cue to come floating down the river

    4. The skit is a lighthearted moment of self-pardoy, a humorous

    5. The skit began, and after a few minutes we heard a voice over the sound system saying, “Please stand by

    6. I saw the skit he did on spelling on the Tonight Show some years ago and it was hysterical, but brilliant

    7. Kasumi started the skit by zooming in on the bill on the table

    8. So when it came time to start the show, Allen began the skit by

    9. He has a very unique Boston skit that had the crowd in stitches

    10. would skit me saying “have you seen his

    11. would skit me saying “Have you seen his scar

    12. The skit ends with the customer going off singing some inane nonsensical ditty and ends up saying:

    13. sonality doing a skit

    14. variations of this skit are played every day of the trading week

    15. What about sanctimonious Cromwell and his ironsides that put the women and children of Drogheda to the sword with the bible text God is love pasted round the mouth of his cannon? The bible! Did you read that skit in the United Irishman today about that Zulu chief that's visiting England?

    16. During the third hour of the show, she starred in a mildly racy skit in which two lovers are faced with the “three-minute warning” of the nuclear apocalypse and confess their wildest sexual fantasies to each other

    17. Is this, you ask, a Monty Python skit? Why is this man bidding repeatedly for disappearing assets?

    18. On winters of the south a skit,

    19. "I think it's an anonymous skit by way of a hoax

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