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    1. Her silken voice, honey-sweet, helped smooth over the spikes of rage

    2. and took a sip, feeling the smooth warmth of the liquid coating their throats and

    3. She was petite, blonde, with fine features and a smooth lilting voice that swayed with southern French tones

    4. he thought, rough or smooth, they’re all wolves, the lot of them

    5. ‘No, I don’t think so – the cut is too smooth round the edges

    6. "I got a little help from Ava," she ad-libbed, "I hope you're not angry with me?" Her smooth introduction to his situation was pretty well bungled already

    7. " Zoomed in on the open bay with their helmets they could see that the bulge in the smooth hull offset to the starboard side was a housing for a ship-killer of some kind, probably a warspite torpedo

    8. She had such a smooth and rounded face, her nose was straight, small, and only a bit pointed

    9. Her long, smooth, bronze-blond hair is in a loose pony tail, sometimes in three

    10. He wondered what that meant? 'Keep the place together?' He didn't think it was in any danger, things seemed to be remarkably smooth at his place

    11. It floated like a boat with a thick turtle-hard, but smooth shell on top

    12. She's still smooth and soft and guys do enjoy contact with her

    13. “My son, if you receive my words, and store my commands within you, inclining your ear to wisdom, and applying your mind to reason; if you appeal to intelligence, and lift up your voice to reason; if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures – then will you understand reverence for the Lord, and will discover the knowledge of God; for the Lord gives wisdom, out of His mouth comes knowledge and reason; He has help in store for the upright, He is a shield to those who walk honestly; He guards the paths of justice, and protects the way of His pious ones; then will you understand rectitude and justice, and will keep to every good course; for when wisdom finds a welcome within you, and knowledge becomes a pleasure to you, discretion will watch over you, reason will guard you – saving you from the way of evil men, from men who use perverse speech; who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in ways of darkness; who delight in doing evil, exult in wanton wickedness’ who are crooked in all their ways, and tortuous in their paths – saving you from the wife of another, from the adulteress who plies you with smooth words, who forsakes the companion of her youth, and forgets her pledge to God; for her paths lead down to death, and her tracks descend to the Shades; none who go to her come back again, or reach the paths of life – helping you to walk in the way of good men, and to keep to the paths of the righteous; for the upright will live in the land, and the honest will remain in it; while the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the faithless will be rooted out of it

    14. He was now leaning on the rail facing her with his hand caressing her side, delighting her with the gentle sweep of his hand over the smooth curve of her naked waist and hip

    15. a smooth landing outside the caves

    16. Wood rests against fallen masonry, white and smooth,

    17. Perched upon his smooth seat

    18. She had her skirt on, but it was low on her hip on that side and her smooth curve was most pleasant

    19. Then its smooth run on the grass”

    20. It would take a very strong person to run this camp as smooth as she had; you couldn’t afford to be sentimental about things when there are over 100 lives riding on your decisions

    21. her heels scratching the smooth worn wood

    22. The other man was similar, but all his hair and beard was white, but wavy, his skin not so smooth and his nose a little crooked, but his smile went to his jolly eyes

    23. healthy glow and the appearance of soft, smooth, radiant, and younger looking skin

    24. In as little as six weeks, this treatment can result in smooth skin with a more uniform tone

    25. Then I pay and take a slow, weary walk to find my way back to the apartment in the smooth and pleasing early, early morning

    26. I’d look really good on my wedding night with gashes in my shins … trying to shave on a boat while standing on one leg would not be conducive to a smooth finish I feel

    27. ‘I said I would take the rough with the smooth when I made my vows

    28. My, my, but you are courteous! She answered in a smooth, silky voice

    29. Why not try one of the dark honeys, brown as a nut, with the strong and heady sweetness of sunshine? Why not try one of the mild, creamy white honeys, thick and subtle flavoured? There is such a bewildering variety of honeys from all over the world that I could not possibly name them all, but perhaps the most delectable of all, though it is a matter of personal preference, are the clover honeys, smooth and mellow as butterscotch, and with an unforgettable bouquet, and the dark-toned, exotic honeys of the Caribbean

    30. We ride round the paddock, her gait very smooth and nothing like as jerky as the horses I have ridden before

    31. There is an ugly moment while I scour around fruitlessly for a way to smooth over my faux pas

    32. Sefir is a wonderfully smooth ride compared with the other equines I have ridden, but I am gradually finding the movement more and more painful

    33. "If we could even tell if we had one," Alan said, while starting to run his fingers over the smooth, soft curves of her skin

    34. ’ He said, rubbing a hand over his now smooth chin

    35. I floated in the comfort of this smooth, luminous primeval liquid, looking at the patterns and the shifting net of sunlight underneath, and the sand way down below, ecstatic in the thrill of being aware of simple existence in a universe without change

    36. moved his bat in a smooth movement and connected

    37. "She was always too cold, too controlled, too smooth

    38. His hands found themselves on a strong, smooth and shapely ass

    39. By tea time he had laid all of the remaining hardcore, covered it with gravel and soft sand, and raked it level and smooth so that he could begin laying the slabs the following weekend

    40. immune system, by creating a smooth flow of energy that will strengthen, build, repair and

    41. He delighted in the feel of her smooth warm body as he ran his hands over her

    42. The feel of her smooth skin on his body heightened all his senses

    43. The flight was smooth and uneventful, and I was met at Naples airport by Emanuele, who is the poor sod landed with the job of facilitating our move here

    44. Their smooth cream-colored bark was glistening in the sunlight

    45. She still wore her top open and she was still impressive, though her skin was not as smooth as a young woman’s, her coloring was still even and her nipples dark and strong

    46. ‘No, but she married him and has to take the rough with the smooth … we haven’t

    47. sand, and raked it level and smooth so that he could begin laying

    48. Her face was very elegant and well shaped and smooth, an almond flavored creme in color, not quite as tan as one usually expected in this highland sunshine

    49. of smooth tar macadam extending as far as the eye could see

    50. He grasped her hand and moved her toward the hill and stopped before a cliff which had a smooth and shiny silver surface

    1. His once-growling face had smoothed and his eyes sunk

    2. He straightened his long coat, checked the knot at his waist, and smoothed back his long mane

    3. After they left, I pulled out the card again and smoothed the ceases

    4. It was obvious, as he smoothed her hair back across her shoulders that the group had chosen to talk about them, even with Jewel wondering around somewhere

    5. Savannah smoothed her hair away from her face, which was a feminine trait that announced that she cared what I thought of how she looked

    6. Someone behind us got the sniper who had killed our friend but that was to late I knelt down beside him and smoothed the hair out of his eyes I saw the small black hole and cursed it then I sobbed bitterly

    7. He nodded, but the worry crease in his forehead remained until I reached up and smoothed it away

    8. She looked down at me and there was compassion in her gaze and she smoothed my hair and forehead with her hand saying

    9. “Okay you blokes carrying bombs when I give the order chuck them as far foreword as you can I will give them a few shots and we will drop back in the trench like magicians rabbits”, and he smoothed his moustache with his finger

    10. He smoothed his moustache with his finger as he continued saying

    11. Had he seen Josh pick her up? She smoothed the folds of her skirt nervously and waited for him to open the subject, but he was silent until they reached the log house

    12. Tearing it off she smoothed it on the desk, then tapped that weeks Administration Password into the server’s keyboard

    13. smoothed his tangled curls, and, bending low over his head, kissed the

    14. Placing it on the table, I carefully smoothed out the crinkles, scanning the print

    15. As they dried, my hair was curled and teased and smoothed again, then pinned and sprayed until it had the careless perfection that could only be achieved with enormous amounts of effort, tumbling from a mass at the top of my head to brush the nape of my neck

    16. He watched them trot on to the turf, hair smoothed back, legs shiny and a physical confidence in every stride

    17. He passed over the money and she smoothed the three notes in the palm of her hand

    18. It seemed to be cut cleanly and then carefully smoothed, just short of turning its surface slippery

    19. The anxiety and unhappiness smoothed from his face

    20. His hands stroked over her hair, smoothed it down her back, and he whispered soothing words that crept under her skin and deep into her soul

    21. The terrain smoothed out in the darkness

    22. It was still slightly sticky with the lavender-scented night cream Sierra always smoothed on her face before bed

    23. The same face she washed tenderly every morning with a special cleanser and smoothed over with an SPF 25 lotion before coloring it with lipstick, mascara and a perfect layer of foundation

    24. smoothed his fingers over my vulva and out onto the quivering flesh of my inner thighs,

    25. Not wanting to lack, I smoothed my champaign-colored sheath dress; glad it matched his stripped tie

    26. Petrov nodded again and gently smoothed his wife’s sweat

    27. Kevim’s brows furrowed for a moment, then smoothed, and suddenly he was laughing quietly to himself

    28. “Would you rather have Action Man’s smoothed over crotch or Gollum for a penis?”

    29. He smoothed back his hair

    30. It could be made to reflect on a point the size of your body if it were smoothed and shaped carefully enough

    31. Pulse and breath quickly returning to normal, his face smoothed somewhat, the Wolf started to casually drift down the tree-covered street away from the Cathedral and toward the jeep he had parked on rue Tan Thuyen

    32. Those who were slow to do so were shoved out of the way, and a five meter tall troll emerged into the clearing, accompanied by two six meter ogres, all three carrying massive clubs made from tree trunks thirty centimeters thick and about three meters long, smoothed at the handle and chipped and cracked at the business end from long use

    33. ” My fingers smoothed out the lace

    34. When he saw Simon, he stood upright and smoothed down his hair, a gesture which scattered a seed-throw of drying mud over it

    35. Before making her way to the Place of Tutors to collect her charge, driven by an impulse she could not explain, she smoothed her hand across the grasses where her companions had knelt

    36. Splinters smoothed themselves, cracks vanished and the body of the boat became rounder, fuller, as it had for Johan

    37. Those who were slow to do so were shoved out of the way, and a fourteen foot tall troll emerged into the clearing, accompanied by two eighteen foot ogres, all three carrying massive clubs made from tree trunks a foot thick and eight or nine feet long, smoothed at the handle and chipped and cracked at the business end from long use

    38. the centre of the stream, which had been sculpted and smoothed

    39. "What for?" He stood up and smoothed out his uniform

    40. ” He rose to his feet and smoothed out his uniform

    41. It smoothed the way for my thoughts and the visions of the Otherworld, if they chose to come

    42. candles "smoothed" adaptation of the price

    43. I smoothed the auburn bedhead hairdo I had going on and felt a need to

    44. He smoothed his hand

    45. ” She smoothed and arranged Victor’s hair, as if preparing him for a school photo

    46. She looked at my novel again and smoothed her hand across the shiny photo of Beau

    47. He lifted my hair and smoothed it down my back, so it would not hamper him

    48. "You should stop frowning like that," she said and playfully smoothed the furrow between Eva’s eyes

    49. ” He smoothed his hands over my

    50. He reached to touch his shoulder length brown hair and then smoothed his

    1. “That’s not even a very funny joke,” I say, smoothing out the ear flaps

    2. "Give your evidence" said the magistrate smoothing his gown as Jason climbed into a weather-beaten witness box

    3. With that she spun round and left the room to check on Arioch, smoothing her garment to make sure it was all in place

    4. But he was already on the TV, smoothing his ruffled fur

    5. Furthermore, aligning with the EA will likely have the benefit of smoothing relations with Pakistan

    6. I had a role in smoothing things out that involves the president’s wife as well as the president himself

    7. We make pillars to support the mine roof and smoothing off rough wall surfaces

    8. “I hope that isn’t some indication of how the night’s going to go,” she muttered, smoothing her clothing

    9. Sitting down, he carefully placed a sheath of papers in front of Grunt, smoothing them out gently, a worried expression on his face

    10. " Smoothing back my hair with a shaky hand, I pointed at the window

    11. Taking the wrinkled piece of paper the girl held out to him and smoothing it out on his leg, Frank studied it

    12. He picked it up, smoothing it out on the table top

    13. He went through a rigmarole: wearing it buttoned, then unbuttoned, smoothing the coat over his trunk, feeling the hem, smoothing the coat over his hips

    14. She walked back to the bed and messed unnecessarily with the blanket, smoothing it

    15. She blushed prettily, and thrust both hands in her hair, smoothing it back

    16. When Therese walks into the bathroom, smoothing her hair into a braid, Susan asks her for spare clothes

    17. ” Nita doesn’t look angry anymore, just tired, her hand sliding over her face and then smoothing back her hair

    18. Spoon the rest of the batter into the pan, smoothing the top

    19. atures and settings that are required for smoothing various materials

    20. the square by cutting away the sharp corners and smoothing around

    21. the sharp corners and smoothing around the edges

    22. “May I propose an accord? My companions and I among the magic researchers of Xervia will undertake the reshaping and smoothing of the inner surface of the crater, as I suggested earlier, in return for your permission for us to use this as a place of study, at all times when it will not inconvenience you for us to do so, in perpetuity

    23. “I can think of no other way, my Lord!” Moshe finished lamely, nervously smoothing his hair back as he lowered his head, having seen nothing in their faces to encourage him

    24. “I can think of no other way, my Lord!” Moshe finished lamely, nervously smoothing his hair

    25. When her beloved had helped her to her feet, he had hugged her until she thought she would never breathe again before smoothing down her hair and wiping what must have been smudges from her face

    26. Dutifully looking toward another pad for himself while smoothing the cover over her soft

    27. I sat down, smoothing the creases in my pants more than

    28. Botox, botulinum toxin type A, is a neurotoxin most famous for its use in smoothing wrinkles

    29. This shows how the smoothing out of the triangular moving average reduces the number

    30. “It’s a promise,” he whispered, smoothing his hands over my back as he kissed me

    31. it’s hard to bear,” I whispered smoothing my hands over his muscular back as he cradled

    32. on his heels next to me, smoothing both his hands over my abdomen

    33. Smoothing my hands over his shoulders, I

    34. For a moment, the floor stabilized, smoothing into a solid sheet of

    35. “WHAT!” You put her on tips, the hairs on her neck ping, you can hear her smoothing back down her bristles

    36. The exponentially smoothed moving average (EMA) which provides the best smoothing of data

    37. I took all the money out of that secret pocket before smoothing her

    38. His grin split his face, smoothing the frown lines and pronouncing the smile lines, and Dana would’ve sworn in that moment that her heart had stopped beating

    39. All Tristan could do was stare in shock as the woman- the Angel- got to her feet and set Resa on the ground, smoothing quick, surprisingly graceful fingers over the five-year-old’s hair as she did

    40. “No! Angel is-” ‘Angel’ touched Resa’s head, smoothing her fingers through Resa’s chestnut curls

    41. Now it chanced that, at about the time Jesus stood over this sick woman, holding her hand, smoothing her brow, and speaking words of comfort and encouragement, the fever left her

    42. But do not make the mistake of the foolish carpenter who wastes valuable time squaring, measuring, and smoothing his worm-eaten and inwardly rotting timber and then, when he has thus bestowed all of his labor upon the unsound beam, must reject it as unfit to enter into the foundations of the building which he would construct to withstand the assaults of time and storm

    43. While you're reaping the wound-healing and skin-protecting benefits of eating more vitamin C, try smoothing some on your skin as well

    44. the planks to the needed thickness and smoothing of the grain ‘the

    45. Smoothing the plastic bag as a ground cloth Elise handed the rancher the rusty can opener and several cans, thanking God for the food and the few scungy forks and spoons found in the bag; she hated eating with her fingers

    46. When I returned to the living room, Roy was spreading his sleeping bag on the rug and I couldn’t help but smile as he was smoothing out the minute wrinkles on it

    47. thickness and smoothing of the grain ‘the instructions continued

    48. 4) Repeat for three to five minutes smoothing out the inhalation and

    49. Ashley stroked Graisse, smoothing the soft, curly fur on his head, back, and sides

    50. retention), without any smoothing from a five year moving average, will give the expected

    1. Restylane smooths wrinkles, and helps shape and sculpt lips and facial features

    2. Viparita-Karani is very much a beauty treatment for it supplies the skin with an extra amount of blood and so prevents and smooths away untimely wrinkles

    3. Marjorie smooths the wooden box with her hands and puts it in her dress pocket

    4. Your offer, however, smooths all difficulties, and I have only to ask you, my dear M

    5. "Wait! You need aloe!" Leah pumps a gob of aloe into her hand and smooths it over my vagina

    6. He smooths his hand over my ass in circular strokes

    7. For a failure of imagination and in the darkness, it feels as if  Werner has reached bottom, as if he has been whirling deeper all this time, like the Nautilus sucked under the maelstrom, like his father descending into the pits: a one-way dive from Zollverein past Schulpforta, past the horrors of Russia and Ukraine, past the mother and daughter in Vienna, his ambition and shame becoming one and the same, to the nadir in this basement on the rim of the continent where the apparition chants nonsense—Frau Schwartzenberger walks toward him, transforming herself as she approaches from woman to girl—her hair becomes red again, her skin smooths, a seven-year-old girl presses her face up against his, and in the center of her forehead he can see a hole blacker than the blackness around him, at the bottom of which teems a dark city full of souls, ten thousand, five hundred thousand, all these faces staring up from alleys, from windows, from smoldering parks, and he hears thunder

    8. The Signal line smooths the MACD line with another EMA

    9. It’s fascinating—Magnus’s mild expression smooths out, lights up from the inside

    10. Tricks with numbers are a curse but half the point of having a broad portfolio is that it smooths lumps and bumps

    11. What a Wonder is that malleable Organ! It licks, it tastes, it wets, it smooths, it slicks; it causes Nipples and Pricks to stand at attention, and sucks the Savour out of Capons and Cocks

    12. Then it smooths to a purr

    13. One of the most common approaches is to use a moving average, which smooths the data being presented

    14. A moving average smooths a sequence of numbers so that the effects of short-term fluctuations are reduced, while those of longer-term fluctuations remain relatively unchanged

    15. Diversification both within and across asset classes smooths returns (I target 10% volatility for each asset class)

    16. By owning stocks in each factor group, he smooths his portfolio’s fluctuations

    17. A simple moving average, or SMA, price line smooths out an investment’s path to show its trend more clearly

    18. With hurried hand smooths down his hair

    19. A bad act only smooths the way to other bad acts, while bad thoughts irresistibly lead toward them

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    smooth polish shine smoothen smooth out placid quiet still tranquil unruffled bland politic suave fluent fluid liquid legato bald glassy glossy lustrous polished sleek hairless even level flat horizontal flush plain unrelieved regular unvarying uniform invariable steady stable constant peaceful calm peaceable undisturbed glib urbane unctuous oily voluble flowing polite courteous courtly agreeable pleasant genial mild flatten press roll iron grade plane refine glaze varnish gloss soothe tranquillise tranquillize assuage mollify better