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    1. The use of language can sometimes be a source of mirth, often

    2. Your nutrition is a primary source of

    3. See if you can determine a source

    4. Check with the source before you buy it!

    5. It's not something that magically appears from an outside source

    6. We are each the source of that transformation

    7. A good source of these traps is ARBICO, or Gardener’s Supply

    8. They lay their eggs in the host body, which provides the young with a source of food

    9. Honey Bees: Honey Bees are very valuable in their role as pollinators as well as a source of food

    10. “Hence the most obvious solution, and the only real source of victory…” Vinnie mumbled to himself

    11. Chilies are a great source of controlling many insects either as a powder or as a concentrate that can be added to water and sprayed

    12. A safe source is smoking tobacco

    13. But for Violet, ponies were a source of power

    14. But the best top dressings are made from well made compost because it provides a complete and varied food source as well as varied bacterial sources

    15. Plants under the care of the ants are protected by them and are also used as a source of food either for them directly thru the sap or pollen of the plant or indirectly thru the use of aphids and other insects which attack the plant and which in turn are ‘milked’ by the ants (for their nectar)

    16. If an endless food source has been found, they will use it to the benefit of their colony

    17. By providing them a food source, we can begin to retrain them to come for food here and to stop looking for food in the kitchen, or on the roses, etc

    18. “Tree vents can be used for all trees placing only compost as a food source

    19. The parents are our biggest source of influence in such matters

    20. Also Foliar feeding them will provide for them the fastest source of food and energy therefore it is important that you only feed them nutrition that relieves stress; and not causes it

    21. Each sheath or vehicle through which the soul expresses itself (on physical, emotional and mental levels) carries latent within itself certain inherent potencies, but the soul, which is the source of them all, has them in their purest and most sublimated form

    22. Try ACRES USA as an excellent source of information and resources!

    23. It was often an interesting source of information

    24. Over 400,000 tons of pesticides are applied each year by American farmers with less than one-tenth of one percent actually reaching targeted pests! A main source of contamination of our soil, water, air and food, as well as being highly inefficient, this method of pest control places at risk the health of the farmer and consumer alike

    25. Firstly, could you tell us if the operation came about as a result of a tip off, and if so, could you reveal to us the source

    26. "What media source do you represent?" Theo was still relaxed, but the young woman had intrigued him

    27. has to be in unity with the source of his life

    28. When a man lost touch with the source of life, ev-

    29. It is impossible to walk in love without a source of

    30. Source of our healing! The smallest deviation from the course can lead a

    31. source of faith, then having faith and putting it to practice becomes our

    32. With that, they figured it would be no more than seventy years until a reliable source of new souls would be available

    33. listen to any help and/or suggestions they receive from any source

    34. These gifts had become a source of jealousy and confusion

    35. In chapter 12, he points out that the gifts ought to be a source of unity, not division because they all came from the same source and the church

    36. He looks to Misery for any sign that she was the source but she seems oblivious to it, as she speaks to him again, "You never told me why you are here

    37. Once the signals were physically connected, he wasted more time before he understood that it was a pointer source leading him to another hardware connector in the game room

    38. The possibility that there might be an external source of the echo simply did not occur to me

    39. I was back on the beach, staring wildly along the coast for the source of this magic

    40. I discovered in Menachem, for all of his worldliness, an almost constant source of optimism, whereas I, still feeling my way into manhood, could swing through the scales of euphoria and black melancholy with comparative ease

    41. China was left with no source of new souls but cloning, and there were rumors it was rampant on its half of the moon

    42. Hazelnuts are a good source of folate, which plays a key role in keeping homocysteine within normal levels

    43. Finally, Ideal for those with low thyroid function, Brazils are a good they’re rich in omega-3, so they’re a great alternative if you source of the mineral selenium, which we need to produce don’t eat oily fish

    44. That’s such a common thread of gossip about anyone … and the source of the gossip was known to have a grudge against her

    45. “What about the power source?”

    46. They were bewildered about the source

    47. "Silence is a source of great strength

    48. He wanted to ask if Dempala, not the Kassikan was the source of expeditions into space, but didn't get the chance

    49. That sugar, in the last analysis, can cause serious malnutrition is proved by the fact that although like alcohol, it is a quick source of energy the effects do not last and as the body becomes more and more dependent on these ‘quick lifts’ it becomes less inclined to eat nourishing food

    50. They are all a wonderful source

    1. He was sourced to have come

    2. “Proof of non-Earth sourced intelligence? Why wouldn’t they be interested? Somewhere out there are intelligent creatures able to make highly advanced technology

    3. Our range of carefully sourced green and China teas give you a choice of the different varieties available

    4. Early afternoon they reached the top of the pass, negotiated their way around the bog which sourced the stream, and started a gradual climb leading to a heavily wooded area

    5. The labels were always sourced from a traditional printing company in Sao Paulo which the previous owners used but now Hertsinger are the printers

    6. It is hoped that eventually the vast majority of food production for the remaining urban population will be sourced from these sustainable farming communities

    7. people there and sourced some laser modules that could be used in our machine

    8. triple sourced in case the second supplier falls over too, as happened with me with some

    9. of inspiration and teach me that I am a limitless vessel of love sourced

    10. Carla had already sourced a large paperclip from the office and was skillfully bending it into a lock pick, when she heard voices coming up the stairs towards them

    11. He rattled away on the laptop and sourced what he needed

    12. I consciously sourced as much energy from above to

    13. Things are being single sourced, workers are just-in-time, only needed when production demands labor and idled when the demand decreases

    14. There are also now some well sourced rumours that, once again, the personal wealth of the head of state - the funds he only recently removed from the Reserve Bank - has been taken from his bank account

    15. " Her actions and activities are produced by what he has said and originate, are sourced in Him

    16. He made a special note of where the main ingredients were sourced from

    17. Oh, having been sourced in her anatomy itself, isn’t mystery the key to open woman’s heart to the thought of man?’

    18. ‘What about Sathyam?’ thought Prasad, looking for ways to bring about Roopa’s fall? ‘He’s one of those colorless characters, without a conviction to name, and lo, the society labels such as good-natured! While their manner derives its means from the lack of exposure, their signature is not sourced in a strong character either

    19. Was it not proved beyond doubt that the Muslim educational backwardness is sourced in the abdominal fear of the umma to expose the Musalman children to non-Islamic education, lest they should lose their faith in the outdated ideas that Islam represents

    20. They could not monitor their surrounding space for every trace was reversed sourced, because IT was monitoring all electrical and digital transmissions

    21. “But what about cooperative, crowd sourced solution games?” he offered a defense of his vocation against the secret security state, but was unaware that that also legitimized it

    22. 10's home sourced model are appealing to those who cannot

    23. that identify where your audio files are, where they are sourced from

    24. Now a day most of the works are being out sourced, mostly

    25. The DVDs were sourced from overseas or burnt from

    26. My brother's news that he had finally sourced and purchased the bed of his dreams

    27. Finally, they sourced the most tender scallops that Sophie had ever tasted, straight out of Venus, like little lumps of salty butter, melting on the tongue

    28. This spiritual and relational experience of love sourced through her interpersonal relationship with the perfect love and compassion of Jesus, was the basis upon which she was able to recognize and identify within, a sense of inner peace and joy

    29. There are specific areas of the brain that process information sourced from the stimuli of the environment, such as sound, movement and sight, etcetera, including personal experiences with regard to joy, happiness, pleasure, depression, anger and pain, etcetera

    30. poorly sourced, badly translated, and deceptive derivative materials and concepts they rely upon

    31. allusions to Babel and Babylon as sources of error refer directly to the topic of Egyptian sourced

    32. The Egyptian sourced

    33. her clothes and the other contained mithai boxes sourced from various shops in

    34. sourced by images burst out of the sphere of col ective unconscious

    35. One group received raw, unfiltered, unadulterated, locally sourced honey

    36. These data are partly sourced via Bloomberg, partly via the Barclays Capital website

    37. But how seriously anyone would have taken it given its gossipy nature—and the fact that it’s not sourced at all—is questionable

    1. Garden Grade or Food Grade Dia-earth is available from many sources

    2. They are one of the best plant sources of

    3. · Use natural lighting where possible, and position light sources in ways that don't produce shadows

    4. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc

    5. The three possible sources of the problem are: (a) the active ingredient in the weed killer, 2,4-D; (b) the “inert” ingredients which are not necessarily “harmless”, or (c) the dioxins that contaminate the active ingredients during manufacture

    6. It is important not to provide food sources for them

    7. Reduce the sources of infestation and you will have a good hold on the fly population

    8. But the best top dressings are made from well made compost because it provides a complete and varied food source as well as varied bacterial sources

    9. One of the biggest sources of stress and sadness for older adults is loneliness and feeling isolated and forgotten by others

    10. Never spray one particular element, always spray a natural blend of sources

    11. This is a list of only a few sources of natural soap products

    12. Sources say the

    13. That huge city-jungle sparkled with optical sources when a polarized probe was used, two hundred thirty nine altogether, and there was a lot more data

    14. We know this from a few sources

    15. For proper growth and production of new skin cel s, proteins are the best sources in

    16. and other sources, their skin cel s could break down and lose their

    17. In order to guide you in your choice of foods for your Yoga diet I will here outline the principle vitamins and their easily available food sources

    18. The principle sources of vitamin A are cabbage, carrots, celery, endive, lettuce, oranges, parsley, prunes and dried apricots, spinach, tomatoes, and watercress

    19. The main sources are apples, apricots, cabbage, carrots, coconuts, citrus fruits, prunes, spinach, turnip tops, and watercress

    20. The main sources of it are wheat germ, celery, lettuce, leafy green vegetables, and parsley

    21. The main sources of this mineral are fruits and vegetables

    22. The main sources of this mineral, which is necessary for the absorption of iron in the body, are leafy vegetables, fresh and dried fruits

    23. The main sources of this mineral are nuts, whole wheat, unpolished rice, oatmeal, dried fruits, and leafy vegetables

    24. All fruits and vegetables are good sources of sulphur but these should be well balanced with foods of a high phosphorus content such as milk, cheese and eggs, cereals and nuts

    25. There were antimatter traps, nondestructive quantum-state sensors, particle sources and a magneto-cancellation chiller, all aimed at a vacuum chamber no bigger than a pea

    26. There were quantum information sources in all the bodies larger than a boulder out here

    27. trigonometry and algebra became sources of income in the Patel household

    28. Some of the best sources of inspiration and wisdom are

    29. as I look through the sheets, I notice a pattern of monthly amounts which seem to come in from six different sources

    30. One of the women spoke up, “There is a record of the expedition from forty one sources who died after it was launched and were not pulled into silicon

    31. “We have sources in the Vatican intelligence community,” he said

    32. “What if this thing has spread humans to all planets in its realm, its body, whatever, as sources of souls?” Arthur asked

    33. from their other sources – agents and so on – at least none that we’ve

    34. heard from other sources that the other man’s command of the

    35. We think very few would have died as anonymously as Ava’s host did so we might find potential sources that way

    36. It was described in fragments by very ancient sources indeed and then re-presented, still in its fragmentary form, by a predecessor of this same venerable master

    37. believe by reputable sources that the reason

    38. ‘He has his sources, does Henri

    39. Something needs to connect the two energy sources so they can touch one another and bring the needed balance

    40. Wages, profit, and rent, are the three original sources of all revenue, as well as of all exchangeable value

    41. All taxes, and all the revenue which is founded upon them, all salaries, pensions, and annuities of every kind, are ultimately derived from some one or other of those three original sources of revenue, and are paid either immediately or mediately from the wages of labour, the profits of stock, or the rent of land

    42. both sources of carbohydrates

    43. There are many sources of antioxidant vitamins including:

    44. rich sources of vitamins and minerals

    45. It is much higher than sources such as beef, pork and lamb

    46. One can best benefit from various sources as long as they all pull in the same direction

    47. sources that you can’t touch them and so logically can’t wet them

    48. For the next week, list in the table all the sources of news you see

    49. and/or hear, as well as other sources of negativity

    50. Now, look at the other negative sources listed in column two

    1. And what of those institutions, with the myriad discoveries during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, upon whose elephantine backs were transported the hopes, the expectations, and the problems of the societies of the whole world it would seem? Some of those institutions’ members would now arrogantly protest the need of even a co-regency in the sourcing of the answers that ought to be addressed concerning the solutions applied to all life

    2. sourcing models and how to paint them

    3. would seem on a pretty significant scale given the reported sourcing of 15 tonnes of

    4. does all sourcing for lots of major corporations, the only thing that they don’t have is

    5. sourcing company on the planet

    6. as a driver to increase the drive capability for sourcing the parts list

    7. Current sourcing means

    8. that they need to be sourcing your sort of service, but where do they look??

    9. Production and component sourcing

    10. to set out with the objective of sourcing strategic value ventures where the

    11. crowd sourcing solutions for brands seeking to improve

    12. In the market, she got her old mojo back, forgot how much she loved the sourcing side of the restaurant business

    13. Could that even happen in a company that completely believed in domestic sourcing? Also, if the company were truly committed to open communication, someone likely would have voiced concern even after the item was produced

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    source germ seed reference beginning origin root rootage reservoir author generator informant expert specialist authority inception derivation cause root-stock whence spring well fountainhead river fountain