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    1. I try to hug her back with one hand so I don’t spill the beer

    2. Uh! If I wasn't infected with that Instinct I'd spill his guts on his mother's carpet with a carving fork

    3. He reached over and grabbed a glass of water, drinking it all down in one large gulp and letting half of it spill out and run down his shirt

    4. We will spill our holy seed on this land, raise a caste of warriors, and still they will bend to the will of the Kassikan, and not our God, because of airborne viruses that program their behavior

    5. spill the colours of the rainbow from their knives,

    6. where shadow things spill into her veins

    7. lined and thick, spill hems

    8. dressed in the frill and spill of anticipation,

    9. She waved her hand at the figure, desperate to shoo the person away, and continued to spill bitter tears upon her red flushed cheeks, but the figure came towards her, knelt at her feet and held her hands

    10. continued to spill bitter tears upon her red flushed cheeks, but the

    11. Shaun leans forward and picks up one of the sachets, turning it over in his hands, watching the yellow powder spill back and forth within

    12. Her mother sobs quietly on the sofa, one hand over her mouth as her eyes spill tears across her cheeks

    13. He whispered conspiratorially but was obviously eager to spill all regarding Enjteen’s transgressions

    14. not to spill it over the candle

    15. He let the sand spill from his fingers, his bloodied lips opened to reply

    16. Not only had they grown to cover the land below, but they continued to spill from the Black Door, piling over one another in their blood-thirsty rage to reach the wall

    17. “Please, ma’am, I won’t spill anything this time,” the scullery maid answered in a

    18. His axes had bathed in the black-blood, yet seemed eager to spill more

    19. respect? Eventually, this love and respect for yourself will spill out to

    20. “Yeah, but you might want to spill some paint on that dress

    21. As the Cyclopes alternately spoke with eloquence then consumed pairs of sailors at each meal, she bit her lip to silence the protests that wanted to spill out

    22. Knowing how it brimmed within her and wanted to spill over was painful for them

    23. The Elf struggled with the desire to spill the beans about her newfound 'family' against her inclination to keep mum on the subject and let the cards fall where they may

    24. amounts of silver the Nightchildren spill blood for are partly expended upon these women

    25. Yes, she knew it, but this was one time she wasn’t going to spill her guts

    26. There were no ports from which light could spill out into the deep

    27. This could be a difficult task because often the disagreements, emotions and feelings of past personal relationships spill over into the care of the children

    28. The Victors oftentimes look to consolidate their fortunes for their own sake rather than taking a chance that the spoils of victory might spill over to the Vanquished

    29. “He was the operator in charge and he didn’t want to be responsible for a spill or a fire,” she told Brubaker

    30. “Don't spill your coffee, Teresa

    31. “So what was all that crap five years ago about then? When they said there’d been a dangerous chemical spill over here?”

    32. Anyhow, she ends up getting this asshole in bed and coaxes him to spill the beans

    33. The Fox lifted the Oak leaf, trying not to spill the mixture

    34. If we don't, their evil will spill across the land unchecked

    35. The trouble with a Klingon knife, he once explained to Sim, was that you had to spill blood just to cut a piece of cheese

    36. They even faked up some ancient texts with my name all over them,” said Hartle, composing his thoughts While the temptation to spill his guts all over the place was very high, this alien kid had no common terms of reference

    37. I’ve witnessed billions spill their blood willingly on a whim of mine, chanting my name in unison

    38. I felt warmth blossom inside me and spill it's life out into Jade and warm our little cocoon

    39. A recently issued regulation, (January, 2010) By the EPA subjects dairy producers to the Spill

    40. When the gulf oil spill occurred the Interior Department was involved in stopping the drilling so it is also involved

    41. “I just…” The tears that have been gathering in his eyes spill over, wetting his cheeks

    42. All around me, the Dauntless and the Candor wait for me to step forward and spill my entire life before them

    43. The words start to spill out, without finesse or sophistication

    44. The rest of us spill out on the pavement behind him, and we are shoulder to shoulder, standing so close I can hear how fast everyone is breathing

    45. Orphenn nearly collapsed again, and this time, he did spill the water

    46. him? If Wynne opened the spill gate, the water would force Orphenn out the

    47. Wanted to spill Amelia’s blood on that thick carpet in front of Nick

    48. Again we followed frozen rivers most of the way and on the whole it was still better than the rough terrain, but we nevertheless managed the occasional spill

    49. How could Sierra do that? How could she take something so sensitive, so embarrassing, and spill it out to the city for entertainment? Here she was, still shaken up by the second horrific vision she had had about her sister falling off a cliff

    50. The knock at the door startled her, causing her to spill a little of

    1. He was able to stop pouring just before the milk spilled out of the bowl

    2. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    3. broad chest and powerful frame in the light that spilled into the cell from the

    4. The faceplate in the door slid open and candlelight spilled into the room

    5. has spilled inside it’s carrier bag and leaked all over the boot

    6. And there, sitting under a spilled dollop of chicken jalfreezi was the object he was looking for, his parent’s council rent book

    7. The huge pie dish slid all the way down the table and spilled its contents all over poor little Ruby, who wailed and screeched and sobbed

    8. Lemony herby rice and onion spilled into my mouth still hot from cooking

    9. Tarak bolted up as the memory spilled out

    10. He will wait for the right moment, when you're under the greatest stress; you've broken up with your boyfriend, you just lost your job, or you spilled red wine all over your favorite ivory dress

    11. And there, sitting under a spilled dollop of chicken

    12. congealed dough and snowstorms of spilled flour

    13. slid all the way down the table and spilled its contents all over poor

    14. Parking garages and lots spilled down the hillside away from the cliffs

    15. She was able to find her administrative records, of which her locker assignment was a part, but the laughter in her eyes spilled over into her voice when she saw the dates involved

    16. grey powder spilled out and covered his arm with

    17. Judging by the colour of the stains on his shirt he spilled more of the yoghurt then he ingested

    18. "Well I'll be" spilled from Todd's mouth "You've tamed the tiger" He responded with a laugh

    19. " When she nodded her head, the tears spilled from his warm loving eyes and he turned back to the wheel

    20. Kazar and the boys spilled their guts on that one so to speak

    21. All of it spilled

    22. " she spilled the facts, she thought he wanted to hear,

    23. coming in contact with the gasoline I’d spilled earlier

    24. The throng of lifeless flooded the walkway, and spilled into the city, where they satiated their hunger within the very streets of Lock Core

    25. Streams of energy spilled from their fingertips, only to dissipate the instant it met the beings' empty forms, failing to even scratch their dark surfaces

    26. A drop of blood formed at the corner of his eyes then spilled down his cheek where it merged with the rest of the flow

    27. The flames of those kilns lit the chamber with a lurid glow which spilled out into the khume beyond

    28. He pulled up a money pouch and spilled its contents onto the conversation table

    29. Children are present," Brice could no longer contain his anger, threads of blue light spilled from his golden sleeves

    30. Helpless to save them, she watched as a jagged edged sword tore through one of the soldier's breastplate, ripping open a huge horizontal gash along his waist from which the man's innards quickly spilled

    31. The darkness spilled over the Outer Shell, surging into the courtyard

    32. embarrassment when his nearly empty purse spilled open during the auction

    33. There was a small cascade that spilled over a low point in the cliffs

    34. Blood spilled from my lips, while the sound of my bones shattering, left an ache deep inside

    35. As Tragus spilled his seed into her, Nerissa kept pushing back against him

    36. Tears spilled down her cheeks, and I stared at the old woman in astonishment

    37. As he got within a few metres the grounds illuminated by a bioluminescent band running under the solar- panelled roof, revealing the neatly trimmed garden, the blue-white light spilled over to reveal the contrasting wild undergrowth

    38. Some of the water even spilled on my shoulder

    39. Sebastian and the others watched as little glimmering drops of blood, spilled out, hovering in the air

    40. “I can’t just…” Tears spilled over as Alex struggled to contain her sudden fright over her brother’s safety

    41. A little water spilled from her pail, wetting my foot

    42. They spilled over her cheeks as she stood, reaching for Sebastian

    43. ” My cup of anguish spilled over as the tea did, when I dropped my cup

    44. He wiped a spilled tear from my cheek

    45. We were quite crowded and spilled over into the courtyard

    46. Tears welled in my eyes and spilled over

    47. could be spilled later

    48. As the moon spilled its soft iridescent glow around the

    49. The stale smell of spilled wine and vomit assailed his nostrils

    50. tucked away; they spilled forth, Back Bay, Jeff, that night at the beach house

    1. Clarisse is next to him, her long raven hair spilling over her pillow and John’s arm on which she is resting

    2. The bedroom door bursts open and, by the light spilling in from the sitting room, Stephen rushes in, his hair all awry, wearing his dressing gown

    3. It is full to overflowing and looks rather debauched now, spilling over with empty wine and beer bottles, the detritus of our festivities over Christmas and New Year

    4. ’ The girl said, whisking away the tears spilling from her eyes and smiling determinedly

    5. spilling still the odours of cheap wine

    6. tipping on loosed ropes, spilling screams into the sea,

    7. " Desa said, spilling the contents of her bag on the cleared area near the fire

    8. had backed up and was spilling a cold and dirty mixture of

    9. Spilling the Water: point to the pond and then point to yourself

    10. smashed on the ground spilling its contents all

    11. “The hardest part,” said George, “was keeping Wang Lung, Lizette, and the others from spilling the beans while I was making preparations and hurrying to get it completed before our next bundles of joy arrive

    12. Beneath them then, spilling onto main floor, were a drift of white slips resembling the fallen leaves of some great pale tree

    13. He gags as he falls, spilling his guts onto the front of his flak jacket and then onto the floor, and he turns away and starts to crawl as soon as he feels solid earth beneath his spine

    14. The boiling water has not yet settled back into a calmer state of simple hotness and the water jumps from the spout and misses the cup, spilling white hot blisters of water across the counter top and down the cupboard doors

    15. The girls continued their story, filling in how they met Jim, and his last name, as if they’d not seen the steam, spilling from his ears

    16. By finally resorting to violence after all! It's all about spilling blood in the end, isn't it?” Justice said, his smile growing

    17. "Aaaaaa," he sucked in the air as he arose, his hair and beard dripping wet, spilling water all around him

    18. Maggie lent against him, her hair spilling onto his shoulder, filling his nostrils with her fragrance

    19. Clenching his jaw with rage, a geyser of flame erupted from his eyes, spilling into the energy stream and turning the trio of demons into a charred pit of ash, ten feet deep in the earth

    20. Gabe was on his knees, his innards spilling out of a giant tear in his mid-section

    21. my Gurus by spilling whisky on them and what a student I was

    22. I couldn't stop the river from flooding my eyes and spilling over onto my already moist cheeks

    23. To dream that something is radioactive represents suppressed emotions that are on the verge of spilling over into your conscious and creating a negative influence in your daily life

    24. They were so like her own thoughts that at first she supposed that the explanations---the one from Dena, and the ones spilling out in her mind---were just curious echoes of one another

    25. He stared ahead, waiting to navigate the impending storm of clashing steel, fiery spells, and spilling blood

    26. The poor man – who had been spilling out his heart about his troubled upbringing – had only a few seconds to leave after she’d been buzzed by Jannson to warn her they were there by executive warrant

    27. I watched men with their limbs blown off or trying to hold their entrails in place and stop them falling out and spilling onto the sand I shuddered as I watched this scene and the hair on my head stood on end

    28. Aspen leaned her head back, and her hair slipped from its pins, the long, wet masses spilling over her shoulders

    29. When this happened, the sweet smelling straw killed the odor of the blood I was spilling

    30. “Its lovely to see you Billy Boy how are you? Of course Bert told us you had been wounded and then your letters to Rosie and Helen arrived, have you seen Bert yet?” She was trying so hard to ask me questions that they were spilling from her mouth and they tumbled over each other such was her haste to ask them and her excitement at seeing me stood there

    31. private battlegrounds whilst Jack’s was spilling out into every

    32. They were spilling out onto the roads in their haste to get the best bargains before heading home

    33. His attention focused on his pocket, he went to retrieve the device, and at that precise moment he collided with the woman, spilling about a third of his drink and a good portion of hers, most of it over her

    34. What if Sicarius had found a breach in Myll’s house defenses and gone inside? What if he had been caught? What if, even now, under the influence of some magical torture, Akstyr and Sicarius were spilling kegs full of information on the emperor’s drugged state and Amaranthe’s plans? What if—

    35. I wanted to reply immediately but had a mouthful of food and chewed quickly, almost spilling the food out of my mouth

    36. She sat staring at the duvet, the contents of her cup dangerously close to spilling

    37. A rolling line of clouds chased the moon above the mountain peaks, spilling a heavy drizzle in its passage

    38. It hit the floor with a thwack, the contents spilling out

    39. Leaving it, she moved to the next, which she jerked open with such violence that it came free in her hand, spilling place mats onto the floor

    40. It hit his chest and he fumbled at it, but it fell to the ground, spilling out twenty pound notes

    41. She was solidly in her mid-twenties, strikingly pretty, with her honey-highlighted brown curls spilling across her pillow even though her olive skin was unnaturally colorless under sedation

    42. Others came sprinting from across the parking lot, spilling out of the blue sedan and the gray minivan

    43. On some of the larger, with hilly interiors and waterfalls spilling into the bay, villages inhabited by Cuna Indians – who continue to live much the same as their ancestors for countless generations – could be seen

    44. She slammed he fist on the table, spilling a cold cup of coffee, grabbed her coat and stormed out of out of the room

    45. Less than ten minutes later, men were spilling out of the trucks, and swarming all over the planes, while several other lorries and a crew went looking for the bomb dump

    46. “Actually I had been thinking about it, but though I can handle the dramatics, I am not too keen on handing people over to the procrastinators for spilling oil or eating sugar on a Watchday

    47. Usually, she stared out of the back window, drool spilling out of her mouth all over the upholstery

    48. They had almost touched again as she released her grasp and it plopped into his, spilling a little into his cupped hand

    49. He roared an impossible roar, neither human nor bull, and I twisted the blade and cut it across, spilling his insides out and he fell and his blades were slashing at me again, the force of it throwing me to the ground and twisting my leg beneath me, a sharp pressure that I knew should be pain

    50. Some judgment of my subconscious, no logic, benevolence spilling from me as it overflowed my spirit

    1. He spills a quantity of soggy wallpaper on the floor as his grip on the bags slips; together, Liz and I rush over to take some of his burden from him

    2. spills the guts of war torn sub-Saharan news

    3. of the land and spills upon my breast,

    4. at Mouth Mill in slow, shallow spills,

    5. because of the thrills and spills of people watching

    6. Where the wine flows and spills, the food devoured, the

    7. Billy had brought not only the brushes, but also dust sheets to cover the floor and protect it against paint spills

    8. Somewhere along the corridor the sound of a vacuum cleaner resumes its low drone and Carol's defensive brusqueness breaks as Dave's shirt absorbs the moisture that spills from her eyes and onto her cheeks

    9. The gun spills from his hand and he hears a straw donkey braying in one last brilliant shaft of sunlight

    10. “When I don’t hide it, it spills out too fast

    11. Blood spills over his hand and the color drains from his face

    12. Blood spills over her lips and curls around her chin

    13. He pulls out one of the volumes and lays it flat on the table, so it spills open, its pages covered in text and pictures

    14. Her coffee spills out of the cup

    15. They can also handle some chemical spills,

    16. As the amount flowing through the pipeline slows down there is much concern that the slower flow will result in the oil freezing or forming into a waxy mass and thus raise the risk of interruptions and spills

    17. Fairly close together in time, Ingalls’ workers caused two radioactive spills on the decks of submarines undergoing overhaul

    18. As between YTP as lessee and Meggitt Defense Systems of LA, the lessor, the lease made the lessor liable for hazardous waste spills

    19. Some of the sons quoted in the article said that the dissension frequently spills into social occasions, which the father cannot divorce from the place of work, and that the mothers are upset, wives are ready for a divorce, and children are neglected

    20. Hot blood spills over his fingers, the wolf howls once and then falls away, silenced

    21. The force of his assault brings the whole weight of him down on Ralph’s body, but blood spills from the blacksmith’s mouth and a moment later he is no danger

    22. They coloured Simon’s mind in jagged spills of black and orange, russet and green

    23. Vessels within national waters could be detained and held responsible for oil spills and failure to adhere to ship construction standards

    24. When spills occur, the Coast Guard, in cooperation with other government agencies and private companies, is involved in clean-up operations, investigates the source of the pollution, holds hearings, and levies fines on violators

    25. A USCG study concluded that more than 5,000 toxic chemical and oil spills occurred in the 1980s on the Great Lakes

    26. Eighty percent of the spills came from land-based pipelines and storage tanks

    27. Twenty percent of the spills came from boats and ships (Flesher, “Great Lakes Had…,” 1990)

    28. Senator Levin said the catalyst for the establishment of the proposed center was a 1990 USCG study which found that 5,000 oil and toxic chemical spills occurred on the Great Lakes between 1980 and 1989 (“Great Lakes…Oil Response Center,” 1990)

    29. The Coast Guard had endorsed the single-hull barge ban in 1979, but subsequently disavowed the proposal when USCG officials and barge owners concluded the proposed fees, permits and construction costs would be problematic and unnecessary, because serious barge spills on the 1250 mile stretch of river under consideration were infrequent (“Group Urges Double Hulls…,” 1993)

    30. A rush of cold air spills out of the chasm

    31. Listen well and read between the lines he or she spills out, in order to have a deeper understanding of who your dream mate truly

    32. Do you not recognize how much better it would be first to cleanse the inside of the cup, and then that which spills over would of itself cleanse the outside? You wicked reprobates! you make the outward performances of your religion to conform with the letter of your interpretation of Moses' law while your souls are steeped in iniquity and filled with murder

    33. And spills the upper boulders in the sun;

    34. Their ability to co-ordinate their efforts and resources in whatever disaster, chemical spills, major fires, train or plane crashes, germ warfare attacks or anything else they could dream up, would be measured and scored by specialist observers

    35. various spots, "Release," he says and the blood spills out of him

    36. Another hot tear spills down the cheek of this fragile dream

    37. The added benefits, the overarching goal of peace and the way in which it carries over and spills out into other actions, this is the purpose

    38. Lewis testified before Congress on restoration of wetlands and ways to prevent oil spills

    39. As the years progressed, there were small spills but the news was that either they were insignificant or they had been cleaned up

    40. John Devens, the mayor of Valdez, was aware of potential problems regarding spills, so he decided to use property taxes to build up a response team for cleanup

    41. There are numerous similar incidents of oil spills that we don’t even know about

    42. The seriousness of the spills varies, but all are harmful to the environment

    43. What you may not know is about other oil spills, which are not limited to a single corporation

    44. Hot Coffee goes on to reveal a few other times when corporate America spills stuff over us – perhaps crapping over us is a better description

    45. Drink, drink yours before it spills

    46. Every few years she spills her banks and floods the valley

    47. The water spills replicating atoms tenfold

    48. second later, the water summons back and spills over TK

    49. A liquid substance spills out of the

    50. A torrent of melted marshmallow spills through the cross

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