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    1. A stingy spirit must not prevail in conducting the affairs of the church (2:21)

    2. “So that’s why he’s been so stingy lately,” Luray said as she arrived back at the table with full cups

    3. So don’t be stingy on the information you share

    4. Here is not the place to be stingy

    5. His aunt, whose name was Martha McTilden, was not quite the right type of person to raise a young boy, for she was narrow minded, severe, sometimes cruel, and almost always stingy

    6. whose parents were dead, who lived with a cross and stingy old aunt,

    7. Feeling suddenly stingy, as if it were a squabble between siblings over who’s playing with whose special toy,

    8. He also mentioned that the Timacua were a stingy people and the Southeastern Cities were recovering nicely and starting to buy as were the Iyehyeh

    9. throats, you stingy bastards! Greed is not only good, but godly as

    10. She raised her brows, looking at him dryly, a stingy grin

    11. Never could Philip find anything in Jesus which was small, niggardly, or stingy, and he worshiped this ever-present and unfailing liberality

    12. The wooden barrack housing him and another hundred or so Americans taken prisoners in Korea had only a single small pot-bellied stove to heat it, and their Chinese captors were quite stingy with the coal they provided for it, even though the hundreds of American prisoners of war held in Manzhouli were the ones toiling day-long to extract it from the local coal mine

    13. ‘’You have stingy bean counters in Tehran, Farah?’’

    14. somewhere without food – and it will just begin to become very stingy with

    15. He was stingy, selfish, cruel and

    16. His Gascon temper nearly made the messenger explode in rage and frustration: Cardinal Mazarin may be the one hope for the salvation of the monarchy in France but he was one stingy employer

    17. “The gods are stingy with manifestation orb technology

    18. It wasn’t long until their fire and a smattering of stars provided a stingy illumination

    19. seemed a bit stingy when it came to dispensing that sort of information

    20. Enfields are driven all over India by stingy backpackers

    21. Summing up what has been mentioned in this noble Fortress, we say, the denier of religion (right) or you can say the person who is distracted of his communication with God and does not draw nearer to his Provider spiritually is but a man deprived of humane sensations, stingy and of low spirit, moreover he is a dissembler that causes the good to be stopped

    22. Summing up what has been said in this noble Fortress, we say that the denier of religion, that is, of what is right, – or, you could say, the person who is distracted from their communication with God and does not draw nearer to their Provider spiritually – is a person who is deprived of humane sensations, stingy and weak in spirit, and moreover, a dissembler who stands in the way of goodness

    23. The sheikh knew that the superstitions and drivel that are related by the devils had enticed this stingy rich man, and had entrapped him in illusions and deceptions

    24. “Just a few scrawny shepherd’s, the odd lonely trooper and a handful of stingy station managers who wouldn't die parting with a point's worth of anything

    25. The work was exacting, the harvesting slow; the stingy plants clung 362

    26. embracing them, mixing with the stingy smell of sweat

    27. As stingy and wretched as those beggars you hear about who leave fortunes behind them when they die

    28. I am not stingy

    29. He was rich but stingy

    30. Oh yes, it whetted my appetite for more but life is stingy sometimes with its hand-outs

    31. Rather than try to shame the european euro-government by publicizing their stingy inhuman cold uncaring attitude towards mass starvation in Africa,: they try to beg for pennies and dollars from poor tv viewers instead

    32. But when they became wealthy and affluent: then their old frugalness born of necessity: became a selfish, stingy, greedy unwillingness to give anything to anyone

    33. Because of the stingy meanness of the Roman refusal to give their exclusive citizenship to anyone else, the Italian Peninsula was torn by civil wars, and invasions, and political turmoil for centuries

    34. But when He has given them of His bounty, they became stingy with it, and turned away in aversion

    35. " The human being has always been stingy

    36. And those who, when they spend, are neither wasteful nor stingy, but choose a middle course between that

    37. But as for him who is stingy and complacent

    38. Perhaps you could bring me a bunch of apples? Cassius has been stingy as of late

    39. He would go about in a dirty old coat, he was stingy to everyone else, but would spend his last penny for her, giving her expensive presents, and it was his greatest delight when she was pleased with what he gave her

    40. Don't be stingy in this area

    41. Also, only one month out at a time maximum; be stingy with giving option buyers enough time to be right,” Terry explained as the waiter approached

    42. He gave money for the erection of temples and supplemented as far as he could the collection of alms, in regard to which the majority of members were stingy and irregular

    43. In this century, men attend to business, they gamble on 'Change, they win money, they are stingy

    44. And I did not know but what the stingy old Bildad might have a mighty deal to say about shipping hands, especially as I now found him on board the Pequod, quite at home there in the cabin, and reading his Bible as if at his own fireside

    45. Lynde might be bossy; but there was always a box of cookies in her kitchen cupboard and she was not stingy

    46. now turned stingy; they love their money; they hide

    47. All these ill-natured women and sickly children, together with their tormentor, were crowded together in a wooden house on Petersburg Side, and did not get enough to eat because the old man was stingy and gave out to them money a farthing at a time, though he did not grudge himself vodka; they did not get enough sleep because the old man suffered from sleeplessness and insisted on being amused

    48. For though she could filch a lot of money from the papa he wouldn't marry her, and maybe he'll turn stingy in the end, and keep his purse shut

    49. The old widower Samsonov, a man of large fortune, was stingy and merciless

    50. I hasten to observe here, as briefly as possible, that though Varvara Petrovna had become, it was said, excessively careful and even stingy, yet sometimes she was not sparing of money, especially for benevolent objects

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    meager meagerly meagre scrimpy stingy ungenerous miserly greedy parsimonious mean