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    1. John takes the bottle, takes a swig

    2. He takes the bottle back, takes a big swig

    3. He took a long swig of his beer

    4. She took another swig of her beer and went out into the living room to the entertainment center

    5. He opened it and took a long swig and let out a belch

    6. On cue, Alastair hands me a glass and I take a quick swig; bless him … a stiff vodka and tonic is just what I need …

    7. ' she replied, taking a swig of her cider

    8. Ted takes one last swig from the Coke bottle and goes back to the kitchenette

    9. The boy accepted the bottle with gusto and tipped it up for a swig

    10. shaking his head in agreement once in a while after a swig of beer

    11. Yhomaire was soon back with a full cup, from which he took a swig, then passed it on

    12. Henri took a long swig before

    13. She took another swig of the bottle, “For the throat,” she said

    14. washing down each morsel with a swig of wine from his

    15. "But we all know that doesn't last," Alec said, taking a healthy swig of ale

    16. There was a moment of silence as Alec took a swig of his drink

    17. After taking a hearty swig of his mead, Brynjolf studied the man’s weathered and scornful face

    18. She was disappointed as he merely chuckled and took another swig, scarcely turning to face her

    19. He took another swig as the other man continued

    20. “Oh, Clodius, faint-hearted to the last, eh?” The first man took a swig from his vessel

    21. ” His already dour expression darkened even more after swallowing a swig of ale

    22. I smacked my chops which tasted as though a cat had shit in them so I took a swig of tea which was hot sweet and strong and the best drink I had ever tasted

    23. Dusty grabbed them as fast as they were filled ready to deliver back to their parched owners he came to me first and tossed the full bottle up I thanked him and opened the stopper taking a long swig of the cool water and it was heaven I sighed in recognition of just how wonderful it tasted

    24. ” I picked up the mug and took a swig god it tasted like heaven strong and sweet but I could feel the fatigue begin to wash over me and my groin and leg where now aching and burning the pain a living thing and my back had began to throb uncomfortably

    25. ” He took a swig of

    26. ” he said before taking a swig

    27. !' She took a swig out of the bottle with Doc still holding on to it

    28. swig of his vodka before throwing it over the hill towards the river

    29. He took a swig of cool coffee to stir his mind as the machine

    30. ” He took a swig of his whiskey and then continued

    31. We will drink fast and leave at the end of this song, yes?” Adem grinned and took another swig of his ale

    32. She got off her knees, momentarily to take a swig of hot tea and did her own impression of biting off more that she could chew

    33. Books considered the two inches of liquid left, removed and replaced the cork a couple times, but ultimately set the bottle back down without taking a swig

    34. Taking a hefty swig, he looked about the room with apparent disinterest

    35. He harrumphed, took another swig of his whisky and promptly fell asleep, which didn't surprise me one bit because one sip of that firewater would have knocked out Cassius Clay

    36. The man's eyes narrowed, but he grabbed the flask from Uncle Hobart, sniffed at it suspiciously, then took a deep, long swig

    37. with a swig of water when I heard the sound of feet running

    38. Brendan had another hefty swig and reluctantly followed

    39. The kid took a swig

    40. He swallowed one down with a swig of beer, then called out into the hall

    41. He took a pill, and took a swig

    42. Once his hunger was satisfied, he took a swig of water from his own flask and rolled it around his mouth in an effort to wash down the uncannily chicken-like meat

    43. Taking another swig of her drink

    44. it, took a swig, and doused his wounded calf

    45. Ethan took a small liquor bottle out of a chest pocket, opened it and had a swig

    46. Nicole shook her head, while the Swede gave his flask of vodka a swig, giggled and snorted

    47. I took a big swig of the still cold Bud

    48. Sierra twisted the top off and took a swig

    49. another swig from the bottle and then offered it to Tomo

    50. you!” He took another swig

    1. Alex pushed his empty plate back and swigged the rest of his coffee

    2. the hell?” he said, as he swigged the wine from the bottle

    3. Jock carried a bottle of Mekong whisky under his car seat and swigged it as they drove

    4. Brent swigged his shot and filled the glasses all around

    5. He pulled out the stopper and swigged the dark red liquid quickly

    6. Moose swigged off the last drop of his tea

    7. A firm shake of the head from Peg as she swigged her coffee

    8. Shoop swigged another inordinate amount of gin

    9. swigged the last of his coffee

    10. He swigged down a cool drink then voiced his concerns

    11. Omar stumbled up from the bench and swigged down the rest of his drink, turning

    12. A glass maybe not but he had swigged the remainder of the bottle and was

    13. He swigged his wine, was alerted to his fading sobriety, placed the glass at the far end of the little wooden IKEA writing desk, just at the limit of his reach

    14. They swigged their beers, stood in a line, the beautiful small

    15. After Roger had swigged, putting the top back on, Jim

    16. He picked the glass up and swigged the wine down

    17. She had swigged more Jack Daniel’s and told them all to go to hell

    18. They fell hungrily on the boiled pork and swigged the water from the bottle

    1. Swigging off and on from his tall mug, a very curious Delvin simply looked on

    2. We were sitting in his old shed, swigging beer, it being the only place where we felt safe from Aunt Martha's housework

    3. All five were laughing and swigging from beer bottles

    4. Swigging the last of his coffee Dave extends his empty mug towards Steve; �Yeah, I'll have another one please mate

    5. Spock and Stu did as instructed and the car sped away, Stu in the front seat, and Spock contentedly sat in the back seat swigging on his half-finished, flat can of Singha beer

    6. In the fading daylight Alice made her way back to the RV, where Chuck was sitting outside swigging beer in a fold-out chair

    7. He was in the bedroom, sprawled in an armchair, gently swigging from a bottle

    8. Theakston was darting in and out of the heather and Smith was casually strolling along swigging from the bottle of Jack Daniels

    9. Before she could object though Elon had taken the jug from her and was swigging down the mystery fluid

    10. I pulled a few strips of beef jerky out of my pack and sat eating it and swigging my water

    11. Mercer repeats the swigging motion more cautiously

    12. She’d been swigging coffee since six this morning and hadn’t slept more than two hours the night before

    1. They both took long swigs of their beer and let out huge belches at the same time

    2. At the far end of the bar a boy of sixteen takes anxious swigs from a bottle of orange juice

    3. She couldn't help but notice his anxiety, after a few good swigs of coffee

    4. He's bored and showing it, as he swigs back beer from one of the six bottles he has in his cart

    5. several swigs from his whiskey bottle and then put his face so

    6. As soon as I"d done that I unscrewed the cap, took a firm hold of the bottle with both paws and then took several swigs

    7. "Jeff, let's have a few swigs from this precious water

    8. Have a few swigs of this, mate … there you go … you OK?’

    9. and would be gone in two swigs

    10. "Psst!" He took a few swigs and then nudged Patricia to

    11. took a few long swigs as the bubbly spilled out all over his face and onto the ground below

    12. he alternated bites and swigs on automatic pilot, totally oblivious of his surroundings

    13. of them, he had spotted a figure sitting beneath a gnarled old tree, who was taking long swigs

    14. by short puffs from cigarettes and swigs of vodka, he removed the piston head assembly to

    15. When he came back from the toilet he hit me with a bombshell; he told me he’d never had a girlfriend! A real life nineteen year old virgin- I didn’t know they existed! They certainly don’t where I come from, or at least they wouldn’t admit it if they were breathing their last breath! It took a bit of thinking about that one- did I want to bother with a man who didn’t know what to do in bed? But a few more swigs of my pint and a gaze into those cobalt blue eyes convinced me it would be fun teaching him how to do it right- after all there would be no bad habits to break would there?

    16. After dinner, they shared the two beers they’d brought from Kennedy Meadows, giving me swigs as we sat in the dirt bundled in our clothes

    17. Mercer takes several more swigs of beer, trying to use his bottle-arm’s elbow as a baffle, but the boy, a dab hand at seduction, finds his way through, and even as Mercer’s heart clenches, his lower body brings him close enough for wrists to rest on shoulders, for a finger to loosely trace the nap at the back of his head

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    draft draught gulp swig quaff slog slug swallow glass mouthful swill beer