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    take in

    1. However, these studies don't always take into account the efficacy of the treatments and may be based more on actual availability of the treatments and personal preferences

    2. We should try and take initiative for the establishment of such centers

    3. I will even take inflation into account

    4. "Take in livestock that can live on non-perishables," doostEr thought

    5. ’ I told him numbly, trying to take in the thought that Dan could have … surely not … but why, for heaven’s sake?

    6. Be careful and take into account when the

    7. Things to take into consideration

    8. must take in consideration who is speaking, to whom it was spoken to and the time it was

    9. It was best just to walk along the most interesting level of whatever canal you were on and take in whatever you happened across

    10. Israel’s history is not something for us to take into account so that we don’t backslide

    11. couplefolk who all wanted a new arrival could not partake in the

    12. Poor Samantha made that mistake in coming to you for justice

    13. Practice this exercise every day and you will soon notice a marked improvement in your posture and a new feeling of freedom from backache and a new feeling of lightness as your straightening spine allows your lungs to take in more oxygen

    14. “Oh, this is just too much to take in at one time

    15. ”, allowing me time to take in my surroundings and have a tickle of the kitten, he began weaving and scratching his jingle-belled wand across the strings of this innocent looking triolin

    16. One of my girls makes a mistake in an important document during the afternoon and I snap her head off publicly … this is not normal for me, and I can see that people are commenting which makes it all worse than ever

    17. There is a long silence while I take in the meaning of his words … with the blood singing in my ears, I stare into his eyes reflected in the mirror in front of me; my own are enormous

    18. Great-aunt Edith paused for a moment to let Annie take in what she was saying, pouring herself another cup of thick black coffee from the cafetiere

    19. I just sit there staring at him, trying to take in all he has been saying

    20. True he got no chance to partake in fleshly pleasures, but his med panel was capable of dialing that need out of his life

    21. 'Not what you were anticipating?' he laughed, as I take in the stylish glass dining table, the white carpet and very tasteful modern paintings on the plain pale walls

    22. It was a lot to take in, but Harry had, once he got some perspective on the issue, been able to acknowledge his new role in the family's finances and hoped someday to be able to also contribute significantly towards them

    23. Alistair sat back, perhaps struggling to take in all of what was

    24. Titania and Hipolyta convinced their parents to take in the lad and situate him in Harry's old room off the workshop

    25. take in the sweet smell and smiled as he felt the warmth

    26. that he might have made a mistake in arresting the old

    27. partake in the party scene and kept to herself

    28. take in the ramifications of what they had just witnessed

    29. Jean tried to take in the ramifications of what he’d just

    30. Confused, he had gone to the arrivals area and then tried to correct his mistake in vain; linguistic difficulties sealed his fate

    31. and was now about to partake in a meal he had heard was

    32. take in her second surprise for the day

    33. trying to take in what they’d been told by the young

    34. The type of fat that you take in also makes a huge difference

    35. Nevertheless, Brontes knew this was a fight they had to partake in

    36. I turned around to take in Savannah in her feline form

    37. He had never really been religiously inclined; the only time he ever did anything remotely ‘religious’ was when he visited the Temple to partake in Sacred Communion with the Queen of Heaven

    38. Moreover, they had two children to take into consideration who had grown into rather rebellious and insubordinate limbs on the family tree, perhaps resulting from the influence of the disjointed and uncomfortable atmosphere that was to be found in their home life

    39. In whatever way your movie has been produced up to the moment, you do know that you can make changes in the course the sequels will take in the year ahead, don’t you? You are the author! It’s your story!

    40. There was an old woman named Denise who enjoyed very much getting out of her house and wandering about her small town to do her shopping, see the sights, and in general, take in whatever might be occurring and cross her path on any given day

    41. She had closed her eyes to take in the atmosphere and the comforting sound and had drifted in that reverie for a few DRAFTChapter 18 481

    42. If you decide that Buddhism is your path, it is important to recognize that there are differences that you must take into account when choosing the school that best fits your personality

    43. " She had to pause, and I heard her take in a few deep breaths

    44. " I stared at him, waiting for him to take in what I was saying

    45. It is necessary to take into account that at production conditions, sand and crushed stone (gravel) have some humidity unlike laboratory (nominal) compositions of concrete, which define for dry initial materials

    46. species and as individuals; but also to take intentional

    47. So you see civilian, I have a stake in any job I’m told to perform for the government

    48. ” He turned to take in the room with his red eyes, his long, dark hair billowing in the electrified energy of the storm that was now battering the Temple

    49. John told him yes, but he was allowed to take in taxes of the amount owed, not any extra for himself

    50. This would have been extremely tedious to undertake in previous centuries without the technology that we have today and it is amazing that people found some of these codes as early as 1200 AD

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