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    1. Even when they got along, she was never as willing as he would have liked and they could now tease about that without rancor

    2. Kulai was so sophisticated, a well practiced amorist from an ancient and decadent culture, but in a sense more tease than Tdeshi's hormones wanted her to live with

    3. BigThree was a big bruising ten however and kedas did not have the Instinct, so they probably didn't tease him about it a lot

    4. The seedship aspect was all a tease

    5. and tease the apple leaves

    6. the artwork of tease

    7. who wheel and tease, but stay airborne,

    8. "That and I didn't want to tease myself

    9. We had to keep stopping for me to massage my legs which gave Alessandra plenty of opportunity to tease, although she did agree it wasn't an easy trek, 'Wait till we're going down through the gorge, it's worse than going up

    10. He could see that Ava thought so, but she knew how eager he was to play with this, so she didn’t tease him about it

    11. “Politely, he agreed not to tease me in public, I agreed not to undress in his presence

    12. the chicks in their ‘you think you’re getting some later but this is just to tease you’

    13. " The tease in his voice, made her feel as if she might enjoy that too

    14. And then the annoying biology department had to go raise a mortal in a lab, tease it with androids until it went nuts and then let it loose on the surface

    15. She shouldn't tease him that way, and she knew it, but for reasons unknown, she simple felt at easy around him

    16. " she restated her, tease of earlier

    17. February was nothing more than a school girl tease, the fake hope of spring

    18. She came across a guy she wanted to show her butt to, and asked Alan to lift her skirt and caress her cheeks to tease him

    19. Then without notice he swung his hand under her chin and pressed his lips to hers, she didn't even try forcing him away; when he moved beyond her lips, to tease with her tongue, she didn't resist

    20. Everything that was peculiar and displeasing in them--that Kay knew how to imitate: and at such times all the people said, "The boy is certainly very clever!" But it was the glass he had got in his eye; the glass that was sticking in his heart, which made him tease even little Gerda, who loved him completely

    21. one of them missed, the others would tease her merrily

    22. Crissy decided to tease her a little

    23. Sometimes it felt as if he had more than two hands as his fingers roamed her nakedness to touch and tease her

    24. He was glad that no one from the Guild was around to tease him for this later, something which he knew would certainly become a favorite tale if known

    25. I don’t know why some of us feel this need to tease and pick on other people

    26. It all had been meant to tease anyway

    27. She took hold of one of the sliced ends and began to tease it back across the front of the device

    28. You shouldn"t tease your husband

    29. Daniel would tease me and let me know he loved me without saying the words

    30. and older women?” Jill loved to tease her mom

    31. "And don't tease the camera

    32. As instructed, he didn't tease the camera,

    33. just a tease and will always hide your best bits hey! I bet you have

    34. It wasn’t neighborhood kids out to tease him about his leg

    35. This was no longer the jovial Bosco, a Thimble Down lad who used to tease Forgo in public

    36. there is a hole in it, Peascod will tickle me and Bean Blossom tease,

    37. “Then sleep with me” she tease with a smile

    38. There was even a gentle sea breeze to flutter the leaves of his potted palms and tease her hunger with sumptuous odors

    39. I got the urge to tease

    40. “So you came out here to tease me

    41. She would tease Tommy because he was not a good swimmer

    42. She’s pretty harmless, although she has a sharp set of claws if you tease her,” explained Brendan

    43. “You said I…it should be I’ve…” He admonished her while grinning sweetly, in all innocence, and he would never tease his wife

    44. We would play in the branches, chase each other up and down, and tease Nichtin with our strong bodies

    45. Gently, tease the nipple hard

    46. “Like a woman?” she said, her grin almost meant to tease

    47. He messed up her hair as he always did to tease her and she slapped at him in fun

    48. Those who were selected out have disappeared with only minute traces of them remaining to tease us about who they were, and what they were

    49. It’s also not wise to tease them, either

    50. Rondon framed his questions carefully and was able to tease some critical

    1. “You’re really hating this, aren’t you?” Silence teased

    2. Children also do not like to be teased by their parents and again the grandparents can appropriately humour them

    3. Fast, the great super spy, is afraid of his dad,” she teased

    4. He grins when teased about the high quality of the food which he will be enjoying

    5. He tore at his clothing to remove them, “let me show you just how much I’ve changed!” he teased her

    6. “Come use some of that energy and keep me warm my love,” Kate teased in a sultry voice

    7. "Then I'll never see you," she teased

    8. 'Oh dear, the stresses and strains of modern goat herding,' teased Alessandra

    9. Lord Tarak jokingly teased her throughout the meal until Rayne kicked him under the table (much to his surprise), and hissed at him to stop

    10. I said and was teased for bringing maths everywhere

    11. ’ Alastair teased, but I countered by saying that I thought a nice young man might brighten the area up … that took the wind out of his sails, he’d not thought of that

    12. “We could go upstairs and find a porch,” Kulai teased

    13. He told me how there had been a man at the party who couldn’t keep his eyes off me and I teased him by pouting and complaining that he should have told me

    14. She often teased with Alex that way, and it meant nothing more than space filler, when she didn't know what to say

    15. She teased him about not coming over a week ago Dusksleep, like he said he was going to

    16. He thought Valla had teased Luray to start it, but didn't know what she actually said

    17. No one piped water on this side of the brook, so they had a tank and a new rotary pump with wind-wheel that Dara had put in to replace the old lever-squeak thing that must have been teased along since sometime in the 40's

    18. She teased me: “Flirting

    19. “Of course you wouldn’t – we don’t share the same scruples, remember,” she teased

    20. “Mmm, what lovely thighs you have,” Zarko teased as he looked appreciatively at her legs

    21. In fact, would you like to do it again?” he teased

    22. To dream that you are teasing another person indicates that you are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character as represented by the person being teased

    23. But then all the guests would need to be naked too,” he teased

    24. “Not hungry? Or hungry for something else?” he teased her

    25. 'Sister, you've put your foot in it this time!' they teased

    26. Children chased each other, played tag, teased one another, then became interested in the animals joining the throng

    27. “Can I see it?” I teased him by running my hand under his beard and kissing him on the chin

    28. “And how often do you have to shave?” I teased

    29. As we passed our friends they good-naturedly teased us about being children

    30. His brothers and sisters teased Jesus about her, and He never seemed to mind, but He also never asked her to go for a walk

    31. We always thought he was a confirmed bachelor and teased him about it sometimes

    32. loved the way Tom always teased about that first date and their courting days

    33. He had teased her

    34. “Now that’s an ego trip!” she teased

    35. 'Why not?' He teased her, but she was having none of it

    36. She had teased her on one occasion, “You can’t even use the bathroom

    37. ” I teased her saying

    38. “Oh horror of horrors,” Dawn teased Carolyn, “that you should be forced to have contact with low-lives such as them

    39. He offered several possibilities like the rest of her clothes, the moon, my sunhat and so the silly list went on until he thought he had teased me long enough

    40. As he rested, thoughts of Brightness teased the edges of his consciousness but he pushed them aside

    41. Here, she teased Lili by writing the name of the town the way local peasants pronounce it

    42. While most of the girls teased him to let them join in

    43. and teased the other girl until she found the pure logic that she’l never

    44. “Try me” she coyly teased

    45. The bastard always teased her this way, slipping his tongue through her pubes - almost but not quite there - then sliding it away again, over and over

    46. She was constantly teased

    47. There was a quote that teased at the edge of my mind, something that I’d read in high school English class

    48. As they dried, my hair was curled and teased and smoothed again, then pinned and sprayed until it had the careless perfection that could only be achieved with enormous amounts of effort, tumbling from a mass at the top of my head to brush the nape of my neck

    49. Michael teased that it could have been me, but I reminded him that that would have been impossible because the woman in the picture had hair

    50. As she teased a fingernail over the moist flesh, the tip of her tongue extended involuntarily

    1. "He doesn't like her calling him Kid, so he teases her about hearing voices when she does

    2. “Let me see if I can translate this Japanese,” he teases, his gaze shifting from my eyes to my lips

    3. ” She teases, and I eye her with annoyance

    4. “If the dream partner didn’t intentionally tempt me with her seductive gray eyes, then this wouldn’t be a problem,” he teases

    5. “Need help undressing?” Sean teases as I head for the bathroom

    6. Hot blood teases my nerves as it circulates all over me

    7. “It’s a good thing you’re aware of your confusion,” he teases

    8. ” He teases as she hugs him and they return to the festivities

    9. Another woman told me that her teenage son is playful and teases her

    10. He teases me, pretends he doesn’t

    11. The image in the mirror teases me to stay away,

    12. regal publicity teases the waxing expressions of humans race – recurrent nightmares in

    13. It neither annoys nor teases

    14. teases were two larger than life Hispanic guys, Alex and Santos

    15. His insult joyfully teases her, daring her to give him a real beating

    16. It tugs and twists and teases

    17. “Don’t let the wings fool you,” she teases

    18. "Distracted by my hotness?" he teases as I push up off the mats

    19. She teases herself with

    20. The pettishness that might be caressed into fondness, had yielded to a listless apathy; there was less of the peevish temper of a child which frets and teases on purpose to be soothed, and more of the self-absorbed moroseness of a confirmed invalid, repelling consolation, and ready to regard the good-humoured mirth of others as an insult

    21. “I can guess,” he teases softly

    22. “What are you going to do with me?” he teases

    23. Now will you tell me where?” he teases

    1. It was only good-natured teasing this time

    2. newly beloved husband, teasing him in her withdrawal from physical contact

    3. Tahlmute and doostEr pretended to fall for it just to be polite until some of the local's started teasing them

    4. teasing without touching across wires,

    5. teasing without touching across stair rods,

    6. ’ He said with a gently teasing smile

    7. 'Nothing, our aunt once called her that, and I keep teasing her on it,' Ish said

    8. But he laughs and says that he’s only teasing me

    9. Most of the girls seemed to be saying they were familiar with most of these moves and there was a lot of easy laughter and teasing but no tense squealing

    10. There was teasing from nearby tables and occasional shrieks from anywhere in the room

    11. His lips were on her nipples, his fingers teasing slowly inside her while she did that

    12. “So, you think they're teasing us, this, whoever they are that's behind all this?”

    13. Even though she had done things Desa considered many times more degrading than admitting a mistake, Valla thought differently, maybe it was because she had grown up too fast out in that pass? If Desa could avoid teasing and prodding, Valla was going to come around

    14. "Teasing is that what you call it

    15. Barry Luck had been teasing a patron new to the area about his orange hair

    16. Once upon a time there was a wicked sprite; indeed he was the most teasing of all sprites

    17. smile at their teasing remarks as they called me ‘Jeejaji’

    18. Throughout the drive Liam continued to bait me with his remarks, which bothered me until I realized that his teasing was flirting

    19. The teasing of girls, the

    20. Shreya fighting with him for that teasing remark

    21. She laughs and hooks her arm through his as they continue walking while teasing each other

    22. Decide whether you are committed to this relationship or whether you first want to bed a few more of the willing young sluts out there!” With those words she jumped up and stomped out in a huff and a puff, a whiff of her sweet perfume teasing his nostrils

    23. Escort girls from the Godly Succubi roamed the halls of the factory, pleasing and teasing whatever man they came across

    24. To dream that you are teasing another person indicates that you are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character as represented by the person being teased

    25. Philemon is merely teasing

    26. Carius shook his head, trying his best not to appear too flustered at the teasing

    27. The earlier thought teasing him had finally crystallized in his mind

    28. " I smiled at the teasing look Walt gave me, watching his fuzzy eyebrows wiggle

    29. His thumbs dipped below her waistline, teasing

    30. ” He said, with his teasing grin

    31. ” His voice was stern, but he grinned, which convinced me he loved the teasing

    32. Even with teasing, he refused to say anything until we ate and Jesus was in bed

    33. Leah took all the flirting and teasing in stride, driving the boys crazy, Mother told me

    34. ” He loosened his arms as our children started teasing him for hugging their mother

    35. He could see that she was teasing him

    36. He pulled her into the water, teasing and playing as

    37. "Danny, will you stop teasing the

    38. “Of course, I was only teasing, Jean Fairsythe

    39. He was teasing, of course

    40. “Herb, can I call you Herb? After all, we go back what, 5 years? All those times I busted your balls for being incompetent? How you never seemed to actually solve anything but somehow managed to take the credit for everything? The way I treated you with such disrespect every time I ran into you? The practical jokes, teasing you about your social ineptness, I know I’ve been an asshole to you and I’m sorry

    41. The pair fought to control the boat as it keeled over until one gunwale was teasing the water

    42. brother, with his twinkling eyes, his drolleries, his teasing; of

    43. ‘This too shall pass,’ Evelyn said as we walked to our cars to head out for the day, holding onto our skirts as a gust of wind circled the parking lot, teasing our garments willingly

    44. How would you like to learn the ropes in the layout and design section? I know you have your degree in journalism and all that but I figured you won’t get lost in the streets anymore,’ he paused with a teasing smirk on his face, ‘and you might find it interesting

    45. How can it be happening? Maybe he’s just teasing me?

    46. ” Frank gave William a teasing glance as if to indicate he would hold back the knowledge William was so anxious to learn

    47. three hours ago” in his teasing mood then head to a cabinet and

    48. dreadful teasing of this incident for the whole year

    49. A teasing orgasm that rippled heat through me, not nearly enough, leaving my senses burning in its wake and promising more to come

    50. His eyes narrowed with the realization that I was teasing

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