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    1. Veiled threat of termination

    2. With this termination I heard from my mother, I and bared into my mind that my mother is wrong and that I forced them that I really want to go to school and be a degree holder

    3. Metaphorically, dying can be seen as an end or a termination to your old ways and habits

    4. We were politely received by the Spaniards, who were greatly relieved by the termination of the war, and whose condition was pitiable

    5. "Yes, I was reprogrammed to be a deathbot infiltrator and given an assignment, to locate and assist in the termination of one Kazuki Shimatani, location, the Badlands

    6. termination of Grihasthashram (householder), following the injunction

    7. To prevent a diplomatic incident in the French community which might result from their termination of my goings-on, my shocked parents enlisted the assistance of the French teacher

    8. the temporary termination of the freeway, a jutting ledge which

    9. termination and relentless application

    10. To-wit: Ingalls accepted in both its prime contract from SEA 02 and in its massive subcontract with RCA Defense Electronics in Cherry Hills, NJ, “Cancellation” clauses which did not afford it the protection against a not-for-default total or partial termination (for the government’s convenience)

    11. Without delving deeply into the legalities, suffice it to say that the Court of (Federal) Claims upheld the Navy’s partial termination of the LHA class which reduced the number of vessels from nine to five

    12. ” All of the foregoing accusations were true, but because he and Denny also cut 20% of the payroll before Christmas (they magnanimously continued my health insurance through December 31st, and I elected to retain it via COBRA until I got to NM), I was not the only “financial hardship layoff” and the termination letter acknowledged as much

    13. I was very shocked and angered by my termination based upon the pretext that Almendral, supposedly parroting Hottman, gave me

    14. The implausible scenario I was given by Almendral as his explanation was that the termination letter simply stated that “you did not satisfactorily complete your one year probationary period

    15. ” By April, I was getting regularly recurring ocular migraines and not sleeping, so I had become worried that my health would fail soon if I were not going to receive backing from Birx and Almendral, which was never forthcoming, despite high praise after my termination for the exemplary job I had done

    16. There is no termination

    17. A Coast Guard spokesperson warned that with the closing of the resort, loss of employees and tourists, and the threatened termination of the base, “there will be no one to mind the store, and that"s not in America"s best interest”

    18. Captain Waters chronicled the courage and skillful aviation techniques of amphibious helicopter pilots in countless missions, endorsed the seaworthiness of the successful aircraft, regretted the termination of their use, and insisted that the amphibious choppers increased the safety of crews and rescue swimmers, and asserted that with the amphibious vehicles, and the potential failure of the contemporary hoist mechanism, recovery success rates would be enhanced (Waters, pp

    19. prenatal testing is conducted in private hospitals and termination done if the

    20. with recruitment, induction, operational, and termination procedures

    21. the application (periodic or continuous), and the pause or termination of the application

    22. termination as of today

    23. caused the termination of the great periods in your race's

    24. Jesus, three-and-a-half months of ‘work,’ stupid as it is—thirteen thousand plus dollars worth of your time, on the brink of termination

    25. diagonal triangle, which signals continuation of the underlying trend, in contrast to the type 1 's message of termination of the larger trend

    26. The reason for the termination of his

    27. procedures would result in the termination of the Distributors Distributorship and

    28. It described in detail what the headmaster had seen in Bart’s office that morning, demanded immediate expulsion for him, and termination of employment for Bart

    29. This word El occurs as a termination in the name

    30. A court will take the factors listed above into consideration - but the penalties may include fines, termination of parental rights, supervised access to the child, and jail time

    31. This period of isolation on Mount Hermon marked the termination of his purely human career, that is, the technical termination of the mortal bestowal, while the later isolation marked the beginning of the more divine phase of the bestowal

    32. Gabriel, by direction of Immanuel and on authority of the Uversa Ancients of Days, now laid before Jesus information indicating that his bestowal experience on Urantia was practically finished so far as concerned the earning of the perfected sovereignty of his universe and the termination of the Lucifer rebellion

    33. I also testify to the completion of the records of the superuniverse, by authorization of the Ancients of Days, having to do with the termination of all sin-rebellion in your universe and endowing you with full and unlimited authority to deal with any and all such possible upheavals in the future

    34. And it was made clear to Jesus that his choice in this matter would have nothing to do with either his universe sovereignty or the termination of the Lucifer rebellion

    35. What would be his attitude when confronted by personal danger? He decided to exercise normal watchcare over his human safety and to take reasonable precaution to prevent the untimely termination of his career in the flesh but to refrain from all superhuman intervention when the crisis of his life in the flesh should come

    36. her husband at a point close to termination

    37. If this spectacular event had occurred the day before, at the time of Jesus' triumphal arrival at the temple at the termination of his tumultuous procession through the gates of the city, all the while loudly acclaimed by the multitude, they would have been ready for it, but coming as it did, they were wholly unprepared to participate

    38. Will his second advent on earth be timed to occur in connection with the terminal judgment of this present age, either with or without the associated appearance of a Magisterial Son? Will he come in connection with the termination of some subsequent Urantian age? Will he come unannounced and as an isolated event? We do not know

    39. 1 There is great danger of misunderstanding the meaning of numerous sayings and many events associated with the termination of the Master's career in the flesh

    40. The councilors were anxious to carry these matters to a speedy termination, not only because it was the preparation day for the Passover and no secular work should be done after noon, but also because they feared Pilate might any time return to the Roman capital of Judea, Caesarea, since he was in Jerusalem only for the Passover celebration

    41. 1 A little after half past four o'clock this Sunday morning, Gabriel summoned the archangels to his side and made ready to inaugurate the general resurrection of the termination of the Adamic dispensation on Urantia

    42. James the brother of Jesus was also present at this meeting, the first conference of the Master's disciples to be called after the termination of his planetary career

    43. The issue of drug termination had never really been an issue before, but it certainly had become one now

    44. “That is also correct," Donovan answered, “but in this case the FDA required a study of the effect of drug termination

    45. George Donovan told this reporter that the current research study at Dominex Pharmaceuticals involves the observation of medication termination

    46. The only difficulty reported by the drug company was a slight increase in blood pressure during the first few weeks of drug termination

    47. “This article discusses symptoms related to existing sedative termination

    48. A minor two percent were reported to have had difficulty with the termination; however, symptoms were not conclusively connected to the stopping of their medication

    49. There’d been little to no adverse reaction to the drug termination

    50. “Continue to keep tabs on the length of time these people were on the drug before termination

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    conclusion ending termination final result outcome result resultant end point endpoint terminus expiration expiry adjournment end dismissal death