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    1. sympathy sessions, an event actually causes the scales [controls] to be tipped in the other direction thus creating a different and, very

    2. He tipped up and finished his fourth cup of that ale and signaled the kegman for his fifth

    3. "We really shouldn't have more than one of these," Ava said when she tipped hers up

    4. There were no proven models of that atmosphere and climate, some worry that the climate could be tipped by the impact and that the planet would never recover

    5. I tipped the second bag out onto the mattress and turned each fabulous new toy over and over in my hands

    6. On Earth the life-to-economy ratio was tipped a lot farther on the side of economy than here

    7. Her breasts thrust proud and firm in front of her, tipped with long, permanently erect nipples that are purple-black

    8. these same hands hold pens, broad tipped

    9. “Nice to see that you’re still with us Daniel,” they shook hands, and he tipped his cap to Kate

    10. ” He tipped his head in that direction but she wasn’t watching

    11. Fortunately the second box, the one containing the brain-fry mixture, hit the floor and tipped to the left and the doctor thinks that most of the bad sachets have fallen to the left of the skewed table leg

    12. The boy accepted the bottle with gusto and tipped it up for a swig

    13. threat of violence must have tipped the balance for

    14. It was a furry octopus with a body the size of a softball, and seven tentacles that looked like cat’s tails tipped with eyes

    15. When he suddenly tipped her back to look deep into her eyes, she could’ve bet the ranch, that he was going to kiss her

    16. When he tipped her back to look down at her, she understood what he was asking and she laid her face back against his chest, and felt him sigh as he placed his hands on her back and pulled her even closer

    17. "Of course not" he tipped her back to look at her face

    18. Reaching up to take her hand with one of his, he tipped the lid open with the other

    19. When he asked where she was headed, she merely tipped her head in the direction of the setting sun and climbed into her car

    20. When he joined them in the living room, she couldn't believe the warmth his hand offered; as he led her to stand in front of the tree gently he tipped his head forward indicating she should look down

    21. In front of her, Emily watched as Solo Ki rhythmically drove a red tipped staff into the ground, mirroring the movement of his left leg

    22. ‘What have you done?’ asked Jean as he tipped the

    23. This far from the Archenon, the streets were empty but for a blanket of silver tipped shafts resting on the cobblestone roads

    24. tipped the balance in your favor?”

    25. He tipped back a cask, and poured a stream of wine straight into his mouth

    26. The Fixer tipped the brim of his cowboy hat,

    27. After sealing the hole, the Fixer tipped his hat to

    28. Okay then,” Ben selected a thin tipped paint

    29. The Fixer tipped his hat to the dad that was still

    30. "I just got tipped off about what happened there," said Griffiths as he rubbed his nose

    31. “There’s no way this is Earth technology,” said Chris, “We can make stuff that’s pretty resistant, but to take on a diamond tipped drill and remain unscratched? And how would you make a large, contiguous block of such material?”

    32. there was a lick of blue flame, tipped with

    33. Despite the abundance of energy and food resources, the fundamental problem of the lack of land space appeared to have tipped the balance, to somehow escalate to a point where their world had become effectively uninhabitable

    34. The soft chocolate gaze met hers and the smooth lips tipped up slightly at the corners

    35. Minnesota defensive lineman put his hand up and tipped the ball thrown to the Tight End on a crossing pattern

    36. He placed a large iron tray above the flames and tipped some dripping onto the surface

    37. newspaper and a park, so I tipped my waitress and asked her where I could accommodate

    38. His efforts tipped him off balance

    39. It looked back out of the bush, then at Alex again, head tipped to one side, panting

    40. Long whiskers quivered each side of its brown tipped nose

    41. ” Dunn placed the kerchief atop the bottle and, one-handed, tipped it to soak the cloth

    42. " Grindel tipped his head to one side

    43. The water tipped over the edge of the bath and trickled onto the floor as I sank beneath the warm, soothing water

    44. As he took a sip of beer, Marcia tipped her glass at him and he saluted her back

    45. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he had said, and then his mouth came down over mine, and I had tipped my face up to meet him

    46. I tipped my head back, my lips parting, as his other hand found the small of my back

    47. My belly roiled with cold and terror, but I tipped my chin up, determined not to give them the satisfaction of seeing my fear

    48. She may have made coded notes when one of her terminal patients decided to accept my offer, or maybe she mentioned you in some way to a coworker that tipped him off

    49. Zavitz, my good friend, tipped me off when I stopped into the old shop in London

    50. But his voice was lost amongst the shouts and screams of the crowd and Mason was forced to watch in horrid fascination as the woman smiled, raising the steel tipped whip high above her head

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