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    1. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in earnest

    2. day and never attended the marble tournament

    3. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in

    4. By the first week of the new year, they were booked for the Summer Season, and had additional bookings for the Tahoe Tournament in the Spring—an unanticipated additional $175 to defray construction

    5. “I wanted to get to talk with you sooner, but last minute preparations for the Spring Tournament business has detained me,” she opened sincerely once Belle joined her at the table

    6. Each of the aspiring Tournament competitors, four with wives in attendance, had been settled comfortably in their bungalows and informed of their dinner arrangements at Mandy Hill's, whose dining rooms opened at 6:30 for dinner guests; the saloon adjacent the dining hall was of course almost always ready to entertain customers, though only remained open until midnight

    7. The Tournament was still a couple days off, and the stream of hopefuls continued to fill up the remaining vacancies in the hotel, inn, and boarding houses

    8. ” The Sportsman continued, “Then this Tournament; I was entered and rooms arranged for me by a former client in repayment for services rendered

    9. The Tournament came and went without incident, dispute, or accidents, and the village gradually settled into the final preparations for Summer Season

    10. in the scholastic state tournament

    11. one, in tournament format, until only one remained

    12. always had a strong program and finished high in the state tournament every year

    13. After the first UFC tournament, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu was instantly viewed as

    14. Fighters also fought in a tournament style as well, which took 3 fights to win the

    15. The PGA tournament is played yearly and a different golf course is chosen for the honor of supporting this extraordinary event each year

    16. The Masters is a tournament founded by Bobby Jones and is highly respected by all golf fans

    17. Nevertheless, I have to wonder whether or not a five (5) time winner on the tour in 2003 followed up with another in 2004 should be considered washed-up simply because he failed to win a Major Golf Tournament last year

    18. has a conventional presidential library, the Bush Center is yet one more conservative think tank that sponsors, along with fairly conventional conservative positions, a golf tournament

    19. She was training for a tournament in Tokyo

    20. Kendo selection tournament; she had lost miserably in the first round

    21. Once a year, a grand tournament is held in a secret

    22. tournament continues for four nights, the number four representing Shi, death, in the

    23. At the end of the tournament, a Shinto ceremony is held, and

    24. before the summer tournament in Tokyo

    25. “I have an important kendo tournament in the summer and have come to train

    26. Father and Viktor will be so proud when you win yet another crown in the tournament this year

    27. Hearing this Elsa and Ianosh seemed a bit distressed as they have never won any crown in any tournament

    28. Two days passed and the tournament gathered many inhabitants in the Land of Sand and Stone where it would take place every year

    29. Before the Land was unified and there were two: the Land of Sand and the Land of Stone, the tournament took place in the Land of Sand

    30. A breaking point in the tournament

    31. Vera did not like that her parents left her with her cousins, Theodor’s brother’s children, while they would be at the tournament, so she took the form of the dragon and flew to see the battles

    32. Being older and having many years more of training Zane had always thought himself as being stronger than his sister and yet he lost to her during the tournament of the previous year

    33. He won his first title during his first tournament

    34. During the last round of the tournament, Sorcer decided he should be proud of himself and his apprentices: they have done a fine job in forging the weapons titans are using in the battles

    35. Isobel: The reason is that the tournament is not what truly interests me

    36. The tournament ended and a lush party was given in the name of the champions, gifts were brought, and wine was spilled

    37. But, what no one knew was that, right after the tournament, when there was no one left to notice what was happening in the arena, Hades entered and took a few sand grains which were covered with the drops of blood Elena dripped when she was fighting Molin

    38. When the party in the Realms ended, Mikael went back to his room in the castle with the intention of taking a well-deserved bath as he was still covered by the evidences of the tournament: sweat, blood and dust

    39. It is home to a tournament hosted by Friends of the Amarillo

    40. It was time for an afternoon nap before the next exciting tournament began

    41. night before the tournament date

    42. “Everyone’s setting up a bowling tournament in the game room

    43. So, I watched the NCAA hoops tournament (March Madness) on a large projection TV in the Student Union with undergrads

    44. The weekend before I was to have started work, having no TV or radio, I attended the women’s softball tournament played on high, dusty fields in 30 mph west winds

    45. All those who wish to be emperor or empress are extensively tested in a great tournament, held in each empire every five years

    46. “He’s won the armed and unarmed combat events at every Tournament of Verzaclon since before I was born, and never placed lower than third in the war games, which he won outright last time as well

    47. As a meager token of our deep feelings of gratitude and joy at their return to us, we have chosen to offer you an event of companionship, celebration, and entertainment, which we have provided by organizing a great tournament in your honor

    48. A great tournament deserves a great audience, so you see here assembled on the balconies and above them, and swimming in the lake, those who worked to build the facilities here, as well as many who are your faculty, students, staff, diplomats, and guests

    49. On the floor of the bowl here, along with our group and yours, are leaders and monarchs of the nations of The Just Alliance, together with the young warriors and spell-casters who have been chosen to represent their nations in the tournament, and their trainers and teachers, who will advise them

    50. They gave us excellent suggestions on how to proceed, and Empress Emeroth of Verzaclon suggested the format for the tournament that we eventually adopted

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