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    1. Ford hatchback to fish out her trusty little fold-away umbrella but a sudden,

    2. “That one there isn't going to make it through the next winter and look how the owner insists it's such a fine animal, so ideal as a trusty mount for a lady

    3. The Breton unhitched and mounted her trusty steed and brought her to a gallop along the road

    4. With his twin daggers, an old but trusty sword and a few miscellaneous supplies, he headed to the north side of town, near the stables

    5. She reached into the pouch at her side, her trusty leather satchel that went everywhere with her for as long as she could remember

    6. I picked off a few German Officers now that I had my trusty rifle with me one a tall slender man with a Prussian haircut I shot right through the forehead has he peeped over the edge of their trench

    7. We pray Your Most Gracious Majesty to know that we have appointed our trusty and well beloved, grandson, Prince John Ossoo Ansah, son of the late Prince Ansah, of Ashanti, on our behalf to lay before your Majesty divers matters affecting the good estate of our kingdom and the well-being of our subjects, with full power for the said Prince Ansah as our ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to negotiate and conclude all such treaties relating to the furtherance of trade and all matters therewith connected as your Majesty shall be pleased to entertain

    8. Felicity has the final answer, in the form of her trusty

    9. In the meantime, it was enough to bask in the sun, or rather the hot light of our trusty pole lamps

    10. "You got him!" shouted Acron, still gripping his trusty bow

    11. Not to mention his trusty old notebook

    12. “How much?” Brendan had been wondering how and where to replace his trusty convenience store, flint-and-steel, gas-powered device

    13. Her trusty staff was not close enough to be useful

    14. But no, according to my trusty source of information, it’s Nok Krong Hua Juk, a competition involving small birds with loud voices

    15. 20 He removes away the speech of the trusty, and takes away the understanding of the aged

    16. I was too grossed out when you peed in the fichus tree vase,” I said as I walked to the Acura, and sped off with my trusty spiral notebook in my back pocket

    17. with me; Then he said, Call him to me, that I may know of what tribe he is, and whether he be a trusty man to go with you

    18. at the head of the belt with his trusty clipboard

    19. He was crying now and grabbing his trusty telescope, held it

    20. out his trusty one megapixel camera for the expected grainy

    21. Bob’s mobile dropped to the ground along with his trusty one

    22. I visited the site where Bob’s last call was made and I couldn’t find any trace of him, even his trusty

    23. down onto his trusty notebook but there was no need to run an

    24. Bill, my friend, had to call in a plumber and the man came armed with his trusty hammer

    25. the youthful foot of my trusty compadre and my

    26. So he went in and said to his father see I have found one which will go with me; Then he said Call him to me that I may know of what tribe he is and whether he be a trusty man to go with you

    27. No sense trying to join him now! Moshe thought, and so he just sat and watched as Moses, trusty staff in hand, gained the top of the hill

    28. “Now what’s he think he’s doing?” Moshe mused, as he watched Joshua, at the conclusion of his council, grasp the trusty standard and wade out into the river and just stand there hip deep in the tepid water

    29. Struggling to his feet, with the help of his trusty shepherd's

    30. trusty staff in hand, gained the top of the hill

    31. his council, grasp the trusty standard and wade out into the river and just stand there hip deep

    32. butter, chocolate paste, tomatoes and ‘hagelslag’ (chocolate sprinkles), and with his trusty

    33. At this point, I turned to my trusty web driven information systems, which consist of tens of millions of pages of information

    34. remember that I expect you to be ready to act as a trusty lieutenant for Me

    35. saddling up his trusty mount (a ’97 Ford pickup), strapping on his six

    36. That explains why my trusty assistant and I were knocking on the door of this modest suburban brick veneer, hoping the articles mentioned would be mounted over the mantelpiece or such

    37. “At least I have my trusty Chevalier Lezura

    38. With her trusty nail file she scraped out

    39. trusty camera around his neck - you never knew when you would spot a bear, fox, or a wolf – or,

    40. This is a good location, with a loyal following, and those trusty patrons will generally be receptive to 278

    41. Louie was his trusty sidekick and co-

    42. Packing his trusty

    43. He had his gold plated AR-15 automatic tucked into his belt - a trusty piece

    44. Sanchez's trusty seat cushion under his head

    45. Besides, he had his trusty

    46. picked up a candle by the light of his trusty old Zippo

    47. with his trusty right hand and a well-thumbed edition of his “Muff-

    48. get him out of this mess was Jeremiah Dixon and his trusty

    49. Robin’s trusty small black Labrador heard the commotion, too, and came tearing through the house from the kitchen, skidding on the polished wooden floor as he did so, ears back and tail wagging furiously

    50. looked over at her trusty companion

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