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    1. The turnout of voters was very large, most polling places had lines all day long

    2. That next Satday saw a far better turnout of voters

    3. I dreamed of a poor turnout and that those who did attend found the whole event terribly boring

    4. There has been a great deal of anxiety and political unrest emerging from both sides of the political aisle recently that, in spite of the record breaking voter turnout this last presidential election, appears to be devolving into a state of utter confusion if not outright cynicism and despair

    5. Voters, often limited to large property owners, could only vote yes or no, and turnout was very low

    6. “Yes,” Charles amended, “though the mechanism would not address the most basic reason why people don’t vote, it should at least help increase voter turnout

    7. So, the 2000 Florida chad debacle notwithstanding, the benefits of voting would in almost all cases be smaller than the costs…I think people only vote to legitimize their complaining later on!” Charles chuckled, “But, yes, since the voter can be more potent, have a real say in what will happen after the winner takes office, I think voter turnout would be likely to jump pretty dramatically

    8. The head teacher Miss Sparrow was very impressed by Mary’s turnout and the way she spoke

    9. Voter turnout was 100% as people voted from home by computer but the lack of any real issues had split the vote right down the middle

    10. not sure how the turnout is

    11. He told me he had never seen such a turnout

    12. It was a good turnout

    13. Voter turnout was at unprecedented lows for the mid-term elections

    14. In the final stretch in April and May, the sole goal was to maximize voter turnout

    15. Yet there was also genuine concern in a section of the Modi camp over voter turnout numbers

    16. Across India, the turnout had risen, in some states rather dramatically

    17. BJP and allies won 67 out of 70 seats where voter turnout went up by over 15 per cent since 2009

    18. Molly followed her gaze but said nothing about the turnout

    19. Poll workers report the biggest voter turnout in city history, with a whopping eighty-five percent of registered voters coming out to weigh in on the issue

    20. Yet the turnout was huge

    21. As I scanned the bodies of people, I was quite amazed at the turnout

    22. “Nice turnout, huh?”

    23. conversation was Tags’ amazement at the crowd turnout

    24. A luxury motor coach is parked in a nearby turnout

    25. This would increase voter turnout and keep politicians focused on important issues

    26. “Not a huge turnout,” Scott commented as they walked into the room

    27. Smyth could not help but notice that the turnout was down from last year

    28. The massive voting turnout emerged to finally settle the contentious issue of having to be within the bounds of a certain BMI in order to renew a driver’s license

    29. The lowest turnout in modern history is 49 percent for the Clinton-Dole contest in 1996

    30. Until 1900, voter turnout in the United States frequently exceeded 75 percent

    31. " He went down to the stables, not without some slight annoyance, when he remembered that the Count of Monte Cristo had laid his hands on a "turnout" which sent his bays down to second place in the opinion of connoisseurs

    32. The turnout for this event was beyond anyone’s expectations and it was soon evident that the bookstore had seriously underestimated the volume of fans that would show up and stand for hours in the long line that snaked through the entire store

    33. When Joe arrived at the shell house for fall turnout on October 5, 1934, it was another radiant afternoon, much like the day when he had first shown up as a freshman

    34. We have ambitions, and from the very start of fall turnout the Washington oarsmen will have in mind the Olympic trials

    35. He missed the easy if largely wordless comradeship he’d had with gruff, sardonic old Roger Morris right from the first day of freshman turnout

    36. I love walking into a signing and finding out that the bookstore is out of seats and that the book vendors are shocked by the turnout of hundreds of strange and wonderful misfits who are standing and smiling and wearing red ball gowns and holding metal chickens

    37. At the first of these, in the summer of 1946, they carefully removed the Husky Clipper from its rack, donned shorts and sweatshirts, and pulled briskly out onto Lake Washington as if they hadn’t missed a turnout in ten years

    38. Ulbrickson’s running commentary on the performance of different boys and different crews, here and throughout, is taken from his “Daily Turnout Log of University of Washington Crew,” vol

    39. “It’s not a bad turnout for a July Fourth weekend

    40. After the huge turnout for this event, Iceman created a mentoring program, led by him, for Russian traders

    41. “Was your turnout satisfactory?” Bogardus asked after a moment that went on far longer than Rob felt comfort with

    42. A man with Stan Hurley’s past should have had a much bigger turnout but the guest list was complicated

    43. Night did not stop us, and when my eyes ached and burned from peering too long and my shoulders were side hills of pain, I pulled into a turnout and crawled like a mole into my bed, only to see the highway writhe along behind my closed lids

    44. He went to sleep with his head in my lap, never looked out the window, never said “Ftt,” never urged me to a turnout

    45. I It was the queerest turnout that ever invaded Smyrna Corner

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