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    1. The reception office was unassuming, if not downright unattractive

    2. Even those who thought her type was an anachronism in these modern times were forced to agree that she was very unassuming and brave

    3. When not at work patching network cables into routers and hubs for a local newspaper, Danny shared his home with his aged father and his demure, unassuming sister, Annie

    4. forced to agree that she was very unassuming and brave

    5. Carlos moved his gaze to the unassuming Sam

    6. At first glance he seemed so unassuming; a portly little man with a balding head

    7. And without so much as a backwards glance, he strode toward the unassuming city of Falkreath

    8. My ―favorite‖ staple is the one where a cloddish, brawny type is properly set down and summarily vanquished with relative ease by an unassuming ―cutie‖ ready, willing and able of taking on all comers who step out of line

    9. These were dressed in plain, simple peasant clothes, practical for the heat and unassuming

    10. I noted the moth-eaten hedge in front and the unassuming little house retreating behind it

    11. appeared unassuming and there was nothing about him that would

    12. In the future, whenever they spoke about me, it would never be about those twenty years of unassuming nothingness

    13. The bulding was rather sedate, quite simple, and most unassuming

    14. Attending then the task at hand, We turned to face the gleaming gate, which one might think were only stones placed haply in a forest scene, fair unassuming is its look

    15. They pressed a buzzer next to an unassuming door and, after showing ID, were let inside and directed to a metal elevator

    16. That kiss was much like the one he gave me before, or rather, the one he gave Scarlet, and the softness of it, the pure, unassuming, un-obligated offering of it, is undermining my defenses in a way that all the flowers in the world never could

    17. The fact was Eddie was a very unassuming man with a good sense of humour

    18. Pursued and hounded by ruthless record producers, this unassuming rock band discover a new, exciting and carefree way of life, which they enjoy to the fullest, or at least what remains of it

    19. Both looked to be in their early thirties, and both clean cut and unassuming

    20. Walter would be striving ever upward, in his quiet and unassuming way, until the Angels came for him

    21. Lord Ashburn, the generally patient and unassuming gentleman that he was, had suddenly become quite concerned about Faye, especially given the behaviour he had noticed during the symphony’s performance

    22. She immediately noticed him from her side: unassuming, formal, astute, everything she adored in him from the beginning

    23. For the shy, unassuming Wittmann, the sudden thrust into the limelight was sometimes all too much, he continually stressed that he was only doing his job

    24. After a couple of cups of regular Kona coffee at home, he was alert, fresh, and prepared for a busy day ahead, confident they were about to have a break in the Spalding case that could unlock all the mysteries surrounding the unassuming city worker, his ties to a known international arms dealer, and the Versailles Golf Club

    25. What a better candidate for a terror attack than an unassuming Russian businessman here in this town? While Homeland Security is looking for Arabs, the Russian is pulling this one off right here and maybe in the places all across America

    26. carved wooden structure in the centre of an unassuming white stone building

    27. After awhile, Amelia, came out of the unassuming brick building

    28. Their individualism manifests as a naive doggedness and scrupulosity which inspires others with its unassuming honesty and integrity

    29. The nun simply nodded with a half-smile reflecting her lack of surprise at this message from the realm of the Spirit that was delivered in such an unassuming tone

    30. It’s tangible and beautiful, a persistent reminder that this place is different, that these unassuming little places are at the heart of the Mfecane history of civil upheavals and the implications that followed for the subcontinent

    31. The box itself was very unassuming to look at, but once opened it would reveal an assortment of utensils that you would only expect to find in the toolbox of a world class pastry chef

    32. Overall, he was an unassuming man; God was infinite and

    33. Why should he? Even the Spaniards would overlook these unassuming

    34. They wouldn't know this unassuming door held the highest level of security possible

    35. All three stared at this unassuming man [without a fat white cat] and listened while he enlightened them about Mohammed and what they had been accused, sentenced, and were about to be punished for

    36. This unassuming woman from Newcastle, a registered nurse who comes to south to take a job as a carer for a wheelchair bound invalid and becomes the serial killer from hell

    37. I supposed he meant how the unassuming Scholes have quietly

    38. My unassuming opinion is that it is not the titles or the

    39. In person, he was a mild mannered, unassuming sensitive soul

    40. It is your unassuming sincerity and

    41. Yet he seemed to have them eating out of his hands - the accommodating wife; the outwardly unassuming and apparently loyal secretary; the massed ranks of discarded mistresses, as well as the hopeful future ones, like Nurse Wright

    42. But they didn’t, because perhaps they couldn’t, because perhaps Christ really didn’t come in that way, but instead, came in His own unassuming, unpretentious, unique, loving, gentle, humble, special, but yet divine and revolutionary, radical, sophisticated, complex and mysterious way

    43. They build modest, unassuming

    44. What had happened to my nice, solid, unassuming life? In the space of fifty-odd hours, vampires, ghosts, astral projection, and now apparently a pair of psychics had taken up residence in my life

    45. Not all of us are obsessed with our hair or bodies, but even for the most unassuming person in the world, the sudden loss of hair can be a hard pill to swallow

    46. "This unassuming style promotes study, that's why we adopt it," returned Laurie, who certainly could not be accused of vanity, having voluntarily sacrificed a handsome curly crop to the demand for quarter-of-an-inch-long stubble

    47. To this the page replied, "As to Senor Sancho Panza's being a governor there is no doubt whatever; but whether it is an island or not that he governs, with that I have nothing to do; suffice it that it is a town of more than a thousand inhabitants; with regard to the acorns I may tell you my lady the duchess is so unpretending and unassuming that, not to speak of sending to beg for acorns from a peasant woman, she has been known to send to ask for the loan of a comb from one of her neighbours; for I would have your worships know that the ladies of Aragon, though they are just as illustrious, are not so punctilious and haughty as the Castilian ladies; they treat people with greater familiarity

    48. unassuming instructor, who, without being ignorant of his own powers,

    49. He was unassuming and spoke little

    50. "And with all this, how unassuming he is! I should never have taken him for anything more

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