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    1. Does any rabble-rouser, community organizer, just plain crook come to mind? I find myself wondering why this professor, in a major university, could have any peace of mind, unless he is nothing more than unmitigated evil

    2. The whole thing had turned into an unmitigated disaster

    3. man, I’m quite surprised that you have the unmitigated gall to

    4. The few persons they met on their way, a mix of ancestors and of what Farah considered normal people, all stared at her with unmitigated surprise and curiosity

    5. An unmitigated bully that nobody could control until the unexpected happened and finally settled him down to work, revealing a budding talent

    6. The home's reorganization process took several days, but with unmitigated determination, Mitchell finally put back everything out of place

    7. The German looked at her with unmitigated surprise

    8. His curiosity turned into unmitigated surprise when Ingrid exchanged a few words in Vietnamese with a young street girl trying to sell flowers to her while their staff car was stuck in traffic

    9. It proved to be an unmitigated disaster with Bomber Command suffering its heaviest losses to date

    10. Ingrid found herself facing a French soldier, who stared at her with unmitigated surprise

    11. That optimism proved unfounded however, and contrary to what military and political figureheads would say in the following years, America’s experience in Vietnam was the result of poor judgement and poor diplomacy; resulting in almost unmitigated disaster

    12. “An intertime war between the three timelines would have resulted in an unmitigated disaster for the whole of humanity

    13. Both of her parents stared at her with unmitigated horror

    14. our materialistic concentration all pave the way to unmitigated

    15. The criminal eyed the diplomat with cold, unmitigated contempt

    16. What should’ve been a fairy tale romance ended as an unmitigated disaster for both of us

    17. But the unmitigated Arab disaster that was the Six-Day War left the shell-shocked umma clueless about the Islamic calamity, and though the Yom Kippur war that followed, which had initially raised the tempo of the Musalmans, yet left them sullen in the end, well, owing to the brilliance of the Jewish military prowess

    18. Their own hypocrisy, selfishness, stupidity, sex-mania, and unmitigated greed will grease Slick Willy's already well-oiled escape hatch, matching and even surpassing his

    19. Our second example of unmitigated immorality is that sexy new sports car ad

    20. � From where would a child derive such unmitigated temerity to rebel?� The child rebels and thus rejects the nearly sacred power of the child's universe

    21. As in Hitler’s life: the 1st World War defined the rest of Churchill’s life and programmed him into following the recipe and program for re- living his ‘success’ in World War One; when actually he was a total failure as a leader and all of his personal handlings of the war were unmitigated disasters

    22. I passed the letter to Holmes who read it with unmitigated glee

    23. What he dreaded above all was meeting that man again; he hated him with an intense, unmitigated hatred and was afraid his hatred might betray him

    24. And then--and then only you shall see the triumph of material, of clever contrivances, of the whole box of engineering tricks in fact, and cover with glory a commercial concern of the most unmitigated sort, a great Trust, and a great shipbuilding yard, justly famed for the super-excellence of its material and workmanship

    25. Though many immigrants have strong loyalty to America, it would be an unmitigated disaster to elect someone president who was not a natural-born citizen and who did not really have the best interests of the United States at heart

    26. One thing about unmitigated disasters, he thought mordantly; they put pettier concerns and conflicts into perspective

    27. “What are your orders, Sir?!” the lieutenant asked urgently, and Sir Haimltahn Rahdgyrz stared at him, wondering what order he could possibly give in the face of such unmitigated disaster

    28. And the worst of it—the pure, unmitigated hell of it—was that despite everything, he was immensely relieved the Charisians had escaped

    29. Once-and-done could be an unmitigated failure

    30. His marriage seemed an unmitigated calamity; and he was afraid of going to Rosamond before he had vented himself in this solitary rage, lest the mere sight of her should exasperate him and make him behave unwarrantably

    31. This had given her, when very young, and even a little later, a sort of pensive attitude towards her husband, a scamp of a certain depth, a ruffian lettered to the extent of the grammar, coarse and fine at one and the same time, but, so far as sentimentalism was concerned, given to the perusal of Pigault-Lebrun, and "in what concerns the sex," as he said in his jargon—a downright, unmitigated lout

    32. Wilder lifted the central premise from an obscure German movie musical, Fanfares of Love—that of two unemployed musicians who resort to cross-dressing in order to join an all-female band—and stretched it into two hours of unmitigated hilarity

    33. He is an unmitigated growth investor

    34. He never used to swear, though, at his men, they said; but somehow he got an inordinate quantity of cruel, unmitigated hard work out of them

    35. I was naturally first struck by the most salient points, but I saw them from a false point of view, and the only impression they made upon me was one of unmitigated sadness

    36. The idea that we could get on without war was regarded as unmitigated weakness and folly

    37. The United States must act as an independent nation, and assert their rights, and avenge their wrongs, according to their own estimate of them, with the party who commits them, holding it responsible for its misdeeds, unmitigated by those of another

    38. Except for you, whom I slighted and despised, my whole romance had been an unmitigated falsehood

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    unmitigated absolute unadulterated sheer perfect undiluted unmixed complete thorough consummate unqualified