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    1. becoming black rot and scenting the air with the unsavoury

    2. 27 With the pure you will show yourself pure, and with the froward you will show yourself unsavoury

    3. 6 Can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the white of an egge?

    4. Now, judging that the attitude in the camp was rapidly taking a turn for the worse from the unsavoury news he had delivered, Lewem decided that he would engage with the massed ranks whilst they were kept waiting for their new commander, but his futile attempts to address the crowd and raise their morale fell on deaf ears

    5. ‘As Anak’s soul was stripped from his body when the fallen Soul Beast dragged him screaming to his doom, Tamar had total recall of his memories and unsavoury deeds over the centuries of his existence

    6. ” Bryony recoiled as she caught an unsavoury whiff from Jed’s direction

    7. ‘They’ve been told they’re going to demonstrate the new health system,’ Ishbel said with an unsavoury smile

    8. readers on the most unsavoury problems of life, or vividly depict scenes of

    9. They seemed very unsavoury characters but Metcalfe was fast running out of options

    10. For standing before him, was a most unsavoury

    11. At his feet was the unsavoury character that had tried to relieve

    12. The mist is kept at bay by huge dykes which surround the inner sanctum of unsanctity, keeping the unsavoury air relatively clear of fog

    13. So, at great expense, he constructed a bronze hollow globe studded with thick glass observation portals to protect him from the unsavoury vapours of the deep mist (and any of the monstrosities which called it home and Grumble dinner) and a sampling hatch

    14. Such monsters! A large one, multicelphalus and quite unsavoury to behold, came very close to the capsule and put an eye as big as a dinner plate to one of the windows, either by way of curiosity or as a means of putting the wind up me, I cannot say which

    15. Maniacs? Oh God! What kind of unsavoury characters was I living with? Was the

    16. For reasons of their own Dave Freeman and his hounds have packed up their tents and moved on, but you can tell them at the farm the men are there to keep unsavoury people like the press away and to protect Sir Alex

    17. A massacre on paper and the unsavoury ingredient of Yvonne Barns’ demise added vitriol to the horror

    18. He looked very unsavoury

    19. stairway and more unsavoury things could be seen strewn about in the darkness

    20. I shall make sure that whichever I decide gets the maximum possible publicity, and that your own role in this unsavoury affair is left in no doubt

    21. “Food that is half-cooked, unsavoury, odorous, stale, leftover,

    22. and Paul Novak, except through John Perez, it was decided that the unsavoury facts of this

    23. He recalled when he had seen the Drongs for the first time in the forest as they advanced on the camp, and he thought then what an unsavoury bunch of urchins

    24. Andrew Towhee, an unsavoury character, who had left Thailand some years ago, but they could find no trace of this other man anywhere

    25. This specialisation had earned Hunterprint an unsavoury nickname amongst Pointer employees; Larry always returned with ‘freebies’ which he put in the canteen for the lads

    26. They could not afford any bad publicity and certainly did not want to be associated with drug running or anything unsavoury, after all- they had their hands full producing pornography

    27. main road without further cause for alarm, they left the unsavoury creatures behind

    28. Avoiding two unsavoury Kyboes with fierce eyes, the two boys hurried along, not

    29. their utmost to come after them again anyway, it was an unsavoury option

    30. capable of hiding any unsavoury scouts

    31. therefore detest the current fashion for cremation which undoubtedly releases some unsavoury characters

    32. From what I’ve heard they were pretty unsavoury types

    33. gastric relief in an innocent collation of staggering bob, reveals as nought else could and in a very unsavoury light the tendency above alluded to

    34. First, the Captain had both Susannah and me undress compleatly, whilst he snicker’d o’er our Nakedness in most unsavoury Fashion

    35. The same would be the case with that highest human activity in art and science if their exclusive privilege were appropriated by one caste, with this difference only, that in bodily food there cannot be too great digressions from the natural;—bread as well as onions, though unsavoury food, is still eatable:—but in mental food there may be great digressions; and some men may for a very long time feed upon an unnecessary, or even hurtful and poisonous, mental food; they themselves may slowly kill themselves with opium or with spirits, and this sort of food they may offer to the masses of the people

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