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    1. Codes used in the Releasing Fear video began as a series of messages from Spirit in 2003 that have been validated over and over through incredible synchronicities and new scientific

    2. Your internal vibration is what is being validated from people and

    3. reflected and/or validated in al of my external experiences

    4. within being validated and reflected back to me through another

    5. “As you’ll notice, my Lord, all of the other names on the list have been validated and confirmed

    6. However, Ingo Swan’s claims were validated when the NASA’s Voyager 1 probe confirmed this several years later i

    7. The aforementioned purposes of early death have been validated time and again via readings by mediums

    8. Though not visible to the naked eye, this could be validated by the occurrence of certain unusual events

    9. Findings of validated statement: Statements always 100% true

    10. Findings of validated statement: ???

    11. A ―probable‖ law is probable inasmuch as it remains subject to ―proof;‖ that is to say, until it is validated by common practices and/or legal interpretations by legal authorities consisting of nonelected men and women appointed to our nation‘s highest courts who remain unaccountable to the American People; subject to contingent legalities that directly affect them and whose ―definitive‖ arguments are (oftentimes) subject to change as the ideological alignment of the courts may vary thereby overriding legislative authority vested by the people to sanction laws by rendering elastic, interpretations of (uncertain) legal propositions and subsequent laws of the land, thereby setting themselves up in a uncertain manner as supreme arbiters of the law

    12. Question: Did we in any way, shape or form read that cremation is being taught, validated or approved? NO!

    13. Requirements Validation: The Requirements captured are validated based on various available methods

    14. Black box Testing: Testing is based on functionality and the design and code is not validated in this

    15. The software is validated for functional and non- functional requirements

    16. By incessant repetition the worst that can be envisioned will come to be seen as scientifically validated

    17. In subsequent opinions over a slow century or so the Court justified slavery, and validated racial discrimination through separate treatment of the black and white races even after slavery had ended

    18. It has validated discrimination against white males contrary to the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment

    19. It validated once more English writer Leigh Hunt’s 19th century observation that “traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion”

    20. And this validated

    21. That support, as I said, validated my

    22. one laughed or otherwise validated him

    23. A day before writing this, I went through all of my links pages and validated that all of my link partners were still linking back

    24. This makes more validated contacts

    25. He, relieved to have righted what he saw as a wrong; me, uplifted by the proof that my feelings and hopes were validated

    26. David validated Tony’s suggestion

    27. us for having validated his own existence by the "fact" that he thought

    28. (2) Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his concepts and ideas

    29. 4 In the Master's life on Urantia, this and all other worlds of the local creation discover a new and higher type of religion, religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience

    30. 11 It may help to have your feelings validated through seeing a therapist to help you understand and support your feelings as justifiable, realistic, and good

    31. By contrast, those who made it through the open door of Reconstruction felt that their faith was being validated; they were leading lodges and churches, some had professional careers, and they were in the forefront of organizations dedicated to black education and black liberation

    32. Identify the item to be validated

    33. “The few who knew what was going on grieved for the stranger, while those who did not know validated Christ's identity through their anguish

    34. approving sales after they have been validated

    35. necessary surrender, I received so much! I was validated as a woman

    36. The benefit of using callbacks is that posted data can be easily validated by a custom function you define, and errors, if any, are passed into the error reporting functions

    37. required a person to know all of the weak points of the human body - all that were validated by

    38. Dreams declare feelings will be respected While praying for a miracle of being accepted With hope that abandoned feelings will be validated and protected

    39. He validated the sending planet’s code and relayed the message, as per the Federation Charter’s agreement with the said planet

    40. The armor was endorsed with her mark, which validated his claim on her, proving that she assented to the arrangement

    41. understand, and also KNOW that the dosing is scientifically validated

    42. • could these products or services be developed and validated in a

    43. condition of the sale but could be done in such a way that, if validated, the sale

    44. levels which in turn are validated with manufacturing and then back into

    45. I do not foresee any issue with it being validated, or any political issues from any of you

    46. If you got your exit poll number right, then it was as if your entire election coverage was validated

    47. programme, a validated procedure should be followed to ensure that the sanitizing agent has

    48. system be validated to provide assurance of operational stability and that its microbial attributes

    49. be validated to reliably and consistently produce and distribute water of acceptable chemical and

    50. pre-treated to render it suitable for subsequent distillation (or whatever other validated process is

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