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    1. AA very reasonably large company have recently bought 50,000 shares wholly through a leading stockbroker

    2. Some towns here around me are wholly given over to mediocrity

    3. It wasn't wholly unexpected, as Belle had made an a tentative appointment with Mandy to discuss the 'meal plan' arrangements earlier considered for the Lodge's patrons

    4. You allude to a view of the world to which I am not wholly unfamiliar, 'the wall is not just for the thief and the tiger, but for honest men'

    5. Although they were extravagant as council chambers, they were wholly inadequate as a facility for education

    6. It was then that she realized she had wholly neglected her role as the herald of examination results

    7. It wasn't until she recognized my attentions were so wholly focused upon

    8. "I wholly believe that," Alan said, not quite loud enough to be overheard

    9. Only the new reality exists, the preceding one is wholly obliterated

    10. This work is fully and wholly protected by copyright in all countries of the world

    11. wasn’t supposed to be a bed wholly constructed of thorns either

    12. could see him wholly now shoving his trolley as the two girls

    13. Mary and Joe were good people who were leading lives that were fully approved and wholly acceptable by the society in which they were enmeshed

    14. Being an avid learner from the time he was a little boy, he had wholly internalized the former mind frame with a dedication and passion that was so common where he lived

    15. He had wholly internalized the popular mind frame with a dedication and passion that was so common where he lived

    16. The way she fixed upon the creature, eyes narrowed in res-olution…it was wholly unexpected and unnatural

    17. Even still, he was never wholly motivated by the fiery rhetoric of some Stormcloak sympathizers

    18. fire – consuming them wholly

    19. ” Penelope just shrugged in reply, still unbothered by the bitterness she wholly expected from the Breton man

    20. The duties which have been imposed since the old subsidy, are, the greater part of them, wholly drawn back upon exportation

    21. Several of the other duties, too which were imposed either at the same time or subsequent to the old subsidy, what is called the additional duty, the new subsidy, the one-third and two-thirds subsidies, the impost 1692, the tonnage on wine, were allowed to be wholly drawn back upon exportation

    22. imposed in 1779 and 1781, upon all the former duties of customs, being allowed to be wholly drawn back upon the exportation of all other goods, were likewise allowed to be drawn back upon that of wine

    23. The last duty that has been particularly imposed upon wine, that of 1780, is allowed to be wholly drawn back ; an indulgence which, when so many heavy duties are retained, most probably could never occasion the exportation of a single ton of wine

    24. “For me?” she was wholly uncertain

    25. “Of one mind; yes, that is well-said,” Sheranara inclined her head to the Elf, then she did what was wholly unexpected, she bowed to the Elf as well

    26. He, who, being thus equipped, is without desire for the result and is yet wholly engrossed in the due fulfillment of the task before him, is said to have renounced the fruits of his action

    27. But she could not wholly disagree with her superior’s assessment

    28. What happened next took Danny wholly by surprise

    29. The public can facilitate this acquisition, by establishing in every parish or district a little school, where children maybe taught for a reward so moderate, that even a common labourer may afford it ; the master being partly, but not wholly, paid by the public ; because, if he was wholly, or even principally, paid by it, he would soon learn to neglect his business

    30. still crying, if she wanted to, because it didn't wholly get in the way

    31. "Can you turn the sensitivity up? I mean, it's very pleasant, but it isn't wholly immediate

    32. that's wholly independent and has absolutely no

    33. wrote that it would have been wholly superfluous to have tried to write specific instructions for such a vast journey with such

    34. Perhaps stunned by this wholly unreal experience

    35. He didn’t wholly trust the King of Madra

    36. “Well, that was wholly unnecessary wasn’t it, Longleaf?” hissed Fysto

    37. Remember that in contrast with the rest of the world, this hiring injustice is perpetrated on a minority community who are now being wholly excluded from businesses, the professions, and general employment

    38. it--it is wholly yours

    39. "And yet, we were not wholly happy

    40. The principal characters of our (early) youth, whether they be family, relatives or friends, especially those we have come to love dearly and who have left indelible impressions in our lives, are perceived in a wholly different manner as we grow older; where the confluence of a child‘s eyes and an adult‘s recollections seems to add ―something‖ that we might have otherwise overlooked as children but have come to appreciate (more) as adults

    41. Why Sal Is Donna's Sex Slave: Sal is a sex slave wholly owned by his Mistress Donna

    42. Hilderich grimaced with distaste at the sight of the greenish liquid, an expression to which the machine answered with a derisive comment wholly intended for Hilderich’s ears:

    43. From my point of view, Amonas is dead and gone, his conscience and reason wholly erased; replaced with my mind, my mental state, me

    44. that the Bush administration recognizes some of the problems with the act their solution is wholly

    45. The present Peacekeeping Force is wholly

    46. Exactly! Even though Berlinski doesn’t seem to wholly agree with that postulation, the evidence of massive extinctions in the geologic record seems to indicate that the environment has, at times, proven to be very unforgiving

    47. (Although many are those who hear any hints of a progressionary theory as a wholly “theological” concept, still it appears to be there in the real world also

    48. All names by which Man has addressed Me have been rudimentary, but have been answered as if they were wholly sufficient! From the first ones that are now beyond your recollection, through all that are still within your memory, I have honored, except for those that have drawn Man away from I Am!

    49. He was not wholly aware of her yet

    50. 23 One dies in his full strength, being wholly at ease and quiet

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