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    1. "Look what God and you have accomplished together!"

    2. accomplished His victory on Calvary and gave His followers an incomparable

    3. He hadn't trained in a long time but he could still recognize the physical confidence in another accomplished martial artist

    4. (this cannot be accomplished when the members attend only one hour a week and never

    5. recorded in Nehemiah, was accomplished because, “

    6. congregation has this attitude in heart, the work of the church will be accomplished, even in the absence of elders in that congregation!

    7. Even without elders the first congregation accomplished much for the cause of Christ!

    8. feeling that we had accomplished a great thing until we came to this temple

    9. Pippa was an accomplished singer and Liesse a clown … she had a feeling she’d seen him perform once, when she was a child … he must be nearly seventy now and mostly occupied in organising troupes of travelling players

    10. Traditionally, this has always been accomplished through procedures such as face lifts and

    11. She is one of the most accomplished in her field, in fact

    12. Once this was accomplished, the rest of Europe fell like dominoes

    13. "The mission I was sent on is already accomplished

    14. Develop a detailed plan and timeline with the core founding group listing all of the tasks that need to be accomplished before doors open

    15. How this was accomplished, he didn’t ask

    16. Aware that winter was upon their home world, and that the social event of the year would take place during the winter encampment, the two female scientists decided the trip to the human world must be accomplished with all haste

    17. He just wanted to impress Naria with all they had accomplished here

    18. Remember that all things are accomplished by faith

    19. you are sure it will be accomplished

    20. “Sir, I believe we can state that we have accomplished our mission objective

    21. ” Amanda snuggled into the seat, satisfied with what she had accomplished

    22. “Is what you've accomplished more important than what is correct according to the Life Principle? Would you leave Damash of Three in the area of no return?”

    23. “It did happen so long ago and compared to what she’s accomplished since, the little oversight of Enjteen’s is pretty insignificant

    24. He never took the time to understand what it was all about, what the rituals accomplished

    25. That accomplished, he climbed the ladder and crept up on the roof where he had stacked corrugated metal panels, which so matched the existing roof as to have been perfectly camouflaged laying as they were

    26. He explained everything they had accomplished over the last few weeks and the purpose behind every task

    27. compared to what she had accomplished

    28. He had accomplished many things at

    29. By then it had become an unwritten vow, they wouldn't stop until everything was accomplished

    30. All this to the extreme gratification of Miss Mandy Hill and her own pride in her now very accomplished protege

    31. ” He paused to find the words and resorted to the simplicity of, “An aim is accomplished

    32. Acting out of sheer rage he mostly just wanted to see them dead, which he accomplished, though at far greater losses than he could have iMagined

    33. With that she went back to the villa and the reunification was accomplished

    34. like this could not be accomplished quickly

    35. Something is accomplished at all

    36. for what they have accomplished

    37. Actually, accomplished writers all echo the same thing: don’t wait for

    38. You are also reflecting on the decisions you have made along the way and what you have accomplished

    39. You’ve accomplished wonderful things with your life

    40. That is accomplished by refracting the incoming light such that the parallax of the light from the opposite side of the object, relative to the viewer, is presented to the viewer without the reflected light of the object itself

    41. Each of these public appearances, was met with polite expressions of greeting from all those who encountered Mr Snickerty, and such felicitations were volleyed by that latter gentlemen in the same respectful and formal manner as they were served up, as was only to be expected of such an accomplished and esteemed authority

    42. Nothing truly great is accomplished in this world without Passion

    43. deserve the success they have accomplished, there is an

    44. And yet, in the Summer of the year 8705, the ern had accomplished what had been thought impossible

    45. Upon my return I decided to devote the remaining daylight to placing the other cannon up on an elevated ledge, and once this was accomplished, I called it a day

    46. Strangely, as he watched light overtake the darkness outside, he felt extreme physical tiredness as well as emotional exhilaration in what he had accomplished

    47. She accomplished all of her tasks with the help of the other gods, Auster included

    48. As I told you earlier, they accomplished marvelous feats

    49. Matthew kept the accounts, as well as conferred with Joseph about the various tasks that needed to be accomplished

    50. sufficiently anxious that they should be so accomplished, and are in most cases, willing enough to lay out the expense which is necessary for that purpose

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    accomplished completed realised realized effected established complete skilful proficient cultivated refined finished able cultured concluded consummated attained achieved