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    1. the extreme pressures that were not accounted for

    2. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these

    3. All three are present and completely accounted for in the Man Jesus Christ

    4. this pleasant feeling was accounted for by some kind of magic

    5. That was the plan, but behind every great man, once you have accounted for the inevitable woman, there is a fear of getting caught

    6. The Louvre alone, accounted for hours of interest; and the newly installed Winged Victory of Samothrace invited even further study on the part of Kaitlyn and Chloe

    7. The sky was clear, every star in its grip accounted for

    8. All else was accounted for

    9. Renewals accounted for nearly half of paid content sales in 2001

    10. The high rate of interest which took place in those ancient times, may, perhaps, be partly accounted for from this cause

    11. The high rate of interest among all Mahometan nations is accounted for by M

    12. days residence should be accounted only from the publication of such notice in writing on

    13. Brice had been certain that he had accounted for everything, every last possibility and that his solution would resurrect this world's fate

    14. It is accounted for, accordingly, in the same manner by every body ; and there never has been any dispute, either about the fact, or about the cause of it

    15. The suddenness of the effect can be accounted for only by a cause which can operate suddenly, the accidental variations of the seasons

    16. The high price paid by the Romans, in the time of their greatest grandeur, for rare birds and fishes, may in this manner easily be accounted for

    17. As to the high price of corn during these last ten or twelve years, it can be sufficiently accounted for from the badness of the seasons, without supposing any degradation in the value of silver

    18. If either of them has increased in this proportion, it seems to be an effect too great to be accounted for by the sole operation of this cause

    19. On the one hand, he was relieved to have something more to go on, some better indication of what accounted for her being occupied away from the Guild

    20. The improvement and prosperity of Great Britain, which has been so often ascribed to those laws, may very easily be accounted for by other causes

    21. This difference of situation, however, may easily be accounted for from two different causes

    22. The price, however, which a lady, it is said, would sometimes pay for a piece of very fine linen, seems to have been equally extravagant ; and as linen was always either an European, or at farthest, an Egyptian manufacture, this high price can be accounted for only by the great expense of the labour which must have been employed about It, and the expense of this labour again could arise from nothing but the awkwardness of the machinery which is made use of

    23. All the varieties in the fortune of those two famous republics may very well be accounted for from the same cause

    24. We would like to have everyone accounted for until further notice

    25. “Yes, but there were several minutes between when he was released and when he came to the meeting that he wasn’t accounted for

    26. On top of which, he has been accounted for during all of the attacks

    27. ’ She looked up at what accounted for his face; more directly now

    28. We checked to see that all the younger children were accounted for

    29. With his „Origin of Spiecies and Descent of Man," he may have accounted for the coloring of moths in 1900th century London, but not of the supposed origin of species, most especially of humans

    30. That accounted for the flying fruit

    31. Both Dorro and Sheriff Forgo shot Bosco sideways glances and then at each other—clearly, the young deputy had formed an attachment in Water-Down, which accounted for his solemnity and sense of gravitas

    32. All bullets had to be accounted for, but even that system was flawed

    33. Nearly an hour had gone past when Cruzel had accounted for all of his troops on the wharf side and had given them their instructions in no uncertain terms

    34. As this was in the middle of a city I was puzzled and called the local Zoo to hear if they perhaps lost a cheetah but no, all theirs are accounted for and I can come and look if I don’t believe them

    35. Those two are not accounted for

    36. Galeron would certainly be good with the details, with tracking the harvest and ensuring every last grain of wheat was accounted for

    37. Thus says The Lord to all those who call of themselves Christian, yet never cease from pushing out the lip against The Lord’s anointed: Your error is very grievous! Hold your tongue! Lest all I have spoken concerning the scoffer and the wicked come upon you, leaving your houses utterly devastated and your sanctuaries in ruinous heaps! For it shall surely be accounted to you, in accordance with your every idle word, says The Lord your God

    38. An hour later, the Fire Brigade made a press release in which they said not everyone was accounted for but their colleagues in the police were not aware of any casualties

    39. While everyone around me stood warily their ground, and me knowing full well that this was a distraction my plan had not accounted for I stood up, dusted off my too-tight-for-comfort football pants and replied:

    40. The result had been as expected: nothing, every officer alive and accounted for

    41. One day a week when their whereabouts could not be accounted for by their superiors was risky enough

    42. There was nothing to be afraid, everything was accounted for

    43. I got a look at it only because I told the clerk that I was trying to track down a vehicle theft and wanted the serial number off the jeep to make sure I had all of ‘em accounted for

    44. When animals came into his growing ability to manipulate, the difficult, dangerous ones were invested with a power beyond that which could be seen and accounted for

    45. of the population, accounted for 49% of murder arrests, 33% of arrests for rape, and 54% of arrests for

    46. This overtime has to be accounted for; otherwise I’ll have to pull you off the case

    47. none were of silver, it was nothing accounted of in the days of Solomon

    48. Sometimes it accounted for excessive and unwarranted analysis

    49. and all the vessels of the house of the forest of Lebanon were of pure gold, none were of silver; it was not anything to be accounted of

    50. During Stalin’s collectivization program, the “elimination of the classes” period from 1929–1936 alone accounted for 10 million Russian men, women and children meeting

    1. Bunch of no hopers, he thought, but thankfully there was no accounting for taste

    2. “Not as long as there’s an unclaimed soul, a red ink pen and an accounting

    3. I'll have it try to learn statistical accounting

    4. “Not as long as there’s an unclaimed soul, a red ink pen and an accounting ledger to hand”, said the other, reaching for another cigarette

    5. All the action was in Thom’s lab, and to do anything but watch he would have to get into there after all, re-mapping the controls and instruments at the hardware data layer and manually editing the micro-amp accounting to cover his tracks while he did that

    6. " For larger grants - those over $300,000 a year - an audit by a private, independent outside legal or accounting firm is required

    7. What if there really is nothing happening in the cold realms between the stars? What if it is all a hack introduced at this end? Last time she caught him using the nanoamp accounting traps

    8. no accounting for taste

    9. that consistently holds true "there is no accounting for good taste

    10. He became more than familiar with the accounting ledgers, putting his newly learned maths to practical use

    11. Why hadn't she been able to convince Mike to do this for her, he was the one with the degree in accounting, she thought as she twirled the pencil between her fingers, gazing down on the numbers that blurred before her tired eyes

    12. Accounting for their where about, was the single thought, filling her head as she darted in, and out of the younger crowd, mingling about the parking lot floor

    13. Algebra is a required course for hotel majors, and accounting majors and probably several other majors

    14. I'm taking beginning accounting and economics

    15. So don't think about quitting because it helps you a lot in getting a very good job if you'll be able to finish your accounting course

    16. The second interview was with Touche, Ross, a worldwide accounting firm

    17. I've applied for several accounting jobs with the US government

    18. Still nothing on an accounting job

    19. "That lower level resource accounting trap I put in, it just fired

    20. " She looked at the upper level accounting while explaining that to him, there was nothing in there of course

    21. with the wit to look for proof could find a full accounting of my victories in the city annals of Mytilene

    22. demanded a full accounting of her night with Homer

    23. Sally rushed through the door in a frenzy, apologizing profusely to her dear friend, explaining that she had taken longer than expected with some calls to her suppliers and that an accounting glitch also affected her timing to arrive at the luncheon punctually

    24. month’s accounting expenses that are due soon

    25. There, I fell in love with math and accounting

    26. ‘Oh, a song, please, if the Mock Turtle would be so kind,’ Alice replied, so eagerly that the Gryphon said, in a rather offended tone, ‘Hm! No accounting for tastes! Sing her “Turtle Soup,” will you, old fellow?’

    27. Still, what business could survive without a person with final authority on decisions? And how could that person make wise decisions without the input from the accounting department, the lawyer and sales? Someone has to be head of the household - final authority

    28. he visited with the other inmates, people convicted of tax evasion, fraudulent accounting, and similar activities

    29. accounting system in the office

    30. And they will show you genuine accounting showing genuine profits over the last year or two

    31. Benek found a girlfriend and I arranged a job for him in the accounting department of the hospital where I worked

    32. 'Oh, a song, please, if the Mock Turtle would be so kind,' Alice replied, so eagerly that the Gryphon said, in a rather offended tone, 'Hm! No accounting for tastes! Sing her "Turtle Soup," will you, old fellow?'

    33. Even accounting for the initial setup, the paraffin lubing was much less work

    34. “So, are the planning interventions good or bad?” asked Michelle, always wanting a bottom line conclusion, consistent with her accounting training

    35. Michelle, ever the accountant, was intrigued, “This would require accounting information…where would that come from?”

    36. “One thing that is neat about the mechanism is that it actually requires less accounting information than that required by the various Balanced Budget Amendments

    37. “Maybe it’s the accountant in me,” said Michelle, “but I’m still concerned about how the accounting would work out

    38. “Yes, Michelle, the auditing function is quite important and might be conducted by the nonpartisan General Accounting Office,” said Charles

    39. I would guess that any major accounting firm could be employed, as is the case with ordinary businesses, in the context of smaller state and local governmental units

    40. NJ ) ,” The Accurate Accounting of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Act” which would require those

    41. Also, it puts an end immediately to the influence traffic, corruption, parallel accounting, bribery, robbery and political use of the social budget and fraudulent deviation of collected money

    42. Nowadays, millions of companies burn billion dollars in secondary activities because they have to create or to incorporate diverse support departments (accounting, buys, controller, documentation, informatics, treasury, personnel, marketing and other) with all its infrastructure and resources to execute those tasks

    43. Therefore, personnel’s recruitment, buys of school material, accounting service, marketing, treasury, hospital attendance, cleaning of the installations, school safety, personnel training, audit, control and other services are tasks of another Areas of Activities

    44. The same process happens with the other Areas of Activities that execute its unique task, such as: MARKETING, ACCOUNTING, TRADE, HUMAN RESOURCES, COMMUNICATION, DOCUMENTATION and other

    45. Therefore, the process always occurs in the form of accounting bookkeeping with its administration through Current Accounts and National and International Accounts with total transparency

    46. d) Accounting record of the agreed organizations and

    47. Bank3Sector and the reports of financial and accounting

    48. c) appraisal of the quality of the accounting statements in

    49. application of the accounting practices that are internationally

    50. VIII - the eventual balances of the closed accounting periods,

    1. They could steal money from bank accounts, break into important military installations, and hold the world for ransom

    2. “Yes, well, I’m, I mean, it is currently hacking into multiple accounts all over the world,” The Operator said as his fingers danced nervously across the keyboard

    3. “We are working with the Super Chip to convince the bank’s computers to take ten dollars from five million different accounts and place it in our own, anonymous offshore account

    4. His permission to vend was denied and his accounts were declared payable

    5. accounts clerk, the sort of man who is equally hen-pecked and ignored because his

    6. The little man, who looked to all intents and purposes like a fifty-year old accounts clerk, the sort of man who is equally hen-pecked and ignored because his entire being is made up of nothing but disappointment, pulled a red handkerchief from his jacket pocket, wiped first his brow and then his glasses, and then finally, and with an almighty bulge, he blew his nose

    7. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree first physical evidence of cannibalism among the and told the kids that whoever got there first won the desperate population, corroborating written accounts sweet fruits

    8. Indeed, with the decline in rental income caused by the ever increasing costs of insurance, red tape and health and safety initiatives, great-aunt Edith had financed some of the finer pieces in the apartment, including a real Ming chrysanthemum pot and a small Lowry, through her prowess at conducting phishing expeditions across the global email network in search of the details of other people’s bank accounts

    9. 'Yeah, you should see bhaiya struggle with the accounts at home

    10. calculation errors, they managed the accounts just fine

    11. deeds and he employed the cleverest scholars to write true accounts

    12. He wondered how Ava would enjoy her new found freedom on this first important social occasion since the separation was official and all accounts settled

    13. 'Can I do the accounts or should we gossip about my students?' I glared at

    14. allowances, party frocks and charge card accounts would be

    15. There are three accounts – a current account, a deposit account and a savings account … the current account for December 1962 shows weekly payments going in from the same source – but they are all different amounts

    16. and she’d been pregnant once, for a short time … she'd known a relationship, a passionate one by all accounts, how could she bear deliberately turning away from that sort of personal contact? I visualise the young woman I'd seen in one of the photos

    17. he kept himself to himself, by all accounts, rarely leaving the farm

    18. “Maybe that accounts for what I see in you sometimes

    19. The Tahoe City Bank accounts will continue to serve the needs of the Mercantile, Lodges, and our home

    20. “Your needs while you are away will of course be coming from the San Francisco accounts as they are more of our 'family capital' you might say

    21. “Well, the 'pretty much' of it is this: the great knowledge I have referred to is nothing less than a view of the world which accounts for everything from how atoms fill their orbitals and the periodic table of elements, the construction of the building blocks of life, to the inner world construction of man and his relationship and responsibilities to and with the Universe at large

    22. Official accounts have of course been

    23. Although the city had, from all accounts, revived itself from the ashes of the 'Big Fire,' Harry's first impression of the haze and dust was that they had missed a few smoldering areas

    24. ‘Yes, she was a decent woman by all accounts

    25. “We must explore the only shred of an artifact which accounts for the great knowledge reaching to our age

    26. “Contrition is all well and good,” Varn’m said, “But because the All of Knowledge of All of Lands does not permit shonggot to me made or sold by it’s vendors and purveyors, your business with the Kassikan and all its subsidiaries is hereby terminated and all accounts must be settled within one year

    27. There was everything from eyewitness accounts of seeing the

    28. Instead it took this dire situation to affect their pocketbooks and bank accounts to impinge upon their own attentions

    29. He offered his own accounts of adjusting to the hectic social requirements of University life and of the new acquaintances he'd made

    30. The accounts of all travellers, inconsistent in many other respects, agree in the low wages of labour, and in the difficulty which a labourer finds in bringing up a family in China

    31. ’ Eventually the accounts were

    32. Both the pecuniary income and expense of such families have increased considerably since that time through the greater part of the kingdom, in some places more, and in some less, though perhaps scarce anywhere so much as some exaggerated accounts of the present wages of labour have lately represented them to the public

    33. Upon examining, however, the accounts which have been published of their annual produce, I have not been able to observe that its variations have had any sensible connection with the dearness or cheapness of the seasons

    34. Wild tales of an undead horde advancing on the city, plus eyewitness accounts of mages and Death Guards wandering the streets

    35. Yes I was interested in either the rolled gold or silver as long as they worked of course so I checked my accounts and looking at the photo's and description

    36. I have added, therefore, from the accounts of Eton college, the prices of 1598, 1599, 1600, and 1601

    37. Upon all these accounts, therefore, we may rest assured, that equal quantities of corn will, in every state of society, in every stage of improvement, more nearly represent, or be equivalent to, equal quantities of labour, than equal quantities of any other part of the rude produce of land

    38. From 1595 to 1620, both inclusive, the average price of the quarter of nine bushels of the best wheat, at Windsor market, appears, from the accounts of Eton college, to have been £ 2:1:6 9/13

    39. From 1637 to 1700, both inclusive, being the sixty-four last years of the last century the average price of the quarter of nine bushels of the best wheat, at Windsor market, appears, from the same accounts, to have been £ 2:11:0 1/3, which is only 1s

    40. In 1648, accordingly, the price of the best wheat, at Windsor market, appears, from the same accounts, to have been £ 4:5s

    41. In the sixty-four years of the present century, accordingly, the average price of the quarter of nine bushels of the best wheat, at Windsor market, appears, by the accounts of Eton college, to have been £ 2:0:6 10/32, which is about ten shillings and sixpence, or more than five-and-twenty percent

    42. From 1741 to 1750, the average price of the quarter of nine bushels of the best wheat, at Windsor market, it appears from the accounts of Eton college, was only £ 1:13:9 4/5, which is nearly 6s

    43. At the end of the accounts annexed to this chapter the reader will find the particular account of those ten years separated from the rest

    44. "They have few eyewitness accounts," Alfred replied, "and we weren't alien enough, we were two men and a woman and a frightful sky ship

    45. The difference in their accounts of the populousness of several other principal towns of Chili and Peru is nearly the same ; and as there seems to be no reason to doubt of the good information of either, it marks an increase which is scarce inferior to that of the English colonies

    46. The retinue of a grandee in China or Indostan accordingly is, by all accounts, much more numerous and splendid than that of the richest subjects in Europe

    47. Upon all these accounts, the precious metals are a commodity which it always has been, and still continues to be, extremely advantageous to carry from Europe to India

    48. The quantity of gold and silver imported at both Cadiz and Lisbon (including not only what comes under register, but what may be supposed to be smuggled) amounts, according to the best accounts, to about six millions sterling a-year

    49. }, as it appears by the accounts of the mint

    50. This fact is attested, not only by the accounts of Windsor market, but by the public fiars of all the different counties of Scotland, and by the accounts of several different markets in France, which have been collected with great diligence and fidelity by Mr Messance, and by Mr Dupré de St Maur

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