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    1. It’s an affectation that one gets, being a scholar in England

    2. exposed pedant, with affectation, for showing author’s

    3. It is an affectation, indeed, not very common among merchants, and very few words need be employed in dissuading them from it

    4. Who can tell what is real inside your marvelous creation?’ She smiled, but only in a way that seemed like a polite affectation

    5. no touch of pretence or affectation, is a saint of the

    6. affectation in the name of dharm

    7. She was treating them naturally, without affectation or gushing flattery

    8. guage was no more than a silly affectation

    9. He carried a long staff, of course, for all who perform wizardry assume that affectation, and a sack was slung over one shoulder

    10. that he isstriking a blow at the then popular literary affectation

    11. Affectation of a condition of weakness can often deceive a confidant opponent into dismissing an individual’s worthiness and threat as a possible opponent

    12. I smiled a smile full of the promise of wicked delight, even as my soul cringed inside of me at the old affectation

    13. Mistrustfully and with an affectation of being alarmed and almost affronted, he scanned Raskolnikov's low and narrow "cabin

    14. Your indifference is half affectation, and a good stirring up would prove it

    15. He tried to resume his former easy, indifferent air, but it was an affectation now, for the rousing had been more efficacious than he would confess

    16. Here Master Pedro called out again and said, "Simplicity, boy! None of your high flights; all affectation is bad

    17. "What will we buy?" asked Jo, ignoring the latter part of his speech, and sniffing the mingled odors with an affectation of delight as they went in

    18. Willoughby's behaviour in taking leave of them, his embarrassment, and affectation of cheerfulness, and, above all, his unwillingness to accept her mother's invitation, a backwardness so unlike a lover, so unlike himself, greatly disturbed her

    19. "I suspect," said Elinor, "that to avoid one kind of affectation, Edward here falls into another

    20. He is fastidious and will have an affectation of his own

    21. and fortune, were I to suppress, through an affectation of modesty, the

    22. maiden modesty, or at least the affectation of it

    23. managed so, or without affectation to have him admitted to my bed side,

    24. she observed, was no affectation of grimace, and proceeded to read me

    25. modes of affectation, which become them at least better, than they do

    26. With an affectation of indifference, Rushton laid the drawing down and took the other which Owen handed to him

    27. The Besotted Wretch took up his position and with an affectation of carelessness began throwing the rings

    28. `'Ello, old girl!' he cried, throwing his dinner basket carelessly on the floor with an affectation of

    29. Slyme laughed with an affectation of carelessness, but his hands trembled and his face was now very pale

    30. "It is very clear, notwithstanding," replied the young man, with an artlessness wholly free from affectation; "tell her some fine morning an unheard-of piece of intelligence—some telegraphic despatch, of which you alone are in possession; for instance, that Henri IV

    31. Godwyn bowed his head in an affectation of humility

    32. "The brutal affectation with which you have enumerated and classified your crimes calls for a severe reprimand on the part of the court, both in the name of morality, and for the respect due to humanity

    33. In order then to pave the way for the accomplishment of my scheme, for two or three times that the young fellow came to me with messages, I managed so, or without affectation to have him admitted to my bed side, or brought to me at my toilet, where I was dressing; and by carelessly shewing or letting him, as if without meaning or design, sometimes my bosom rather more bare than it should be; sometimes my hair, of which I had a very fine head, in the natural flow of it while combing; sometimes a neat leg, that had unfortunately slipt its garter, which I made no scruple of tying before him, easily gave him the impressions favourable to my purpose, which I could perceive to sparkle in his eyes, and glow in his cheeks: then certain slight squeezes by the hand, as I took letters from him, did his business completely

    34. Her denial, she observed, was no affectation of grimace, and proceeded to read me such admirable lessons on the economy of

    35. as to the thing itself, the less said of it was the better; but that though she might be suspected of partiality, from its being the common cause of womankind, out of whose mouths this practice tended to take something more than bread, yet she protested against any mixture of passion, with a declaration extorted from her by pure regard to truth; which was, that whatever effect this infamous passion had in other ages and other countries, it seemed a peculiar blessing on our air and climate, that there was a plaguespot visibly imprinted on all that are tainted with it, in this nation at least, for that among numbers of that stamp whom she had known, or at least were universally under the scandalous suspicion of it, she would not name an exception hardly to one of them, whose character was not, in all other respects, the most worthless and despicable that could be; stript of all the manly virtues of their own sex, and filled up with only the worst vices and follies of ours; that, in fine, they were scarce less execrable than ridiculous in their monstrous inconsistence, of loathing and contemning women, and at the same time apeing all their manners, airs, lisps, scuttle, and, in general, all their little modes of affectation, which become them at least better, than they do these unsexed, male misses

    36. This attack disconcerted him so greatly that he had faltered in his affectation of amused superiority before that insignificant chit of a school-girl

    37. He talked with his usual carelessness, which, if he had been anything else but a common sailor, I would call a pose or an affectation

    38. The barren and cruel futility of such an end intimidated his affectation of careless pessimism

    39. The cruelty with which he shattered the world she had built up for herself so laboriously to enable her to endure her hard life, the injustice with which he had accused her of affectation, of artificiality, aroused her

    40. You say it’s affectation

    41. Mistrustfully and with an affectation of being alarmed and

    42. Helmets are an affectation

    43. Vincy could tap his snuff-box over it and be jovial, without even an intermittent affectation of solemnity; and Mr

    44. Vincy hated both solemnity and affectation

    45. He would be a piece of professional affectation

    46. Stylistically, the presentation of the average meditation teacher struck me as a bizarre cousin of the stentorian monotone that TV reporters employ—an affectation to which I had sadly not been immune

    47. The dull, sleepy expression was no longer there, nor the affectation of profound thought

    48. With an affectation of respect which evidently struck Alexander unpleasantly, he rode up and saluted

    49. He went to balls and into ladies’ society with an affectation of doing so against his will

    50. Besides this the general opinion of all who had known him previously was that he had greatly improved during these last five years, having softened and grown more manly, lost his former affectation, pride, and contemptuous irony, and acquired the serenity that comes with years

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