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    1. This Self is ageless and timeless

    2. These beings controlled the Hunger, existed by their own will, and -- according to those who had lived to see them -- they fought with a skill that was beyond even that of the elves, leaving many of those ageless beings to rot upon the Red Wall

    3. are as old and ageless as the universe

    4. It looked ageless and hard, like the beauty of a diamond

    5. You have only been conscious for four hours, and already you have discovered that you are now cured, ageless, and immune to disease and also that you are bonded to a creature that, until today, you probably did not believe existed

    6. They were all employees of an ageless vampire

    7. And he wanted me—the ageless vampire, the deathless demigod

    8. Or, will this ancient whisper be the final confirmation of the power that undergirds ageless theology, while allowing the theory of evolution to be one among many explanations of how the Creator might have gone about the business of Creation?

    9. There was an elaborate ritual performed by Ageless, a senior citizen residence with geriatric facilities far away from the city only after which people could be admitted

    10. Not that Ageless did not care for the unhealthy, he said, but just that they needed to know

    11. They had been to Ageless once before to visit an NRI childless couple who found it fashionable to settle there and breathe their last too

    12. Krishnan got a call from Ageless

    13. Ageless told him that unless her tests results were normal, she would not be allowed to leave it

    14. Krishnan introduced himself as Ramasamy’s friend from Ageless

    15. “Are we to simply stand here and look, or shall we cross over?” Ryan shot a momentary glance Morgan’s way, though he knew that the other was right, he had no desire to crossover and into Aion, the ageless realm, and the one said to have been most ravaged by the Dweller’s first rising

    16. Had a year really gone by? I was again reaching a critical point where my ageless appearance might begin to cause problems

    17. Did he perhaps hide a peg leg? His face was ageless, as if he had been around the world for a hundred years

    18. An elderly maid in apron and cap conducted me to an overdecorated Victorian sitting room where an ageless woman attired in expensive silk, pearls, softly permed hair, elegant stiletto-heeled shoes in the same silk as the dress, several large diamond and gold rings, and a pince-nez suspended on a fine gold chain pinned to her bosom with a diamond clasp, sat with knees together and lips slightly apart

    19. Before them rose the great shimmering white form of Satha, an ageless hate in its eyes

    20. An ageless land-mark in a gradually evolving community, Cohen House appeared much the same as it did at the turn of the century

    21. Where Youth the ageless Fountain fills?

    22. The black of the iron reflected by the overhead lights shines and glistens as if it has been newly forged, it could have been made five years ago – or even five-hundred thousand years ago as it looks ageless

    23. When Fernanda arrived at the house she had good reason to think that she was an ageless servant, and even though she heard it said several times that she was her husband’s mother it was so incredible that it took her longer to discover it than to forget it

    24. that architects are convinced wil be ageless and tasteful but within a week look

    25. It’s the ageless story of two star crossed lovers whose

    26. that is as charming as it is ageless

    27. He had the same wide girth and ageless face

    28. Maybe next time that ageless wisdom will teach you that time is

    29. She was beautiful, and though the bark's wrinkles ruined the ageless wonder look, the face was still young

    30. “Living in the present moment and doing the duties of our state in life is enlightenment,” said the ageless older man

    31. In 2009 he received the Ringling "Ageless Creativity" award for his lifelong contributions to poetry

    32. Therefore everyone in Pugilist nicked her as the Ageless Phoenix and a

    33. Man cannot recover of injurious bites to ageless time

    34. both ageless and new

    35. Our bodies are ageless; they don’t change, and the brilliance in our blood gives us enough energy to survive on

    36. He was ageless, however, and I imagined he was far older than he looked

    37. Gothel's skin was soft, pale, pristine, and ageless

    38. Your friends and associates become ageless

    39. world, ageless and endless

    40. to connect with the ageless spirit of Ireland and they do so easily by remaining open to the distinctive slow paced Irish

    41. Maybe next time that ageless wisdom will teach you that time is not always the solution

    42. Ageless is the wind

    43. The Ageless one his

    44. That's what the Baptism by Water and by Fire from the position the Teachers of Ageless Wisdom, and so they are interrelated

    45. An ageless dignity, a timeless gallantry still clung about them and would cling until they died but they would carry undying bitterness to their graves, a bitterness too deep for words

    46. The face of Elrond was ageless, neither old nor young, though in it was

    47. I tarried there in the ageless time of that land where days bring

    48. He had an ageless face and a thick mustache

    49. He had silver-blond hair, an ageless hatchet face

    50. The ageless chimes of the bells held a new and special meaning for the more than ten thousand faithful gathered in the vast shadows cast by the world’s largest church

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    aeonian ageless eonian eternal everlasting perpetual unceasing unending classic time-honoured ancient customary traditional well-established