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    1. As her leviathan automobile wafted down the street that ran along

    2. When leaning, it is always best to rest against something solid, such as a public building, an automobile or a small horse

    3. Rush hour, in particular, has returned commuter travel to the horse and buggy era, unfair as such comparisons may appear, since carriages, and horses, for that matter, did not break down as frequently as the (modern) automobile

    4. Such principles, as they relate to Equal (Civil) Rights, for example, are recognized by social and political conventions allowing every individual, who is legally registered, for example, the right to vote or a licensed driver the right to own or operate an automobile or a prospective home buyer, with sufficient capital or credit, the right to purchase a house or a condo or whatever falls within his or her means

    5. William spent the next three weeks working at the local automobile repair garage owned by Stan Wilson

    6. When measured against the cost of other goods and services, however, the increase in the price of a gallon of gas, adjusted for inflation over the past half century, compares quite favorably with the rising costs associated with Healthcare or Education or the cost of purchasing a (new) home or automobile or a variety of consumer products for that matter

    7. “Look what your automobile did to my bike, mister! My mum is going to whip me! She said I should deliver the papers on foot

    8. “I hate removing the remains of insects from the wind screen of my automobile

    9. The young man who purchased his building had been injured in an automobile accident and had been

    10. It was just like an automobile ignition switch, and there was a small red button

    11. Anyone moving by truck or automobile was certain to be stopped by the partisans, usually robbed and sometimes killed

    12. shoe stores, clothing, automobile parts, and hundreds of other busi-

    13. Contrary to his customized automobile, his apartment had no elaborate security as far as Juliet could tell

    14. He knew only that Bruce had a reputation for being independent and he was renowned for his automobile

    15. Lomborg compares that cost to the projected cost of preventing the one million deaths that occur annually from automobile accidents

    16. Simply reducing the speed limit to 5 miles per hour could eliminate deaths in automobile crashes

    17. I really will miss the automobile," she said, biting her lip

    18. "And being alive is more important than any automobile

    19. Rose guided her automobile to the curb to allow Monica to depart

    20. automobile, a rarity for Indians at that time

    21. As Monica and Harry approached Tenth and Liberty, their attention was turned to a girl darting in front of an automobile

    22. So, in order to diminish the appearance of my company automobile, my father paid a handsome premium for four black wall tires

    23. That automobile almost invariably took first place in every show it entered

    24. Buehrig, who designed the original Cord automobile, who was with Cord when he purchased Duesenberg and designed several J models, and SJ models, including one for Gary Cooper

    25. When they got there, the owner of the automobile stuck to his price, and Pops said it was beyond his reach

    26. As my father had done when he negotiated the antique automobile, this time I got the benefit of the split

    27. What is it about getting behind the wheel of an automobile that

    28. car, her father could not make a decision to purchase the automobile

    29. Though the Bien Hoa Air Base hospital was not used to treating wounded soldiers bloody and dirty directly from the battlefield, their experience with the ruination caused by aircraft accidents and torn bodies from automobile crashes had helped them to prepare for the task at hand

    30. Nuke and I were watching one that had been silent but suddenly began to made sounds identical to a hot rod automobile accelerating away, including the gear shifts

    31. Shortly thereafter he was in an automobile accident that would normally have caused whiplash, but he emerged without injury to his neck, which he considered a miracle

    32. Soon they could see the automobile traffic clearly as their flight path paralleled Century Boulevard

    33. “I caused him to fall asleep behind the wheel of his automobile and he ran into a tree

    34. he has an automobile and weapons

    35. "automobile insurance" is the second most expensive keyword on the list

    36. control for the dash lights in an automobile

    37. Every automobile since its conception has had a screen on the pickup in the tank and a fuel filter in line that also traps these unwanted particles

    38. Book production and automobile production are often not much better at anticipating what

    39. He was apparently run over by an automobile

    40. When I first learned to drive an automobile (before the days of the automatic

    41. A good automobile driver does not drive consciously

    42. An automobile is made up of thousands of different patents, and each year's new

    43. Consider an automobile, for example

    44. illuminated by the flickering neons and automobile lights, was as beautiful as ever

    45. Carol was looking at the muted automobile commercial

    46. Cooper was not a viable automobile here due to the vast distances and harsh

    47. press the brake pedal, and my two-ton automobile met the concrete head on

    48. “What happened in the meeting today?” the automobile

    49. Hap turned and saw it was the automobile executive

    50. the automobile executive offered enthusiastically

    1. In his mind, William imagined the clock spinning at the speed of a fan and the clouds overhead moving as fast as speeding automobiles on a busy highway

    2. Another time, Mike’s crew of workers had built a new garage, large enough to accommodate two-dozen automobiles

    3. The garage contained four automobiles, all belonging to Laura Smith-Hughes

    4. There were no loitering pedestrians or parked automobiles with their front seats occupied

    5. That was where he learned to drive, and to repair automobiles

    6. of mind when they drive their automobiles

    7. work for the repair of automobiles and recre-

    8. All in all, I appeared as if I had been in a hit and run that involved about twenty automobiles taking their turn in flattening me over

    9. The blaring of horns on automobiles

    10. Within days, I forced her to into one of our three (more about that later) automobiles, and drove us to the nearest CAL Dept

    11. It is surprising that the environmentalists have not pushed the use of natural gas in automobiles or trucks for it is cleaner than gasoline which they seem to hate

    12. Automobiles enable you to come and go as you wish, without so much as a “by your leave”

    13. import of automobiles since 1976, and with the new President Collor, has opened it

    14. Some followed you in automobiles, others just observed, and you met a few of them

    15. out by automobiles and other exhaust pipes are highly

    16. argue with the fact that machines and automobiles cause

    17. buildings, automobiles, ideas, and habits

    18. Still the robots go to work, lifting collapsed walls, ceilings, and overturned automobiles like children playing with Tinker Toys

    19. They stood side by side, waiting, watching the microphone being dismantled, the police slowly walking toward their cars, the Royal Guards leaving in civilian automobiles

    20. Circulating in automobiles is not safe under any circumstances

    21. family could be happy, appropriate furnishings, and automobiles to meet your

    22. The sound of automobiles and delivery

    23. They built small space ships and drones like Detroit had once built automobiles

    24. The need for oil and oil products rose with the increased sales of automobiles

    25. Large American manufacturers began to promote their automobiles as a status symbol

    26. He reported that automobiles were used more for carrying prostitutes than soldiers

    27. The twenty-first century has automobiles that run without gasoline, and vehicles that use less fuel than the gas guzzlers on the road today

    28. After all, the area where they stayed would have few if any automobiles, cell phones and no cable TV

    29. automobiles, and countless other problems are lurking in the

    30. We hear about recalls every day for automobiles, appliances and electronic goods

    31. being paid heaps to have a play with some lasers to align automobiles in

    32. The first product Motorola started to develop was a record player for automobiles

    33. automobiles and what appeared to be a gas station of sorts

    34. sidewalk that had more automobiles parked on its side

    35. them as the automobiles as a shield just in case an unexpected

    36. Most married couples own most of their assets, such as the family home, automobiles, investments and accounts in joint tenancy

    37. The only difference was that you could smell the oily odor of automobiles and since they had just tarred my street that morning, the smell of fresh tar hung in the air as well

    38. Oh, the joy to be unbothered by planes, trains and automobiles; exhaust and congestion; chainsaws and street sweepers; guns, whistles and sirens

    39. It was a company that built fliers (another term for magnetic drive automobiles, which cruised three feet off the ground, but could go as high as a mile)

    40. vast col ection of al manner of automobiles stretching as far as the he could see

    41. A sailor knows that his ship loves him; a child knows her dolls are alive; and most of us have at one time or another felt emotionally intimate with our automobiles

    42. However, he did know enough about automobiles to recognize this was something someone would expect to find at an antique car show, and couldn’t believe Mr

    43. But the World had very few automobiles

    44. He always flew on SST’s and drove automobiles

    45. The OWG “overbuilt” the roads to prepare for the future when all the Masses would have automobiles

    46. Why were there so many spaces for automobiles when nobody drove them? He smiled and shook his head

    47. He noticed the large parking lots for automobiles

    48. Somewhere inside his head—maybe it was just a dream, Locke remembered as a kid seeing more automobiles on the road than there were now

    49. I knew all the automobiles had tracking but I guess it slipped my mind

    50. All the automobiles Govicide used the OWG manufactured a long time ago before their production was un-mandated

    1. She was sure that automobiling was “just the best sort of fun,” judging from the one ride she had had

    2. Such audacious defiance of the conventionalities on the part of the heroine, such mystery and scandal as to her matrimonial ventures, such “racing and chasing” and automobiling, such varying suitors—all individually represented by full-page illustrations—such a precociously impudent boy of fourteen meddling with the plot and acting as Penelope’s prime minister, such mixed-up situations and harum-scarum talk, cannot be found between ordinary lovers, but the result is amusing, to say nothing more

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