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    1. A greater number of fine children, however, is seldom seen anywhere than about a barrack of soldiers

    2. We now have an even greater reason for abolishing the EPA for since the election of Barrack Obama the

    3. Before the barrenness of his carved barrack

    4. be escorted by his new found friend to the correct barrack room

    5. It did not take long after his election to see the real Barrack Hussein Obama begin to emerge from under the clouds of his campaign oratory

    6. We now have an even greater reason for abolishing the EPA for since the election of Barrack Obama the EPA has ―run amok‖

    7. Omkarnath and with a few more barrack mates

    8. Milkeet Singh was out of the barrack life, and he had

    9. he was sent back to the barrack, and he got a week’s

    10. Grabbing her Beretta 92 pistol, Maria pulled its slide, loading a 9mm bullet in the chamber, then followed Nancy, who was now hurrying towards the female recruits barrack

    11. That barrack had been set apart from the other Afghan barracks, on the edge of the square occupied by the international staff, to keep the women as widely separated from the Afghan men as possible

    12. of the barrack and, holding it open with his body, grabbed something at his belt and brought it to his mouth, as if to bite in it

    13. ‘’He was going to throw them inside the barrack, one after the other, which is why he was using his teeth to pull out their safety pins

    14. ‘’Me and Nancy saw a marauder near the female barrack and went to check him out, Mister Morton

    15. He was about to throw a grenade inside the barrack when Nancy shot him

    16. She found Maria Garibaldi waiting for her near the recruits’ barrack

    17. “Moshe, the last of our weapons are now in the floor hiding space of our barrack

    18. Shrugging them off, he walked to the crude brick barrack that housed his small force of Haganah fighters

    19. The wooden floor of the barrack bent and cracked as soon as the machine following him rolled inside

    20. In reaction, the robot flew silently off the floor and floated a few centimeters in the air, watched by the incredulous fighters now assembled in the barrack

    21. The 37 men and women inside the Haganah barrack fell silent when Moshe entered with Nancy

    22. Bandong stepped out with Ingrid, who insisted on carrying herself her kit and rifle, and led her inside the hut, which turned out to be the barrack for the pilots of the 6th Pursuit Squadron

    23. � Just before supper, Wilson�s men moved her personal belongings to the WAAFs barrack, where a small room had been given her

    24. � The lights of the barrack housing the guard force were visible through the trees

    25. In Tanganyika his memory was kept alive by admiring Greeks none more so than Theo, who repeatedly visited the Kilimanjaro trenches as a teenager; just a barrack room historian or a Herodotus in the making? Only time would tell but there was no doubt he had an interest in history which he expressed by courting the company of men with history to tell

    26. � They generally use common criminals or others ready to do anything to get a better treatment and then put them in charge of a barrack

    27. � Nancy, followed by her bodyguards, Major Terleki and Captain Lunds, was actually the first to enter a prisoners barrack block

    28. � Over 600 men, skinny and wearing rags, filled the stinking barrack

    29. She had a hard time running down the length of the barrack, so packed was the floor with fearful prisoners

    30. ����������� �What will you do with the German guards, Colonel?�� Asked Harlow as Nancy supported her while walking out of the barrack block

    31. Why were these men still inside that barrack instead of inside shelters or trenches?”

    32. “They didn’t have trenches dug near their barrack anyway

    33. I earlier encountered a sergeant from your unit digging through the remains of a barrack and who told me that he and his men didn’t get my orders from his officers

    34. The wooden barrack housing him and another hundred or so Americans taken prisoners in Korea had only a single small pot-bellied stove to heat it, and their Chinese captors were quite stingy with the coal they provided for it, even though the hundreds of American prisoners of war held in Manzhouli were the ones toiling day-long to extract it from the local coal mine

    35. The door of their barrack was then kicked in a few seconds later and an officer wearing the combat uniform of a United States Marine stepped in, an assault rifle at the ready

    36. That call triggered a human stamped out of the barrack, with the Marines stationed outside near the landed aircraft controlling the prisoners only with difficulty

    37. While equally eager to escape, Anders showed more restraint than most of the other prisoners and took the time to look around him once out of his barrack

    38. At least a hundred Marines were also visible by the light of the burning guards barrack, guarding the aircraft or running around the detention barracks

    39. ‘’First, was this the only barrack for the guards of the camp?’’ Asked Krulak while pointing the burning barrack just outside the wire perimeter

    40. There is however a smaller barrack, nearly a hut, about fifty meters behind it, that housed visiting interrogators and interprets

    41. Kinsler watched for a moment the fire lance of 40mm tracer shells coming down from an orbiting AC-142G that was otherwise invisible in the dark sky, creating a carpet of small explosions among a group of barrack buildings 400 meters away, then looked at Elizabeth

    42. Once the new firearms had been taken to the main arsenal of the castle, Saburo enlisted the help of young Ujiro to bring the weapons taken from the bandits to the barrack occupied by their ashigaru unit

    43. The men kept quiet as Saburo lined up the weapons and the few pieces of armor on the floor of the barrack: they knew Saburo to be a fair and honest commander

    44. Dropping his portion in his assigned corner, he then left the barrack with the loot meant for Junmi and went to the central dungeon of the castle, entering it by a secondary entrance reserved for the servants and the lower classes of warriors

    45. I believe that there is still a small room available in the barrack reserved for the local female employees

    46. Polina, a 54 year-old woman prematurely aged by the hard life of a forced labor camp, felt her heart jump with joy at that announcement, while the other Jewish women in the barrack shouted happily

    47. Entering behind Morgan and with the other officers following her, Gertrude soon walked into one of the communal dormitories of the barrack, a long room lit by ten large windows

    48. The dormitory was filled with two parallel rows of iron bunk beds, with each bed provided with a narrow steel locker and a barrack box

    49. ‘’And how is the junior ranks mess? If this barrack block can’t offer more than what I see here now, then I hope that our technicians can at the least use a decent mess

    50. By the time we reached Dan’s, a fortress of a home that looked as if it had once been an army barrack, every visible inch of me was covered in hives

    1. This conceit was mostly lost on the youthful audience, which barracked his scripted announcements while he insulted each act in turn

    1. when I started barracking for his darts team in a fairly loud

    2. What have I accepted? Brandor’s grinning features filled his thoughts, barracking him for

    3. ‘ You said it was safe,’ were the barracking words

    1. They were laid out in typical barracks formation

    2. Because his mother had been a senator back when Ohio was a state, they were housed at an army barracks

    3. Kai called a warrior over and spoke to him for a moment and then the young warrior headed to the barracks

    4. The three soldiers were confined to barracks – by the weather,

    5. Just as she was leaving the building she spotted Chas heading back towards the barracks

    6. She glanced back towards the barracks to see Sheila striding along

    7. By the time she reached the barracks, she was shaking – part from reaction and part from cold

    8. There was no sound from the rest of the barracks – the others must still be outside

    9. The path she was used to taking turned off to the right outside the barracks and led down to the cove, a junction part way along leading off to the dig … but what if she went left outside the barracks? With one finger, she traced the route of the path as it wound through the marsh, concluding that it appeared to end up further along the coast at a stretch of beach shown on the map by a splash of yellow … at least she assumed that’s what it meant

    10. Some hundred yards or so from the barracks, but out of sight of the building beside a large rock, she came across an area of ground which had obviously been disturbed recently

    11. The sun was well down the sky by the time she climbed the rocky stairs back to the path and turned for the barracks

    12. For a moment, she thought about running back to the barracks but to do that she would have to go past him … the thought paralysed her

    13. ‘Back to the barracks

    14. This decided, she straightened her clothing up and set off along the path back to the barracks as though nothing had happened

    15. The thought of sunrise was hardly showing on the horizon when Kev crept out of the barracks and almost ran across to where the car was parked

    16. The further he got from the barracks, the better Kev felt

    17. It’s not as though they couldn’t get away from the barracks … it was only a few miles to the road

    18. he didn’t feel anything for Ozzie – the man was a mess, but Chrissie … as the distance between his fleeing feet and the barracks grew, Andy felt less and less concerned about the woman

    19. He congratulated himself on having carried it off, his self-esteem growing with every step he took away from the barracks

    20. Trying to visualise the map back at the barracks, he debated with himself whether he should go back or try to cut across country to the road he knew had to be running almost parallel to the track he was on

    21. It couldn’t be that far … he reckoned that he’d gone at least three if not four miles along the lane before he turned off … and the road was only five miles or thereabouts from the barracks

    22. By the last rays of the setting moon, he surveyed the terrain … it wasn’t as boggy as the land nearer the barracks, looked pretty much like the moors he’d seen down in Devon

    23. All of a sudden, the thought of escaping (for that is how he now saw his flight from the barracks), escaping in the car looked a lot more palatable

    24. He should have stayed at the barracks

    25. A glance at his watch told him it was getting on for four in the afternoon … surely Ozzie and Chrissie would have left the barracks by now … he could admit that’s where they had been staying without running the risk of anyone finding them

    26. As he munched Andy persuaded himself that Ozzie and Chrissie would be well clear of the barracks by the time he got there with the Sergeant and, unless the police went foraging outside the barracks, they wouldn’t find the dig either … he should be in the clear

    27. The cell was pretty basic – but not much worse than the barracks had been

    28. But then again, if that had been the case, then surely it would have reached the ears of the authorities … there would have been visitors at the barracks

    29. ’ Andy put in, trying to remember if he had seen the warbler at all during his time at the barracks

    30. barracks at the Grange

    31. The police car turned off the main road into the lane leading to the barracks and Andy felt his nerves kick into action again

    32. The roof of the barracks appeared in the distance

    33. ’ He paused, wondering briefly if he could get away without having to mention all the people who had been at the barracks

    34. For the first time since arriving at the house, she allows her thoughts to go back over the events of that last day at the barracks

    35. shortly moving to another part of the brick-built barracks blocks at

    36. one set of barracks to the other was to pack all of his belongings into

    37. Later, long after Tom had moved into his new barracks – he was

    38. the back stairs of the Grange and along the paths to the barracks

    39. Dan and Reeas are now at the home that they shared in the barracks where Reeas was stationed on Bophious

    40. The many tiers of dwellings carved in the face of the cliff were built as barracks; to house a standing army of the Triad at all times

    41. Back at the barracks, he had heard rumors that Dobber got a little too close to the commander’s wife

    42. To dream that you are living in barracks suggests that you are in a restrictive situation

    43. Gerill was not an Ignist, but instead was a Flaran, but the barracks of the Thanes (for those who could not afford their own home within the walls of Saparen) was in Ignar’s Den, and Hyte preferred to be near his friends than farther south in Flarow’s section

    44. The creatures came upon the soldiers beside the barracks, but the human archers were holding the position well

    45. The barracks would be shared that evening by the King’s men as well as Saparen’s, and Gerill would have offered to house a Thane or two had he not already had houseguests

    46. “Take it with you to the Barracks,” Sicarius said

    47. Over his shoulder, he said, “There are hidden exits in the dungeons beneath the Imperial Barracks

    48. Amaranthe wondered how many men in the Imperial Barracks were loyal to Sespian and how many to Hollowcrest

    49. Finally, an old master sergeant that was sleeping in the barracks where I was also sleeping noticed me scratching and jumping

    50. They, being lady-like, (and much fewer in numbers), had rooms and not dormitories or barracks if you want to use the military term

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