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    1. ’ Stephen muttered as we reach the car; he’s got one of those automatic unlocking devices on his car and, by the time the crowd have caught up with us, I am in the front seat buckling on the seat belt and he is starting the engine

    2. I suspected a Brazilian doomsday system in the kuiper belt, but I have no evidence for anything except that interstellar transmission from the Sol System has ceased, mortal transmissions only a few years before those from the Angels

    3. Glenelle wondered at the folly of a nation consisting of one pill-shaped space colony three miles in diameter and forty miles long that passes in close orbit less than five hundred miles above, declaring war on a glowing industrial belt holding half a billion mortals that was longer than the distance to that orbit

    4. Russ directs traffic as John and Khalid log the moonshine crates as they trundle up the conveyer belt into the belly of the plane

    5. Travis was an old Karate black belt

    6. The man leant back in his chair and made it obvious that he had an automatic pistol stuck in his belt

    7. He returned to his seat and took the automatic pistol from his belt

    8. He just smiled at us, a sly and crafty smile, the grin of the clinically insane behind rusty Bedlam bars, except that in this case the lunatic carried the keys to the cell upon his belt

    9. At a check-point… just before she pulled the string that would have exploded the belt wrapped around her midriff

    10. That was consistent with the nudging of a large asteroid a third of a billion miles deep in space, somewhere in the ice belt of 61 Cygni C, 'Cynd' to a native

    11. The governor failed to see the significance of that data, even when native astronomers noticed a large member of Cynd's asteroid belt had been knocked from its orbit on a course to plunge deep into the gravity well of the brown dwarf

    12. The only newer ship he's actually 'seen' was Gordon's Lamp out of the Pan Solar League (really just the Angels of an American tele-evangelical church gone wild in the asteroid belt) from 2175

    13. The belt was helpful indeed, but this couldn't go on for ever

    14. Neither does a year of half-marathons Most people have these down and what they usually don’t under my belt

    15. at the waist by a golden belt

    16. Taw stones safely restored to their pouch on her belt, she changed out of her comfy travelling clothes into something a little smarter and set about writing messages

    17. ’ I said, fumbling at the pouch on my belt

    18. He’s wearing his usual Gottesman outfit of sensible hosen and a tunic, his belt, complete with pouch where he keeps his stones, firmly in place

    19. An hour or so later, inside the next belt of woodland, we pause to gather our strength

    20. Reaching for my belt, I extract the Element of Water from the pouch and look at it by the golden glow of the lightstones

    21. Would three Elements be enough to turn the tide of decay, sufficient even to save the world? Unable to answer any of these questions, I carefully put the Element away in my belt and lie back on my bunk, staring at the ceiling of the cabin

    22. Berndt takes them from the pouch on his belt and places them in Drens’ hands, outstretched and waiting to receive them

    23. I see him pick up the letter, fold it carefully and stow it in the pouch on his belt

    24. He would put the seat belt back on me and I would know it was daddy and a few minutes later I would forget and take it back off to escape whoever he really was

    25. They had, however, been scouting out a likely target and had chosen the slightly built young lady with the bulging money belt as the best source of the filthy lucre that they needed to maintain their lighter fuel and crack cocaine habits

    26. The poor soldier sat on the bunk in his cell, alone and without shoe laces in his shoes or a belt to secure his modesty

    27. ’ I said, reaching into the pocket in my belt where they live

    28. ‘When will we know if it has made a difference?’ I asked, my hand resting on the pouch in my belt as though seeking reassurance of what lies within

    29. After all, we could be within the Kuiper belt already

    30. "Morg was asked to calculate what it would take to put us in a parking orbit in the Kuiper belt instead of the asteroid belt

    31. He knew how little a ship like this could change course, a parking orbit in the Kuiper Belt was at least three billion miles from Sol and that was a significant change of course when they were only forty three billion miles away

    32. He wished he had been able to make these experiments in deep space, not the edge of the Kuiper Belt

    33. "True," Thom said, "but if you multiply by the number of samples it would take to cover the whole sphere around Sol, we can see that none of the impactors need to come from the Kuiper Belt

    34. Once they understood the enemy could be in Oort Space and not the Kuiper Belt they all stared in horror

    35. "Sure," she said, and her jersey disappeared, to be replaced by an open-fronted blouse and a long and billowy flounced skirt with a thick bronze belt

    36. Once we enter the inner part of the Kuiper belt we’ll have a chance

    37. " That was still seven months away and he doubted that this phenomenon would continue into the Kuiper belt because it was too warm for condensates to form

    38. Yes, we tracked them to that asteroid belt where they supposedly were hiding a laboratory

    39. Their diversion to the Kuiper Belt was barely detectable with astronomical instruments at this point

    40. He turned quickly, his hand on the sword at his belt

    41. road were a Swiss army knife hanging from his belt and a tube of

    42. If it does no more than it is doing now, it is preventing us from achieving a parking orbit in the Kuiper Belt

    43. They were ships of secular simulate corporations located in the asteroid belt

    44. The thing that made him most confident he was on the right track, this had all started happening as soon as they were diverted to the Kuiper Belt

    45. She was dressed in leather breeches, a white billowy shirt with a large gold and silver belt at her trim waist

    46. She was very conscious of the fact that a thirty two inch, razor sharp, bronze rapier was still on his belt

    47. bulging money belt as the best source of the filthy lucre that they

    48. She believes it was Matai, because she saw the buckle on his belt; and we all know Matai has a silver winged one on his belt buckle

    49. shoe laces in his shoes or a belt to secure his modesty

    50. He reached over his dresser and pulled out a knife from the scabbard on his belt hanging nearby and slowly approached the bed

    1. So she belted out the song with everything she had

    2. He was dressed in a subtly patterned satin nightcoat with nothing under it, but it was belted shut

    3. Aspen belted the robe, feeling a little more confident

    4. She had insisted the girl take the bow, but they had come to a compromise when she belted on her sword

    5. Despite this, she slung her bow case over her back with the enchanted emerald bow sticking up above her shoulder and belted on her sword

    6. "An old lady belted you with a bag full of bricks," he told me with a concerned look

    7. The CD player belted out the latest hits and Lyra swung her hips in time to the beat as she turned the meat over

    8. traded off on the piano and I belted out one tune after another

    9. He convulsed calmly, as if the ride belted a shimmy

    10. “What?” she belted out

    11. Kragorram wore the most impressive sword any there had ever seen, sheathed in a gold and white scabbard along his left side, belted in two places with gold chain as thick as Mark’s leg

    12. so that the bunched up waist of the belted jeans was

    13. Soon they were ready, he in a white silk shirt with pearl buttons, a gold hairclip, and a jacket that matched the kilt, she in a simple blue silk belted summer dress that fell to her calves, with some of her hair artfully arranged in ringlets atop her head and held with gold pins

    14. A sword belted at his waist, how he beamed when I told him that he had been chosen

    15. "Yahoo," he belted out in the tower, not on the air, of course

    16. A sword belted at his waist, how he beamed when I told him that he had

    17. must have spread out like the limitless ocean, forests that belted

    18. they belted out a series of distress calls while running away from

    19. Notwithstanding the flaws of the organist he belted out the latter with such enthusiasm, making Charly blush

    20. with Wayne, and no one faulted Michael even though he had belted

    21. “I bet that guy you belted will need a doctor

    22. Smork as he belted out a jolly old laugh

    23. Peter gazed up at his mother's baby picture and belted out, "Mother, you are so pretty

    24. Hunter belted out, "Quiet now!"

    25. As soon as they stepped before an infrared sensor, a siren belted out a loud wail, red

    26. Before it could decide what to do, Jar appeared from behind and belted it across the head with a log of wood

    27. Remember he was still giggling like a girl when we came back in and belted you on the bum just as you were coming? Fuck, I didn’t know you could get so mean

    28. As he began to fall forward, she jumped to her feet and belted him in the face with the stick, which she still had clenched in her hand, knocking him backwards into the scrub

    29. I was sitting in the middle seat on the window, lap belted in and watching the scenery go by

    30. ” He pushed the door open and she put the skinny child next to the window and seat belted him in

    31. His garb was common enough for that country—a coarse tunic, belted at the waist, short leather breeches beneath, and soft buckskin boots that came short of the knee

    32. Belted it around my tender waist, it still hurt from the bout of puking that had left me sore in the ribs and belly

    33. I was in a voluminous wool nightgown with gathered sleeves, an embroidered robe belted at the waist and thin slippers on my feet

    34. People are Strange and we belted out the song with such intensity you’d

    35. "My father would have belted me, if I stayed out all night with

    36. She hoped for this prospect as she obeyed the staff’s directions, putting both arms into the sleeves, having these wrapped around her body and belted, then locked

    37. The thermal belted his right wing, tipping his glider away from the ridge

    38. battered mask of blood, her sliced jeans peeled back but still belted to her waist

    39. He belted out his discontent for all to hear

    40. He had left this very building every day after school, driving off in his dad’s old Chevy with a change maker belted to his waist

    41. George and Chunt belted along the tunnel on electric scooters, headed for

    42. The lead singer belted out some words that I really couldn’t make out over the guitars playing

    43. into Mrs Jenkins from the Crusty Cob bakery when he belted it around the head with a sack of

    44. Jeff introduced the melody and Thelma belted out the opening verse:

    45. “Welcome to the new campsite,” the flat computer voice belted out

    46. “Of course you can ask, and you just did!” She belted out a jolly laugh

    47. putrefies captioned conned exterior below the belted fury

    48. razor-filled maw belted out another war cry

    49. “I strongly disagree,” belted out a group of powerless protesters from the Collaboration of Those Who Angrily Disagree With Any Form of Legitimately Sanctioned Policing and/or Law Enforcement in the Kroonum System

    50. he was belted in and ready to go

    1. Happiness is a great meal, a good cigar and a polished crooner belting out the old favourites

    2. Not twenty seconds into it, water started belting us from the golf course

    3. As Sebastian was belting his pants, the light outside changed, getting darker

    4. She did not wait long before belting on her sword and fastening the harness of her bow case over her breasts

    5. Carl was belting on his bow case when a dark-eyed Guardian entered the tent to report the attack

    6. that took whole tires in at the back door, separated the steel belting and rubber, and sent different sizes of crumb rubber out the front door

    7. She had no time to close her door before Dalia emerged into the hallway, still belting her robe, but Dalia took no notice as she quickly moved a few steps down the hall in the opposite direction and entered her mother’s study, which she knew would be empty, as her parent’s voices could be faintly heard from the direction of the central room

    8. Bart wondered what it would’ve been like to have a father who loved him instead of belting him; who was interested in him, wanted to see his school reports, to know what he’d been doing

    9. Stopped Lance belting into Murray once

    10. I couldn’t help but grin at Piers as we crept down the hall for the Weasel and the Padre were still belting out the horrendous zombie songs of praise

    11. Climbing in and quickly belting up, he grasped the joystick and resumed manual control, the moment Bill switched off the computer

    12. a circle around the pool of water and the stage, running faster, belting

    13. Thin, tall, unkempt but dishevelled, she stripes one child at her back and another by her left, all supported with a yellow wrapper belting the two miserable kids to her tired body

    14. Elandria’s voice? He looked to where she stood near the window, belting out passionate lyrics in a loud and clear soprano

    15. “Out! Out,” the woman cried, belting Emory with her spoon

    16. Tina Turner started belting out ‘Simply the best,’

    17. lash out with belting

    18. But as they entered the tunnel, hearing a flurry of Heils inside the stadium, they threw back their shoulders, picked up the pace, and started to sing spontaneously, belting it out:

    19. 1 and got James Brown belting out what a sex machine he was

    20. I tried to picture Patsy as she had been in her heyday-country-western star, in her leather jackets with fringe and skirts and boots, with teased and bouffant hair, belting her original songs

    21. They never considered belting on swords or toiling at the disintegrated walls

    1. The rusting cranes and conveyor belts in the water made a challenging obstacle course

    2. Frank shut down the conveyor belts before there was a huge mess on the floor

    3. "That of itself will not make the pistols disappear from their belts," Vincef said

    4. They weren’t bloody from battle but were young and fit with stylish kilts, polished figure-eight shields with artwork on them, plumed half-helmets of heavy tapestry and sheathed rapiers with ornate hilts at their belts

    5. For everyday the skirts had plain leather belts, but for the ceremony they would have wide and decorated belts shaped to resemble the bronze corsets and almost as tight

    6. Strapped securely to his chest, he locked the world out, but even the hot confining seat belts couldn't hold her emotions back, once alone in the car

    7. Most of them removed their coats after exiting, revealing the belts

    8. Leather straps and belts intersected throughout his armor, fastening an arsenal of weapons to the man's body

    9. The debris that couldn't be 'recycled' as it were, was removed to the asteroid belts of that system and then what still couldn't be situated there and balanced, was removed to the Illian system's asteroid belts, where it could be balanced

    10. black belts, are able to execute techniques with blinding speed

    11. when there are two black belts squaring off

    12. The instructors are black belts

    13. The Military Police with their blancoed webbing and clean uniforms and their pistols in holsters attached to their webbing belts were trying to sort out the mess of people

    14. Adem and his friends removed their weapons from their belts and stood proudly with hands by their sides

    15. He didn’t care about getting belts

    16. Only later when everyone had loosened their belts and moved to more comfortable chairs did they turn their attention to the business at hand

    17. If her hands had not been bound behind her, she might have tried for one of the swords or pistols hanging from their belts, but she had no hope of reaching them

    18. Our belts were the same as the Army issued, but blue in colour and without regimental clasp

    19. It was pitiful to see the American troops extracting, with difficulty, single cartridges from their sodden belts, while the Spaniards pressed home the pentacapsular clip in their Mausers and had five shots ready

    20. "Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain, please fasten your seat belts

    21. They swapped seats, clicked on seat belts and continued their journey

    22. Everything this girl had in here was green, black, and khaki, or a combination of green, black and khaki; with a few leather straps and belts thrown in for accessorizing

    23. New belts, hoses, a

    24. strapping belts for the descent

    25. One inmate returned the belts to the bed of the truck

    26. None of them spoke while they fastened the swords to their belts and the quiver on their backs

    27. five millimetre bullet belts into the slot on his gatling gun,

    28. belts wrestling with the idea of God's command to be

    29. car and doing free inspection of belts, hoses,

    30. pressure hose, couplings, belts, and clamps

    31. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs

    32. Danny unbuckled the belts he’d been fussing with, pulled the saddle

    33. an accident, seat belts save lives

    34. restaurant booth, it sported six more safety belts

    35. belts; the main asteroid belt, the Trojan, and

    36. Of the three asteroid belts in our solar

    37. Then out of the door, bang, bash, in the car, seat belts,

    38. He removed a great black sheath with two belts and strapped it diagonally across his back, then took the black blade out of the case and sheathed it with an expert motion, leaving the hilt in easy reach over his right shoulder

    39. If you look closely, you can see that they wear small breechclouts and belts, and the males have sleeveless shirts

    40. The angels were over two meters tall, wearing glowing white robes with golden belts around their waists

    41. I tell you JoySun, that was a major one for me! Fasten you seat belts and hear my

    42. I have found it necessary to ban the following items: golden hairpins, laced shoes, fur collars, silver-buckled belts, long trains, jewelled rings, gowns cut low in front, many-coloured vestments, Nuns adorning themselves as if they were brides, many-coloured ribbons

    43. In another area were large conveyor belts and other equipment

    44. Keys to giant yellow machines hang from thick belts around their waists

    45. We took off our helmets and fastened them to our belts under the camouflage tunics

    46. I looked to my left and saw four frag grenades! I grabbed them and one of the belts they went on

    47. Within these belts and zones are storm systems that

    48. with only one cylinders worth (five shells), a M60 with two one hundred belts of

    49. to show off and strut about with trophies on our belts

    50. I now understand the whole thing about wearing seat belts

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