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    1. Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades

    2. As soon as Barney sees me, he bounds forward and throws his arms round my legs, nearly tripping me up

    3. "So are they supernatural or are you trying to tell me this fits within the bounds of reality?"

    4. He was within two bounds of them now

    5. that bounds the world away

    6. Technically he was, within the bounds of three-d reality he can shine a lantern on that native eye and it can pick up the network

    7. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in earnest

    8. “We have no need for contact with others; she oversteps her bounds; she goes too far!”

    9. True he complained about everything Queen Naria did, but even for him, this went beyond all bounds

    10. The old man knew he was stepping out of bounds, but still he persisted; he had seen the look of longing on Tarak’s face when he was with her

    11. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in

    12. He bounds off to ring them up

    13. His greed shows no bounds

    14. "Within the bounds of a Caribbean paradise, yes

    15. He seemed to go back to being content that she wasn't overstepping her bounds

    16. It probably would be so, if, in the rude beginnings of improvement, the market for the latter commodities was confined within as narrow bounds as that for the former

    17. As arts and commerce, indeed, gradually spread themselves over a greater and a greater part of the earth, the search for new mines, being extended over a wider surface, may have somewhat a better chance for being successful than when confined within narrower bounds

    18. Energy is the cement that bounds an entity to the human state of life

    19. The coffers of such a company, too, though they ought to be filled much fuller, yet must empty themselves much faster than if their business was confined within more reasonable bounds, and must require not only a more violent, but a more constant and uninterrupted exertion of expense, in order to replenish them, The coin, too, which is thus continually drawn in such large quantities from their coffers, cannot be employed in the circulation of the country

    20. But where he can spend the greatest revenue upon his own person, he frequently has no bounds to his expense, because he frequently has no bounds to his vanity, or to his affection for his own person

    21. When the two-leggeds first built their great ancient cities, their pyramids and temples, its jealousy knew no bounds

    22. the bounds of ordinary complacency, and

    23. moon base was off bounds so as to keep the

    24. As much as he tried to relax, his mind traveled all over the bounds of his memory bank

    25. to worry that she had overstepped her bounds with Rex

    26. ” I looked at the love of my life and the compassion I felt for her knew no bounds as I replied

    27. Absolutely disgusting female creature whose depravity and greed know no bounds

    28. Getting hit hard running out of bounds, and the refs tacked on another 15 for unnecessary roughness

    29. With 8 seconds to go at the 12, Reilly hit Oliva who couldn’t quite get the ball over the goal line before he ran out of bounds, stopping the clock

    30. Out of bounds

    31. It took enormous bounds that left wide gaps between the tracks, and its path was not entirely linear

    32. When I offered to play poker with him, his enthusiasm knew no bounds, but I made sure always to lose, which suited him just fine

    33. Dorian said, “It is considered out of bounds to attack someone’s cognate

    34. The intimacy grew by leaps and bounds and hour by hour

    35. No fucking broad was going to spit at him! He looked down into her eyes and read nothing but haughty contempt and rage without bounds

    36. His delight seemed to know no bounds

    37. The first introduction of them in this biblical story seems to be when they were selected among several others to spy out the Promised Land that resided somewhere within the bounds of the “land of Canaan

    38. When she showed signs of breaking her bounds, he went nuts

    39. His wondering intellect, within some indeterminate length of time, intuited an unnatural Presence apparently just beyond the bounds of his physical existence

    40. 5 Seeing his days are determined, the numbers of his months are with you, you have appointed his bounds that he cannot pass;

    41. 10 He has compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end

    42. As our heart that raps and bounds

    43. 13 For he says, By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom; for I am prudent, and I have removed the bounds

    44. bounds of her sexual behavior and makes sure she is always in control

    45. - A true love without futile interests, a love that knows no bounds

    46. Chabi knows that she has overstepped her bounds this time since she is not denouncing you in any way nor admitting to anyone that she has ever seen you

    47. without the bounds the shoots 11 of the vine and cast it outside; And when the Earth appeared out of the water, and Noah came out

    48. took Joppa for an haven, and made an entrance to the isles of the sea, 6 And enlarged the bounds of his nation, and recovered the

    49. An obsessive, compulsive schizophrenic with a sexual interest in his assistant, bounds and gags her before brutally stabbing her and then wakes up to recall nothing of the night before

    50. Luckily for him, this section was out of bounds for patients and he slowly pulled his victim to what looked like a highly secure area without attracting the attention of any staff

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