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    1. "I think she's too careful

    2. It’s standard procedure and one can never be too careful with a child that arrived a month premature

    3. Be careful in your decisions

    4. She needed to be careful with her heart now

    5. But I strongly suggest that you be careful of the products on the market today and that you always ask questions and read the ingredients

    6. Just moments ago he was telling her to be careful

    7. "Careful, honey," Violet's mom said

    8. Maybe my dad wasn’t being careful

    9. The main caution is to be careful where you put it so that it is not ingested by anything other then the roaches

    10. You think I am mad, yes? Just be careful

    11. BE CAREFUL! Please let me know of your results and any questions

    12. The saying 'be careful what you wish for' was never more apt than for ‘tattoo witchcraft' as she liked to call it

    13. "I think we should be careful," Tahlmute said

    14. There is an expression: “Be careful what you

    15. in my position has to be careful

    16. I suppose he is naturally careful what he says – comes of being a lawyer, I expect – the agency did mention that the company has a high turnover of staff though which is worrying

    17. Doubtless Emma has been nagging her to be careful

    18. His father didn't believe in Ju-ju, traditional magic and witchcraft, but his mother had always warned him to be careful; that it was for real

    19. Unlike the earlier missions, this ship did not underestimate their enemy and was careful that it was not detected in its approach so it could strike without warning

    20. (17) Preachers must be very careful when it comes to rebuking the leadership of the

    21. Be careful and take into account when the

    22. prayerfully careful in his actions

    23. Bahkmar had to admit that the events of the last week had not made his politics more correct, but they had made him more careful

    24. I must be careful

    25. Bahkmar always thought he could be open and honest with Jaseem about anything that didn't violate the technician's oath, but since falling into that trap he had been a lot more careful with what he said to anyone

    26. Be careful, Marwan

    27. “Be careful! He hates it, when someone annoys his mistress!” crowed Lady Chimaera with a sarcastic smile

    28. "We need to be a little more careful than that," Alfred said

    29. He’d been really glad to have Kara identified, though Angie had been careful what she actually said

    30. He was careful not to cut himself as he climbed

    31. They are a desperate group and already tried to murder me … and yes, I am being careful

    32. ‘I’ve been careful, saved sensibly so I can retire when I want to … and Joris left me … some …’ The phrase stuck in her throat; concentrating her attention on the plate in front of her, she hauled herself back together again under cover of sharing condiments

    33. “Yeah you had better be careful; you don’t know who could be

    34. he had to be more careful

    35. They had to be really careful the next time they

    36. The tentacles are no problem, his pincers could snip those up, but he had to be careful of the beak

    37. wanting a lover who loves with careful abandon,

    38. He would have to be quite careful to avoid being overcome with desire

    39. We start with the careful plantsman

    40. “We need to be more careful” said Catwhiskers

    41. “Hey, fellas, be careful with those bikes, and don’t forget what I

    42. Now this road was easy to follow, but as it was so much less open, she had to be much more careful going thru here

    43. “Just be careful when riding then” said Lardyme

    44. “Well, then I suppose we had better be careful” said Catwhiskers

    45. they were been careful

    46. careful manner, unaware that they were seen by the Alderfolk

    47. careful to chant the mantra of tolerance

    48. careful and wary walk of a cat

    49. After al , it is the person’s skin that will be put at risk and not just their money, so, careful considerations is extremely important

    50. When, after careful practice, you can perform this asana to your liking and can hold it in comfort for several minutes, while you hold it practice deep breathing with your eyes closed and your spine held straight

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    Synonymes pour "careful"

    careful deliberate measured thrifty heedful delicate concerned gentle tactful conscientious discreet observant prudent safe circumspect watchful mindful solicitous spare provident economical precise exact punctilious strict particular finical scrupulous