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    1. i believe that you cherish me as the apple

    2. My experience of life might seem deplorably meagre to many, but still had those moments to cherish, and I believed, sitting in the back of that van with Robbie, that I would have a life full of such joys

    3. It is also a Valentine’s Day gift that they are likely to cherish for years to come

    4. It is a choice to cherish and to think of the other person above anything else

    5. is what it means when we repeat "to cherish and to hold, forever

    6. Peter goes on to explain that in return for me promising to honour and obey, Simon is promising to love and cherish me … more than a fair exchange, I reckon

    7. And that I love and cherish you, the same…

    8. 4 Those you love and cherish

    9. But it wasn’t truly about the aliens, or the monsters, or the magical grass that made everyone go crazy that made Andrew cherish those memories, of course

    10. And cherish those that have been so good to me

    11. Except, you don’t have to pass this thing you cherish through your--”

    12. You need to cherish your time spent with friends

    13. The heat of his body was warming me in the winter cold, a moment to cherish

    14. I believe we should cherish that remnant of it that still belongs to us

    15. I will cherish those pictures, forever

    16. Dead things he chose to cherish and love instead of the living that were warm to him

    17. that was the beginning of a friendship i will forever cherish

    18. But when Elizabeth Kirk heard it she put away a secret hope she had allowed herself to cherish, without a change of expression on her kind plain face, and Emmeline Drew resolved that the next time she saw a certain old bachelor of Lowbridge she would not snub him as she had done at a previous meeting

    19. When speaking of the childhood nickname Junior came to cherish

    20. He saw them being stuck in their childish position regarding immortality for the next hundred years until one day the idea of death set in and they realised how frightening the absense of existence is and realised how lucky they were and started to cherish their existence

    21. He couldn’t deal with rejection which was evident to him all those years ago, the only blessing he had ever cherish was that Lora grew up and moved on from his death

    22. To love, honour, and to cherish

    23. Unquestionably, I will always remember and cherish the particulars of that

    24. Its memories like these that we will always cherish

    25. When she was gone I would always cherish the memories she gave me

    26. ence and you cherish your memories

    27. “Its only then that you’ll be able to cherish all the memories without it hurting so much

    28. really anything there that I could cherish or miss now that he’s

    29. It is one more of many agencies that use tax dollars to destroy the institutions that most taxpayers cherish

    30. But that first morning, no matter how much he longed to cherish the beginning of the day in Simon’s arms, Ralph had other purposes in mind

    31. Could that happen to our society here? Was the attack on Lindisfarne merely the first drop of a great torrent that will someday wash away, forever, all that we know and cherish? Is that God's plan?

    32. And she needed someone to cherish

    33. I would cherish what I had lived and learned from them and use those lessons to

    34. Those were the moments to cherish,

    35. strong to cherish what remains

    36. love, finding a young man who would cherish her more than

    37. ly experience, cherish and with anticipation pray that he would come

    38. To cherish wife and child,

    39. cherish thoughts which are on the brink of that-- not definitely evil, but

    40. He would cherish that moment for the rest of his life, because a few days later he and his mother stood in the frosty, overcast afternoon, holding hands beside a newly dug grave

    41. And this is the sum of duty: Let no man do to another what would be repugnant to himself; cherish no malice, smite not him who smites you, conquer anger with mercy, and vanquish hate by benevolence

    42. If you can only love your children as God loves you, you will love and cherish your wife as the Father in heaven honors and exalts the Infinite Spirit, the mother of all the spirit children of a vast universe

    43. How troubled she was that he was serving time at Tihar for rape and murder! How the mixed feelings of awe and pity perturbed her! Didn’t she in the end pardon him for his crime as he showed the strength to reform himself? How glad she was that he was a sensitive soul! Didn’t she feel proud of him that he turned out to be a Good Samaritan? Did she ever think about anyone other than him from then on? How often did she wish he had not done what he did so that he wouldn’t be languishing in the jail? What a wonder that she began to see his crime itself as misdirected masculinity! How she waited for him in the hope that he too would fall in love with her! Did she have a wink ever since guruji told her about his impending release? Now that he had come, could her eyes keep sleep away for her to cherish his visage all the night? If he looked handsome in those pictures, oh, how divine he appeared in his person!

    44. “I’ll cherish you all the more for that,” he said taking her into his arms

    45. I will cherish all the

    46. Memories were there to cherish or to hate but Harry had neither the desire nor the ability to hate Gilles and there was nothing to cherish about his last memories of Anna

    47. That love had been so wonderful, so unique, a warm, wholesome feeling to cherish

    48. I will always carry her smile in my heart and cherish the love we shared

    49. I cherish this memory

    50. Cherish them always

    1. Did I not see the truth of my brother’s condition? Was I so pusillanimous that I would not confront? Was I so spineless that I cherished their feelings over their eternal condition?

    2. But I didn't mind, and anyway, they were closer to the truth than they realised and so by the time I left college, I felt a real affinity with Greece and not just from my studies but also from the long summers spent with my uncle, and as I grew and continued my interest, a new dimension developed with a cherished awareness of a different culture

    3. In fact, the article generated so much publicity that the young man found himself appearing on television and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much cherished song was dusted off and given another airing by disk jockeys on every radio station that played popular music

    4. where she was cherished

    5. resentment are cherished in the mind

    6. ” After a silence which was so prolonged George and Belle both began to wonder if communication had at last been severed with their cherished counsellors, finally Lizette spoke for all

    7. His single refuge from the inundation of celebrity was the time he still cherished with his sisters

    8. The one thing Hartman cherished more than anything else was the squeaky

    9. What Andrew cherished was the fun times he had spent with his friends; with Jack, his brother, with Monica, his cousin, with Julia and Matt

    10. He’s a boy to be cherished


    12. The chamber had been cleared of the man's once cherished possessions -- those with value were sold, while everything else was incinerated

    13. He would endure the pain, then fade to oblivion, joining all that he had once cherished

    14. Though I’d never conversed in it before, one of Father’s cherished scrolls was in this southern language

    15. Catalogue of Women was one of my father’s most cherished scrolls

    16. Josephine saw them as a divine gift that should be cherished

    17. And they cherished every moment they had with him right until to the end, when he would leave on his final assignment

    18. After all, his cherished goddess Demeter had the

    19. Already, Nerissa cherished the baby with all her heart

    20. To have her look at and speak with a person was viewed as a blessing from the gods, a privilege to be cherished to death

    21. the most cherished friend

    22. Enthilé are the cherished servants---hear: guides, mentors, teachers---of the Enthilesté of the seven Orchards

    23. My thoughts continued to wander randomly, and I cherished the memories while I still could

    24. On the one hand he realized the passion of people who cherished their personal independence and their dependence on nature

    25. Each visit now is more cherished than the last one, since it is closer to the last one that I‘m allowed

    26. some cherished rear wheel drive cars (Ford Sierra XR6 and Nissan Skyline 2

    27. Soffen reminded Slikit of his own mother, evoking cherished memories that were special and secret

    28. Rather, it is to be cherished with thanksgiving

    29. It was again made clear that moments are to be cherished and grievances are to be forgotten

    30. He would become a living deity, an avatar of the Gods to be loved, cherished, and worshiped as a God among men should

    31. Participants may ask anything they wish about the Christian faith and they can also challenge any of its cherished doctrines

    32. 4 And the damsel was very fair, and cherished the king, and ministered to him, but the king knew her not

    33. Besides, his Chevy was “tired” and a flailing connecting rod fifty miles from home was not a cherished thought

    34. I was scheduled to sing the lead, a dream I'd cherished for years, as soon as this operetta was finished

    35. I secretly cherished the hope that he would miss me, see the error of his ways and say or show that he loved me

    36. All are loved and cherished as his creations and he holds no one above another

    37. If the Constitution is seen as an embodiment of eternal concepts of freedom and justice, as the Founders intended it to be, that sort of instrument is cherished more devoutly

    38. sin cherished in the heart

    39. ” I declaimed another one of my many cherished memories of him

    40. I loved to watch Jesse be a father to my children, it was a gift I cherished everyday

    41. To contribute, in whatever capacity, to the achievement of global cooperation, understanding and friendship is one of his most cherished gifts

    42. “That photograph is one of my most cherished possessions,” he said, gently nipping her ear before his lips trailed down the side of her neck

    43. This immediate loss of a cherished belief and reciprocal mental laceration

    44. I fear the loss of a once cherished belief that will

    45. that any of these cherished theories are eternal, not even this one

    46. Adam Meyerson, president of the Philanthropy Roundtable, stated in a June 13, 2000 memo, “Our members are deeply disturbed that so many of America’s large philanthropic foundations violate the most cherished values of the business leaders who endowed them

    47. Leora Beloved and Cherished by all

    48. One of these was a pen, a beautiful Tiffany pen that he cherished, carrying it in the pocket closest to his heart

    49. The next day, Roy called, and as only Roy could, in the most gracious manner, he inquired about the possibility that I might have inadvertently walked off with his prized, beautiful, cherished Tiffany pen

    50. It is a gift, precious and rare, to be cherished and treated with care

    1. have a feeling that it will be someone who cherishes the same values I do!

    2. Beverly still cherishes it to this day

    3. cherishes certain tenets, the purpose of which is to

    4. the only thing Michael cherishes since the death of his father

    5. nation which throughout the long life-time of the fifth race cherishes the

    6. he who cherishes a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his

    7. Treasures your friendship when you are apart Brings out the best in you she’d never try to change To her your the best there’s nothing to rearrange Cherishes the friendship that only you two share Taking time for you shows how much she cares For to have a friend like her makes your life better She is your best friend now and will be forever 84

    8. family and safety of its honour, while the whole world cherishes the

    9. “Soon, my Princess,” Herne said, “I think that you ought to inform Galahad, I know that he cherishes you dearly

    10. [131] I also recall seeing a video of a self-defence class in a Muslim girls’ school, and a devout Hindu friend of mine (he rattles off Sanskrit verses at the drop of a hat) from Bihar, who happened to have studied in an Islamic school for some time, tells me that he never faced any discrimination and in fact, cherishes some of the lessons he was taught from the Quran

    11. cherishes what is virtuous and guards the mind from delusion and

    12. Our self-cherishing mind nevertheless cherishes this I and

    13. The precious mind that cherishes all living beings protects both

    14. Your Nan knows I love and respect her and I know she loves and cherishes me

    15. He cherishes them; seeing women hurt is something he can never accept

    16. and teaches also how much the Lord cherishes his

    17. world cherishes horror over GOD, so this world will have its horror

    18. And what if all goes well with the family, if the blessing of God is upon it, if the husband is a good one, loves you, cherishes you, never leaves you! There is happiness in such a family! Even sometimes there is happiness in the midst of sorrow; and indeed sorrow is everywhere

    19. A seaman-like piece of work, of which one cherishes the old memory at this juncture more than ever before

    20. goes well with the family, if the blessing of God is upon it, if the husband is a good one, loves you, cherishes you, never leaves you! There is happiness in such a family! Even sometimes there is happiness in the midst of sorrow; and indeed sorrow is everywhere

    21. She gazed at the butterflies on the flowers, but did not catch them; gentleness and tenderness are born with love, and the young girl who cherishes within her breast a trembling and fragile ideal has mercy on the wing of a butterfly

    22. “That brother of mine cherishes peculiar views of some sort respecting you, I am sure: he has long distinguished you by a notice and interest he never showed to any one else—to what end? I wish he loved you—does he, Jane?”

    23. If there be a man in this house, or nation, who cherishes the constitution under which we are assembled, as the chief stay of his hope, as the light which is destined to gladden his own day, and to soften even the gloom of the grave, by the prospect it sheds over his children, I fall not behind him in such sentiments

    24. But, despite Moore’s insincerity and Byron’s vagaries, the man of to-day more frequently, and longer than woman, cherishes his tokens of love

    25. The twentieth century girl, of the rare, real sort, cherishes her love tokens not, perhaps, with the same, but with an equal, affection as she of troubadour days

    26. The man lovingly cherishes a single one

    1. Club’s Operation Blessing and begin cherishing what she and her

    2. Marco was thrilled with the gifts and love he was showered with, cherishing every minute like it was his last

    3. What are the consequences of the action? Is it an action that will create happiness or suffering for others and myself? Is the action motivated by the thought of cherishing myself at the expense of others? Is there a more skillful way to handle this situation?

    4. She could feel Max felt her pain, cherishing her so much

    5. “The real art is cherishing the differences instead of judging them, though trolls and underwater demons are also at each other’s throats sometimes

    6. live sensually, in the moment, savoring life more deeply and cherishing

    7. as his own and cherishing our Motherland, Mu

    8. Not cherishing godliness in the

    9. Once her plans were made, she spent most of yesterday and all of today with her mom, cherishing every moment

    10. Cherishing its abundant wildlife, he would hunt for

    11. forms of the Lord cherishing Him in your heart; Derive joy in the

    12. Maddened by ego and cherishing desires that cannot be satisfied, these

    13. Ten years hence is this self looking back on our self cherishing then this now we are the beauty of, the beauty in, the beauty unfolding to that ten years hence and the ever unfolding dream it will be then

    14. Renouncing oneself and cherishing others is not

    15. “That is how we squander both, while cherishing

    16. ” Thunderous applause greeted her statement as she adjusted the microphone and began to sing a melody with words about cherishing each day that we have in a world where things can change in an instant and that the only consistency is love, for it is eternal

    17. cherishing others 79, 84

    18. training in cherishing love;

    19. and prepares the foundation for generating cherishing love for all

    20. There are two levels of cherishing others: (1) cherishing

    21. cherishing others; and 3

    22. cherishing believes that their own wishes are so important

    23. The immediate effect of cherishing others will be that many

    24. tages of cherishing all living beings, as explained above,

    25. the basis of cherishing all living beings, we contemplate the

    26. The true meaning of the name Chernobyl comes from the Russians cherishing the supposed nobility of the atom, and cherishing their own Russian nobility

    27. You can not become pregnant by sitting in the company of another pregnant or by chanting the name of another pregnant or by cherishing the pregnancy of another pregnant

    28. �� This closeness finds expression in the often expressed beauty of simply holding and cherishing the baby to the even more intimate and unity produced and experienced by breast feeding

    29. It was poisoned by worshipping and valuing and cherishing the written word more than Life itself, more than reality, more than all the life-experiences of every living human who ever lived

    30. No matter how loving or cherishing a relationship between any one man or woman may be there are bound to be circumstances that seek to draw them apart

    31. And she's been cherishing that design a long time, but was sorry to lose the I O U, for you assured her yourself that your mother would pay

    32. pursued the spy, "that I have the honour of cherishing some interesting associations with your name

    33. Then Jinny Carslake, after her affair with Lefanu the American painter, frequented Indian philosophers, and now you find her in pensions in Italy cherishing a little jeweller's box containing ordinary pebbles picked off the road

    34. All this passed through my mind, and I strove to comfort myself without comfort, indulging in faint and distant hopes of cherishing that life that I now abhor

    35. The bright-eyed girls are quick to see such traits, and will like you all the better for them, and if death, almost the only power that can part mother and son, should rob you of yours, you will be sure to find a tender welcome and maternal cherishing from some Aunt Priscilla, who has kept the warmest corner of her lonely old heart for `the best nevvy in the world'

    36. Dashwood seemed actually working for her, herself; cherishing all her hopes, and promoting all her views! Such an opportunity of being with Edward and his family was, above all things, the most material to her interest, and such an invitation the most gratifying to her feelings! It was an advantage that could not be too gratefully acknowledged, nor too speedily made use of; and the visit to Lady Middleton, which had not before had any precise limits, was instantly discovered to have been always meant to end in two days' time

    37. Yes, I preferred the elderly and discontented doctor, surrounded by friends and cherishing honest hopes; and bade a resolute farewell to the liberty, the comparative youth, the light step, leaping impulses and secret pleasures, that I had enjoyed in the disguise of Hyde

    38. He finished the last of the soup and sat back from the plain wooden table, cherishing the tea mug between his palms, and looked about him

    39. And as for cherishing them, wasn’t she bathing them, combing their hair and feeding learning to milk the cow, even though her heart was always in her throat when that them, even at the expense of walking miles every day to find vegetables? Wasn’t she fearsome animal shook its horns at her? And as for being kind, that was a waste of time

    40. Whenever I visited the Elliott home, I became an obsessive throat-clearer—I’m about to enter—because the Elliotts could be around any corner, cherishing each other

    41. And we march straight before us, and once pledged, we do not draw back, and we rush onwards with head held low, cherishing as our hope an unprecedented victory, revolution completed, progress set free again, the aggrandizement of the human race, universal deliverance; and in the event of the worst, Thermopylae

    42. Arraigned at my own bar, Memory having given her evidence of the hopes, wishes, sentiments I had been cherishing since last night—of the general state of mind in which I had indulged for nearly a fortnight past; Reason having come forward and told, in her own quiet way a plain, unvarnished tale, showing how I had rejected the real, and rabidly devoured the ideal;—I pronounced judgment to this effect:—

    43. John, “as they would have a pleasure in keeping and cherishing a half-frozen bird, some wintry wind might have driven through their casement

    44. No happy reconciliation was to be had with him—no cheering smile or generous word: but still the Christian was patient and placid; and when I asked him if he forgave me, he answered that he was not in the habit of cherishing the remembrance of vexation; that he had nothing to forgive, not having been offended

    45. Dashwood seemed actually working for her, herself; cherishing all her hopes, and promoting all her views! Such an opportunity of being with Edward and his family was, above all things, the most material to her interest, and such an invitation the most gratifying to her feelings! It was an advantage that could not be too gratefully acknowledged, nor too speedily made use of; and the visit to Lady Middleton, which had not before had any precise limits, was instantly discovered to have been always meant to end in two days’ time

    46. And she’s been cherishing that design a long 230 of 967

    47. " Cherishing 1 What doesn't she deserve ? " I cried with a gesture of contempt

    48. It always has been a mystery, and I have marvelled a thousand times at that faculty in man (and in the Russian, I believe, more especially) of cherishing in his soul his loftiest ideal side by side with the most abject baseness, and all quite sincerely

    49. And I think those did it most unscrupulously who had perhaps themselves gone furthest in cherishing futile hopes, and indulging in senseless expectations

    50. There existed between them a tender and subtle affection, one of those attachments which sometimes spring up at the meeting of two dispositions often the very opposite of each other, of which one is deeper, purer and more austere, while the other, with lofty humility, and generous self-criticism, lovingly gives way to the other, conscious of the friend's superiority and cherishing the friendship as a happiness

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