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    1. Your brain tries to compensate, tries to get you back to normal

    2. As it stands, however, they’re baubles and in no way do they compensate you for your father’s sad loss”

    3. Joseph turned the gas to compensate for it but it only increased in speed

    4. Connor's tragic passing she felt at liberty, at last, to compensate Jameson properly for the actual benefit he was to her enterprise

    5. Tetloan’s form was still far from perfect, but like the One Elf taught him; what he lacked in perfection, he could compensate for with brute force and power

    6. The quantity of these, however, which the labouring poor an under any necessity of consuming, is so very small, that the increase in their price does not compensate the diminution in that of so many other things

    7. benefits it offered would more than compensate

    8. The lowest ordinary rate of profit must always be something more than what is sufficient to compensate the occasional losses to which every employment of stock is exposed

    9. The lowest ordinary rate of interest must, in the same manner, be something more than sufficient to compensate the occasional losses to which lending, even with tolerable prudence, is exposed

    10. wanted to compensate for the void they left), and was

    11. greater than what is sufficient to compensate the superior expense of their education

    12. sufficient to compensate all the disagreeable circumstances of the business, there would soon

    13. compensate the common losses, to pay the expense of management, and to afford such a profit

    14. The premium saved up on them all may more than compensate such

    15. To compensate it completely, the common returns ought, over and above

    16. time to have been greater than what was sufficient to compensate the original expense of making them

    17. The profit, he said, would not compensate the expense of a stone-wall: and bricks (he meant, I suppose, bricks baked in the sun) mouldered with the rain and the winter-storm, and required continual repairs

    18. The rent and profit of those productions, therefore, which require either a greater original expense of improvement in order to fit the land for them, or a greater annual expense of cultivation, though often much superior to those of corn and pasture, yet when they do no more than compensate such extraordinary expense, are in reality regulated by the rent and profit of those common crops

    19. Mining, it seems, is considered there in the same light as here, as a lottery, in which the prizes do not compensate the blanks, though the greatness of some tempts many adventurers to throw away their fortunes in such unprosperous projects

    20. In a fertile soil and happy climate, the great abundance and cheapness of land, a circumstance common to all new colonies, is, it seems, so great an advantage, as to compensate many defects in civil government

    21. The superior value, however, of the silver plate above that of the gold, which takes place in all countries, will much more than compensate the preponderancy of the gold coin above the silver, which takes place only in some countries

    22. The price of venison in Great Britain, how extravagant soever it may appear, is not near sufficient to compensate the expense of a deer park, as is well known to all those who have had any experience in the feeding of deer

    23. In consequence of better machinery, of greater dexterity, and of a more proper division and distribution of work, all of which are the natural effects of improvement, a much smaller quantity of labour becomes requisite for executing any particular piece of work ; and though, in consequence of the flourishing circumstances of the society, the real price of labour should rise very considerably, yet the great diminution of the quantity will generally much more than compensate the greatest rise which can happen in the price

    24. There are, indeed, a few manufactures, in which the necessary rise in the real price of the rude materials will more than compensate all the advantages which improvement can introduce into the execution of the work In carpenters' and joiners' work, and in the coarser sort of cabinet work, the necessary rise in the real price of barren timber, in consequence of the improvement of land, will more than compensate all the advantages which can be derived from the best machinery, the greatest dexterity, and the most proper division and distribution of work

    25. stabilization, it can only compensate for a small amount of movement

    26. They generally have some, however ; and in the payment of taxes, the greatness of their number may compensate, in some measure, the smallness of their contribution

    27. Such are the people who compose a numerous and splendid court, a great ecclesiastical establishment, great fleets and armies, who in time of peace produce nothing, and in time of war acquire nothing which can compensate the expense of maintaining them, even while the war lasts

    28. Those unproductive hands who should be maintained by a part only of the spare revenue of the people, may consume so great a share of their whole revenue, and thereby oblige so great a number to encroach upon their capitals, upon the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour, that all the frugality and good conduct of individuals may not be able to compensate the waste and degradation of produce occasioned by this violent and forced encroachment

    29. This frugality and good conduct, however, is, upon most occasions, it appears from experience, sufficient to compensate, not only the private prodigality and misconduct of individuals, but the public extravagance of government

    30. These advantages are sufficient to compensate a certain difference of revenue; but they will compensate a certain difference only ; and if the rent of land should fall short of the interest of money by a greater difference, nobody would buy land, which would soon reduce its ordinary price

    31. On the contrary, if the advantages should much more than compensate the difference, everybody would

    32. It is only by means of such exportation, that this surplus can acquired value sufficient to compensate the labour and expense of producing it

    33. The French, in the beginning of the last war, did not derive so much advantage from this expedient as to compensate the loss of the fashion

    34. By means of it, the plenty of one year does not compensate the scarcity of another; and as the average quantity exported is necessarily augmented by it, so must likewise, in the actual state of tillage, the average quantity imported

    35. The recovery of a great foreign market will generally more than compensate the transitory inconveniency of paying dearer during a short time for some sorts of goods

    36. When neither of them imports from from other to a greater amount than it exports to that other, the debts and credits of each may compensate one another

    37. But when one of them imports from the other to a greater value than it exports to that other, the former necessarily becomes indebted to the latter in a greater sum than the latter becomes indebted to it: the debts and credits of each do not compensate one another, and money must be sent out from that place of which the debts overbalance the credits

    38. If, for such a bill, no more additional money was paid than what was sufficient to compensate the expense of the French coinage, the real exchange might be at par between the two countries; their debts and credits might mutually compensate one another, while the computed exchange was considerably in favour of France

    39. That this extraordinary profit, however, is no more than sufficient to put his trade upon a fair level with other trades, and to compensate the many losses which he sustains upon other occasions, both from the perishable nature of the commodity itself, and from the frequent and unforeseen fluctuations of its price, seems evident enough, from this single circumstance, that great fortunes are as seldom made in this as in any other trade

    40. If your space is not as quiet as it needs to be for meditation, you can compensate for this in two ways that I find useful

    41. Absent these conditions, it is difficult to sustain motivation and psychological well-being, unless the individual has sufficient inner resources to compensate for and override the lack

    42. On seeing the weight loaded into Fletcher’s rucksack, Chris decided to carry one of Fletcher’s water tubs to compensate

    43. By commanding, too, the united force of a greater number of people than any of them, he is best able to compel any one of them, who may have injured another, to compensate the wrong

    44. Fixed salaries were appointed to the judges, which were supposed to compensate to them the loss of whatever might have been their share of the ancient emoluments of justice; as the taxes more than compensated to the sovereign the loss of his

    45. ‘But they’ll compensate you, surely?’

    46. The honours and privileges of different kinds annexed to the former, his Prussian majesty had probably imagined, would sufficiently compensate to the proprietor a small aggravation of the tax; while, at the same time, the humiliating inferiority of the latter would be in some measure alleviated, by being taxed somewhat more lightly

    47. If the creditors of the public, indeed, were generally much in debt to other people, they might in some measure compensate their loss by paying their creditors in the same coin in which the public had paid them

    48. The most sanguine projector, however, could scarce flatter himself, that any augmentation of this kind would be such as could give any reasonable hopes, either of liberating the public revenue altogether, or even of making such progress towards that liberation in time of peace, as either to prevent or to compensate the further accumulation of the public debt in the next war

    49. So great an extension of market would soon compensate, both to Ireland and the plantations, all that they could suffer from the increase of the duties of customs

    50. By a union with Great Britain, Ireland would gain, besides the freedom of trade, other advantages much more important, and which would much more than compensate any increase of taxes that might accompany that union

    1. but, I am happy to say, this was more than compensated

    2. ~ Studies have also shown that the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast cannot be compensated for in other meals, as the body is unable to process the vital nutrients optimally if consumed all at once

    3. It sort of compensated for the lack of intellectual stimulus of the café … but the only men I met through that were either married or middle aged optimistic nerds

    4. They stopped in at the tailor's, he compensated Mr

    5. His wife was with their second child and he made sure that Melvin's time at the livery was well compensated

    6. His new position, he had been informed, was to be compensated by a salary over which he simply gaped when told

    7. ” He had not yet planned a heist, but knew that he would be well compensated for returning the 777 to service

    8. fore, that the increase of its price is more than compensated by the diminution of its quantity

    9. the whole gain compensated the whole loss; because the undertaker could make nothing by it

    10. As an acre of land, therefore, will produce a much smaller quantity of the one species of food than of the other, the inferiority of the quantity must be compensated by the superiority of the price

    11. If it was more than compensated, more corn-land would be turned into pasture ; and if it was not compensated, part of what was in pasture would be brought back into corn

    12. compensated for it by being generously proportioned in

    13. But the increase of the value of silver had, it seems, so far compensated the diminution of the quantity of it contained in the same nominal sum, that the legislature did not think it worth while to attend to this circumstance

    14. The value of the greater part of the lands in the southern counties of Scotland, which are chiefly a sheep country, would have been very deeply affected by this event, had not the rise in the price of butcher's meat fully compensated the fall in the price of wool

    15. If, in the progress of improvement, therefore, the real price of one species of food necessarily rises, that of another as necessarily falls ; and it becomes a matter of more nicety to judge how far the rise in the one may be compensated by the fall in the other

    16. If the prodigality of some were not compensated by the frugality of others, the conduct of every prodigal, by feeding the idle with the bread of the industrious, would tend not only to beggar himself, but to impoverish his country

    17. It can seldom happen, indeed, that the circumstances of a great nation can be much affected either by the prodigality or misconduct of individuals; the profusion or imprudence of some being always more than compensated by the frugality and good conduct of others

    18. And I’ve never been compensated with the gift of prophesy

    19. When the exchange between two places, such as London and Paris, is at par, it is said to be a sign that the debts due from London to Paris are compensated by those due from Paris to London

    20. On the contrary, when a premium is paid at London for a bill upon Paris, it is said to be a sign that the debts due from London to Paris are not compensated by those due from Paris to London, but that a balance in money must be sent out from the latter place; for the risk, trouble, and expense, of exporting which, the premium is both demanded and given

    21. But as corn grows equally upon high and low lands, upon grounds that are disposed to be too wet, and upon those that are disposed to be too dry, either the drought or the rain, which is hurtful to one part of the country, is favourable to another ; and though, both in the wet and in the dry season, the crop is a good deal less than in one more properly tempered ; yet, in both, what is lost in one part of the country is in some measure compensated by what is gained in the other

    22. I compensated for my lack of focus on selling by pursuing my love of knowledge

    23. In both ancient Egypt and Indostan, indeed, the confinement of the foreign market was in some measure compensated by the conveniency of many inland navigations, which opened, in the most advantageous manner, the whole extent of the home market to every part of the produce of every different district of those countries

    24. Fixed salaries were appointed to the judges, which were supposed to compensate to them the loss of whatever might have been their share of the ancient emoluments of justice; as the taxes more than compensated to the sovereign the loss of his

    25. When the breach of contract consisted in the non-payment of money, the damage sustained could be compensated in no other way than by ordering payment, which was equivalent to a specific performance of the agreement

    26. The extreme inequality and uncertainty of a tax assessed in this manner, can be compensated only by its extreme moderation; in consequence of which, every man finds himself rated so very much below his real revenue, that he gives himself little disturbance though his neighbour should be rated somewhat lower

    27. The intendant, in order to be sure of finding the sum assessed upon his generality, was empowered to assess it in a larger sum, that the failure or inability of some of the contributors might be compensated by the overcharge of the rest ; and till 1765, the fixation of this surplus assessment was left altogether to his discretion

    28. Any rise in the average price of necessaries, unless it be compensated by a proportionable rise in the wages of labour, must necessarily diminish, more or less, the ability of the poor to bring up numerous families, and, consequently, to supply the demand for useful labour; whatever may be the state of that demand, whether increasing, stationary, or declining; or such as requires an increasing, stationary, or declining population

    29. The advanced price of such manufactures as are real necessaries of life, and are destined for the consumption of the poor, of coarse woollens, for example, must be compensated to the poor by a farther advancement of their wages

    30. If you except, however, this very peculiar situation, any inequality in the contribution of individuals which can arise from such taxes, is much more than compensated by the very circumstance which occasions that inequality; the circumstance that every man's contribution is altogether voluntary ; it being altogether in his power, either to consume, or not to consume, the commodity taxed

    31. Anyone who is directly compensated to write about a product by an

    32. The weight disparity had been compensated for and to be found, the correct container from among hundreds of thousands of others would have to be selected for inspection and its entire cargo removed

    33. He compensated by throwing himself into the work piled high on his desk

    34. What should this attitude be? Should I be impatient with the troubles that I see in the world, or should I patiently let everything unfold in its own time? Can I improve myself or the world with prayer, or is every apparent good compensated for by a lessening of good somewhere else? How can I know what is best?

    35. However - any limitations in language can always be compensated

    36. The escapement was mounted on gimbals to maintain a level position and the pendulum automatically compensated for changes in temperature

    37. He is smart, so he compensated for the restriction of the codependency as much as he could, but it was a constant battle that convinced him that something was seriously wrong in his brain

    38. When the unfortunate Chabi was sent there, all were removed back to Higuey and well compensated for their discomfiture, but warned of dire consequences should they ever return

    39. Some melting at the North Pole was more than compensated for by additions to the South polar icecap

    40. My adult strength was compensated by the kid’s agility

    41. not being properly compensated for what you do a conversation may

    42. add value and that you are not being properly compensated for what you do a

    43. “But every thinking being needs to earn some resources at times, and I’m being more than fairly compensated, I assure you!”

    44. Where he fights, I fight, for as long as our love lasts, which I hope will be forever! Though I do admit that I feel better about agreeing now that you have compensated me fairly for my service

    45. Your efforts were bold, basic, and without subtlety, but that is more than compensated for by the magnitude of your powers, the effectiveness of your weapons, and the perfection of your Link

    46. My sight, smell, taste, and voice pitch also need to be compensated for, and without a compensating spell, my lungs would be far too tiny to supply sufficient breath to my body, since my air requirements remain undiminished

    47. It compensated by charging

    48. resources so that primary care can be adequately compensated

    49. Global symmetry demands that where there is a local violation of symmetry in one universe, this is compensated in some other mirror universe

    50. than the pain of my first two labours, because this time the pain wouldn’t be compensated by

    1. It affords a good rent ; and the landlord sometimes finds that he can scarce employ his best lands more advantageously than in growing barren timber, of which the greatness of the profit often compensates the lateness of the returns

    2. end that more than compensates for the front end loss

    3. He is thus enabled to furnish work to a greater value; and the profit which he makes by it in this way much more than compensates the additional price which the profit of the retailer imposes upon the goods

    4. every drop of fresh water compensates the loss

    5. The usual effect of such bounties is, to encourage rash undertakers to adventure in a business which they do not understand; and what they lose by their own negligence and ignorance, more than compensates all that they can gain by the utmost liberality of government

    6. To them this amusement compensates the small difference between the taxes which they pay on account of the war, and those which they had been accustomed to pay in time of peace

    7. “The Disguise Illusion I’m casting follows the surface of your hands and the soles of your feet, and compensates for size differences by altering the Illusion’s posture and limb positions accordingly, and if necessary, it changes the apparent position of any object you’re touching or holding

    8. When that happens, Earth compensates by adding new soil to the area to restore her balance

    9. It isn’t easy getting this kind of food, but being a soldier means having certain privileges, though that hardly compensates for the responsibility that goes with the job

    10. And say it compensates

    11. However, as we will observe, Fed-Ex compensates for this detriment with a

    12. private property for public use and compensates the owner

    13. have lost a child, our court system compensates the beneficiaries of a decedent by awarding money

    14. I don't know that eighteen has anything that compensates for that

    15. And when we look at the same object in reddish light, the brain compensates by producing extra “blue”

    16. The other, on the right, has smaller antlers, but the shape of the branches more than compensates for their reduced size

    17. “I don"t know,” I answered, “but I think that perhaps he compensates in making

    18. Those who hold the intermediate unconsciousness of the soul, even those who hold the dissipation of the soul in the first death, maintain truth which more than compensates for all their (possible) errors on this subject

    19. It means that every next asana compensates the effect

    20. A word of warning is in order, too: if you do something like this, make sure the extra information gained from the tool compensates for the additional complications—simplicity is greatly to be desired

    21. These additions almost always result in a more volatile bottom line, so make sure that the additional upside compensates on a risk-adjusted basis

    22. This compensates for the loss incurred by the carrier extension bits and brings the network back up to speed

    23. Buying back Apple in this manner is typical of O’Neil’s aggressive style in correcting mistakes in a decisive manner that quickly compensates for the prior mistake of being shaken out of the stock

    24. together, these studies suggest that the striatal dopamine system compensates for

    25. The market compensates investors for risks that cannot be diversified away, like the risk of investing in stocks versus bonds

    26. The emperor, the king, the president of a republic, the prime minister, the minister of justice, the minister of war, the minister of public instruction, the bishop, and all under them who serve the state, all live free from the struggle of mankind for existence, having laid all the burden of this struggle on someone else, on the ground that their non-activity compensates for this

    27. Business people (merchants, manufacturers, railway proprietors, bankers, land-owners) believe that they do a good which compensates for the harm undoubtedly done by them

    1. A fourth part, it may perhaps be thought is necessary for replacing the stock of the farmer, or for compensating the wear and tear of his labouring cattle, and other instruments of husbandry

    2. What is called gross profit, comprehends frequently not only this surplus, but what is retained for compensating such extraordinary losses

    3. An acre of potatoes is cultivated with less expense than an acre of wheat; the fallow, which generally precedes the sowing of wheat, more than compensating the hoeing and other extraordinary culture which is always given to potatoes

    4. During this short period, its only effect must have been, by encouraging the exportation of the surplus produce of every year, and thereby hindering the abundance of one year from compensating the scarcity of another, to raise the price in the home market

    5. By the extraordinary exportation which it occasions in years of plenty, it must frequently hinder the plenty of one year from compensating the scarcity of another

    6. It is the work of Nature which remains, after deducting or compensating every thing which can be regarded as the work of man

    7. Buying and selling upon credit, and the different dealers compensating their credits with one another, once a-month, or once a-year, will supply it with less inconveniency

    8. When there is no probability that any such repeal can be procured, it seems a bad method of compensating the injury done to certain classes of our people, to do another injury ourselves, not only to those classes, but to almost all the other classes of them

    9. The far greater part, almost the whole, they pretended, of this annual importation of gold, was not on account of Great Britain, but of other European nations; the fruits and wines of Portugal annually imported into Great Britain nearly compensating the value of the British goods sent thither

    10. below its standard weight, would, notwithstanding, have been equal in value to the quantity of standard gold which it ought to have contained ; the value of the fashion compensating in this case the diminution of the weight

    11. Like the rent of land, it is a neat produce, which remains, after completely compensating the whole risk and trouble of employing the stock

    12. But the portion of this profit, necessary for compensating the risk and trouble of the employer, would likewise remain the same ; that risk and trouble being in no respect altered

    13. ) Adopting conspicuously faulty and (otherwise) self-serving reasoning conveniently side-steps a very important fact; that we all exist in a less than perfect world subject to changing fortunes and other unexpected events that routinely challenge our mettle; and that Nature, however, has its own inestimable manner of compensating each of us with an innate capacity to endure hardships and rise above our present condition however unfavorable or improbable our prospects for a ―better‖ life may appear and that an individual‘s threshold for suffering and privation oftentimes vary in proportion to that individual‘s (mental) endurance and acquired habits in spite of that individual‘s accustomed environment and in any event, such (gratuitous) impressions are problematical at best and should not serve as a litmus test in determining who should or should not be permitted to live or given an equal opportunity to exercise free choice(s) pre-empted by selfish motives indifferent to such rights; motives whose arbitrary designs are (otherwise) impervious to the apparent limits or consequences of questionable solutions whose (hardened) indifference to Life must inevitably diminish the (inherent) value a society confers upon its citizens regardless of their station in life

    14. Since our prescriptive freedoms oftentimes support, within the boundaries of ―reasonable‖ limits(s), an individual‘s right to choose his or her own poison, why shouldn‘t government have it both ways by advancing concurrent strategies that seek to raise revenue through sin taxes for purposes of promoting ―health‖? Perhaps even more troubling is the recent outbreak of class action suits by enterprising litigants who, properly informed of the potential risks associated with cigarette smoking, beforehand, are presently seeking financial restitution against tobacco companies compensating them for smoking related diseases brought about by their own pre-determined actions

    15. Meeting people such as them was an aspect of the job that went a long way towards compensating for its few, but grave, failings

    16. Through the control stalks, with his hands resting lightly on them, he tried to get an idea of the stability, and how hard the ship was compensating for the load

    17. There is a compensating advantage, however, in the

    18. ” He grunted, compensating with the rather loose steering

    19. And unless you’re compensating for these added calories through

    20. “Confident that his portfolio of Procter & Gamble stock easily collateralized the loan he sought, he opened the point of compensating balances

    21. Park did not imply that the amount of the compensating balance could be a deal breaker, but he made no concessions on the spot

    22. “When Park finally signed the loan agreement a few days later with its negotiated compensating balance, he leaned back, smiled and said: ‘Thanks a million!’ He had his money and a track record of how to get more

    23. I’ve gotten used to compensating for it with the power

    24. My sight, smell, taste, and voice pitch also need to be compensated for, and without a compensating spell, my lungs would be far too tiny to supply sufficient breath to my body, since my air requirements remain undiminished

    25. compensating the owners as they did their political

    26. means of production in 1917 without compensating

    27. against their charts and triangulated their relative position, compensating for a few years worth

    28. And unless you’re compensating for these added calories through exercise

    29. The break-out of the ships was a supreme example of meticulous German planning and efficiency; defeating the hasty last minute improvisations of the British, however, there were compensating advantages for the British

    30. investor can look for one of two outcomes: either a compensating bounce (turnaround)

    31. that constraint and that some compensating factor - increased market share, more

    32. dividend, compensating shareholders and raising the stock price

    33. He felt a bit silly for being so polite, but it seemed appropriate as a means of compensating for the rather rude behaviour of the Minion Droid

    34. Considering the usual demand for comfort and perhaps military-aimed items such as these, an increase in demand was easily written off as merely the result of folks compensating for the stress of suddenly living on an ‘occupied’ planet

    35. Then he added, “Think he’s compensating?”

    36. There were no compensating benefits either

    37. I am compensating for the common belief that air has only 10% nitrogen in it; when it actually has 78% nitrogen

    38. So; if I speak about the air as though there is 98% Nitrogen in it; instead of 78%… it is only because I am compensating for the distorted misperception that the air has only 10% Nitrogen in it

    39. I am compensating for the common misperception that what is good about the air is that there is it is made up of 21% Oxygen

    40. Too many of these situations without the compensating positive strokes can cause a gradual

    41. “Shouldn’t autopilot mode be on? Surely it would be more consistent in terms of flying than me at the moment, because I can see myself either over or under compensating way to easily!”

    42. When he approached the desk, his mind was already compensating for my appearance, like filling in a blind spot

    43. training, compensating one altered states of psyche by others, opposite

    44. Women have been always taught, not exactly that they are slaves, but that they are in an inferior position, which is also supposed to have compensating advantages; and to this position they have conformed

    45. Bleak and black hills lay on every side of them, compensating in some degree for the additional toil of the march by the sense of security they imparted

    46. Finally, the Fifth Amendment prevents the government from confiscating private property that is needed for governmental purposes without fairly compensating the citizen who owns the property

    47. And into the bargain I’ll bet your mother told you that women must bear ‘these things’ because of the compensating joys of motherhood

    48. Perhaps we are a little disappointed with the fixed fractional results, which seem to have increased volatility of returns without compensating for the extra risk

    49. Moves out of these patterns should be both cleaner and stronger than corresponding moves out of simple pullbacks; a failure out of a complex consolidation is much more likely to lead to a sharp reversal and complete failure of the pattern, so further stops tend to result in larger losses with no compensating factors of probability or reward/risk

    50. Whether you are in the depths of a recession or at the heights of a roaring bull market, it always recommends you withdraw exactly the same amount per year (other than compensating for inflation)

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    compensate recompense remunerate indemnify repair make up pay pay off correct redress right counterbalance even off even out even up cover overcompensate requite reimburse neutralise neutralize counteract counterpoise offset atone make amends retaliate