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    contingent upon

    1. In other words, your happiness is not contingent upon what you do or what you have

    2. Space is not contingent upon Matter thereby allowing the possibility that Space is arguably some predetermined, predefined dimension capable of containing nonexistence or non-matter

    3. Wealth, in whatever manner acquired or however abundant, is never entirely our own; that is to say, an individual‘s (purported) wealth is oftentimes contingent upon a government‘s need for Revenue

    4. contingent upon for our future survival is the action of others, sooner is better here too

    5. are only contingent upon the stability of sales, which has an almost negative correlation

    6. is contingent upon three events in 2002: 1) an earnout note,

    7. What the Earth can and will become is contingent upon how and to what extent we commune in health with both the Earth and each other

    8. It describes an individual, benefitting from the infrastructure of an invented amateur game evolving into a lucrative professional sport, who is both dependent and contingent upon everyone who coached practices, reffed games, bought tickets, sold concessions, made uniforms, and cleaned the stadium – which is paid for and maintained by tax payer dollars

    9. Any offer of employment is contingent upon the results of a

    10. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive

    11. They had tired of waiting for an opportunity to gain income, which was contingent upon Mrs

    12. World peace is contingent upon Reagan finding some way to relate to his Soviet counterpart

    13. A substantial sinking fund, contingent upon earnings; was set up to retire the issue gradually and to improve its market position

    14. Unusual cases sometimes arise involving “restricted shares,” dividends on which are contingent upon earnings or other considerations

    15. The purchase was contingent upon Corporation’s receiving net proceeds of at least $35 million from a public offering of its common stock

    16. In this case, Riverstone had side agreements with its customers saying payments to Riverstone were contingent upon resale of Riverstone’s products, but Riverstone booked them as sales even though they didn’t actually receive payment

    17. Thus the returns for this group are highly unstable, and the results you see are highly contingent upon which stocks will be allowed and which ones will be excluded

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