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    1. "Why this contraption is called the Rockasaur

    2. “It’s a real contraption of an idea, but the laws of physics allow it

    3. barrow, which he could use to wheel the contraption around from

    4. There are hundreds of metal tines on a large, circular wheel, and the entire contraption is pitted and brown with rust

    5. A bucket of water sat next to the contraption to pitch hit for the lack of a plumbed water supply, but other than that slight modification, the house was now as well furnished as any in the whole state of California

    6. That computer screen is the latest plasma version with a strange contraption attached to the back of it, why do you think that is? Odd

    7. “This simple contraption makes it so that millions of meaningless words, phrases, verses and images pass by in the human subject’s brain in an endless loop,”

    8. He felt like a gigantic contraption walking to the keg

    9. "And what is your life like? What do you worry about?" Viktor asked him as sincerely as a rubber and metal contraption could, "What have you amounted to on this alien planet in this city of sex, drugs and rock and roll?" in an acid tone

    10. snapped shut with the awakening of the contraption

    11. The Elf glanced at the contraption, raised an eyebrow toward Song; “And this is a joystick for

    12. But you couldn't reach it because of that damned contraption

    13. “Would you care if I could get you out of that contraption?”

    14. Dawn saw a slim man bent over a contraption in the middle of the clearing

    15. Dawn watched as Terry pulled the contraption to the edge of the clearing and adjusted its height

    16. Later that afternoon I found Uncle Hobart round at the back of the house, tightening a union on some crazy looking contraption he was building

    17. "If you think your getting me into that contraption, you've another think coming, "I told Uncle Hobart, nodding at the old Lada estate, with the large black balloon attached to its roof

    18. The doctors could only inject him every several hours with morphine, hold him immobilized with a bizarre contraption encircling his head and wait for the bones to knit

    19. A metal contraption filled with pipes and resembling a large sort of cauldron must have been a still, but she wasn’t all that sure about those kinds of things

    20. Hilderich was transfixed to where he stood, his gaze wandering around the metal contraption, the open door and the Prosops

    21. I asked him, “How are you going to break with that contraption alongside of you and all of those tubes coming out of you?”

    22. moment, that outdated contraption would react, but nonetheless, Wynne fidgeted

    23. Chin had successfully fitted the last piece of the intricate build and was now trying to haul the contraption into the water

    24. They had brought a stretcher with them and he was carefully lifted up onto the contraption and wheeled hurriedly out of the room, everyone in attendance was aghast at the situation

    25. She snapped her fingers and the whole contraption dissipated, leaving me in a comfy armchair

    26. “Yes, we roared along at a snail’s pace and I risked life and limb to climb on and off the contraption

    27. up and spit out behind the contraption and soft snow along with

    28. Through the years, I have experimented with all types and styles of this con"trap"tion

    29. It was a slip- on contraption

    30. Each strand gave off a low glimmer and quivered as she blinked at it, so the whole contraption was in constant movement

    31. little contraption had always amused me, but it had suddenly

    32. Because, really, it was a contraption that

    33. Colleen with a squeal that turned into giggling, sang out in a loud voice, “Oh, Sam, will I ever get the hang of stopping this contraption without snapping our necks

    34. “There's supposedly this contraption they put on you cal ed the

    35. As the picture included more of his wife, the distraught husband saw she was strapped into a contraption reminiscent of the electric chair

    36. I followed it downstairs and there, in almost total darkness, crouched a little school girl, ten at most, small enough to squeeze under some iron contraption where she could reach the drain hole in the concrete floor

    37. Along with this strange contraption is an invitation from her father who tells her to go to

    38. He made a special contraption to carry them on his shoulders and walked to all their favorite places

    39. “Nevermind that infernal contraption, Gearz

    40. This contraption seemed to have no effect because the boy shaking his hand and wiping it on his pants refuted:

    41. When Peter saw this contraption his eyes bugged out of their sockets

    42. Ceder picked it up, examined it, then gave Jai a turn to inspect the delicate contraption

    43. It holds some sort of electronic contraption

    44. The contraption spits out an audio/visual message

    45. You‘re truly liberated and if we had more time I‘d make use of that magnificent contraption sprouting between your delicious thighs

    46. It was a metal contraption with a wire and earpiece

    47. grip was a ‘T’ piece and topping the whole contraption off, looking very

    48. be looked at is strapped into a contraption of metal

    49. He built flexible extenders for the flanges so that if the manifold and jacket made the assembly too large for the space available, they could extend the entire contraption outside the reactor cowling

    50. He got a piece of paper and drew the contraption that Sam needed

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